Civil Aircraft Register - Great Britain

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate/Comments
G-EAWYBristol 62 ten-seater6124G-EAWYBristol Aeroplane Co>The Air Council lsd Handley Page Transport Ltd >Imperial Airways Ltd00.05.21657Wfu 10.2.23
G-EAWZBristol F.2B Fighter4999H1282 G-EAWZAircraft Disposal Co Ltd23.05.21659Crashed Hamble 25.5.21 (Sold abroad 6.21?)
G-EAXABristol 29 Tourer >81 Puma6120G-EAXABristol Aeroplane Co Ltd23.05.21660Canc 10.5.24
G-EAXBMartinsyde F4D4279D4279 G-EAXBAircraft Disposal Co Ltd01.06.21664Destroyed in ground collision with G-EAXU Croydon 17.4.22
G-EAXCAirco DH.9AE8791E8791 G-EAXCAircraft Disposal Co Ltd01.06.21665Canc as written off 13.11.22
G-EAXDAirco DH.4F2686F2686 G-EAXDAircraft Disposal Co Ltd03.06.21666Sold Belgian AF 6.21 Canc 10.21
G-EAXEAirco DH.4F2697F2697 G-EAXEAircraft Disposal Co Ltd03.06.21667Sold Belgian AF 6.21 Canc 10.21
G-EAXFAirco DH.4H5934H5934 G-EAXFAircraft Disposal Co Ltd03.06.21668Sold Belgian AF 6.21 Canc 10.21
G-EAXGAirco DH.9DH9C/16'D516' G-EAXG M-AAGGde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd14.06.21670Flown to Spain 26.1.22 Canc as sold Holland 15.6.22
G-EAXHAirco DH.4A7988A7988 G-EAXHAircraft Disposal Co Ltd15.06.21671Sold Belgian AF 6.21 Canc 10.21
G-EAXIAirco DH.4F2698F2698 G-EAXIAircraft Disposal Co Ltd15.06.21672Sold Belgian AF 6.21 Canc 10.21
G-EAXJAirco DH.4F5794F5794 G-EAXJAircraft Disposal Co Ltd15.06.21673Sold Belgian AF 6.21 Canc 10.21
G-EAXKBristol 28 Coupe Tourer6108G-EAXK G-AUDFBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd18.06.21674Sold Australia 6.21
G-EAXLAvro 534C Baby534C/1G-EAXLA.V Roe & Co Ltd27.06.21675Crashed Southampton Water 6.9.22
G-EAXMAvro 539B Racer539B/1G-EALG G-EAXMA.V Roe & Co Ltd27.06.21676Crashed landing Hamble 15.7.21
G-EAXNAirco DH.4F2678F2678 G-EAXNAircraft Disposal Co Ltd27.06.21677Sold Belgian AF 6.21 Canc 10.21
G-EAXOAirco DH.4F2680F2680 G-EAXOAircraft Disposal Co Ltd27.06.21678Sold Belgian AF 6.21 Canc 10.21
G-EAXPAirco DH.4F5774F5774 G-EAXPAircraft Disposal Co Ltd27.06.21679Sold Belgian AF 6.21 Canc 10.21
G-EAXQRAF SE5AF5249F5249 G-EAXQAircraft Disposal Co Ltd04.07.21680Wfu 12.7.22
G-EAXRRAF SE5AF5303F5303 G-EAXRAircraft Disposal Co Ltd04.07.21681Canc 17.7.22
G-EAXSRAF SE5AF5285F5258 G-EAXSAircraft Disposal Co Ltd04.07.21682Canc 17.7.22
G-EAXTRAF SE5AF5258F5258 G-EAXTAircraft Disposal Co Ltd04.07.21683Canc 13.11.22
G-EAXURAF SE5AF5333F5333 G-EAXUAircraft Disposal Co Ltd04.07.21684Dbr in ground collision with G-EAXB Croydon 17.4.22
G-EAXVRAF SE5AF5253F5253 G-EAXVAircraft Disposal Co Ltd04.07.21685Canc 17.7.22
G-EAXWRAF SE5AF5259F5259 G-EAXWAircraft Disposal Co Ltd04.07.21686Canc 13.11.22
G-EAXXRAF SE5AF5257F5257 G-EAXXAircraft Disposal Co Ltd04.07.21687Canc 17.7.22
G-EAXYAvro 504KD9058D9058 G-EAXYRoyal Aero Club/Croydon04.07.21688Wfu 2.8.23
G-EAXZGloster Mars I Bamel1G-EAXZ J7234Gloucestershire Aircraft Co Ltd07.07.21689Sold to RAF 4.10.23
G-EAYABAT FK23 Bantam22F1661 G-EAYA H-NACHBritish Aerial Transport Co Ltd07.07.21690Sold Holland .23
G-EAYBAvro 504KH6608H6608 G-EAYBAircraft Disposal Co Ltd >Royal Aero Club/Croydon22.07.21693Crashed Croydon 14.6.23
G-EAYCAvro 504KH6609H6609 G-EAYCAircraft Disposal Co Ltd >Royal Aero Club/Croydon22.07.21694Crashed Croydon 16.5.22
G-EAYDAvro 504K >548H7428H7428 G-EAYDAircraft Disposal Co Ltd28.07.21697Crashed 13.10.21
G-EAYEAirco DH.4F2675F2675 G-EAYEAircraft Disposal Co Ltd30.07.21698Sold Belgian AF 8.21 Canc 10.21
G-EAYFAirco DH.4F5779F5779 G-EAYFAircraft Disposal Co Ltd30.07.21699Sold Belgian AF 8.21 Canc 10.21
G-EAYGAirco DH.4H5902H5902 G-EAYGAircraft Disposal Co Ltd30.07.21700Sold Belgian AF 8.21 Canc 10.21
G-EAYHAirco DH.4F2684F2684 G-EAYHAircraft Disposal Co Ltd30.07.21701Sold Belgian AF 8.21 Canc 10.21
G-EAYIAirco DH.4F2693F2693 G-EAYIAircraft Disposal Co Ltd25.08.21703Sold Belgian AF 8.21 Canc 10.21
G-EAYJAirco DH.4F2677F2677 G-EAYJAircraft Disposal Co Ltd25.08.21704Sold Belgian AF 8.21 Canc 10.21
G-EAYKMartinsyde F4G-EAYKMartinsyde Ltd07.09.21707Wfu 26.11.23
G-EAYLRAF SE5AF5300F5300 G-EAYLCC Turner/Hendon >Maj JC Savage00.09.21708Canc 8.2.25
G-EAYMAvro 534D Baby5049G-EAYM G-IAAME Villiers17.09.21709Sold India .29 (c/n also 534D/1)
G-EAYNGloster Mars II Sparrowhawk> Grouse I> Grouse II1>2G-EAYN Swedish AAS 62Gloucestershire Aircraft Co Ltd19.09.21710Sold Swedish AAS 9.12.25
G-EAYODH.298J6580 G-EAYOde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd28.09.21711Wfu .24
G-EAYPMartinsyde F4D4275D4275 G-EAYPMartinsyde Ltd04.10.21712Wfu 26.11.23
G-EAYQBristol F.2B Fighter5106H1389 G-EAYQAircraft Disposal Co Ltd04.10.21713Sold Belgian AF 10.21
G-EAYRAirco DH.4F2689F2689 G-EAYRAircraft Disposal Co Ltd04.10.21714Sold Belgian AF 10.21
G-EAYSAirco DH.4H5898H5898 G-EAYSAircraft Disposal Co Ltd04.10.21715Sold Belgian AF 10.21
G-EAYTAirco DH.9CDH9C/14G-EAYTde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd op by DH Aeroplane Hire Service 'Atlanta'12.10.21717Crashed into sea off Venice 2.10.22
G-EAYUAirco DH.9CDH9C/15G-EAYUde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd op by DH Aeroplane Hire Service12.10.21718Sold Hedjaz Govt 3.11.24
G-EAYVAirco DH.4F5797F5797 G-EAYVAircraft Disposal Co Ltd13.10.21720Sold Belgian AF 10.21
G-EAYWAirco DH.9H5619F5619 G-EAYWAircraft Disposal Co Ltd13.10.21721Sold Belgian AF 10.21
G-EAYXAirco DH.4H5896F5896 G-EAYXAircraft Disposal Co Ltd21.10.21722Sold Belgian AF 10.21
G-EAYYAirco DH.9H5833H5833 G-EAYY CH-82Aircraft Disposal Co Ltd31.10.21726Sold Switzerland 12.21
G-EAYZAirco DH.9H5848H5848 G-EAYZ CH-83Aircraft Disposal Co Ltd31.10.21727Sold Switzerland 12.21
G-EAZAAirco DH.9H5629H5629 G-EAZAAircraft Disposal Co Ltd08.11.21729Sold Belgian AF 10.21
G-EAZBAirco DH.9H5705H5705 G-EAZBAircraft Disposal Co Ltd08.11.21730Sold Belgian AF 10.21
G-EAZCAirco DH.9H5607H5607 G-EAZCAircraft Disposal Co Ltd08.11.21731Sold Belgian AF 10.21
G-EAZDAirco DH.9H5856H5856 G-EAZDAircraft Disposal Co Ltd08.11.21732Sold Belgian AF 10.21 (ex H5856?)
G-EAZEAirco DH.9H5757H5757 G-EAZEAircraft Disposal Co Ltd08.11.21733Sold Belgian AF 10.21
G-EAZFAvro 504KH7426H7426 G-EAZFAircraft Disposal Co Ltd08.11.21734Sold Belgian AF but crashed on test flight Croydon 11.21
G-EAZGAvro 504KH6605H6605 G-EAZGAircraft Disposal Co Ltd08.11.21735Sold Belgian AF 11.21
G-EAZHAirco DH.9H5839H5839 G-EAZH CH-81Aircraft Disposal Co Ltd14.11.21737Sold Switzerland 12.21
G-EAZIAirco DH.9H5860H5860 G-EAZI CH-84Aircraft Disposal Co Ltd14.11.21738Sold Switzerland 12.21
G-EAZJAirco DH.9H5666H5666 G-EAZJAircraft Disposal Co Ltd19.11.21739Sold Belgian AF 11.21
G-EAZKAvro 504KH6611H6611 G-EAZKAircraft Disposal Co Ltd19.11.21740Sold Belgian AF 11.21
G-EAZLAvro 504KH6601H6601 G-EAZLAircraft Disposal Co Ltd19.11.21741Sold Belgian AF 11.21 but crashed on test flight from Croydon
G-EAZMAirco DH.9H5865H5865 G-EAZMAircraft Disposal Co Ltd19.11.21742Sold Belgian AF 11.21
G-EAZNAirco DH.9H5707H5707 G-EAZNAircraft Disposal Co Ltd22.11.21743Sold Belgian AF 12.21
G-EAZOAirco DH.9H5845H5845 G-EAZOAircraft Disposal Co Ltd22.11.21744Sold Belgian AF 12.21
G-EAZPAirco DH.9H5868H5868 G-EAZPAircraft Disposal Co Ltd22.11.21745Sold Belgian AF 12.21
G-EAZQAvro 504KH2516H2516 G-EAZQAircraft Disposal Co Ltd22.11.21746Sold Belgian AF 12.21
G-EAZRAvro 504KH2553H2553 G-EAZRAircraft Disposal Co Ltd24.11.21747Sold Belgian AF 12.21 (Register quotes pi H2029)
G-EAZSAvro 504KH2558H2558 G-EAZSAircraft Disposal Co Ltd24.11.21748Sold Belgian AF 12.21
G-EAZTRAF SE5AE6013E6013 G-EAZTG Wigglesworth >Dr ED Whitehead Reid30.11.21749Destroyed Bekesbourne 8.22
G-EAZUAvro 504KH2509H2509 G-EAZUAircraft Disposal Co Ltd01.12.21750Sold Belgian AF 12.21
G-EAZVAvro 504KH2565H2565 G-EAZVAircraft Disposal Co Ltd01.12.21751Sold Belgian AF 12.21
G-EAZWAvro 504KH2295H2295 G-EAZWManchester Aviation Co Ltd >Northern Aviation Co Ltd22.08.22752Crashed Brighouse 3.5.24
G-EAZXAvro 504KE1860E1860 G-EAZXManchester Aviation Co Ltd >Northern Aviation Co Ltd24.07.22753Crashed Manchester 2.8.24
G-EAZYAirco DH.9H5706H5706 G-EAZYAircraft Disposal Co Ltd05.12.21754Sold Belgian AF 12.21
G-EAZZAirco DH.9H5668H5668 G-EAZZAircraft Disposal Co Ltd05.12.21755Sold Belgian AF 12.21
G-EBAAAirco DH.9H5783H5783 G-EBAAAircraft Disposal Co Ltd05.12.21756Sold Belgian AF 12.21
G-EBABAirco DH.9H5851H5851 G-EBABAircraft Disposal Co Ltd05.12.21757Sold Belgian AF 12.21
G-EBACAirco DH.9AE8788E8788 G-EBACAircraft Disposal Co Ltd05.12.21758Sold abroad 12.1.22
G-EBADAirco DH.9H5621H5621 G-EBADAircraft Disposal Co Ltd08.12.21759Sold Belgian AF 12.21 (ex H5830 per Register -this was IAC.II)
G-EBAEAirco DH.9H5736H5706 G-EBAEAircraft Disposal Co Ltd08.12.21760Sold Belgian AF 12.21 (ex H5834 per Register)
G-EBAFAvro 504KH7467H7467 G-EBAFAircraft Disposal Co Ltd08.12.21761Sold Belgian AF 12.21
G-EBAGAvro 548H2025H2025 G-EBAGAircraft Disposal Co Ltd >de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd>Southern Counties Aviation Co >British Aviation Insurance Group >Northern Airways Ltd/Blackpool00.12.21762Wfu 3.1.29
G-EBAHSupermarine Sea Lion 31154G-EBAH N170Supermarine Aviation Works Ltd16.12.21763To RAF 4.12.23
G-EBAIAirco DH.9H5712H5712 G-EBAIAircraft Disposal Co Ltd21.12.21764Sold Belgian AF 12.21
G-EBAJAvro 548E3043E3043 G-EBAJMarconi Wireless Telegraph Co Ltd >Lt ColGLP Henderson00.12.21766Crashed Brooklands 9.4.28
G-EBAKBristol F.2B Fighter5008H1291 G-EBAKAircraft Disposal Co Ltd21.12.21767Sold Belgian AF 12.21
G-EBALBristol F.2B Fighter5009H1292 G-EBALAircraft Disposal Co Ltd21.12.21768Sold Belgian AF 12.21
G-EBAMBristol F.2B Fighter4957H1240 G-EBAMAircraft Disposal Co Ltd21.12.21769Sold Belgian AF 12.21
G-EBANAirco DH.9AF2867F2867 G-EBANAircraft Disposal Co Ltd21.12.21770Sold Spanish AF .22
G-EBAOAirco DH.9H5716H5716 G-EBAOAircraft Disposal Co Ltd31.12.21771Sold Belgian AF 1.22
G-EBAPAirco DH.9H5741H5741 G-EBAPAircraft Disposal Co Ltd31.12.21772Sold Belgian AF 1.22
G-EBAQAirco DH.9H5753H5753 G-EBAQAircraft Disposal Co Ltd31.12.21773Sold Belgian AF 1.22
G-EBARAirco DH.9H5747H5747 G-EBARAircraft Disposal Co Ltd31.12.21774Sold Belgian AF 1.22
G-EBASAirco DH.9H5662H5662 G-EBASAircraft Disposal Co Ltd31.12.21775Sold Belgian AF 1.22
G-EBATBristol F.2B Fighter4959H1242 G-EBATAircraft Disposal Co Ltd31.12.21776Sold Belgian AF 1.22
G-EBAUBristol F.2B Fighter4961H1244 G-EBAUAircraft Disposal Co Ltd31.12.21777Sold Belgian AF 15.2.22
G-EBAVAvro 504KF9783F9783 G-EBAVLeatherhead Aviation Services02.01.22778Crashed Slough 20.8.22
G-EBAWAirco DH.9C25G-EBAWde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd05.01.22779Canc 10.9.23
G-EBAXAirco DH.9C26G-EBAXde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd05.01.22780Canc 23.4.24
G-EBAYAvro 504KG-EBAYH Sykes >A Fraser /Kingsbury09.01.22781Canc 7.23
G-EBAZSopwith PupC1524C1524 G-EBAZH Sykes/Erith >PT Capon/Hendon09.01.22782Scrapped Stag Lane
G-EBBAAirco DH.9H5735H5735 G-EBBAAircraft Disposal Co Ltd09.01.22783Sold Belgian AF 1.22
G-EBBBAirco DH.9H5709H5709 G-EBBBAircraft Disposal Co Ltd09.01.22784Sold Belgian AF 1.22
G-EBBCAvro 548H2212H2212 G-EBBCD Hall Caine >Surrey Flying Services Ltd00.01.22785Wfu 26.8.24 Canc 25.11.25
G-EBBDBristol F.2B Fighter3492D7842 G-EBBDAircraft Disposal Co Ltd12.01.22788Sold Belgian AF 1.22
G-EBBESopwith 7F1 SnipeJ461J461 G-EBBEAircraft Disposal Co Ltd18.01.22789Sold abroad 2.3.22
G-EBBFAvro 504KE1843E1843 G-EBBFH Sykes >A Fraser /Kingsbury00.01.22790Wfu 5.7.24
G-EBBGHandley Page W.8bW.8-2G-EBBGThe Air Council lsd HP Transport 'Bombay' later 'Princess Mary' >Imperial Airways Ltd09.06.22792Crashed Abbeville 15.2.28
G-EBBHHandley Page W.8bW.8-3G-EBBHThe Air Council lsd HP Transport 'Melbourne' later 'Prince George' >Imperial Airways Ltd10.06.22793Wfu 2.4.29
G-EBBIHandley Page W.8bW.8-4G-EBBIThe Air Council lsd HP Transport 'Prince Henry' >Imperial Airways Ltd >Rt Hon FE Guest >Imperial Airways Ltd30.06.22794Wfu 24.3.32
G-EBBJAirco DH.9H5711H5711 G-EBBJAircraft Disposal Co Ltd21.02.22795Sold Belgian AF 2.22
G-EBBKAirco DH.9H5719H5719 G-EBBKAircraft Disposal Co Ltd21.02.22796Sold Belgian AF 2.22
G-EBBLVickers 61 Vulcan1G-EBBLInstone Air Line Ltd 'City of Antwerp' later 'City of Brussels'24.02.22797Wfu 30.5.24
G-EBBMShort 184N9096N9096 G-EBBMHP Willsher ta Seaplane & Pleasure Trip Co Ltd27.02.22798Wfu 11.8.23
G-EBBNShort 184N9118N9118 G-EBBNHP Willsher ta Seaplane & Pleasure Trip Co Ltd27.02.22799Wfu 16.5.23
G-EBBOBristol F.2B Fighter4975H1258 G-EBBOAircraft Disposal Co Ltd27.02.22800Sold Belgian AF 2.22
G-EBBPAvro 504KH6653H6653 G-EBBPAircraft Disposal Co Ltd27.02.22801Sold Belgian AF 2.22
G-EBBQDH.3427G-EBBQDaimler Hire Ltd06.03.22803Crashed 8.23
G-EBBRDH.3428G-EBBRThe Air Council lsd Instone Air Line Ltd 'City of Glasgow'06.03.22804Crashed on takeoff Ostend Belgium 27.5.24
G-EBBSDH.3429G-EBBSDaimler Hire Ltd06.03.22805Crashed nr Ivinghoe Beacon 14.9.23
G-EBBTDH.34 >DH.34B30G-EBBTThe Air Council lsd Instone Air Line Ltd 'City of New York' >Imperial Airways Ltd06.03.22806Wfu 21.3.26 Scrapped
G-EBBUDH.3431G-EBBUThe Air Council lsd Daimler Hire Ltd06.03.22807Crashed Harrow Weald 3.11.22
G-EBBVDH.3432G-EBBVThe Air Council lsd Instone Air Line Ltd 'City of Washington' >Imperial Airways Ltd06.03.22808Wfu 31.3.26 Scrapped
G-EBBWDH.3434G-EBBWThe Air Council lsd Instone Air Line Ltd 'City of Chicago' >Imperial Airways Ltd06.03.22809Wfu 30.3.26 Scrapped
G-EBBXDH.34 >DH.34B35G-EBBXThe Air Council lsd Daimler Hire Ltd >Daimler Hire Ltd >Imperial Airways Ltd06.03.22810Crashed Purley 24.12.24
G-EBBYDH.34 >DH.34B36G-EBBYThe Air Council lsd Daimler Hire Ltd >Imperial Airways Ltd06.03.22811Wfu 31.3.26 Scrapped
G-EBBZVickers 60 Viking IV15G-EBBZSir R Smith14.03.22812Crashed on test flight Brooklands 13.4.22
G-EBCARAF SE5AE5956E5956 G-EBCAG Wigglesworth /Bekesbourne>Dr ED Whitehead Reid00.03.22813Wfu 24.7.28
G-EBCBAvro 504KH221H221 G-EBCBKingwill & Jones Flying Co16.03.22814Written off 2.29
G-EBCCAvro 504KH6656H6656 G-EBCCAircraft Disposal Co Ltd21.03.22815Sold Belgian AF 5.22
G-EBCDAvro 504KH7487H7487 G-EBCDAircraft Disposal Co Ltd21.03.22816Sold Belgian AF 5.22
G-EBCERAF SE5A1160C9208 G-EBCEMaj JC Savage30.03.22818Sold USA 7.4.27
G-EBCFAvro 504KH2065H2065 G-EBCFAircraft Disposal Co Ltd01.04.22820Sold Belgian AF 5.22
G-EBCGAirco DH.9AF2868F2868 G-EBCGAircraft Disposal Co Ltd 'Bellini'01.04.22821Canc 5.1.27
G-EBCHAirco DH.9H5836H5836 G-EBCHAircraft Disposal Co Ltd01.04.22822Sold Belgian AF 4.22
G-EBCIAirco DH.9H5742H5742 G-EBCIAircraft Disposal Co Ltd01.04.22823Sold Belgian AF 4.22
G-EBCJAirco DH.9H5820H5820 G-EBCJAircraft Disposal Co Ltd01.04.22824Sold Belgian AF
G-EBCKAvro 504KPL6126E3379 G-EBCKFJV Holmes >F Neale >B Roberts >H Sykes/Ramsey 'Psyche'29.04.22825Wfu 14.2.28
G-EBCLAvro 504KE9227E9227 G-EBCLWR Bailey /Newport06.04.22826Crashed Newport 6.5.22
G-EBCMParnall Panther5845N7530 G-EBCMAircraft Disposal Co Ltd08.04.22827Wfu .22
G-EBCNBristol F.2B Fighter6223G-EBCNBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd10.04.22828Sold Belgium 24.7.23 (c/n 8957 given in Register)
G-EBCOAvro 504KH7482H7482 G-EBCOAircraft Disposal Co Ltd12.04.22832Sold Belgian AF 4.22
G-EBCPVickers 62 Vanguard >103 >1701J6924 G-EBCPThe Air Council lsd Imperial Airways Ltd19.04.22834Crashed and dbf nr Shepperton 16.5.29
G-EBCQAvro 504KH6547H6547 G-EBCQLeatherhead Aviation Co >Manchester Aviation Co Ltd00.04.22835Crashed Barrow-in-Furness 24.8.23
G-EBCRAvro 504KH7474H7474 G-EBCRAircraft Disposal Co Ltd25.04.22837Sold Belgian AF 5.22
G-EBCSAvro 504KH2062H2062 G-EBCSAircraft Disposal Co Ltd25.04.22838Sold Belgian AF 5.22
G-EBCTAvro 504KH2071H2071 G-EBCTAircraft Disposal Co Ltd25.04.22839Sold Belgian AF 5.22
G-EBCUBristol F.2B FighterE2058E2058 G-EBCUAircraft Disposal Co Ltd25.04.22840Sold Belgian AF 5.22
G-EBCVBristol F.2B Fighter4998H1281 G-EBCVAircraft Disposal Co Ltd25.04.22841Sold Belgian AF 5.22
G-EBCWBristol F.2B Fighter4962H2145 G-EBCWAircraft Disposal Co Ltd25.04.22842Sold Belgian AF 5.22
G-EBCXDH.3440G-EBCXde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >The Air Council lsd Daimler Hire Ltd >Imperial Airways Ltd28.04.22843Crashed Croydon 23.9.24
G-EBCYDH.3441G-EBCYde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd28.04.22844Not completed
G-EBCZAirco DH.9C38G-EBCZde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd28.04.22845Crashed Newcastle 4.7.23
G-EBDAAvro 534 Baby5064G-EBDAA.V Roe & Co Ltd28.04.22846Sold Russia 5.22
G-EBDBBristol F.2B FighterE5219E5219 G-EBDBAircraft Disposal Co Ltd01.05.22847Sold Belgian AF 5.22
G-EBDCAvro 504KH2060H2060 G-EBDCAircraft Disposal Co Ltd01.05.22848Sold Belgian AF 5.22
G-EBDDAirco DH.9C39G-EBDDde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd18.05.22853Ran into fence after landing Netheravon 18.6.25 Canc 6.11.25
G-EBDEAirco DH.9H5738H5738 G-EBDEMaj WT Blake19.05.22854Crashed nr Marseilles France 28.5.22 Canc 13.11.22 (said to have become G-CAEU - see EBDF)
G-EBDFAirco DH.9H5652H5652 G-EBDF G-CAEUAircraft Disposal Co Ltd23.05.22855Sold Canada 17.7.24
G-EBDGAirco DH.9 >DH.9CH4890H5890 G-EBDGManchester Aviation Co Ltd >Northern Aviation Co >Wm Beardmore Ltd >Northern Air Transport Ltd/Air Port of Manchester23.05.22856Wfu 12.7.26
G-EBDHVickers 61 Vulcan2G-EBDHInstone Air Line Ltd >Vickers Ltd20.06.23860Wfu 14.7.23
G-EBDIFairey IIICF330N9253 G-EBDIMaj WT Blake12.06.22861Crashed in Gulf of Assam 25.8.22 (c/n amended to F.333 in official record)
G-EBDJAvro 504KH2052H2052 G-EBDJAircraft Disposal Co Ltd12.06.22862Sold Belgian AF 6.22
G-EBDKMartinsyde F6G-EBDKMartinsyde Ltd>FP Raynham >LCGM Le Champion /Brooklands >Leslie Hamilton /Brooklands >Maj JC Savage /Hendon16.06.22863Dismantled Brooklands 4.30
G-EBDLAirco DH.9H5678H5678 G-EBDLMaj WT Blake17.06.22864Replaced G-EBDE and painted as such. Given to University of Benares 13.11.22
G-EBDMMartinsyde F4H7692H7692 G-EBDMAircraft Disposal Co Ltd19.06.22865Sold Portuguese AF 6.23
G-EBDNBristol F.2B FighterH927H927 G-EBDNAircraft Disposal Co Ltd21.06.22866Sold Belgian AF 6.22
G-EBDODH.37 >DH.37A43G-EBDOAS Butler 'Sylvia' later 'Lois'22.06.22867Crashed Ensbury Park Bournemouth 4.6.27
G-EBDPAvro 504KF2284F2284 G-EBDPSurrey Flying Services Ltd22.06.22868Wfu 24.7.25 (ex F2286 in ICAN)
G-EBDQFelixstowe F.3N4177N4177 G-EBDQAircraft Disposal Co Ltd26.06.22869Canc 13.11.22
G-EBDRBristol 72 Racer6148G-EBDRBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd27.06.22870Development abandoned .22
G-EBDSRAF SE5AG-EBDSMaj JC Savage28.06.22871Canc 5.1.26 Scrapped Hendon
G-EBDTRAF SE5AG-EBDT D-1636 PH-ATA D-EVISMaj JC Savage28.06.22872Operated in Germany. Sold Germany 16.5.29 (Poss D-EATA rather than D-EVIS)
G-EBDURAF SE5AG-EBDUMaj JC Savage 'The Sweep'28.06.22873Canc 2.6.24 Scrapped Hendon
G-EBDVRAF SE5A1699F7997 G-EBDVMaj JC Savage 'Squib'28.06.22874Canc 5.1.26 Scrapped Hendon
G-EBDWRAF SE5A717C8675 G-EBDWMaj JC Savage28.06.22875Canc 5.1.26 Scrapped Hendon
G-EBDXRAF SE5A1693F7991 G-EBDXMaj JC Savage28.06.22876Sold USA 7.4.27 Operated in USA as the Skywriting Corporation of America
G-EBDYRAF SE5A1071C9029 G-EBDYMaj JC Savage 'Smokestream'28.06.22877Wfu 5.1.24 Canc 2.6.24 Scrapped
G-EBDZRAF SE5A744C8702 G-EBDZMaj JC Savage28.06.22878Sold USA 7.4.27 Operated in USA as the Skywriting Corporation of America
G-EBEAVickers 61 Vulcan3G-EBEAInstone Air Line Ltd 'City of Brussels' >Vickers Ltd28.06.22881Wfu 20.7.23
G-EBEBAirco DH.6G-EBEBGiro Aviation Co Ltd 'Maysbus'11.07.22882Wfu 12.9.30 Canc 12.35
G-EBECVickers 71 Vixen I>87 Vixen II>105 Vixen IV>124 Vixen VI1G-EBECVickers Ltd12.07.22883Wfu 13.2.30
G-EBEDVickers 60 Viking IV17G-EBEDVickers Ltd >L Hamilton12.07.22884Wfu 30.7.27
G-EBEEBristol F.2B FighterH926H926 G-EBEEAircraft Disposal Co Ltd13.07.22885Sold Belgian AF 8.22
G-EBEFAirco DH.9H5775H5775 G-EBEFAircraft Disposal Co Ltd13.07.22886Sold abroad 18.9.22
G-EBEGAirco DH.9D1347D1347 G-EBEGAircraft Disposal Co Ltd13.07.22887Sold abroad 18.9.22
G-EBEHAirco DH.9D5777D5777 G-EBEHAircraft Disposal Co Ltd13.07.22888Sold abroad 13.11.22
G-EBEIAirco DH.9F1286F1286 G-EBEIAircraft Disposal Co Ltd13.07.22889Sold abroad 18.9.22
G-EBEJAirco DH.9F1216F1216 G-EBEJAircraft Disposal Co Ltd13.07.22890Sold abroad 18.9.22
G-EBEKVickers 63 Vulcan Freighter >61 Vulcan4G-EBEKThe Air Council20.07.22893Wfu 1.11.23 scrapped .26
G-EBELAvro 504KPL6038E3291 G-EBELLondon Aviation Co Ltd22.07.22894Sold abroad 8.1.23
G-EBEMVickers 61 Vulcan5G-EBEMD Vickers MP >L Hamilton/Brooklands00.07.22895Lost at sea off Italian coast 5.7.26
G-EBENAirco DH.9H5688H5688 G-EBENAircraft Disposal Co Ltd >British & Egyptian Tea Co Ltd24.08.22897Sold abroad 3.12.24
G-EBEOAvro 504KC691C691 G-EBEOASJ Chapman02.08.22898Written off 8.24
G-EBEPAirco DH.9D5799D5799 G-EBEPThe Duke of Sutherland >Surrey Flying Services Ltd25.09.22903Crashed Saunderstead Surrey 17.11.28
G-EBEQBoulton Paul P.9P9-7G-EBEQ CH-259Boulton and Paul Ltd >Flt Lt FO Soden >H Kennedy/Stag Lane00.09.22904Crashed Switzerland 10.2.29 rebuilt as CH-259 4.9.30
G-EBERSopwith 1F.1 CamelF6302F6302 G-EBERFO WJ McDonough /Abu Sueir08.08.22907Canc 4.11.22 (Crashed Abu Sueir?)
G-EBESVickers 61 Vulcan6G-EBESQueensland & Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd11.08.22908Not completed
G-EBETVickers 61 Vulcan7G-EBETQueensland & Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd11.08.22909Returned to UK 4.23 Scrapped
G-EBEUArmstrong Whitworth Siskin IIAW10G-EBEUSir WG Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd21.08.22913Canc 11.8.25
G-EBEVBristol 75 Ten Seater >75A Freighter6145G-EBEVBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd>Instone Air Line Ltd 'City of Bristol'>Imperial Airways Ltd22.08.22914Wfu .25 Canc 3.1.27
G-EBEWBristol 73 Taxiplane >83A Lucifer6153G-EBEWBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd23.10.22919Wfu 12.7.25 Canc 6.1.26
G-EBEXLowe HL(M)9 MarlburianHL(M)9G-EBEXNorthern Aerial Transport Co (FH Lowe)07.11.22922Crashed. Canc 25.11.22
G-EBEYBristol 73 Taxiplane6154G-EBEY (G-EBFX)Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd10.11.22923Dismantled Filton .25 Canc 6.1.26
G-EBEZAirco DH.9 >DH.9J66G-EBEZde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd 'Eileen'12.12.22925Wfu 4.33 Scrapped 12.33
G-EBFAMartinsyde F4H7688H7688 G-EBFAAircraft Disposal Co Ltd09.01.23929Sold Portuguese AF 5.1.27
G-EBFBAvro 504KH2518H2518 G-EBFBAircraft Disposal Co Ltd24.01.23930Canc 7.1.25
G-EBFCVickers 74 Vulcan8G-EBFCVickers Ltd >D Vickers MP >Imperial Airways Ltd25.01.23931Wfu 22.12.25 burnt .27
G-EBFDBristol F.2B Fighter3957E2354 G-EBFDBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd25.01.23932Sold abroad 27.3.23 (quotes c/n 6223 - same as G-EBCN)
G-EBFEAvro 554 Antarctic Baby5040G-EBFEAerial Survey Co Ltd /Newfoundland01.02.23934Scrapped in Canada .27
G-EBFFRAF SE5A646/2404F896 G-EBFFMaj JC Savage12.02.23935Operated in USA as the Skywriting Corporation of America. Sold USA 7.4.27 scrapped post .31
G-EBFGRAF SE5A682/2404F932 G-EBFGMaj JC Savage12.02.23936Operated in USA as the Skywriting Corporation of America. Sold USA 7.4.27 Canc post .31
G-EBFHRAF SE5A685/2404F935 G-EBFHMaj JC Savage12.02.23937Operated in USA as the Skywriting Corporation of America. Canc 17.10.23 Crashed in USA
G-EBFIRAF SE5A1680F7978 G-EBFIMaj JC Savage12.02.23938Operated in USA as the Skywriting Corporation of America. Sold USA 7.4.27
G-EBFJSopwith PupC242C242 G-EBFJJT Norquay /Thurso23.02.23940Scrapped .24
G-EBFKSupermarine Sea Eagle1163G-EBFKSupermarine Aviation Works Ltd (British Marine Air Navigation Co Ltd)12.03.23946Canc 21.5.24
G-EBFLAvro 548H2053H2053 G-EBFLAircraft Disposal Co Ltd29.03.23950Written off 24.7.23
G-EBFMAvro 548H2070H2070 G-EBFMAircraft Disposal Co Ltd >GLP Henderson (Henderson School of Flying) /Brooklands00.04.23951Crashed on takeoff Weybridge 20.9.28
G-EBFNDH.5073G-EBFN (G-AUEX) G-AUEY VH-UEYde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd 'Galatea' >Northern Air Lines Ltd00.04.23952Sold Australia 23.2.26 Wfu 21.9.33
G-EBFODH.50 >DH.50J74G-EBFO VH-UMCde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >Imperial Airways Ltd00.04.23953Canc 14.11.24 Damaged Stag Lane .26 Rebuilt as VH-UMC 1.29 Crashed Mia Mia WA 1.3.34
G-EBFPDH.5075G-EBFPde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >Imperial Airways Ltd >Rt Hon FE Guest >Imperial Airways Ltd >Iraq Petroleum Transport Co Ltd >Imperial Airways Ltd /Cairo00.04.23954Scrapped .33
G-EBFQAirco DH.9 >DH.9J76G-EBFQde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd11.04.23955Wfu 28.7.32
G-EBFRBristol 81 Puma6239G-EBFRBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd19.04.23956Crashed Filton 6.23
G-EBFSBristol 81 Puma6240G-EBFSBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd19.04.23957Canc 7.5.24
G-EBFTBristol 81 Puma6241G-EBFTBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd19.04.23958Crashed Filton 10.3.25
G-EBFUBristol 81 Puma6242G-EBFUBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd19.04.23959Wfu 8.7.28
G-EBFVAvro 504KG-EBFVFJV Holmes >Wm Beardmore & Co Ltd00.05.23960Wfu 4.5.24 Canc 6.10.24
G-EBFWAvro 504KE1850E1850 G-EBFWSurrey Flying Services Ltd01.05.23962Crashed Mudford (or Bunford) nr Yeovil 17.9.26
G-EBFXBristol 73 Taxiplane6154G-EBEY (G-EBFX)Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd03.05.23963Registered in error. Canc 12.6.23
G-EBFYBristol 73 Taxiplane6155G-EBFYBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd03.05.23964Dismantled for spares 18.5.24
G-EBFZBristol 83A Lucifer >83B6373G-EBFZBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd03.05.23965Wfu 6.31
G-EBGABristol 83A Lucifer >83B >83C6374G-EBGABristol Aeroplane Co Ltd >LG Anderson/ Hanworth03.05.23966Wfu 10.33
G-EBGBBristol 83A Lucifer >83B6375G-EBGBBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd03.05.23967Destroyed in collision with G-EBIH over Filton 20.8.29
G-EBGCBristol 83A Lucifer >83B6376G-EBGCBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd03.05.23968Wfu 6.31
G-EBGDBristol 83A Lucifer6377G-EBGDBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd03.05.23969Wfu 6.31
G-EBGEBristol 83A Lucifer >83B6378G-EBGEBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd03.05.23970Wfu 6.31
G-EBGFBristol 76 Jupiter Fighter6379G-EBGFBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd03.05.23971Crashed 23.11.23 Canc 7.4.25
G-EBGGBristol 78 Fighter C > 84 Bloodhound6222G-EBGGBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd03.05.23972Canc 1.29 scrapped .31
G-EBGHAvro 504KH6602H6602 G-EBGHManchester Aviation Co Ltd08.05.23973Crashed Brigg 5.6.23
G-EBGIAvro 504KH2416H2416 G-EBGIManchester Airways (EL Wilson) /Llandudno15.05.23974Wfu 29.5.24
G-EBGJRAF SE5A716C8674 G-EBGJMaj JC Savage23.05.23977Operated in USA as the Skywriting Corporation of America. Sold USA 7.4.27
G-EBGKRAF SE5A1062C9020 G-EBGKMaj JC Savage23.05.23978Operated in USA as the Skywriting Corporation of America. Sold USA 7.4.27
G-EBGLRAF SE5A1662F7960 G-EBGLMaj JC Savage23.05.23979Operated in USA as the Skywriting Corporation of America. Sold USA 7.4.27
G-EBGMRAF SE5A1678F7976 G-EBGMMaj JC Savage23.05.23980Sold USA as spares 2.6.24
G-EBGNGnosspelius Gull1G-EBGNMaj OT Gnosspelius29.05.23981Wfu c.24
G-EBGOVickers 78 Vulture 11G-EBGOVickers Ltd01.06.23983Dbr in forced landing Aleutian Is 2.8.24
G-EBGPShort 184N2996N2996 G-EBGPManchester Airways /Llandudno01.06.23984Not converted
G-EBGQAirco DH.9H5632H5632 G-EBGQWm Beardmore & Co Ltd04.06.23985Crashed Renfrew 30.10.24
G-EBGRSupermarine Sea Eagle1164G-EBGRSupermarine Aviation Works Ltd (British Marine Air Navigation Co Ltd)>Imperial Airways Ltd 'Sarnia'00.06.23986Wfu .29
G-EBGSSupermarine Sea Eagle1165G-EBGSSupermarine Aviation Works Ltd (British Marine Air Navigation Co Ltd) >Imperial Airways Ltd00.06.23987Sunk by ship Guernsey 10.1.27 Burnt Heston 13.2.54
G-EBGTAirco DH.9C >DH.9J82G-EBGTde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd 'Nulli Secundus'07.06.23989Crashed Hatfield 16.10.32
G-EBGUAirco DH.9C83G-EBGUde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd07.06.23990Crashed 19.8.24 Canc as sold 3.11.24
G-EBGVAvro 504KE9358E9358 G-EBGVAircraft Disposal Co Ltd13.06.23992Sold abroad 26.6.24
G-EBGWRAE Zephyr biplane1G-EBGWRoyal Aircraft Establishment Aero Club13.06.23993Canc 10.11.25 scrapped
G-EBGXAirco DH.9AF2872F2872 G-EBGXAircraft Disposal Co Ltd 'Aurora'16.06.23994Wfu c.24
G-EBGYAvro 504KR/LE/10390G-EBGYWm Beardmore & Co Ltd28.06.23998Crashed. Canc 12.6.24
G-EBGZAvro 504KR/LE/10407G-EBGZWm Beardmore & Co Ltd > North British Aviation Co Ltd (LJ Rimmer) /Hooton28.06.23999Dismantled Hooton 2.34 (c.n LE1047 in ICAN)
G-EBHAGloster G.12A Grebe >G.18G-EBHAGloucestershire Aircraft Co Ltd29.06.231000Wfu 29.7.29 scrapped
G-EBHBAvro 504KG-EBHBManchester Airways /Llandudno17.07.231003Canc 8.24
G-EBHCAvro 504NR3/LY/10331G-EBHCSir WG Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd20.07.231005Crashed Coventry 3.8.23
G-EBHDAvro 504NR3/LY/10348G-EBHDSir WG Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd>RO Roch/ Romford >Modern Airways Ltd /Kingsdown00.07.231006Wfu 2.3.33 Canc 9.36
G-EBHEAvro 504N >504KR3/LY/10365G-EBHESir WG Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd >W Mackay /Hooton Park11.04.231007Written off 1.37
G-EBHFBlackburn PelletN56G-EBHFBlackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co Ltd23.07.2310081923 Schneider Trophy. Crashed and sunk off Cowes IOW 27.9.23
G-EBHGBristol 76B Swedish Fighter6380G-EBHG Swedish Army 4300 SE-AEEBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd25.07.231009Sold to Sweden 6.5.24
G-EBHHBristol 76A Jupiter Fighter >89 Trainer6381G-EBHHBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd25.07.231010Dbr in collision with G-EBJA over Filton 23.9.25
G-EBHIArmstrong Whitworth WolfAW18G-EBHISir WG Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd25.07.231011Written off 15.1.31 (c/n also Wolf 4)
G-EBHJArmstrong Whitworth WolfAW28G-EBHJSir WG Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd25.07.231012Canc 19.5.30 (c/n also Wolf 5)
G-EBHKAvro 548H7488H7488 G-EBHKde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd28.07.231013Sold abroad 12.8.25
G-EBHLAvro 548H2067H2067 G-EBHLde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd28.07.231014Accident 6.11.25
G-EBHMAvro 504KE3794E3794 G-EBHMSurrey Flying Services Ltd30.07.231015Crashed Port Talbot Canc 15.6.27
G-EBHNVickers 89 Viget1G-EBHNVickers Ltd03.08.231016Wfu .28
G-EBHOVickers 95 Vulture II >78 Vulture I2G-EBHOVickers Ltd09.08.231017Crashed Akyab Burma 24.5.24
G-EBHPAirco DH.9H9203H9203 G-EBHPAircraft Disposal Co Ltd29.08.231020Crashed landing in snowstorm 18.12.25 Canc 18.1.26
G-EBHQSalmon Tandem Monoplane1G-EBHQP Salmon /RAE Farnborough16.08.231019Scrapped .25
G-EBHRANEC IG-EBHR G-AUEQ VH-UEQH Blundell /Luton29.08.231022Sold Australia 19.8.24
G-EBHSRAE Hurricane2G-EBHSRoyal Aircraft Establishment Aero Club10.09.231023Canc 12.1.27
G-EBHTAvro 504NR3/LY/10382G-EBHTSir WG Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd >Modern Airways Ltd00.09.231025Crashed Portcawl 25.6.32 Canc 12.32
G-EBHUGloster G.14 Gannet >G.14A1G-EBHUGloucestershire Aircraft Co Ltd15.09.231026Canc 25.1.28
G-EBHVAirco DH.9 >DH.9JH5844H5844 G-EBHVSir WG Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd19.09.231027Wfu 28.9.28
G-EBHWAvro 5585089G-EBHWGE Bush & HA Hamersley /CFS Upavon19.09.231028Wfu .24
G-EBHXDH.53 Humming Bird98G-EBHX No.8de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >FJV Holmes >EW Kennett/Walmer22.09.231031Crashed Old Warden 25.8.67 rebuilt. Preserved Shuttleworth Collection
G-EBHYArmstrong Whitworth Siskin IIAW11G-EBHYSir WG Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd01.10.231032Sold Swedish AF 2.9.25
G-EBHZDH.53 Humming Bird99G-EBHZAS Butler 'Sylvia II' >Fl Off GEF Boyes00.09.231033Used for spares .26
G-EBIARAF SE5A654/2404F904 G-EBIA 'D7000' F904Maj JC Savage /Hendon26.09.231034Wfu 2.28 Rebuilt .57 restored .81 The Shuttleworth Collection
G-EBIBRAF SE5A687/2404F937 G-EBIB F937Maj JC Savage /Hendon26.09.231035Wfu 6.8.35 To Science Museum 7.39 (c/n 688/2404 per ICAN -incorrectly painted F939)
G-EBICRAF SE5A688/2404F938 G-EBIC 'B4563' F937 F938Maj JC Savage /Hendon26.09.231036Wfu 3.9.30 To RAF Museum .72 (c/n 687/2404 per ICAN)
G-EBIDRAF SE5A326/2329'C6376' G-EBIDMaj JC Savage /Hendon26.09.231037Canc 2.32 scrapped Hounslow
G-EBIERAF SE5A328/2329'C6378' G-EBIEMaj JC Savage /Hendon26.09.231038Canc 2.32 scrapped Hounslow
G-EBIFRAF SE5A1398E5683 G-EBIF D-1633Maj JC Savage /Hendon26.09.231039Sold Germany 16.5.29
G-EBIGAirco DH.9 >DH.9CH5886H5886 G-EBIGWm Beardmore & Co Ltd >Northern Air Transport Ltd/Barton25.10.231040Scrapped .31
G-EBIHBristol 81A Puma Trainer >89 Trainer6382G-EBIHBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd15.10.231041Destroyed in collision with G-EBGB over Filton 20.8.29
G-EBIIAvro 504KE1826E1826 G-EBIISurrey Flying Services Ltd15.10.231042Wfu 5.11.24
G-EBIJSperry Messenger12G-EBIJSperry Gyroscope Co Ltd09.11.231046Crashed into Channel off Rye 13.12.23
G-EBIKArmstrong Whitworth Siskin IVG-EBIKSir WG Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd10.11.231047Construction abandoned
G-EBILANEC I >IA1G-EBIL J7506 G-EBILAddlestone Aeronautical Association Ltd21.11.231048To RAF 8.24 restored 7.25 Canc 22.1.26