This site documents all the civil aircraft that flew during the Golden Years of aviation between the two world wars.
I have attempted to compile a comprehensive list of aircraft registrations by country, and aircraft production by manufacturer, for this period.
Inevitably this information is incomplete and contains errors due to the lack of records and the amount of data I have had to compile.
The site should therefore be considered very much as work in progress, and as a starting point for research into specific types.
I hope that you will contact me with corrections and additions, in order to make this a valuable reference resource
Aircraft Registers

The Registers list all civil aircraft registrations by country for the period from 1919 to 1939.
Aircraft are listed by registration and the type, c/n, operator, date registered, certificate of registration, history and fate are listed where known. Larger datasets can be downloaded as text files or browsed on-line.


The Aircraft section lists all aircraft types produced between 1919 and 1939.


Here is a summary of the Imperial Gifts made to Britains dominions at the end of WWI.

Selected Certificate of Registration indexes can be downloaded as text files.

Sources and links

The Abbreviations section provides a glossary of terms and common abbreviations used in the registers and production lists.

The Sources section provides a list of reference sources and web links.

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