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Serial Mk c/n Fac Eng History
NN488Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 9-10-44 880Sq 2-45 Heavy landing port oleo pushed through stb plane 8-8-45 SubLt GH Scott
NN489Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 3-10-44 760Sq Lee-on-Solent collided with Proctor 20-12-45 SubLt AD Smith
NN490Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 5-10-44 879Sq 3-45 Hook hit round-down jammed up into barrier 'HMS Attacker' 19-4-45 SubLt WTS Buchan [4FW Dekhelia Egypt]
NN491Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 12-10-44 761Sq Henstridge 5-44 Tested RNARY Coimbatore 13-7-45
NN492Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 13-10-44 807Sq 4-45 to 7-45 761Sq Henstridge 12-44 Landed with flat port tyre nosed up 2-6-45 SubLt NH Lawrence. e/f f/l 25-9-45 SubLt JS Oxon. AHU Abbotsinch 8-47
NN493Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 15-10-44 761Sq Henstridge 2-45 u/c collapsed 30-4-45 Mid LR Bailey. Gosport 8-45 794Sq Eglinton 10-45 to 1-46 718Sq Eglinton 10-46 794Sq Eglinton 13-11-46 Stalled landed on soft grass overturned 28-11-46 Lt D Robertson
NN494Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 15-10-44 16FPP broke cloud in snowstorm crashed dbf Grange Hall Farm nr Carstairs Cat E 15-11-44 T/O J Milson+
NN495Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 20-10-44 33MU 28-10-44 879Sq 2-45 Caught No.8 wire hit barrier pecked 'HMS Attacker' 21-4-45 SubLt HC Vane [4FW Dekhelia Egypt]
NN496Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 14-10-44 761Sq Henstridge 2-45 to 4-45 748Sq St.Merryn 11-45
NN497Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 18-10-44 766Sq Rattray 'I6J' Acceptance check Eglinton 19-2-46 to 4-46
NN498Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 17-10-44 759Sq Yeovilton dived into ground 2ml W of Henstridge Cat ZZ 30-1-46 SubLt FC Eccles+
NN499Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 18-10-44 768Sq Easthaven 1-46
NN500Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 19-10-44 VAHP Wd and CoG 1-11-44 807Sq 'D5O' 761Sq Henstridge damaged port oleo landing 15-3-45 SubLt GR Todd 794Sq Eglinton failed to respond to throttle overshot swung to stbd to avoid going over cliff 2-7-45 SubLt CB Wells
NN501Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 20-10-44 761Sq Henstridge 4-45 to 7-45 Swung to stbd over-corrected 13-4-45 SubLt H Phillips
NN502Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 27-10-44 718Sq Henstridge 4-45 761Sq Henstridge 4-45 Dropped port wing port u/c torn off 11-5-45 SubLt H Phillips 794Sq Eglinton 1-46 Ship pitching port oleo collapsed landing 'HMS Implacable' 27-2-47 Lt A Davidson. Gosport 4-49
NN503Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 24-10-44 761Sq Henstridge 'G2B' 4-45 u/c not fully down 28-8-45 Lt WM O'Connell. Tested Eglinton 11-45 Maydown 2-11-45 Eglinton 2-46
NN504Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 25-10-44 Donibristle 5-2-45 880Sq 3-45 801Sq taxied into stationary lorry damaged stbd wing 11-4-45 SubLt ML Coates RNARY Clappenburg Bay 7-45 Trincomalee 7-45 SOC Donibristle 5-4-48 RSP
NN505Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 25-10-44 761Sq Henstridge 3-45 to 8-45 Prop taxied into by NN528 20-3-45 [879Sq HMS Attacker]
NN506Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 28-10-44 761Sq Henstridge 4-45 to 11-45 Taxied into tail of stationary NN444 13-4-45 SubLt JF Cutler. Ran off runway ground looped collapsing port oleo 16-4-45 SubLt J Abel
NN507Seafire IIICOAM55LIII RNDA 24-10-44 1PATP Southport 1-45 794Sq Eglinton 801Sq caught wire into barrier damaged prop 'HMS Implacable' 8-7-45 SubLt S Dowle 894Sq '148/S' port u/c broke off ldg 'HMS Indefatigable' 28-7-45 SubLt JA Marriott (887 Sqn) 794Sq Eglinton 3-46
NN508Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 25-10-44 809Sq 3-45 to 7-45 Tail oleo smashed when stopped by arrester wire 'HMS Stalker' Cat LX 16-3-45 SubLt J Birtle. Belfast to FP Donibristle 12-6-45 794Sq Eglinton 3-46
NN509Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 24-10-44 Tested FAP1 Pityilu 12-7-45
NN510Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 28-10-44 801Sq 2-45 to 5-45 736Sq St.Merryn while stationary taxied into by Master AZ601 16-3-45
NN511Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 30-10-44 RNARY Donibristle to Abbotsinch 9-3-45
NN512Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 29-10-44 807Sq bounced caught No.9 wire into barrier 'HMS Hunter' Cat ZZ 2-3-45 SubLt CE Johnson
NN513Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 31-10-44 801Sq wire broke into barrier nosed up 'HMS Implacable' 11-8-45 SubLt NT Culling
NN514Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 31-10-44 Cleave to Lee-on-Solent 21-11-44 880Sq 2-45 to 5-45 700Sq Worthy Down/Middle Wallop 2-45 to 1-46 794Sq Eglinton 1-46
NN515Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 31-10-44 801Sq 5-3-45 807Sq bounced heavily caught wire u/c collapsed 13-3-45 SubLt F Logie (RNZN) Bounced into barrier 'HMS Hunter' 15-3-45 L/C AF Slaney 802Sq from 5-45 Collided NN579 on runway Ayr 18-7-45 SubLt J Pullen
NN516Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 31-10-44 33MU to 15MU 22-12-44 [or NN518?] 761Sq Henstridge dived in off turn at 8000ft 2ml SE of Abbotsbury Cat ZZ 27-5-45 Mid WI Owen+
NN517Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 31-10-44 807Sq bounced caught No.4 wire u/c collapsed damaged stbd wing prop and engine 'HMS Hunter' Cat X 13-3-45 SubLt F Logie
NN518Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 31-10-44 33MU to 15MU 22 12-44 [or NN516?] 809Sq 1-45
NN519Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 31-10-44 700Sq Worthy Down 1-45
NN520Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 30-10-44 894Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' floated into barrier Cat Y 28-12-44 SubLt RC Kay. Trincomalee 7-45
NN521Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 31-10-44 894Sq caught wire buckled fuselage Cat ZZ 24-1-45 SubLt F Hockley. Rebuilt? 880Sq 3-45 Hook pulled out on trickle wire into barrier 'HMS Implacable' Cat LY 14-6-45 SubLt GS Thomson 803Sq Arbroath 8-45
NN522Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 31-10-44 RNARY Coimbatore 809Sq 12-44 Being towed tailwheel into hole Katukurunda 28-3-45 SubLt TA Trotter 880Sq 6-45 Returning from Ramrod floated into barrier 'HMS Implacable' 24-7-45 Lt WF Griffith
NN523Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 7-11-44 761Sq Heristridge 2-45 to 10-45 Hit tree on takeoff lack of power Code 2 27-2-45 SubLt RAH Beaton. Fast landing port oleo collapsed 18-3-45 SubLt FA Leaver. Yeovilton store stbd tyre burst on takeoff 30-5-46 Mid WL Greaves
NN524Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 22-11-44 718Sq Eglinton 10-45 794Sq Eglinton 13-11-46 Lost power on takeoff landed wheels-up to avoid overshoot 28-11-46 Lt JR Carder. Evanton store to AHU Arbroath 24-4-47
NN525Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 9-11-44 801Sq 3-45 880Sq 4-45 to 6-45 Oleo leg bent landing 'HMS Implacable' 5-4-45 L/C RM Crosley
NN526Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 13-11-44 761Sq Henstridge 4-45 to 8-45 Tested Eglinton 11-45 to 3-46
NN527Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 3-11-44 Eastleigh to 39MU 21-11-44 761Sq Henstridge 'G5M' 3-45 Taxied into lorry 4-9-45 SubLt FT Latimer-Jones 760Sq Lee-on-Solent 'X' 27-11-45 to 12-45 748Sq St.Merryn 1-46 Crail to RNARY Donibristle 1-3-46
NN528Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 15-11-44 805Sq Machrihanish 761Sq Henstridge wingtip hit prop of stationary NN505 20-3-45 SubLt FT Jones 794Sq St.Merryn/Eglinton 6-45 to 4-46 [also reported as 883Sq Arbroath 10-45]
NN542Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 14-11-44 880Sq 2-45 to 4-45
NN543Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 24-11-44 761Sq Henstridge 1-45 to 11-45 Port tyre deflated in flight nosed up landing 23-3-45 SubLt P O'Neill. Wingtip hit NN523 and/or PR154 10-10-45 SubLt ML Hancock 759Sq Yeovilton 2-46
NN544Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 10-11-44 Eglinton to Maydown 19-10-45 to 9-11-45
NN545Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 27-11-44 Lee-on-Solent to Gosport 'GP9L' 24-4-45 (771 Sqn?)
NN546Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 16-11-44 761Sq Henstridge 2-45 to 3-45 794Sq St. Merryn/Eglinton 6-45 to 6-46 Arbroath to Donibristle 26-4-47 To Aeronavale
NN547Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 24-11-44 761Sq Henstridge heavy landing burst tyre nosed up 12-3-45 SubLt JT Francis. Heavy landing u/c damaged belly landed 14-8-45 SubLt PJ Payne 767Sq Easthaven/Milltown 5-46 Hood blew off on being closed 10-1-47 SubLt JK Maclean-Gilbert. Port wheel came off when u/c lowered 6-2-47 Lt JL Joly. Ailerons jammed precautionary landing 22-4-47 Lt JE Bullen
NN548Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 30-11-44 RDU Culham to Belfast 28-11-45
NN549Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 24-11-44 880Sq 7-45 to 8-45
NN550Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 27-11-44 761Sq Henstridge bounced port wing stalled cartwheeled to rest 28-1-45 SubLt D Mansell (RNZN)
NN551Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 1-12-44 761Sq Henstridge 1-45 to 3-45 Tail taxied into by NF498 Cat LX 3-2-45 SubLt RH Bateman 794Sq Eglinton 6-45 to 3-46
NN552Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 28-11-44 Eastleigh to 33MU 30-11-44 RNARY Coimbatore
NN553Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 28-11-44 761Sq Henstridge 3-45 engine failure f/l wheels up 20-8-45 SubLt AW Sewell (RNZN)
NN554Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 27-11-44 761Sq Henstridge 5-45 718Sq Henstridge 'G3P' 7-45 759Sq Yeovilton 2-46
NN555Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 29-11-44 RNARY Coimbatore Chaser to 801Sq 'HMS Implacable' 6-8-45 880Sq 8-45
NN556Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 28-11-44 1PATP Southport 2-45 RNARY Coimbatore
NN557Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 2-12-44 880Sq floated into barrier 'HMS Implacable' 9-8-45 Lt S Dowle
NN558Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 30-11-44 761Sq Henstridge 3-45 to 7-45 Tested Yeovilton 19-3-46 Tested Eglinton 3-47 767Sq Milltown stalled on approach 7-5-47 SubLt A Neal
NN559Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 1-12-44 1PATP Southport 2-45 RNARY Coimbatore Stretton to 772Sq Burscough 'O9B' 8-3-46
NN560Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 4-12-44 761Sq Henstridge 2-45 to 3-45
NN561Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 1-12-44 761Sq Henstridge 2-45 Engine cutting f/l burnt out 9-7-45 SubLt JW Dobbie (RNZN) safe
NN562Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 5-12-44 880Sq 6-45
NN563Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 5-12-44 761Sq Henstridge 3-45 Stalled landing 27-7-45 SubLt F Hercliffe. Lee-on-Solent to Hawarden 6-7-45
NN564Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 5-12-44
NN565Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 1-12-44 761Sq Henstridge 3-45 to 7-45
NN566Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 6-12-44 803Sq Arbroath 8-45 768Sq Easthaven burst tyre ran off runway 5-3-46 SubLt RA Reid
NN567Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 7-12-44 802Sq from 5-45 to 7-45 806Sq Port oleo collapsed Machrihanish 23-8-45 SubLt EJ Beange (RNZN) 794Sq Eglinton 12-45 to 3-46
NN568Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 2-12-44 761Sq Henstridge 'G1E' 2-45 to 12-45 Tyre burst prop and u/c damaged Cat LQ 7-2-45 Lt IML Banyard (718 Sqn) 759Sq Yeovilton bounced stalled in from 20ft 22-2-46 L/C DG Russell
NN569Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 16-12-44 802Sq from 5-45 to 6-45
NN570Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 4-1-45 Tested FP Donibristle 6-6-45 805Sq 'K' stbd u/c failed to lock down collapsed landing stbd wing damaged Machrihanish 15-7-45 Lt RAD Watts 748Sq St.Merryn 1-46 Taxying ran on to grass on nose 4-2-46 L/C JFO Willcox. To GI as A505 On Gosport dump 4-49
NN571Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 19-12-44 761Sq Henstridge 3-45 to 9-45 759Sq Yeovilton 2-46 to 3-46 767Sq Easthaven bounced into barrier 4-3-46 Lt JE Bullen 771Sq Gosport 'GP9C' 7-46
NN572Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 5-1-45 801Sq 3-45 761Sq Henstridge 3-45 to 7-45 759Sq Yeovilton 2-46
NN573Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 9-1-45 Attd SAAFS accident Code 3 29-3-45 Ponam to 880Sq 21-6-45 801Sq 11-9-45 Taxying down slope ran off track on nose Coimbatore 18-9-45 SubLt DW Howe 794Sq Eglinton 1-46
NN574Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 4-1-45 39MU 5-1-45 ATA Kirkbride 27-3-45 802Sq 7-45 803Sq Arbroath 7-45 to 8-45 Machrihanish to Burscough 25-3-46 Yeovilton 3-4-46
NN575Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 11-1-45 787Sq Tangmere 3-45 778Sq Arbroath to 708Sq Gosport 18-5-45 to 8-45 794Sq Eglinton 2-46 to 3-46
NN576Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 8-1-45 803Sq Arbroath 'F' 7-45 759Sq Yeovilton 2-46 Eglinton 7-3-46 Anthorn 3-46
NN577Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 5-1-45 759Sq Eglinton 'Y5G'
NN578Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 8-1-45 761Sq Henstridge u/c failure controlled landing on stbd oleo 2-3-45 Lt JCS Wright. Taxied into by NN463 31-7-45 SubLt TM Sutcliffe (RNZN)
NN579Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 10-1-45 AHU Donibristle to Abbotsinch 9-3-45 802Sq from 5-45 Collided with NN515 taxying on runway Ayr 18-7-45
NN580Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 4-1-45 FAP1 Pityilu 16-6-45 880Sq 7-45
NN581Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 10-1-45 761Sq Henstridge 4-45 759Sq Yeovilton 19-12-45 to 3-46 RDU Anthorn 4-46
NN582Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 9-1-45 778Sq Arbroath 5-45 805Sq Machrihanish 7-45 883Sq 20-9-45 to 11-45 Pecked landing Arbroath 1-10-45 SubLt EW Ryan 794Sq Eglinton 12-45
NN583Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 7-1-45 39MU 8-1-45 805Sq Machrihanish 7-45 883Sq run into by PX926 Nutts Corner 29-11-45
NN584Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 22-1-45 894Sq Avenger escort to Kisarazu airfield 30ml S of Tokyo shot tail off A6M and damaged another Odaki Bay 0545 tyre burst landing tipped on nose 'HMS Indefatigable' 15-8-45 SubLt RC Kay
NN585Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 25-1-45 Donisbristle store 23/28-4-45 To 802Sq 5-45 to 7-45 761Sq Henstridge 'G4F' 794Sq Eglinton 11-45 to 3-46 To GI as A511
NN586Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 12-1-45 787Sq Tangmere 13-3-45 805Sq Machrihanish 807Sq 7-45 883Sq Arbroath 'P' 9-45 to 10-45 SOC 5-4-48
NN599Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 18-1-45 899Sq 'HMS Khedive' 'KP' 894Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' hit by flak Toba N of Nagdya Bay Japan Cat ZZ 30-7-45 SubLt JD Alexander (RNZN)+
NN600Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 5-1-45 802Sq from 5-45 to 7-45 806Sq Machrihanish collided with NN132 beating up fishing vessel wings hit and fell off disintegrated on hitting sea SSE of Pladd Point W coast of Scotland Cat ZZ 8-10-45 SubLt PL Norton+
NN601Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 22-1-45 Tested Donibristle 3-3-45 39MU to ATA Cosford 12-4-45 Tested Donibristle 29-6-45 to 1-7-45 805Sq Machrihanish 7-45 883Sq 'B' 20-9-45 to 11-45 FP Belfast left peritrack taxying in strong wind nosed up in soft ground 29-1-46 SubLt D Forrest RDU Anthorn taxied into GPO lorry on peritrack 2-9-46 L/C RC Pearson
NN602Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 6-1-45 Tested Donibristle 27-2-45 to 1-3-45 and 17/24-3-45 Donisbristle store 5-6-45 803Sq Arbroath 'J' 15-6-45 883Sq 'J' 18-9-45 Left runway into soft ground on nose Nutts Corner 9-11-45 SubLt EL Danley
NN603Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 9-1-45 AHU Donibristle to Arbroath 1-5-45 759Sq Yeovilton 2-46
NN604Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 12-1-45 AHU Donibristle 802Sq from 5-45 Bird strike on low level flight 13-7-45 SubLt RP Hypher 806Sq u/c not locked down collapsed landing Machrihanish 2-9-45 SubLt GD York RDU Store Donibristle Anthorn 14-1-48 To Aeronavale 15-1-48
NN605Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 18-1-45 39MU 20-1-45 Kirkbride hit by NN607 while stationary 27-2-45
NN606Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 18-1-45 FP Donibristle to 803Sq Arbroath 12-6-45 Port wing dropped and touched runway 20-6-45 Lt JW Logan (RCN)
NN607Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 17-1-45 33MU 18-1-45 4FPP hit stationary NN605 taxying out of dispersal Kirkbride AC 27-2-45 T/O DD Reid safe 805Sq Machrihanish 7-45
NN608Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 17-1-45 Banknown to 880Sq 13-5-45 894 Sqn? 'P6Y' f/l u/c collapsed [no date]
NN609Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 23-1-45 Tested Donibristle 30-6-45 to 1-7-45 [790Sq Dale?] 'P3N' 805Sq stalled onto rough ground u/c damaged Machrihanish 4-9-45 SubLt DP Harrison. Tested Eglinton 4-47 AHU Arbroath 9-5-47 To Aeronavale
NN610Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 19-1-45 TAIU Clark Field Phillipines 5-45 flown by Mjr P Nelson-Gracie (RM) Aircrew Pool Ponam ADDLs swung off runway overturned Cat ZZ 27-7-45 SubLt R Keeley DoI 29th
NN611Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 22-1-45 TAIU Clark Field Phillipines 5-45 to 6-45 flown by Mjr P Nelson-Gracie (RM)
NN612Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 23-1-45 Tested Donibristle 28-6-45 805Sq Machrihanish 3-7-45 to 8-45 883Sq swung during landing u/c collapsed 27-9-45 SubLt RG McCluskey
NN613Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 6-2-45 880Sq 4-45 Struck round-down crashed 'HMS Implacable' Cat ZZ 14-6-45 Lt IML Banyard safe
NN614Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 29-1-45 748Sq St.Merryn 12-45 to 1-46 Belfast to Arbroath 15-5-47 Lossiemouth 16-5-47 767Sq Milltown heavy landing skidded 9-6-47 Lt JDP Tiarks
NN615Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 1-2-45 1PATP Southport 4-45 RNARY Coimbatore
NN616Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 9-2-45 39MU 10-2-45 Cardiff 12-4-45 757Sq Tambaram 10-45
NN617Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 7-2-45 880Sq 4-45 to 8-45
NN618Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 1-2-45 39MU 2-2-45 718Sq Henstridge 22-4-45 Being homed flew into ground 2ml NE of Wincanton Cat ZZ 20-6-45 SubLt RA Mackenzie+
NN619Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 8-2-45 RNARY Coimbatore
NN620Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 9-2-45 To Aeronavale
NN621Seafire FRIIICOAM55RNDA 7-2-45 33MU to ATA Cosford 10-3-45 880Sq '115/N' 3-45 to 9-45
NN622Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 6-2-45 880Sq Hit barrier 'HMS Implacable' 30-4-45 SubLt P Arkell RDU Culham to Belfast 5-12-45
NN623Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 13-2-45 Donibristle 10-4-45 rtp 18-3-48 Donibristle 19-3-48 Lee-on-Solent To Aeronavale as spares 15-6-48
NN624Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 6-2-45 880Sq 3-45 to 7-45 Brake failure ran into NN456 13-4-45 SubLt ED Pye 801Sq taxied into mock-up of crash tender Schofields 16-11-45 Lt KV Newton
NN625Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 20-2-45 1PATP Southport 4-45 Tested RNARY Coimbatore 5-8-45 Tested TAMY1 Archerfield 13-10-45 887Sq stbd u/c collapsed landing Schofields 10-12-45 SubLt EO Atkin
NN626Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 8-2-45 39MU 9-2-45 76MU 23-3-45 1PATP Southport 4-45 RNARY Coimbatore Tested TAMY1 Archerfield 5-9-45
NN627Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 15-2-45 1PATP Southport 4-45 894Sq bounced on after lift struck barrier 'HMS Implacable' 20-11-45 SubLt CB Erl
NN628Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 15-2-45 718Sq Henstridge'G3Q'/Ballyhalbert Hit lorry on taxiway 1-10-45 SubLt AD Henderson
NN629Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 28-2-45 879Sq No.3 wire parted end of wire struck aircraft 'HMS Attacker' 3-8-45 SubLt J Morley. Trincomalee 8-45
NN630Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 10-2-45 39MU 21-2-45 Tambaram Tyre burst landing 29-8-45 SubLt GK Todd AHU Abbotsinch test crashed in grounds of Southern Gen Hosp Glasgow 16-2-47 Lt AJ Crawford+
NN631Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 28-2-45 39MU 29-3-45 718Sq Henstridge'G3T'/ Ballyhalbert 23-4-45 Fighter recce navigation cross country appeared to dive under power crashed 3ml SE of Carrickmore Co. Tyrone Cat ZZ 10-10-45 SubLt JS Hornby (RNZN)+
NN632Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 23-2-45 RNARY Coimbatore Ferry test RNARY Donibrisde 10-6-48
NN633Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 14-2-45 RNARY Coimbatore landed wheels-up 3-8-45 Lt WD Winterbottom. Cochin 10-45
NN634Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 15-2-45 52MU 7-4-45 741Sq St.Merryn taxied into workmen in dispersal 21-3-47 L/C JF Rankin SOC 5-4-48
NN635Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 27-2-45 794Sq Eglinton 11-45 Blown to stbd hit soft ground nosed up 21-1-46 Lt DA Manuel Test flight hook broke in dive pilot knocked unconscious 12-8-46 Lt BW Mead (RCN)
NN636Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 9-2-45 At 1FP Yeovilton 12-6-46
NN637Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 27-2-45 794Sq Eglinton 2-46 to 4-46
NN638Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 26-2-45 Tested Donibristle 22-6-45 805Sq Machrihanish 7-45 883Sq 20-9-45 to 11-45 Overshot nosed up 26-9-45 SubLt DA Wardrope
NN639Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 26-2-45 33MU 27-2-45 Arbroath 3-46
NN640Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 11-2-45 76MU 5-4-45 SOC 5-4-48
NN641Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 27-2-45 748Sq St.Merryn 12-45 to 1-46 To Aeronavale
NN660SpitefulSuperPrototype FF 30-6-44 J Quill crashed 13-9-44 killing test pilot Frank Furlong
NN664SpitefulSuperPrototype FF 8-1-45
NN667SpitefulSuperPrototype Boscombe Down 27-3-46 carbon monoxide cockpit contamination tests engine and maint appraisal
NS487Seafire XVSuperGVIProto FXV 12-43 A frame hook sting hook later CRD Contract not to he counted on RAF Returns AAEE 25-2-44 proto appraisal eng and maintenance. wts and CG load. trls with 30gal slipper tank also 45gal plus 1x250lb and 1x500lb bombs 778Sq Crail 18-3-44 Deck Landing trls 21/27-3-44 Hawarden (arrester gear installed) 39MU to Lee-on-Solent 4-4-44 778Sq dett Machrihanish to RAE 17-4-44 (catapult and arrester gear trls CI accelerator tests) Accident during trls VA High Post 20-6-44 RAE 25-8-44 (arrester gear) Machrihanish 26-8-44 778Sq Arbroath 28-8-44 (arrester gear) RAE 29-8-44 VA Worthy Down 8-44 778Sq Arbroath 29-9-44 (accelerator sting hook throttle calibration) A Flt RAE 9-10-44 778Sq Arbroath 14-10-44 Into barrier 'HMS Pretoria Castle' Cat Xc 17-10-44 Lt JF Underwood
NS490Seafire XVSuperGVIProto FXV 6-44 A frame hook sting hook later VA Worthy Down to RAE 19-3-44 VA Worthy Down 21-3-44 778Sq tailwheel caught wire fuselage damaged tail oleo being forced Cat X2 1-6-44 Lt JF Underwood) VA High Post to RAE 6-7-44 (arrester gear) A Sqn AAEE 22-7-44 (comparative trls with SR448 with two types of rudder spinning and cooling also arrester gear fitted tailwheel arrester guard tail para and rudder horn guard) 778Sq Arbroath 10-44 VA High Post to 778Sq Arbroath (via Farnborough) 18-11-44 (ADDLs) 778Sq 'HMS Pretoria Castle' 20/24-11-44 (Deck Landing trls) RAE 11-44 VA High Post to C Sqn AAEE 15-12-44 to 4-45
NS493Seafire XVSuperGVIProto FXV 6-44 A Sqn AAEE 10-6-44 (level speeds and positional error CO contamination tests engineering and maintenance aftmost CG Reduced area rear fuselage tear drop sliding hood with locking device no IFF) Rotol Staverton (performance with 4-blade prop) 787Sq Wittering from 9-44 to 10-44 VA High Post to 787Sq Wittering/Tangmere/Westhampnen 9-45 VA High Post 11-10-45 Cv by Westland to Seafire FXVII prototype ff 1945 RAE 787Sq West Raynham 5-46 to 6-46
NX879Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL635) Cv AST Hamble 10-2-43 897Sq Lee-on-Solent 20-3-43 to 4-43 (as BL635) 897Sq 8-43 Abbotsinch flaps failed to operate ran into mud bent prop Cat X 9-11-43 SubLt DGG Clapham
NX880Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL260) Colerne Cv AST Hamble 10-2-43 897Sq Lee-on-Solent 20-3-43 (as BL260) Overran no flaps and little brake pressure Cat Z 13-4-43 SubLt WH Neilson safe
NX881Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL521) Cv AST Hamble 17-2-43 809Sq Stretton 30-4-43 to 6-43 761Sq Henstridge 11-43 Port oleo collapsed landing nosed up 11-2-44 Lt B Wiseberg 736Sq St.Merryn 6-44 715Sq St.Merryn 17-8-44 to 10-44
NX882Seafire IbASTM45(ex AD421) Cv AST Hamble Merlin 46 installed 17-2-43 Stretton 18-4-43 897Sq 6-43 to 7-43 842Sq from 30-7-43 to 2-44 768Sq Abbotsinch prop tips damaged Cat X 15-3-44 SubLt P Henderson. Hook pulled out into barrier 'HMS Argus' Cat Y2 18-3-44 SubLt GC Shelley 761Sq Henstridge 7-44 Stalled on approach both oleos broke off Cat ZZ 22-2-45 SubLt VE Gale
NX883Seafire IbASTM45(ex W3212) Cv AST Hamble 17-2-43 897Sq Lee-on-Solent 23-4-43 to 5-43 748Sq St.Merryn 7-43 to 8-43 AST Hamble mods 16-4-43 761Sq Henstridge 4-44 759Sq Yeovilton 10-44 768Sq 'HMS Ravager' 3-45 to 4-45 759Sq Yeovilton 3-44 to 12-44
NX884Seafire IbPPM45(ex AD517) Cv P&P South Marston 12-10-42 33MU RNDA 14-2-43 Stretton 22-4-43 897Sq 5-43 to 6-43 748Sq St.Merryn 6-43 to 12-43 Nosed over on rough ground Cat S 3-10-43 Lt DJ Demus 759Sq Yeovilton 4-44 to 12-44 Tyre burst swung off runway nosed over Cat X 11-4-44 L/C WE Davis. Nosed over on soft ground 12-8-44 Lt JO Rowbottom
NX885Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL726) Cv AST Hamble 13-2-43 Stretton 7-4-43 787Sq Wittering 10-43 Stbd brake failed ran off track prop damaged Burscough Cat S 10-8-44 SubLt JD Buchanan [787Y Flt 6-44 to 10-44] 761Sq Henstridge 12-44
NX886Seafire IbASTM45(ex BM596) Cv AST Hamble 15-2-43 897Sq Lee-on-Solent 23-4-43 (as BM596) 879Sq from 4-43 to 5-43 748Sq St.Merryn 6-43 Lost power after takeoff f/l Cat Z 20-10-43 SubLt CA Mallett
NX887Seafire IbASTM45(ex AB933) Cv AST Hamble 13-2-43 Designated FIc Lee-on-Solent 18-4-43 761Sq Henstridge 10-43 Loss of oil f/l Cat Z1 7-8-44 SubLt CA West safe
NX888Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL931) 6MU RNDA 1-3-42 Lee-on-Solent 7-3-42 (GI for maintenance personnel) At Yeovilton 11-42 33MU 16-11-42 RNDA 11-3-43 Cv AST Hamble 897Sq Lee-on-Solent 4-4-43 to 7-43 778B Flt 'HMS Pretoria Castle' 8-43 Charlton Horethorne 7-9-44
NX889Seafire IbASTM45(ex AB902) Cv AST Hamble 16-2-43 879Sq Stretton 30-4-43 Heavy landing Cat Y 5-5-43 L/C IF Voller (AST?) Hamble to Lee-on-Solent 11-7-43 736Sq St.Merryn 9-43 Collided NX890 on affiliation with USN PB4Y-1 abandoned into sea 2 1/2ml NW of Padstow Cat Z 24-10-43 Lt H Morrison (RNZN) safe
NX890Seafire IbASTM45(ex AD582) Cv AST Hamble 18-2-43 879Sq Stretton 7-5-43 736Sq St.Merryn 'AC-C' 9-43 Collided with NX889 on affiliation with USN PB4Y-1 into sea 2 1/2ml NW of Padstow Cat Z 24-10-43 SubLt PJG Broad+ [also reported as SoAC (ex 736 Sqn) practice attacks on US Navy PB4Y-1 Liberator '0' which went out of control taking violent evasive action crashed into sea caught fire immediately all crew lost 10-9-42 Lt T Winstanley]
NX891Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL593) Cv AST Hamble 19-2-43 879Sq Stretton 1-5-43 to 6-43 736Sq St.Merryn 9-43 715Sq St.Merryn 17-8-44 to 12-44 Retd RAF 12-44
NX892Seafire IbASTM45(ex AB908) Cv AST Hamble 21-2-43 897Sq Stretton 19-4-43 Stalled landing St.Merryn 28-5-43 SubLt AB Foley (RNZN) CRO Belfast (Short and Harland) CB repairs to port locking unit 4-8-43 842Sq Fencer 5-8-43 761Sq Henstridge 10-43 to 11-44
NX893Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL546) Cv AST Hamble 1-2-43 897Sq Lee-on-Solent 25-4-43 to 6-43 778Sq Crail/Arbroath 8-43 to 2-45 [778B Flt 'HMS Pretoria Castle' on 11-12-43] 748Sq Dale/St.Merryn 7-45 Nosed over into ditch taxying in strong wind 16-10-45 L/C JWW Baker
NX894Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL529) Cv AST Hamble 27-2-43 Lee-on-Solent 19-4-43 761Sq Henstridge 10-43 to 5-44 798Sq Lee-on-Solent 6-45
NX895Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL301) Cv AST Hamble 10-3-43 AHU Stretton 7-5-43 759Sq Yeovilton 'Y1O' u/c collapsed 7-1-44 SubLt PG Adams 761Sq Henstridge 4-44 to 2-45 798Sq Lee-on-Solent 5-45 to 6-45
NX896Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL750) RNDA 10-3-43 Cv Lee-on-Solent 897Sq 7-5-43 to 6-43 748Sq St.Merryn/Henstridge/Yeovilton 8-43 to 4-44 759Sq Yeovilton 7-44 Taxied into stationary Wildcat FN144 Cat X1 27-8-44 SubLt AJ Hayman. Landed wheels-up Cat X2 14-10-44 Mid JA Spencer 761Sq Henstridge 12-44
NX897Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL373) RNDA 21-1-43 Cv AST Hamble Machrihanish 31-5-43 ros 13-5-43 842Sq from 30-7-43 to 8-43 768Sq Machrihanish/Ayr/Abbotsinch 7-43 Into barrier 'HMS Argus' Cat X1 17-3-44 SubLt JG Barrett. Into barrier 'HMS Argus' 5-4-44 SubLt CAW Bethway. Into barrier 'HMS Ravager' badly damaged 11-8-44 SubLt DT Challick (RNIN) 759Sq Yeovilton 9-44 761Sq Henstridge 10-44 to 1-45
NX898Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL958 was to be EP169) Cv AST Hamble 14-3-43 801Sq 1943 736Sq landed u/c jammed up Cat Y 20-7-43 L/C RE Gardner 761Sq Henstridge 10-43 to 7-44 Overran nosed up Cat X 4-11-43 SubLt GE Thomas. Port wing hit ground Cat Y1 10-2-44 SubLt EJ Dunton
NX899Seafire IbASTM45(ex AD387) Cv AST Hamble 14-3-43 809Sq Stretton 14-5-43 Hydraulic failure u/c collapsed on landing Cat Y 29-6-43 SubLt AJ Houston 801Sq 'U' 9-43 Bounced caught wire bounced again stbd u/c through wing 'HMS Furious' Cat X1 4-11-43 SubLt LD Wilkinson. Deck Landing Trials 'HMS Furious' port u/c would not lower wheels-up landing Hatston Cat X1 2-1-44 SubLt A Robson. Bf109 dest and 2 damaged Stadlandet Norway 11-2-44 Hit round-down tailwheel knocked off 10-3-44 SubLt LD Wilkinson 759Sq Yeovilton 8-44 Tyre burst landing on nose 5-9-44 SubLt CM Miseldine 761Sq Henstridge 12-44
NX900Seafire IbASTM45(ex BM625) Cv AST Hamble 26-11-42 809Sq Stretton 14-5-43 to 6-43 761Sq Henstridge 8-43 to 3-45 Taxied into traffic lights damaged prop 9-11-44 SubLt IA Pools [ALSO 808Sq 4-44 to 5-44 ]
NX901Seafire IbASTM45(ex BM377) Cv AST Hamble 26-11-42 897Sq Lee-on-Solent 14-5-43 to 6-43 809Sq 7-43 736Sq St.Merryn 3-44 715Sq St.Merryn 17-8-44 to 10-44
NX902Seafire IbASTM45(ex AD358) Cv AST Hamble 15-3-43 Machrihanish 31-5-43 736Sq St.Merryn 7-44 Lee-on-Solent ferry swung to port stbd oleo collapsed Cat LX 1-3-45 Lt DC Coates
NX903Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL495) Cv AST Hamble 17-3-43 809Sq Stretton 14-5-43 to 6-43 801Sq 12-43 tailwheel broke off fuselage wrinkled 10-3-44 SubLt DM Gunson ATA White Waltham to ATA Whitchurch 20-6-44 761Sq Henstridge 30-6-44 to 2-45
NX904Seafire IbASTM45(ex AD579) RNDA 12-3-43 Cv 879Sq Stretton 31-5-43 to 6-43 759Sq Yeovilton 9-43 to 10-43 736Sq St.Merryn 10-43 715Sq St.Merryn 17-8-44 to 10-44 Retd RAF 1-45
NX905Seafire IbASTM45(ex EN825) Cv AST Hamble 17-3-43 RNDA Donisbristle store 31-5-43 816Sq into barrier Tracker 2-9-43 SubLt CB Taylor (RNZN) 768Sq hit barrier 'HMS Argus' Cat Y1 8-2-44 SubLt JD Sturman. Hit barrier prop and port wheel fairing damaged 'HMS Argus' 8-2-44 SubLt D Yate (RNZN)
NX906Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL493) Cv AST Hamble 17-3-43 748Sq St.Merryn u/c failed to lower Chivenor Cat Y 24-8-43 Lt DC Coates 759Sq Yeovilton 2-44 u/c broken wheels-up landing Cat X2 8-3-44 SubLt W Dobbins 748Sq St.Merryn/Dale 8-44 After slow roll below 500ft went into ground at high speed 1ml N of RAF Haverfordwest Cat ZZ 3-11-44 Lt A Carradice+
NX907Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL414) RNDA 12-3-43 Cv To 46MU 736Sq St.Merryn 4-44 715Sq St.Merryn 17-8-44 to 10-44 790Sq Charlton Horethorne 3-45
NX908Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL986) RNDA 16-3-43 Cv 736Sq St.Merryn 'AC-A' 9-43 715Sq St.Merryn 17-8-44 to 10-44 Retd RAF 1-45
NX909Seafire IbASTM45(ex EN890) RNDA 16-3-43 Cv 879Sq Stretton 15-5-43 761Sq Henstridge 10-43 Ran off runway nosed up Cat X 7-12-43 SubLt DJ Edwards. Prop hit lorry 3-3-44 Lt JE Bullen. Onto grass taxying nosed up Cat S 24-3-44 SubLt CE Johnson. Belly-landed after u/c selector jammed Cat Y 3-7-44 SubLt PW Talbot
NX910Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL420) Cv AST Hamble 21-3-43 Donisbristle store 31-5-43 761Sq Henstridge 10-43 to 12-43 Collided parked fire tender Cat X2 15-11-43 SubLt EHS Singleton AST Hamble tested 14-5-44 761Sq Henstridge 25-5-44 to 6-44
NX911Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL983) Cv AST Hamble 21-3-43 Donisbristle store 11-6-43 842Sq from 30-7-43 842Sq fast approach damaged 8-10-43 Lt A Sachnovsky 761Sq Henstridge 2-44 Nosed up damaging prop Code 3 5-3-44 SubLt CL Jones. Port tyre burst onto grass nosed up 2-11-44 SubLt E Miller
NX912Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL597) Cv AST Hamble 20-3-43 809Sq Stretton 14-5-43 to 6-43 761Sq Henstridge 7-43 to 12-44 Crashed after dropping port wing landing Cat Y 12-4-44 Lt FL Haynes
NX913Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL846) Cv AST Hamble 20-3-43 809Sq Stretton 20-5-43 761Sq Henstridge 5-43 Low approach hit tree 300yds from SW corner of airfield Cat Z 8-11-43 SubLt RF Ringrose+
NX914Seafire IbASTM45(ex AD580) Cv AST Hamble 11-4-43 Lee-on-Solent 20-5-43 DAWT Lee-on-Solent 7-43 768Sq Machrinanish/Ayr/Abbotsinch 8-43 Taxied into soft ground nosed over Ayr 14-1-44 Lt J Melville. Into barrier Cat Y2 13-3-44 SubLt JH Kernahan. Fairing damaged on arrester wires 13-3-44 SubLt PG Adams 761Sq Henstridge 7-44 759Sq fuel pump failure at 500ft after takeoff f/l in field went through hedge and ditch Cat X2 15-9-44 Mid WT Wheeldon safe
NX915Seafire IbASTM45(ex AD567) Cv AST Hamble 8-4-43 VA Worthy Down 21-5-43 (weights and CG load of production aircraft) Hamble to 736Sq St.Merryn 29-5-43 715Sq St.Merryn 17-8-44 to 10-44 Retd RAF 12-44
NX916Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL675) Cv AST Hamble 8-4-43 AHU Stretton 5-43 761Sq Henstridge 6-43 Ran off runway nosed up 11-2-44 SubLt GH Brittain. f/l bad visibility and fuel shortage Cat Y1 26-10-44 Lt WJF Beever
NX917Seafire IbASTM45(ex AB968) 761Sq Henstridge 5-43 to 1-44 engine failure f/l Cat Y1 26-9-43 Mid JS Fry 759Sq Yeovilton on f/l practice landed wheels-up Cat X2 20-3-44 SubLt JM Philp ADDLs port u/c collapsed landing Charlton Horethorne 1-1-45 Mid WT Wheeldon safe
NX918Seafire IbASTM45(ex AB919) RNDA Cv 8-4-43 Lee-on-Solent store 20-5-43 748Sq St.Merryn 5-43 to 2-44 Hamble to 761Sq Henstridge 27-6-44 to 1-45
NX919Seafire IbASTM45(ex AD365) RNDA Cv 8-4-43 store Lee-on-Solent 20-5-43 879Sq Stretton 4-43 [sic] 809Sq 7-43 to 12-43 Floated into barrier 'HMS Unicorn' Cat Y 31-7-43 Lt C Walker 736Sq St.Merryn 3-44 715Sq St.Merryn 17-8-44 to 10-44 Retd RAF 12-44
NX920Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL855) RNDA 22-4-42 Lee-on-Solent store 20-5-43 761Sq Henstridge 5-43 to 10-43 Heavy landing Cat X 14-8-43 SubLt EA Law
NX921Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL894) Cv AST Hamble 23-4-43 Stretton to 748Sq St.Merryn/Henstridge/Yeovilton 18-7-43 to 7-44 808Sq 4-44
NX922Seafire IbASTM45(ex AD566) Deld 15MU 22-4-43 Cv Lee-on-Solent store 20-5-43 879Sq Stretton 4-43 (sic) 761Sq Henstridge 5-43 Failed to level off landing Cat Z 22-6-44 SubLt R Taylor
NX923Seafire IbASTM45(ex BM420) Deld 15MU 22-4-43 Cv Lee-on-Solent store 20-5-43 761Sq Henstridge 5-43 to 11-43 842Sq 7-43 768Sq Ayr/Abbotsinch 'C' 7-43 to 5-44 Tail dropped heavily 'HMS Argus' 8-1-44 L/C AF Slaney
NX924Seafire IbASTM45(ex BM580) Cv AST Hamble 23-4-43 736Sq St.Merryn 'AC-D' 9-43 f/l u/c sheared wings and prop damaged Ty-Croes Stn Anglesey Cat Y 11-12-43 Lt H Morrison (RNZN) slightly inj
NX925Seafire IbASTM45(ex EN839) Cv AST Hamble 23-4-43 St.Merryn 31-5-43 897Sq 7-43 801Sq 10-43 885Sq 1-44 FP Donibristle 9-44 [? prefix and Mk] 748Sq St.Merryn 8-45 Stalled landing u/c collapsed 4-10-45 SubLt PL Vaughan
NX926Seafire IbASTM45(ex AD274) Cv AST Hamble 9-5-43 Stretton 6-43 761Sq Henstridge 6-43 to 6-44 Heavy landing port oleo collapsed Cat X1 5-4-44 Lt JWD Stephenson
NX927Seafire IbASTM45(ex BL254) 879Sq Stretton 4-43 to 5-43 761Sq Henstridge 8-43 to 9-45 Heavy landing stbd u/c collapsed Cat X1 25-10-43 L/C RA Richardson (RNZN) Port tyre burst u/c collapsed Cat Y1 28-7-44 SubLt JH Brewer. Taxied into Spitfire P9556 2-8-44
NX928Seafire IbASTM45(ex BM631) Cv AST Hamble 5-5-43 RNDA 801Sq from 10-43 to 12-43 Heavy landing u/c and prop tips damaged Cat X1 3-11-43 SubLt RF Saxe 768Sq 4-44 Deck Landing Trials fuselage buckled during normal landing 'HMS Ravager' Cat Y1 19-7-44 Lt SJK Edwards FP Donibristle 10-44