Civil Aircraft Register - Great Britain

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate/Comments
G-EALKArmstrong Whitworth FK.3B9603B9603 G-EALKLG Lowe25.08.19299Wfu 9.9.20
G-EALLCentral Centaur IV >IVA203G-EALLCentral Aircraft Co >Gnat Aero & Motor Co Ltd/Shoreham00.08.19300Scrapped Shoreham 4.30 (c/n C/F4/201 in register)
G-EALMAirco DH.1645G-EALMAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd >de Havilland Aircraft Co00.08.19301Crashed Stanmore 10.1.23
G-EALNBlackburn SidecarG-EALNKM Smith co North Sea Aerial Nav Co >B Haydon-WHite26.08.19302Canc 7.21
G-EALOAvro 504LE3G-EALOEastbourne Aviation Co Ltd26.08.19303Wfu 4.9.20 Canc 2.21
G-EALPSupermarine Sea Lion 1G-EALPSupermarine Aviation Works Ltd26.08.19304Sank off Bournemouth 10.9.19
G-EALQFairey IIIF128N10 G-EALQFairey Aviation Co Ltd28.08.19305Canc 12.22
G-EALRGrahame-White E.VIIGWE7G-EALRGrahame-White Aviation Co Ltd28.08.19306Dbr in forced landing Hendon .19
G-EALSAirco DH.6C7620C7620 G-EALSCambridge School of Flying29.08.19307ntu
G-EALTAirco DH.6B3094B3094 G-EALTCambridge School of Flying29.08.19308Wfu 19.12.20
G-EALUAirco DH.16P1G-EALUAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd 'Arras'29.08.19309Broken up Croydon .22 (c/n A1 in register)
G-EALVCaudron G.31005A3032 G-EALV G-EAONG Eyston29.08.19310Canc 10.1.23
G-EALWArmstrong Whitworth FK.8F7484F7484 G-EALWBy Air Ltd03.09.19311Crashed Bedford 16.8.20
G-EALXHandley Page O/400HP-21J2251 G-EALXHandley Page Ltd03.09.19312Wfu 27.10.20 Canc as crashed 4.21
G-EALYHandley Page O/400HP-24J2247 G-EALYHandley Page Ltd03.09.19313Wfu 9.10.20
G-EALZHandley Page O/400HP-23J2243 G-EALZHandley Page Ltd03.09.19314Wfu 6.12.20
G-EAMAHandley Page O/400HP-25J2248 G-EAMAHandley Page Ltd03.09.19315Crashed in fog Golders Green 14.12.20
G-EAMBHandley Page O/400HP-26D4623 G-EAMBHandley Page Ltd03.09.19316Canc 10.20
G-EAMCHandley Page O/400HP-27D4624 G-EAMCHandley Page Ltd03.09.19317Crashed north of El Shereik Sudan 25.2.20
G-EAMDHandley Page O/400HP-28D4633 G-EAMDHandley Page Ltd03.09.19318Sold Poland 11.21
G-EAMESopwith GnuWO 3005/4G-EAMESopwith Aviation & Engineering Co Ltd03.09.19319Canc 8.9.21
G-EAMFSopwith GnuWO 3005/6G-EAMFSopwith Aviation & Engineering Co Ltd03.09.19320Canc 8.9.21
G-EAMGSopwith GnuWO 3005/5G-EAMGSopwith Aviation & Engineering Co Ltd03.09.19321Sold abroad 8.9.21
G-EAMHSopwith GnuWO 3005/3G-EAMHSopwith Aviation & Engineering Co Ltd03.09.19322Canc 8.9.21
G-EAMIAvro 504KPL6146E3399 G-EAMIWG Pudney05.09.19323Crashed Banbury 16.4.21 Canc 12.21
G-EAMJBlackburn KangarooB9977B9977 G-EAMJNorth Sea Aerial Navigation Co/Blackburn 'Felix the Cat'08.09.19324Wfu 2.2.29 scrapped Sherburn
G-EAMKAirco DH.6C9448C9448 G-EAMKFH Solomon08.09.19325Sold South Africa 19.9.19
G-EAMLAirco DH.6C9449C9449 G-EAMLFH Solomon08.09.19326Sold South Africa 19.9.19
G-EAMMBAT FK23 Bantam20F1659 G-EAMMBritish Aerial Transport Co Ltd08.09.19327Broken up .20
G-EAMNAvro 504KJ747J747 G-EAMNA.V Roe & Co Ltd10.09.19328Canc 9.20
G-EAMOAvro 504KJ746J746 G-EAMOA.V Roe & Co Ltd/Brighton10.09.19329Sold Chile 8.9.21
G-EAMPAvro 504KJ745J745 G-EAMPA.V Roe & Co Ltd10.09.19330Wfu 4.10.20
G-EAMQAvro 504KJ748J748 G-EAMQA.V Roe & Co Ltd10.09.19331Crashed Rhyl 14.10.20
G-EAMRMartinsyde A IE4/500G-EAMRMartinsyde Ltd10.09.19332Force landed in sea off Corfu 9.12.19
G-EAMSAirco DH.6B2689B2689 G-EAMSJHT Carr11.09.19333Canc 9.20
G-EAMTAirco DH.6A9613A9613 G-EAMTJHT Carr11.09.19334Canc 9.20
G-EAMUAirco DH.4 >DH.4AH5939H5939 G-EAMUInstone Air Line Ltd 'City of Cardiff' later 'City of York'>Imperial Airways Ltd11.09.19335Wfu 11.3.24
G-EAMVWestland Limousine IIWAC3G-EAMVWestland Aircraft Works >Aerial Survey Co /Newfoundland12.09.19336Sold abroad 23.4.23
G-EAMWGrahame-White E.IX GanymedeGWE9C3481 G-EAMWGrahame-White Aviation Co Ltd12.09.19337Broken up and burnt .20
G-EAMXAirco DH.9D5622D5622 G-EAMXAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd15.09.19338Sold to Canada 4.20
G-EAMYFairey IIIA >IIICF246N2876 G-EADZ G-EAMYLt Col GLP Henderson18.09.19339Sold Sweden Crashed and canc 8.20
G-EAMZAvro 504KE3724E3724 G-EAMZA.V Roe & Co Ltd >FP Raynham >MW Piercy >Rt Hon Earl of Kinnoull /Brooklands00.09.19340Crashed Le Bourget 9.6.25
G-EANACentral Centaur V301G-EANACentral Aircraft Co15.09.19341Canc 1.9.22
G-EANBAvro 504LATC18G-EANB S-IAA S-ABAAA.V Roe & Co Ltd16.09.19342Sold Sweden 7.21
G-EANCAvro 504KH2318H2318 G-EANCA.V Roe & Co Ltd16.09.19343Canc 9.20
G-EANDAvro 504KJ749J749 G-EANDA.V Roe & Co Ltd18.09.19344Sold Belgian AF 6.21
G-EANEAvro 504KJ751J751 G-EANEA.V Roe & Co Ltd18.09.19345Sold Chile 8.9.21
G-EANFAvro 504KJ752J752 G-EANFA.V Roe & Co Ltd18.09.19346Canc 10.20
G-EANGAvro 504KJ753J753 G-EANGA.V Roe & Co Ltd18.09.19347Sold Belgian AF 6.21
G-EANHFokker D.VIIG-EANHJ Forgan-Potts18.09.19348Canc 9.20
G-EANIBAT FK2631G-EANIBritish Aerial Transport Co Ltd >CPB Ogilvie18.09.19349
G-EANJAirco DH.6B2861B2861 G-EANJunknown >JT Rogers >JF Stallard00.09.19350Wfu 18.4.22
G-EANKAirco DH.4P7F2670 G-EANKAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd20.09.19351Canc 4.20
G-EANLAirco DH.4P8F2671 G-EANLAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd20.09.19352Canc 4.20
G-EANMMartinsyde F4E4/500G-EANMMartinsyde Ltd23.09.19353Sold Portuguese AF 12.19
G-EANNAvro 504KH2514H2514 G-EANNSir P Sassoon /Lympne >H Sykes 'Psyche' >Adastral Air Lines24.09.19354Crashed in France .20
G-EANOAvro 504KJ756J756 G-EANOA.V Roe & Co Ltd22.09.19355Wfu 8.10.20
G-EANPAvro 504KJ754J754 G-EANPA.V Roe & Co Ltd22.09.19356Sold Japanese Army 9.21
G-EANQAvro 504KJ755J755 G-EANQA.V Roe & Co Ltd 'Avro No.1'>Border Aviation Co >Ingham & Little00.09.19357Crashed Carlisle 5.12.21 (or shores of Solway Firth 1.12.21)
G-EANRBristol 29 Tourer5868G-EANRBritish & Colonial Aeroplane Co Ltd23.09.19358Sold USA 5.20
G-EANSAvro 504LE4G-EANSEastbourne Aviation Co Ltd26.09.19359Wfu 29.9.20
G-EANTAvro 504KPL6105E3358 G-EANTGN Ltd/Brooklands26.09.19360Wfu 20.2.23
G-EANUAirco DH.6C5230C5230 G-EANULeatherhead Motor Co/Croydon >JV Yates /Croydon >de Havilland Aircraft Co00.09.19361Wfu 6.5.24
G-EANVHandley Page O/7HP-7G-EANVHandley Page Ltd 'Pioneer'27.09.19362Sold abroad 11.21 Written off Acadia Siding Cape Province SA 23.2.20
G-EANWRAF BE2eC7185C7185 G-EANWCount L Zborowski>JR King >Lt RL Preston >PO JH Carr/Bircham Newton00.09.19363Destroyed in hangar collapse Martlesham Heath 2.29
G-EANXAvro 504KJ757J757 G-EANXA.V Roe & Co Ltd03.10.19364Sold Japanese Army 9.21
G-EANYAvro 504KJ758J758 G-EANYA.V Roe & Co Ltd03.10.19365Sold Japanese Army 9.21
G-EANZAvro 504KJ759J759 G-EANZA.V Roe & Co Ltd03.10.19366Sold Japanese Army 9.21
G-EAOAAvro 504KJ760J760 G-EAOAA.V Roe & Co Ltd03.10.19367Sold Japanese Army 9.21
G-EAOBAvro 504KJ761J761 G-EAOBA.V Roe & Co Ltd03.10.19368Sold Japanese Army 9.21
G-EAOCAvro 504KJ762J766 G-EAOCA.V Roe & Co Ltd03.10.19369Sold Japanese Army 9.21
G-EAODAvro 504KJ763J763 G-EAODA.V Roe & Co Ltd03.10.19370Sold Japanese Army 9.21
G-EAOEAvro 504KE3505E2505 G-EAOELt Col RB Bourdillon >B Martin/Cleethorpes06.10.19371Crashed Cleethorpes 12.6.22
G-EAOFAirco DH.9AE750E750 G-EAOF E750British Govt op by Aircraft Transport & Travel09.10.19372Returned to RAF 6.20
G-EAOGAirco DH.9AE752E752 G-EAOG E752British Govt op by Aircraft Transport & Travel09.10.19373Returned to RAF 6.20
G-EAOHAirco DH.9AE753E753 G-EAOH E753British Govt op by Aircraft Transport & Travel09.10.19374Returned to RAF 4.20
G-EAOIAirco DH.9AE754E754 G-EAOI E754British Govt op by Aircraft Transport & Travel09.10.19375Returned to RAF 6.20
G-EAOJAirco DH.9AE756E756 G-EAOJ E756British Govt op by Aircraft Transport & Travel09.10.19376Returned to RAF 6.20
G-EAOKAirco DH.9AE757E757 G-EAOK E757British Govt op by Aircraft Transport & Travel09.10.19377Returned to RAF 6.20
G-EAOLVickers FB.27A VimyF8625F8625 G-EAOLVickers Ltd16.10.19378Sold Spain .20
G-EAOMAvro 536 >546ATC23G-EAOMA.V Roe & Co Ltd14.10.19379Wfu 16.12.21
G-EAONCaudron G.31005A3032 G-EALV G-EAONBournemouth Aviation Co Ltd15.10.19280Canc 10.1.23
G-EAOOCaudron G.3A3030 G-EAOOBournemouth Aviation Co Ltd15.10.19281Canc 10.1.23
G-EAOPAirco DH.9H5579H5579 G-EAOPAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd28.10.19381Written off. Canc 9.20
G-EAOQCentral Centaur IV >IVA204G-EAOQCentral Aircraft Co20.10.19382Sold Belgium 11.10.21
G-EAORCentral Centaur IVB >IVA205G-EAORCentral Aircraft Co19.10.19383Crashed. Canc 10.20
G-EAOSCentral Centaur IV >IVA206G-EAOSCentral Aircraft Co25.10.19384Sold Belgium 7.10.21
G-EAOTAirco DH.6C7434C7434 G-EAOT CH-45AB Ford25.10.19385Sold Switzerland 18.2.21 Written off 11.21
G-EAOUVickers FB.27A VimyF8630F8630 G-EAOU A5-1Vickers Ltd23.10.19386First flight England-Australia 12.11.19 Sold RAAF .22
G-EAOVVickers Viking I1G-EAOVVickers Ltd21.10.19387Crashed nr Rouen France 18.12.19
G-EAOWBlackburn KangarooB9970B9970 G-EAOWBlackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co Ltd24.10.19388Crashed Suda Bay 8.12.19 abandoned
G-EAOXAlliance P2P2/2G-EAOXAlliance Aeroplane Co Ltd 'Endeavour'23.10.19389Crashed en route Australia Surbiton Surrey 13.11.19
G-EAOYNorman Thompson NT.4AN2155N2155 G-EAOYHandley Page Ltd29.10.19391Canc 10.20
G-EAOZAirco DH.9BP32EH5889 G-EAOZ H-NABFAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd29.10.19392Sold Holland 27.7.21
G-EAPAHandley Page O/7HP-11G-EAPA G-IAACHandley Page Ltd03.11.19394Sold India 5.20
G-EAPBHandley Page O/7HP-12G-EAPBHandley Page Ltd03.11.19395Built from uncompleted components of J1934 Sold India 6.20
G-EAPCCentral Centaur IIA (Cabin)102G-EAPCCentral Aircraft Co05.11.19396Crashed Charvel Lane Hayes 25.9.20
G-EAPDBoulton Paul P.9P9-1G-EAPDBoulton and Paul Ltd06.11.19397Sold Australia 11.20
G-EAPEBoulton Paul P.8P8-2G-EAPEBoulton and Paul Ltd06.11.19398Wfu .20
G-EAPFAustin WhippetAU2G-EAPFAustin Motor Co Ltd >CPB Ogilvie >FO Soden >Midland AC Ltd>ER King /Brooklands>HM Pearson/Hamble00.11.19399Sold abroad .31 [New Zealand as ZK-ACR? but c/n AU.4 quoted]
G-EAPGAirco DH.6C7430C7430 G-EAPGGolden Eagle Aviation Co Ltd08.11.19400Canc 11.20 (former serial B3100 quoted on CoA)
G-EAPHAirco DH.6C7739C7739 G-EAPHGolden Eagle Aviation Co Ltd08.11.19401Canc 2.20
G-EAPIMartinsyde F6E4/500G-EAPI G-CYEQMartinsyde Ltd10.11.19402Sold Canada 11.20
G-EAPJHandley Page W.8W.8-1G-EAPJHandley Page Ltd 'Newcastle' later 'Duchess of York'11.11.19403Dbr on landing Poix France 10.7.23 (cn also HP-15 rebuild of W4)
G-EAPKBAT FK2632G-EAPKBritish Aerial Transport Co Ltd >S Instone & Co 'City of Newcastle'00.11.19404Wfu 3.22 Canc 31.7.22
G-EAPLAirco DH.9BP33EH5890 G-EAPL H-NABEAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd13.11.19405Sold Holland 7.21
G-EAPMAirco DH.16P2G-EAPMAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd 'Agincourt'13.11.19406Wfu 11.23
G-EAPNMartinsyde A II617G-EAPNMartinsyde Ltd20.11.19407Sold to Irish Air Corps
G-EAPOAirco DH.9BP34EG-EAPOAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd20.11.19408Crashed 9.20 Canc 27.11.20
G-EAPPMartinsyde F4AG-EAPPMartinsyde Ltd21.11.19409Wfu .20
G-EAPQAvro 548H2322H2322 G-EAPQA.V Roe & Co Ltd >WG Pudney/Croydon21.11.19410Canc 19.10.22
G-EAPRAvro 545 >552A >552 >552BH2323H2323 G-EAPR G-EBTX G-ABGOA.V Roe & Co Ltd21.11.19411Wfu .27 rebuilt as 586 G-EBTX .27
G-EAPSAvro 534A Water Baby534A/2G-EAPSA.V Roe & Co Ltd21.11.19412Crashed 7.9.21
G-EAPTAirco DH.16P3G-EAPTAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd > de Havilland Aircraft Co08.12.19413dHA rebuild c/n 44 Wfu 7.7.23
G-EAPUAirco DH.9BP35EG-EAPUAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd25.11.19414Canc 11.20
G-EAPVFairey IIICF302N2255 G-EAPVLt Col GLP Henderson01.12.19415Sold Sweden 12.20
G-EAPWAirco DH.6C6503C6503 G-EAPWDr ED Whitehead Reid/Bekesbourne02.12.19416ntu
G-EAPXMartinsyde SemiquaverS1G-EAPXMartinsyde Ltd >Commercial Aeroplane Wing Syndicate04.12.19417Wfu .21 scrapped Farnborough
G-EAPYDH.14AE46J1940 G-EAPY J1940Aircraft Manufacturing Co Ltd >FS Cotton co Bank of NSW04.12.19418Dbr Hertford 24.7.20 repaired to RAF 2.21
G-EAPZShort Sporting Type (Shrimp)S.540G-EAPZ G-AUPZ VH-UPZShort Brothers Ltd > L Hordern05.12.19419Sold Australia 1.21
G-EAQAAirco DH.9BP36EG-EAQAAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd10.12.19420Wfu 17.12.20 Canc 2.21
G-EAQBAirco DH.6C7815C7815 G-EAQBBy Air Ltd/Baginton11.12.19421Wfu 9.20
G-EAQCAirco DH.6C7436C7436 G-EAQCBy Air Ltd/Baginton >B Martin /Notts00.12.19422Canc 6.11.21
G-EAQDBristol 46A Babe III5866G-EAQDBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd18.12.19425Canc 2.21
G-EAQECentral Centaur IVA207G-EAQE O-BOTHCentral Aircraft Co18.12.19426Sold Belgium 3.12.21
G-EAQFCentral Centaur IVA208G-EAQF O-BOTI O-BOTH OO-OTHCentral Aircraft Co18.12.19427Sold Belgium 3.12.21
G-EAQGAirco DH.16P4G-EAQG R-137Aircraft Transport & Travel Ltd23.12.19428Sold Argentina 4.20
G-EAQHMartinsyde F4AG-EAQHMartinsyde Ltd29.12.19429Canc 12.20
G-EAQIBeardmore WB.IX5404G-EAQIWm Beardmore & Co Ltd30.12.19430ntu
G-EAQJBeardmore WB.X5422G-EAQJWm Beardmore & Co Ltd30.12.19431Wfu .20
G-EAQKCaudron G.3G-EAQKHT Jakeman30.12.19432ntu
G-EAQLAirco DH.9BP38EG-EAQLAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd31.12.19433Sold Belgium 27.7.21
G-EAQMAirco DH.9F1278F1278 G-EAQM G-AUKIRJP Parer/Hounslow31.12.19434To Australia 8.1.20 Preserved Australian War Museum [ICAN quotes F1258 which is extant Paris]
G-EAQNAirco DH.9BP37EG-EAQNAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd07.01.20435Crashed Le Bourget 9.11.20 Canc 2.21
G-EAQONorman Thompson NT.2BN2290N2290 G-EAQO G-CACGHandley Page Ltd09.01.20436Sold Canada 1.21
G-EAQPAirco DH.9BP39EG-EAQPAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd12.01.20437Canc 1.22
G-EAQQAirco DH.6C2136C2136 G-EAQQE Milton /Lancs >PAA Boss ta The Airadvert Co00.01.20438Sold Peru 1.21
G-EAQRRAF BE2c94689468 G-EAQRG Wigglesworth/Bekesbourne19.01.20439Scrapped 24.8.21
G-EAQSAirco DH.16P5EG-EAQSAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd23.01.20441Wfu 12.20 stored Croydon Scrapped .22
G-EAQTFelixstowe F.3 Air YachtS.607N4019 G-EAQTunknown >L Hordern00.01.20442To Australia - abandoned Botany Bay
G-EAQUAvro 504KE3021E3021 G-EAQUAA Mitchell ta Scottish Aerial Transportation Co04.02.20443Canc 2.21
G-EAQVAvro 504KE9443N9443 G-EAQVAA Mitchell ta Scottish Aerial Transportation Co04.02.20444Crashed Kelso 25.5.20 Canc 24.2.21
G-EAQWL and P BiplaneG-EAQWRA Whitehead06.02.20445Scrapped .20
G-EAQXAvro 547 Triplane547/1G-EAQX G-AUCRA.V Roe & Co Ltd06.02.20446Sold Australia 11.20
G-EAQYAirco DH.6B3082B3082 G-EAQYJS Boumphrey >HB Elwell/Lytham St Annes00.02.20447Wfu 23.5.24
G-EAQZHandley Page O/7HP-10G-EAQZHandley Page Ltd11.02.20448Canc 1.21
G-EARAAirco DH.6C5527C5527 G-EARAInternational Aviation Co Ltd/Hooton11.02.20449Crashed Douglas IOM 25.5.20
G-EARBAirco DH.6C5533C5533 G-EARBInternational Aviation Co Ltd/Hooton11.02.20450Wfu 30.3.21
G-EARCAirco DH.6C5547C5547 G-EARCInternational Aviation Co Ltd/Hooton? >Giro Aviation Co Ltd/Southport11.02.20451Wfu 3.8.24
G-EARDAirco DH.6C7768C7768 G-EARDInternational Aviation Co Ltd/Hooton11.02.20452Crashed nr Ramsey 3.8.20
G-EAREWestland Limousine IIWAC4G-EAREWestland Aircraft Works >Instone Air Line Ltd00.02.20453Scrapped after CoA expiry 19.6.23
G-EARFWestland Limousine IIWAC5G-EARFWestland Aircraft Works >Instone Air Line Ltd00.02.20454Scrapped after CoA expiry 1.6.23
G-EARGWestland Limousine IIWAC6G-EARGWestland Aircraft Works >Aerial Survey Co (Newfoundland)00.02.20455Wfu 27.9.23 To Canada
G-EARHWestland Limousine IIWAC7G-EARHWestland Aircraft Works11.02.20456Construction abandoned
G-EARIDH.181E-52 G-EARIAircraft Manufacturing Co Ltd09.03.20459Crashed Wallingford 16.8.20
G-EARJAirco DH.6B3061B3061 G-EARJGolden Eagle Aviation Co Ltd >Giro Aviation Co Ltd09.03.20460Wfu 3.7.23 Canc as written off 8.21
G-EARKAirco DH.6B3065B3065 G-EARKGolden Eagle Aviation Co Ltd >Giro Aviation Co Ltd09.03.20461Wfu 12.5.22
G-EARLAirco DH.6B3003B3003 G-EARLGolden Eagle Aviation Co Ltd >HB Elwell09.03.20462Wfu 23.4.21
G-EARMAirco DH.6B3068B3068 G-EARMGolden Eagle Aviation Co Ltd >Giro Aviation Co Ltd09.03.20463Wfu 19.4.23
G-EARNDH.23E58G-EARNAircraft Manufacturing Co Ltd09.03.20464Construction abandoned
G-EARODH.18A2E-53 G-EARO J6899Aircraft Transport & Travel Ltd >The Air Council lsd Instone Air Line Ltd09.03.20465To RAE Farnborough 4.24 SOC 29.12.24
G-EARPAvro 504KG-EARPWG Pudney (Pudney-Brettell-Owen Co)09.03.20466Canc 4.21
G-EARQShort Silver StreakS.543(G-EARQ) J6854Short Brothers Ltd17.03.20467ntu Sold Air Ministry 23.12.20
G-EARRAirco DH.6B3067B3067 G-EARRA Patchett >Capt JS Hyde >C Hudson00.03.20469Wfu 27.5.21
G-EARSFairey IIICF333N9256 G-EARS G-CYCFFairey Aviation Co Ltd >ADC Ltd17.03.20470Sold Canada .20
G-EARTBristol 47 Tourer5876G-EARTS Instone & Co Ltd17.03.20471Canc 2.21
G-EARUAirco DH.16P59G-EARUAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd19.03.20472Crashed Swanley Junction 10.6.20 scrapped Croydon .22
G-EARVWestland Limousine IIIWAC8G-EARV G-CAETWestland Aircraft Works23.03.20475Sold Canada 1.21 (c/n WAC7 carried on rear fuselage)
G-EARWRAF BE2eC6953C6953 G-EARWAA Mitchell23.03.20476Wfu 9.4.21
G-EARXBeardmore WB.IIB5441/1G-EARXWm Beardmore & Co Ltd24.03.20478Written off 12.12.20
G-EARYBeardmore WB.IIB5441/2G-EARYWm Beardmore & Co Ltd24.03.20479Wfu 15.2.23
G-EARZAvro 504KH6551H6551 G-EARZBournemouth Aviation Co Ltd31.03.20481Crashed Bournemouth 7.8.20
G-EASAAvro 504KF9809F9809 G-EASABournemouth Aviation Co Ltd>S Summerfield00.03.20482Crashed Doncaster 28.4.22
G-EASBAvro 504KF9810F9810 G-EASBBournemouth Aviation Co Ltd>CPB Ogilvie00.03.20483Crashed Ripley Surrey (or Yorks?) 12.26
G-EASCVickers Viking II2G-EASCVickers Ltd26.03.20485Written off .20
G-EASDAvro 504LE5G-EASD S-AAP S-AHAA SE-HAA G-EASDEastbourne Aviation Co Ltd>AJD Engineering Ltd26.03.20486Sold Sweden 2.3.21 restored 7.4.92
G-EASEAvro 504LE6G-EASEEastbourne Aviation Co Ltd26.03.20487Sold abroad 2.3.21
G-EASFAvro 504KD5858D5858 G-EASFCobham & Holmes Aviation Co>OP Jones > FJV Holmes ta Berkshire Aviation Co>Northern AT >LJ Rimmer & W Mackay/ Hooton Park00.03.20488Dismantled Hooton Park 12.36
G-EASGAvro 504K29032H6543 G-EAFX G-EASGGolden Eagle Avn Co >Lytham Aviation Co >GV Peck ta Southern Counties Aviation Co (GV Peck)00.04.20489Crashed Great Bookham 2.9.26
G-EASHBristol F.2B Fighter5093H1376 G-EASHHandley Page Ltd07.04.20490Canc 4.21
G-EASIVickers 66 Vimy Commercial41G-EASIInstone Air Line Ltd 'City of London' >Imperial Airways Ltd00.04.20491Wfu 20.8.25
G-EASJBoulton Paul P.9P9-2G-EASJ G-UAAM ZS-AAMBrig Gen JG Weir /Glasgow >FT Courtney /Croydon >Henderson Flying School Ltd00.04.20492Sold South Africa 1.28
G-EASKNieuport GoshawkLS3 No1G-EASKNieuport & General Aircraft Co Ltd13.04.20493Crashed Hendon 12.7.21 HG Hawker killed
G-EASLHandley Page O/11HP-30C9699 G-EASLHandley Page Ltd15.04.20494Canc as crashed 4.21
G-EASMHandley Page O/11HP-31C9731 G-EASMHandley Page Ltd15.04.20495Wfu 4.21
G-EASNHandley Page O/11HP-32D4611 G-EASNHandley Page Ltd15.04.20496Wfu 4.21
G-EASOHandley Page O/11HP-33F5444 G-EASOHandley Page Ltd 'Old Carthusian II'15.04.20497Scrapped 5.20 Canc 4.21
G-EASPBristol 26 Pullman Triplane3753C4298 G-EASPBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd14.04.20498ntu
G-EASQBristol 46A Babe III >46B5865G-EASQBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd14.04.20499ntu - Canc 2.21
G-EASRBristol 20 M1C5885G-EASRBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd14.04.20500Canc 7.4.25
G-EASSSopwith AntelopeWO3398G-EASS G-AUSS VH-USSSopwith Aviation & Engineering Co Ltd20.04.20502Sold Australia 4.23
G-EASTCentral Centaur VIII400G-EASTCentral Aircraft Co26.04.20503Construction abandoned
G-EASUBristol F.2B Fighter5356H1639 G-EASUHandley Page Ltd29.04.20505Sold abroad 9.20
G-EASVBristol F.2B Fighter5355H1638 G-EASVHandley Page Ltd29.04.20506Sold abroad 11.20
G-EASWAirco DH.16P6G-EASWAircraft Transport & Travel Ltd29.04.20507Stored 12.20 Broken up Croydon .22
G-EASXHandley Page O/11HP-34F308 G-EASX G-IAACHandley Page Ltd30.04.20508Sold India 2.21 Canc 4.21
G-EASYHandley Page O/11 >O/10HP-35D4614 G-EASYHandley Page Ltd30.04.20509Sold India 4.21 not erected
G-EASZHandley Page O/11 >O/10HP-36F310 G-EASZHandley Page Ltd30.04.20510Sold India 4.21 Canc as crashed 4.21
G-EATAAirco DH.9BH9271H9271 G-EATAHandley Page Ltd30.04.20511Canc 4.21
G-EATBAvro 504KF8902F8902 G-EATBAR van den Bergh /Gloucester07.05.20519Written off 26.8.21
G-EATCSopwith 5F1 DolphinD5369D5369 G-EATCHandley Page Ltd07.05.20520Sold abroad 10.1.23
G-EATDMartinsyde F4D4267D4267 G-EATDHandley Page Ltd >Aircraft Disposal Co Ltd07.05.20521Canc 13.11.22
G-EATERAF SE5AF9022F9022 G-EATEHandley Page Ltd >Maj JC Savage25.05.20522Scrapped 5.22
G-EATFSopwith 7F1 SnipeJ465J465 G-EATFHandley Page Ltd07.05.20523Sold abroad .22 [c/n in official records as J365]
G-EATGHandley Page O/10HP-37D4618 G-EATGHandley Page Ltd07.05.20524Wfu 4.21
G-EATHHandley Page O/10HP-38D4631 G-EATHHandley Page Ltd07.05.20525Wfu 9.23
G-EATIAirco DH.6G5/100G-EATICB Wilson/Manchester18.05.20526Wfu 13.7.22
G-EATJHandley Page O/10HP-39F307 G-EATJHandley Page Ltd15.05.20528Wfu 4.21
G-EATKHandley Page O/10HP-40J2262 G-EATKHandley Page Ltd15.05.20529Wfu 10.8.22
G-EATLHandley Page O/10HP-41F312 G-EATLHandley Page Ltd18.05.20530Wfu 4.21
G-EATMHandley Page O/10HP-42D4609 G-EATMHandley Page Ltd19.05.20531Crashed Berk-sur-Mer 30.12.21
G-EATNHandley Page O/10HP-43J2261 G-EATNHandley Page Ltd26.05.20534Crashed Senlis France 14.1.22
G-EATOArmstrong Whitworth FK.8F7384F7384 G-EATORE Duke co AT & T02.06.20535Wfu 4.4.22
G-EATPArmstrong Whitworth FK.8H4600H4600 G-EATPMaj T Gran09.06.20537Crashed in Norway 10.20
G-EATQMartinsyde F661/3G-EATQMartinsyde Ltd08.06.20538Sold abroad .20
G-EATRAustin KestrelG-EATRAustin Motor Co Ltd10.06.20539Wfu 31.7.21
G-EATSBristol 32B Bullet5869G-EATSBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd15.06.20540Scrapped .24 Canc 7.4.25
G-EATTRAF BE2eC6968C6968 G-EATTJAD Dempsey /Worthing10.06.20541Wfu 16.6.21
G-EATUAvro 504KE3045E3045 G-EATUCL Pashley/Shoreham >Gnat Aero Co Ltd /Shoreham12.06.20542Crashed on South Downs 22.8.28 (or Shoreham 5.9.27)
G-EATVAvro 504KD6387D6387 G-EATVInternational Aviation Co Ltd/Hooton12.06.20543Crashed 11.20
G-EATWRAF BE2eC6964C6964 G-EATWSL Pettit /Worthing24.06.20544Canc 1.21
G-EATXMartinsyde F4A310G-EATXMartinsyde Ltd22.06.20546Canc 4.8.22
G-EATYMartinsyde A II218G-EATYMartinsyde Ltd22.06.20547Sold Newfoundland 10.21
G-EATZAvro 504KE3022E3022 G-EATZ G-EAVCJM Drysdale24.06.20548Rereg 10.20 Canc 1.21
G-EAUAShort Sporting TypeS.541G-EAUAShort Brothers (Rochester & Bedford) Ltd28.06.20549Wfu 28.3.23 Scrapped .24
G-EAUBShort Sporting TypeS.542G-EAUBShort Brothers (Rochester & Bedford) Ltd28.06.20550Scrapped .24
G-EAUCAirco DH.9BH9282 G-EAUCHandley Page Ltd28.06.20551Wfu 5.7.21 scrapped .22
G-EAUDSaunders Kittiwake101G-EAUDSE Saunders Ltd30.06.20552Scrapped 7.21
G-EAUEBristol 36 Puma5870J7004 G-EAUE J7004Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd03.07.20553Returned to RAF 22.12.23
G-EAUFDH.18A3E-54 G-EAUF J6900Aircraft Transport & Travel Ltd >The Air Council lsd Instone Air Line Ltd 'City of Paris'00.07.20554Written off 13.5.21
G-EAUGAvro 534B Baby534B/1G-EAUGA.V Roe & Co Ltd09.07.20555Crashed Ipswich 4.8.20 Canc 7.21
G-EAUHAirco DH.9BH9196 G-EAUH H-NABPHandley Page Ltd13.07.20556Sold Holland 19.3.21
G-EAUIAirco DH.9B41H9197 G-EAUI M-AFAFHandley Page Ltd >Surrey Flying Services Ltd13.07.20557Sold Spain 6.23
G-EAUJAvro 547A Triplane547A/1G-EAUJA.V Roe & Co Ltd09.07.20558Dismantled Hamble .22 Scrapped .25
G-EAUKVickers Viking III3N147 G-EAUK N147Vickers Ltd > The Air Council10.07.20559Returned to RAF 2.2.21
G-EAULVickers Vimy Commercial40G-EAULVickers Ltd10.07.20560Sold China 11.8.21
G-EAUMAvro 534 Baby5062G-EAUMA.V Roe & Co>LER Bellairs & FG Miles >RA Whitehead /Shoreham>HH Leech /Tangmere>HRA Edwards /Heston>R Brown /Rochford>GL Young/Brooklands12.07.20561Wfu 8.11.34
G-EAUNAirco DH.9BH9128H9128 G-EAUN M-AGAG (M-CFFF) EC-FFFHandley Page Ltd >Surrey Flying Services Ltd17.07.20563Sold Spain 5.23
G-EAUOAirco DH.9BN9187 G-EAUO H-NABO?Handley Page Ltd17.07.20564Sold Holland 27.7.21 (but Canc as crashed 27.7.21 - see EAUQ)
G-EAUPAirco DH.9BH9176 G-EAUPHandley Page Ltd17.07.20565Wfu 6.9.21
G-EAUQAirco DH.9BH9125 G-EAUQ H-NABOHandley Page Ltd17.07.20566Canc 19.3.21 (and canc as sold abroad 11.21 see also EAUO)
G-EAURMartinsyde F4D4352 G-EAURHandley Page Ltd15.07.20567Canc 10.1.23
G-EAUSAirco DH.6C7763 G-EAUSV Rodgers /Blackpool >Blackpool Air Service00.07.20568Wfu 2.7.23
G-EAUTAirco DH.6C9436 G-EAUTV Rodgers /Blackpool >Blackpool Air Service00.07.20569Wfu 7.5.22
G-EAUUSopwith 7F1 SnipeJ459 G-EAUUHandley Page Ltd24.07.20570Crashed Barnet 28.7.20
G-EAUVSopwith 7F1 SnipeJ453 G-EAUVHandley Page Ltd24.07.20571Written off 28.7.20
G-EAUWSopwith 7F1 SnipeJ455 (G-EAUW)Handley Page Ltd24.07.20572ntu
G-EAUXMartinsyde F4H7786 G-EAUXMartinsyde Ltd29.07.20576Wfu 26.11.23
G-EAUYVickers Vimy Commercial39(G-EAUY) J6864Vickers Ltd31.07.20577Sold abroad 11.21
G-EAUZAustin WhippetAU3G-EAUZ R-151AJ Greenshields /Hendon30.07.20578Sold Argentina .20
G-EAVARAF BE2eC7178 G-EAVACount L Zborowski >LCGM le Champion/Brooklands03.08.20579Canc 21.9.22
G-EAVBSopwith 1 1/2 Strutter3541N5504 (G-EAVB)CH Oliver07.08.20580ntu [c/n 3541 is French]
G-EAVCAvro 504KE3022 G-EATZ G-EAVCWR Bailey /Newport17.08.20581Scrapped 1.21
G-EAVDAvro 504KE6757 G-EAVDHandley Page Ltd18.08.20584Sold Belgium 16.8.20
G-EAVESupermarine Amphibian 11152G-EAVEH Scott-Paine11.08.20585Crashed Great Bookham 13.10.20
G-EAVFSopwith Pup3210(G-EAVF)ME Tanner20.08.20589ntu - Scrapped .21 (c/n quoted as also 764)
G-EAVGAirco DH.6G-EAVGGiro Aviation Co Ltd/Southport16.08.20587Crashed on mud flats in Ribble Estuary 3.21
G-EAVHAvro 548548/4G-EAVHA.V Roe & Co Ltd23.08.20590Crashed Montevideo 21.8.21
G-EAVIAvro 504KE1644E1644 G-EAVIWA Hadden /Kincardshire23.08.20591Wfu 12.8.24
G-EAVJHandley Page W.8aW.8-AG-EAVJHandley Page Ltd06.09.20594Not built
G-EAVKAirco DH.9BP60EG-EAVKAircraft Manufacturing Co Ltd>de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd20.09.20595Sold abroad 8.3.22
G-EAVLAirco DH.4AH5905H5905 G-EAVLHandley Page Ltd13.09.20596Canc as crashed 4.21
G-EAVMAirco DH.9H9243H9243 G-EAVM T-DOKLHandley Page Ltd13.09.20598Sold Denmark 18.9.20
G-EAVNBlackburn SwiftWO 6368G-EAVN N139Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co Ltd22.09.20600To RAF 23.12.20 Canc 2.21
G-EAVOBristol 20 M1C5887G-EAVO M-AFAABristol Aeroplane Co Ltd28.09.20602Sold Spain 22.12.24
G-EAVPBristol 77 M1D5888G-EAVPEG Chapman28.09.20603Crashed nr Chertsey 23.6.23
G-EAVQArmstrong Whitworth FK.8H4585H4585 G-EAVQHandley Page Ltd07.10.20605Sold pre 19.10.21 Canc 10.1.23
G-EAVRAirco DH.6C7797C7797 G-EAVRHumphreys Film Productions >WP Taylor /Southport>HB Elwell/Aintree00.10.20606Wfu 8.4.26
G-EAVSRAF BE2eC7197C7179 G-EAVSHandley Page Ltd >Royal Aero Club/Croydon03.11.20607Canc 10.5.22
G-EAVTArmstrong Whitworth FK.8H4573H4573 G-EAVTHandley Page Ltd14.10.20608Sold abroad pre 3.11.21 Canc 10.1.23
G-EAVUBristol 47 Tourer5892G-EAVUBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd21.10.20609Canc 4.21
G-EAVVSopwith PupC440C440 G-EAVVHandley Page Ltd04.11.20610Not taken up
G-EAVWSopwith PupC312C312 G-EAVWFlt Lt T Gran/RAF Andover27.10.20611Not taken up
G-EAVXSopwith PupB1807B1807 G-EAVXARM Rickards /Glos02.11.20612Damaged Hendon 21.7.21 Restored to KAM Baker as PFA 101-10523 16.1.78
G-EAVYSopwith PupC438C438 G-EAVYHandley Page Ltd04.11.20614Not taken up
G-EAVZSopwith PupC540C540 G-EAVZHandley Page Ltd22.11.20617Not taken up
G-EAWABristol F.2B FighterH951H951 G-EAWAHandley Page Transport Ltd22.11.20618Not taken up
G-EAWBBristol 29 Tourer6122G-EAWBAS Butler/Croydon29.11.20620Wfu 31.12.21
G-EAWCSupermarine Channel II1141G-EAWCSupermarine Aviation Works Ltd >Bermuda & West Atlantic Aviation Co Ltd10.01.21623Sold to Trinidad 4.21
G-EAWDAirco DH.6649G-EAWDde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd12.01.21624Crashed Stanford River Essex 27.8.23
G-EAWEMartinsyde F4H7780H7780 G-EAWEHandley Page Ltd14.01.21625Sold to Polish AF 1.21
G-EAWFWestland Limousine IIIWAC9J6851 G-EAWFThe Air Council lsd Instone Air Line Ltd20.01.21626Wfu 13.4.22 Canc 25.11.25 (c/n WAC.VIII per Register)
G-EAWGBlackburn Alula DH.6 ParasolG-EAWGCommercial Aeroplane Wing Syndicate Ltd15.02.21629Dismantled c.21 To France
G-EAWHAirco DH.4AF5764F5764 G-EAWHHandley Page Ltd17.02.21631Wfu 15.4.23
G-EAWIAvro 504KE3672E3672 G-EAWISurrey Flying Services Ltd25.02.21632Crashed Croydon 9.21
G-EAWJAvro 504KD2035D2035 G-EAWJSurrey Flying Services Ltd25.02.21633Canc 28.2.22
G-EAWKAvro 504KE3671E3671 G-EAWKWelsh Aviation Co Ltd >E Williams /Neath00.03.21635Crashed Swansea Bay 3.10.22
G-EAWLAvro 504KE9341E9341 G-EAWLWelsh Aviation Co Ltd >E Williams /Neath00.03.21636Dismantled 2.10.22
G-EAWMAvro 504KE9245E9245 G-EAWMWelsh Aviation Co Ltd >E Williams /Neath00.03.21637Dismantled 2.10.22
G-EAWNSopwith 1F.1 CamelH2700H2700 G-EAWNHS Broad11.03.21638Dismantled Stag Lane .22
G-EAWODH.18A4G-EAWOThe Air Council lsd Instone Air Line Ltd >Daimler Hire Ltd23.03.21640Collided with Goliath F-GEAD over Poix 7.4.22 [Airco c/n E55]
G-EAWPSupermarine Channel II1146G-EAWPSupermarine Aviation Works Ltd08.04.21645Sold to Fiji 7.21 Wfu 18.7.22
G-EAWQBristol 28 Coupe Tourer6114G-EAWQ M-AAEABristol Aeroplane Co Ltd16.04.21646Crashed on delivery flight San Sebastian Spain 23.4.21
G-EAWRBristol 47 Tourer6112G-EAWR M-AEAABristol Aeroplane Co Ltd16.04.21647Sold Spain 4.21
G-EAWSBoulton Paul P.9P9-6G-EAWSBoulton and Paul Ltd21.04.21648Canc 15.5.29
G-EAWTAirco DH.64442F3437 G-EAWTBrompton Motor Co Ltd > Martin Aviation Co Ltd00.04.21650Wfu 27.8.24 (ex F3438 in Register)
G-EAWUAirco DH.6F3439F3439 G-EAWUBrompton Motor Co Ltd27.04.21651Crashed Isle of Wight 31.3.22
G-EAWVAirco DH.6F3440F3440 G-EAWVBrompton Motor Co Ltd > Martin Aviation Co Ltd23.05.21652Wfu .25
G-EAWWDH.18B5J6899 G-EAWWde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >The Air Council lsd Instone Air Line Ltd 'City of Brussels' later 'City of Liverpool'00.05.21655Deliberately ditched in sea off Felixstowe 2.5.24 [replaced G-EARO. Airco c/n E56]
G-EAWXDH.18B6J6900 G-EAWXde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >The Air Council lsd Instone Air Line Ltd >Handley Page Transport Ltd00.05.21656Dismantled 18.11.23 [replaced G-EAUF] [Airco c/n E57]