aircraft production


Construction numbers
The construction number ('c/n') column contains references to both genuine c/n's and also the numbers allotted  to Supermarine built aircraft in the 'production list' held by the RAF museum. C/n's commencing 'CBAF', 'S6.' 'WASP' and 'SMAF' are genuine construction numbers.
The source of the RAF museum document is uncertain. It covers production up to December 1943 only.
The document contains a number of errors, the obvious ones having been corrected on this site.
The nature of the errors suggests that the document was not contemporaneous.  The most likely explanation seems to be that document was created either late in the war or post-war from works order cards,  possibly for the purpose of reconciling production to the RAF contracts, as a number of summaries of production, analysed by type,  were created at this time for that purpose.

Further notes to be added...