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Serial Mk c/n Fac Eng History
NN227Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 8-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore 887Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' 2-45 Port tyre burst pecked Cat LQ 31-3-45 SubLt CM Miseldine. Hook broke on wire into barrier 1-4-45 SubLt JM Halliwell
NN228Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 8-7-44 33MU 12-7-44 Tested RNARY Coimbatore 7-12-44 887Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' stbd u/c collapsed Cat LY 24-5-45 SubLt EO Atkin. Tactical and Weapon Devt Unit Amarda Road test flight stbd tyre burst taxying ground looped port u/c collapsed CB 21-6-45 F/O WL Cousens (RAF) safe
NN229Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 8-7-44 1PATP Southport 8-44 Tested RNARY Coimbatore 5-12-44 887Sq 4-45
NN230Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 8-7-44 33MU 14-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore 887Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' stalled and spun in going round again burnt out 2ml N of Katukurunda Cat ZZ 20-12-44 SubLt HW Ostergaard+
NN231Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 8-7-44 880Sq 11-44 to 1-45
NN232Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 8-7-44 39MU 14-7-44 1PATP Southport 8-44 RNARY Coimbatore 887Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' '122/S' into barrier 27-3-45 SubLt LA Bradbury. D3A shot down abandoned Sakishima Islands (shared with CPO W Daniel own aircraft damaged) 12:45 4-5-45 SubLt CM Miseldine. Port oleo collapsed landing 5-5-45 SubLt AR McEvoy. Blue flames from bottom of cockpit and pt side of engine 30-7-45 SubLt JM Sturrock
NN233Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 12-7-44 To Aeronavale
NN234Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 12-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore 757Sq Puttalam/Tambaram 5-45 to 9-45 Heavy landing port wheel broke off u/c collapsed 21-5-45 SubLt DN Wright. To Trincomalee To Aeronavale?
NN235Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 12-7-44 Grimsetter to 887Sq 17-9-44 Landed to port prop blade clipped arrester wire 'HMS Indefatigable' Cat LX 29-11-44 SubLt JD Pywell. Tested Mascot 28-6-45 to 2-7-45 Tested Eglinton 1-47 to 3-47 To Aeronavale
NN236Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 14-7-44 Tested RNARY Coimbatore 8-3-45 757Sq Puttalam caught wire prop hit barrier 14-7-45 SubLt GA Dye. takeoff Trincomalee RNAMY Clappenburg Bay 8-45
NN237Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 14-7-44 808Sq 8-44 to 9-44 Tested RNARY Coimbatore 5-12-44 894Sq 12-44 to 5-45
NN238Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 14-7-44 757Sq Puttalam hit steam roller taxying 17-5-45 SubLt WT Waller. Port engine cowling detached damaged tail unit 19-6-45 SubLt PF Wrighton. Trincomalee Written off 8-45
NN239Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 14-7-44 894Sq 12-44 to 1-45
NN240Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 18-7-44 1PATP Southport 8-44 Tested RNARY Coimbatore 17-4-45 RNAMY Clappenburg 7-45 757Sq Puttalam Stbd oleo damaged landing 20-9-45 SubLt DE Ironside
NN241Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 18-7-44 33MU to Sherburn 17-8-44 894Sq 10-44 801Sq 12-44 Hatston to 880Sq 17-1-45 to 2-45 Tested Donibristle 9-4-45 778Sq Arbroath 19-4-45 to 8-45 741Sq St.Merryn closed throttle during takeoff nosed over at end of runway 3-2-47 Lt DA Muncarter (RCN)
NN242Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 15-7-44 894Sq 8-44 to 9-44 807Sq low approach u/c broke on round-down 'HMS Hunter' Cat ZZ 27-3-45 SubLt MV Reppenstall safe. Jettisoned
NN243Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 15-7-44 880Sq from 21-10-44 Collided Lt DV Knight of 801Sq taxying Machrihanish 4-11-44 Lt CH Leighton (RNZN) ARS Hatston 4-11-44 (wing change) AHU Donibristle 20-11-44 768Sq stbd brake failed taxying collided with hut 2-6-45 SubLt JD Lyon
NN244Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 15-7-44 ATA Whitchurch to ATA Ringway 4-8-44 880Sq 9-44 Damaged pulling out of dive 18-10-44 SubLt IML Banyard. Tested Hatston 28-2-45 Prestwick to Kirkbride 2-5-45 Gosport 8-45 794Sq Eglinton 10-45 Brakes failed collided with NN470 28-3-46 SubLt JK Mortimer 772Sq Burscough 4-46 RDU Anthorn 2-12-46 'HMS Illustrious' by 5-47
NN245Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 19-7-44 894Sq 8-44 to 9-44 AHU Donibristle to Hatston 27-10-44 801Sq Skeabrae 11-11-44 Taxied too fast after landing Cat HY 27-11-44 SubLt E Howard 761Sq Henstridge 'G2Q' 5-45 tailwheel came off after landing 2-8-45 SubLt L Turton
NN246Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 22-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore 880Sq from 2-10-44 801Sq floated into barrier 'HMS Implacable' Cat Y1 8-11-44 SubLt FA Dane 807Sq 1-45
NN247Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 22-7-44 880Sq from 2-10-44 to 2-45 768Sq Abbotsinch burst tyre wheels-up landing 29-5-45 SubLt RFM Darlington
NN248Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 20-7-44 Hatston to 894Sq 14-8-44 Port oleo collapsed landing 'HMS Implacable' Cat X2 28-10-44 L/C J Crossman. parked on outrigger then hit by wing of LR847 landing Tested Donibristle 9-3-45 879Sq 8-45
NN249Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 20-7-44 33MU 21-7-44 ATA Kirkbride 31-7-44 887Sq stalled at 200ft on approach 'HMS Indefatigable' dived into sea Cat Z 19-9-44 Lt FL Haynes+
NN250Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 22-7-44 894Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' 8-44 to 9-44 887Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' hook bounced and locked up into barrier Cat LX 17-1-45 SubLt JW Hayes. Missed wires into No.2 barrier Cat ZZ 5-3-45 SubLt E Kverndal safe
NN251Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 27-7-44
NN252Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 22-7-44 880Sq from 2-10-44 to 3-45 Stalled port wing damaged Grimsetter 23-2-45 SubLt TF Scott 768Sq Ayr ran into port walkway 3-8-45 Lt P Barlow
NN253Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 29-7-44 880Sq from 2-10-44 Donisbristle store 16-2-45 761Sq Henstridge 4-45 Hit overhead wires 20-4-45 Mid WJ Adams 715Sq St.Merryn 6-45 761Sq Henstridge panel detached and damaged port tailplane 22-10-45 SubLt DH Thomas 759Sq Yeovilton 29-12-45 to 2-46 772Sq Anthorn 5-46 to 7-46
NN254Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 22-7-44 801Sq 31-12-44 880Sq 2-45 to 3-45 Tested Donibristle 3/4-4-45 761Sq Henstridge collided with NN462 making dummy attacks on bomber target during fighter affiliation exercises attempted f/l on airfield crashed out of control Cat ZZ 28-4-45 SubLt DG MacKie DoI 29th
NN255Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 27-7-44 Hatston to 880Sq Skeabrae 2-10-44 Stbd wing struck empty cannon cases 3-11-44 SubLt JC Penfold ARS Hatston 4-11-44 AHU Donibristle to Evanton 23-11-44 880Sq 16-1-45 to 2-45 761Sq Henstridge tailwheel caught round-down fuselage damaged 8-4-45 SubLt P O'Neill
NN256Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 28-7-44 880Sq from 2-10-44 to 2-45 768Sq over-corrected caught late wire overran barrier 6-6-45 SubLt WH Stevenson
NN257Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 26-7-44 800Sq Machrihanish from 2-10-44 to 12-44 Heavy landing in strong crosswind broke prop tips Cat X1 14-10-44 SubLt CH Leighton (RNZN) 761Sq Henstridge 'G2R' 4-45 to 7-45
NN258Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 29-7-44 1PATP Southport 12-44 Eglinton to 772Sq 10-4-46 Yeovilton 7-46
NN259Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 28-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore 879Sq Nutts Corner 'D4D' 12-45 Burnt out Gosport c.1946
NN260Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 29-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore 809Sq caught No.5 wire prop damaged in barrier 'HMS Stalker' Cat SS 2-5-45 SubLt DD James. Caught prop 5-6-45 SubLt HD Atkin) 728Sq Hal Far burst tyre landing u/c collapsed 24-7-46 SubLt PS Taylor 718/761S Henstridge 'G1F'
NN261Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 26-7-44 1PATP Southport 9-44 RNARY Coimbatore 894Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' 5-45 to 10-45
NN262Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 28-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore 894Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' bounced on nose u/c collapsed 26-3-45 SubLt IHS Morgan. Jettisoned
NN263Seafire IIIWestM55LFIII RNDA 26-7-44 808Sq hit flagstaff on target while low level bombing Cat X 26-9-44 SubLt JK Radnor 715Sq St.Merryn 2-45 to 9-45 [also reported as AAEE from 9-7-45 CO contamination trls with NF599 NF652 PX921 Details as NF599]
NN264Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 29-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore 757Sq Puttalam ran onto grass nosed over 9-3-45 SubLt JA Marriott. Collided with Corsair JS706 in formation 13-5-45 SubLt A Torrance safe
NN265Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 26-7-44 807Sq 10-44 Low flying recce hit sand prop damaged f/l Cat LY 31-12-44 SubLt FC Neve
NN266Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 28-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore
NN267Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 29-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore cloudy weather hit tree stbd wing damaged Cat LX 15-5-45 SubLt JR Stephenson. Trincomalee To Aeronavale
NN268Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 31-7-44 1PATP Southport 9-44 879Sq 'HMS Attacker' 7-45 RNAY Donibristle 1-1-46 Eglinton to 772Sq Burscough 10-4-46
NN269Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 28-7-44 809Sq 12-44 RNARY Coimbatore
NN270Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 28-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore 809Sq tail unit damaged landing 'HMS Stalker' after strafing sortie 20-6-45 SubLt JW Hill. Wheels up landing u/c failed to lower 17-7-45 SubLt D Holmes. Trincomalee WO
NN283Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 28-7-44 1PATP Southport 9-44 894Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' out of fuel abandoned Cat ZZ 4-5-45 SubLt MJH Davey safe
NN284Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 31-7-44 Tested RNARY Coimbatore 25-1-45 894Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' '153/S' 3-45 to 8-45 Taxied into by NN323 Cat LX 31-3-45 SubLt IG Hepworth. A6M dest E of Formosa shared '143/S' SubLt F Hockley '137/S' SubLt JC Taylor and '136/S' SubLt KD Gall 1715 8-5-45 SubLt AW Bradley
NN285Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 29-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore To Trincomalee 1945 SOC
NN286Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 29-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore collided with motorised dumper 22-3-45 Lt KD McConnell (RNZN)
NN287Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 29-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore
NN288Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 31-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore
NN289Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 3-9-44 RNARY Coimbatore 809Sq stalled broke stbd oleo and damaged wing 'HMS Hunter' Cat LY 12-4-45 SubLt GH Brittain. Trincomalee 7-45
NN290Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 3-9-44 76MU on dismantling found damaged at Mkrs 14-9-44 (ros by Westland) RNARY Coimbatore 894Sq 3-45 to 6-45 Caught No.7 wire into barrier 'HMS Indefatigable' Cat LQ 27-3-45 SubLt ASt Belcher safe
NN291Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 4-9-44 39MU to 76MU 25-9-44 1PATP Southport 10-44 Tested RNARY Coimbatore 15-4-45 880Sq 5-45 Stalled onto deck tail oleo damaged 'HMS Implacable' 29-6-45 SubLt CW Green 894Sq '153/S' PD 18-10-45
NN292Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 4-9-44 33MU to 15MU 26-9-44 1PATP Southport 10-44 RNARY Coimbatore to Katukurunda 30-4-45 879Sq over port side into sea landing 'HMS Implacable' Cat ZZ 12-7-45 SubLt GH Wilson (RNZN)safe
NN293Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 3-9-44 894Sq LR tank hit underside of fuselage when jettisoned Cat LY 6-1-45 SubLt WG Gibson. Trincomalee 7-45
NN294Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 3-9-44 RNARY Coimbatore 894Sq 5-45 Swung landing port oleo collapsed 25-10-45 SubLt H Stack
NN295Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 3-9-44 807Sq 'HMS Hunter' 2-45 Bounced hook caught No.8 wire into barrier Cat LQ 26-2-45 SubLt GE Thomas. Ki43 damaged Sumatra 16-5-45 SubLt TI Ingle
NN296Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 4-9-44 1PATP Southport 10-44 RNARY Coimbatore 757Sq Puttalam stbd oleo and tailwheel damaged landing 25-5-45 SqLdr KV Newton. To Trincomalee
NN297Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 19-9-44 RNARY Coimbatore 894Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' 3-45 Caught trickle wire broke back Cat ZZ 1-4-45 SubLt GW Hartland safe (887Sq)
NN298Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 4-9-44 RNARY Coimbatore to Trincomalee 18-4-45 Tested FAP1 Pityilu 19-7-45 887Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' hit round-down into barrier tore off tail and bent hook 10-12-45 SubLt RAH Beaton
NN299Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 4-9-44 Tested RNARY Coimbatore 31-7-45
NN300Seafire IIIWestM55LFIII RNDA 2-8-44 1PATP Southport 10-44 Tested RNARY Coimbatore 17-4-45 807Sq 'HMS Hunter' 'D5O' 12-44 to 7-45 Ki43 possibly damaged Sumatra shared NF419 16-5-45 SubLt LE Gardner
NN301Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 19-8-44 RNARY Coimbatore
NN302Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 24-8-44 1PATP Southport 10-44 Cochin to RNARY Coimbatore 5-4-45
NN303Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 19-8-44 807Sq 10-44 to 11-44 RNARY Coimbatore to Cochin 3-4-45 899Sq Long Kesh 5-45 Swung off runway nosed over Schofields 20-6-45 SubLt JP Crothers (RAN) Gosport 6-46 (SEAC markings) AFEE Beaulieu 8-46 (TT.III) To Aeronavale
NN304Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 24-8-44 808Sq 10-44 FP Nutts Corner landed with u/c retracted 8-11-45 SubLt J Downes
NN305Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 24-8-44 Tested Donibristle 30-9-44 801Sq 8-10-44 to 12-44 880Sq 2-45 to 3-45 Tested Donibristle 18-6-45 768Sq Abbotsinch 6-45 Overshot ground looped 11-8-45 Lt RF Brooks 768Sq Easthaven 2-46
NN306Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 24-8-44 801Sq 1-12-44 880Sq ran off runway into soft ground 3-2-45 SubLt N Mather. Tested Donibristle 24-3-45 to 4-4-45 768Sq Abbotsinch 6-45 Stalled stbd wing on the deck 'HMS Ravager' 27-6-45 SubLt RJ Wheeler. Hook caught and broke away 'HMS Ravager' 23-8-45 SubLt A Hare. Donibristle to Machrihanish by SubLt Hare 3-4-46
NN307Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 26-8-44 801Sq 18-10-44 Stbd oleo collapsed landing Cat Y1 10-11-44 SubLt PE Holway. Tested Hatston 23-2-45 Tested Donibristle 10-4-45 761Sq Henstridge caught late wire damage to port wingtip 20-6-45 SubLt EJ Huxley
NN308Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 26-8-44 RNARY Coimbatore 887Sq 5-45 Bounced missed wires into barrier 'HMS Indefatigable' Code 3 25-7-45 SubLt TP Hawker 794Sq Eglinton 3-46
NN309Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 26-8-44 887Sq embarking 'HMS Indefatigable' stalled into sea from 300ft Cat Z 21-11-44 SubLt PD Norman+
NN310Seafire IIIWestM55FF 24-8-44 RNDA 26-8-44 880Sq 10-44 to 3-45 Hit NN329 taxying undamaged 6-2-45 768Sq Abbotsinch 7-45 Spun into sea off steep turn on final approach 'HMS Ravager' Cat ZZ 21-8-45 SubLt CC Libeau (RNZN)+
NN311Seafire IIIWestM55FF 23-8-44 RNDA 26-8-44 Tested Donibristle 1-10-44 801Sq 9-10-44 to 12-44 Tested Hatston 5/10-3-45 AHU Donibristle to Abbotsinch 20-5-45 761Sq Henstridge caught late wire damaged prop in barrier 13-6-45 SubLt JL Langmaid. Flew into barrier 23-8-45 SubLt JB Turner 799C Flt Lee-on-Solent 3-46
NN312Seafire IIIWestM55FF 24-8-44 RNDA 26-8-44 801Sq 12-10-44 808Sq 10-44 Taxied into gun Hatston 11-1-45 L/C ED Child. Tested Donibristle 26-3-45 880Sq 4-45 SF Dale 9-46 to 3-47 Donibristle to Arbroath 1-4-47 767Sq tyre burst after landing nosed up 23-6-47 Lt NV Hodgson. Aeronavale
NN313Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 26-8-44 801Sq 11-44 to 12-44 880Sq collided with NN320 1-2-45 SubLt TF Scott 768Sq landed wheels-up 22-4-45 SubLt PB Lane AFEE Beaulieu spun in off roll at low height Cat E 25-5-46 SqLdr RH Palmer+
NN314Seafire IIIWestM55FF 25-8-44 RNDA 26-8-44 AHU Donibristle to Machrihanish 3-10-44 880Sq 2-44 Tested RNARY Donibristle 23-3-45 FP Stretton port u/c collapsed landing 17-10-45 SubLt WG Russell [also reported as Tested RNARY Coimbatore 1-2-45]
NN315Seafire IIIWestM55FF 24-8-44 RNDA 26-8-44 Tested Donibristle 26-9-44 880Sq Grimsetter burst tyre swung off runway Cat LQ 3-2-45 SubLt TF Scott. Swung hit stationary car 17-2-45 SubLt PB Lane AHU Donibristle 9-3-45 ATA Cosford to Henstridge 11-4-45 768Sq Ayr/Ballyhalbert caught late wire prop clipped barrier 'HMS Ravager' 22-8-45 SubLt DR Carpenter (RNZN) Bounced caught wire on nose 13-9-45 SubLt GF Budd (RNZN) 794Sq Eglinton 1-46
NN316Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 31-8-44 RNARY Coimbatore 887Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' hook pulled out port tyre burst crashed Cat X 1-3-45 SubLt AG Knight. Floated into No.2 barrier Cat ZZ 26-3-45 SubLt IG Hepworth.1 Jettisoned
NN317Seafire IIIWestM55FF 28-8-44 RNDA 31-8-44 Tested RNARY Coimbatore 25-1-45 to 1-2-45 807Sq 2-45 757Sq Puttalam floated hook caught No.2 barrier 'HMS Stalker' Cat HX 14-4-45 Lt RW Murray
NN318Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 31-8-44 AHU Donibristle to Belfast store 23-10-44 801Sq 12-44 880Sq stalled on approach Grimsetter 26-1-45 SubLt GG Ross 883Sq Arbroath from 18-9-45 to 11-45
NN319Seafire IIIWestM55FF 28-8-44 RNDA 2-9-44 880Sq 10-44 to 2-45
NN320Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 31-8-44 801Sq 8-11-44 880Sq 11-44 Struck by NN313 Cat HY 1-2-45 SubLt ED Pye
NN321Seafire IIIWestM55FF 30-8-44 RAE Farnborough 31-8-44 (arrester gear army cooperation trls) 39MU to A Flt RAE 5-10-44 (arrester gear) Detd Ipswich 2/4-12-44 (army co operation) 17-1-45 To C Sqn AAEE 1-45 (arrester gear) 787Sq Tangmere to RAE 4-2-45 Andover to A Flt RAE 18-3-45 (arrester gear) C Sqn AAEE 3-45 (weather trls) RAE 6-45 (arrester gear handling) Detd Henstridge for arrester gear trls 19/20-6-45 to 26-6-45 To Hatfield 2-1-46 but retd weather u/s Yeovilton 30-4-46
NN322Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 31-8-44 1PATP Southport 10-44 RNARY Coimbatore 887Sq 5-45
NN323Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 16-9-44 39MU to Castle Bromwich 23-10-44 Donibristle 27-10-44 887Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' floated hook broke into barrier Cat X1 21-11-44 SubLt J Birtle. Taxied into NN284 31-3-45 794Sq Eglinton 1-46 Henstridge to Belfast 22-2-46
NN324Seafire IIIWestM55FF 31-8-44 RNDA 2-9-44 801Sq 11-44 803Sq Arbroath 'G' from 15-6-45 Low level advanced formation exercise left formation over water lost height flew into water off Aberdeen Cat ZZ 30-7-45 SubLt A Forbes+
NN325Seafire IIIWestM55FF 31-8-44 RNDA 31-8-44
NN326Seafire IIIWestM55LFIII FF 31-8-44 RNDA 2-9-44 887Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' 11-44 Heavy landing burst tyre strained u/c 28-12-44 Lt FC Hurlock. Taxied into by following aircraft Cat HY 7-4-45 SubLt AS MacLeod (RNZN) to A506
NN327Seafire IIIWestM55FF 31-8-44 RNDA 6-9-44 801Sq 12-44 880Sq 1-45 to 3-45 AHU Donibristle to 761Sq Henstridge 19-3-45 to 1-46 771Sq Gosport 'GP9D'
NN328Seafire IIIWestM55FF 1-9-44 RNDA 6-9-44 761Sq Henstridge 8-45 to 10-45
NN329Seafire IIIWestM55RNDA 9-9-44 AHU Donibristle to 880Sq 21-11-44 Landed heavily bounced pecked 1-2-45 SubLt GG Ross. Taxied into NN310 Cat LQ 6-2-45 SubLt ADW Lawrence. f/l lack of fuel Grimsetter Cat ZZ 13-2-45 SubLt JS Wagen safe
NN330Seafire IIIWestM55FF 5-9-44 RNDA 6-9-44 33MU to 15MU 26-11-44 887Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' '116/S' overran runway nosed over 12-10-45 SubLt EO Atkin
NN333Seafire IIICOAM55FW ? VAWD Wt and CoG 25-10-43 RNDA 1-11-43 736Sq St.Merryn 5-44 715Sq St.Merryn 17-8-44 Tested St.Merryn 16/26-9-44 7FPP swung on landing u/c collapsed Donibristle CB 2-11-44 T/O JdeW Tharp safe 761Sq Henstridge 6-45 Stbd oleo collapsed taxying after landing 28-7-45 SubLt TBS Hawthorne
NN334Seafire IIICOAM55FW ? RNDA 10-11-43 894Sq wingtip struck MT vehicle Henstridge 19-12-43 SubLt PA Meakin. Head-on collision with LR816 taxying Burscough Cat X2c 2-2-44 SubLt IHS Morgan 887Sq 11-44 757Sq Puttalam overshot tipped on nose 9-6-45 Lt AH Johnson 794Sq Eglinton 3-46 to 6-46
NN335Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 31-12-43 768Sq Abbotsinch tested 13-6-45 u/c collapsed landing 'HMS Ravager' 14-6-45 SubLt BJ Jones. Tested Yeovilton 22-6-45 794Sq Eglinton 10-45 to 3-46
NN336Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 29-1-44 885Sq 3-44 761Sq Henstridge 4-44 Eastleigh to 33MU 21-6-44 AHU Donibristle to Lee-on-Solent 21-11-44 709Sq St.Merryn 2-45 to 9-45 748Sq St.Merryn 'S7P' to GI SoNAw St.Merryn as A506 Stretton 4-50
NN337Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 22-1-44 880Sq 'HMS Furious' 3-44 to 4-44 Tested Donibristle 19-6-45 Tested AHU Abbotsinch 23/24-10-46 794Sq Eglinton '106/A' 11-46 to 1-47 At St.Merryn still as 106/A 1948 [GI?] SOC 5-4-48
NN338Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 5-2-44 886Sq 4-44 to 5-44 Tested Yeovilton store 13-6-44 ATA Hawarden 11-7-44 899Sq heavy landing port oleo collapsed 'HMS Khedive' Cat Y1 22-8-44 Lt RB Haworth
NN339Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 22-2-44 Tested Yeovilton store 2-6-44 899Sq 'HMS Khedive' 7-44 to 9-44 794Sq Eglinton 3-46 to 4-46
NN340Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 25-2-44 885Sq 5-44 Ground looped after landing 22-9-44 Lt SL Devonald 899Sq tyre burst prop tip damaged Long Kesh 6-2-45 SubLt H Atack
NN341Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 29-2-44 808Sq 5-44 886Sq Lee-on-Solent Bf109 shot down 15ml SW of Caen/5ml S of Evrecy 1735 7-6-44 Lt RM Crosley 808Sq '3A' 8-44 to 10-44 715Sq St.Merryn 11-44 to 9-45 794Sq Eglinton 5-46
NN342Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 9-3-44 886Sq 5-44 to 7-44 885Sq 6-44 808Sq '3B' 9-44 715Sq St.Merryn 3-45 to 12-45
NN343Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 20-3-44 Tested Arbroath 12/17-7-44 808Sq 8-44 Broke away from formation in bad visibility presumed lost control crashed in Cheshire Cat Z 11-10-44 SubLt AC Brookes+
NN344Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 25-3-44 Tested Yeovilton store 25-5-44 899Sq 'HMS Khedive' 'KO' (named JEAN) prop blade damaged by debris thrown up from runway 18-1-45 Lt HH Salisbury. engine caught fire f/l Cat ZZ 23-2-45 SubLt JM Sturrock safe
NN345Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 1-4-44 894Sq 6-44 to 7-44 880Sq 'HMS Furious' 8-44 to 9-44 899Sq caught No.8 wire clipped barrier back wrinkled 'HMS Ravager' Cat HX 9-2-45 SubLt VS Lowden
NN346Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 4-4-44 778Sq Arbroath 13-11-44 trls in Colossus 2/5-1-45 Hook not lowered into No.1 barrier 30-3-45 SubLt SN Harris
NN347Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 14-4-44 Henstridge to ATA Kirkbride 14-6-44 Tested Arbroath 29-7-44 807Sq 1-45 879Sq 2-45 Port u/c damaged 11-5-45 SubLt HC Vane. At Katukurunda DB exercise in bad weather forced landed on dry lake Hanbantota 5-6-45 SubLt RG Hallas. Flew through barrier carrying parked aircraft after it as it dived over stbd side 'HMS Attacker' Cat ZZ 11-7-45 SubLt AWK Foxon+
NN348Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 22-4-44 807Sq 'D5K' 6-44 879Sq 2-45 Belly landing 'HMS Hunter' in Red Sea 3-45 (PO Draper) Trincomalee 7-45
NN349Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 29-4-44 33MU 30-4-44 Lee-on-Solent 19-5-44 Yeovilton store to Gunnery Research Unit Collyweston 14-7-44 (test Fairey throttle for Mk IID gyro gunsight ranging) Loan to 787Sq Wittering 19-7-44 [not returned?] Yeovilton store test flight engine failure into sea 100yds E of Lulworth Cove Cat ZZ 22-7-46 Lt EG Mortimer+
NN350Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 30-4-44 899Sq 'HMS Khedive' 8-44 Hit barrier broke u/c and tipped up on nose 'HMS Khedive' 18-9-44 SubLt GC Shelley
NN351Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 6-5-44 899Sq 6-44 AHU Donibristle to Lee-on-Solent 4-11-44 894Sq into barrier 'HMS Indefatigable' Cat ZZ 4-12-44 SubLt BK Swart safe
NN352Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 9-5-44 809Sq 'HMS Stalker' tipped prop 21-8-44 SubLt GH Brittain. Burst tyres landing 5-10-44 SubLt WS Donnelly (RNZN) Bounced floated into barrier 12-4-45 SubLt D McDonald. Trincomalee 7-45 WO
NN353Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 11-5-44 880Sq 2-45 Stalled and spun off round-down into sea astern 'HMS Implacable' Cat ZZ 30-4-45 SubLt KF Boardman+
NN354Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 13-5-44 AHU Donibristle to Belfast store 16-10-44 879Sq 1-45 to 2-45 Hatston to AHU Donibristle 8-3-45 807Sq heaving deck insufficient power on takeoff in sea 'HMS Hunter' Indian Ocean Cat ZZ 17-3-45 SubLt RM Sawyer+
NN355Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 26-5-44 879Sq 9-44 to 3-45 728Sq Hal Far stbd tyre burst on takeoff u/c collapsed 26-3-46 SubLt WJ Oxberry
NN356Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 20-5-44 Tested Arbroath 17/18-7-44 768Sq Abbotsinch tail hit round-down 27-11-44 Lt JA Armstrong 879Sq 2-45 Burst tyre nosed over 5-4-45 Lt JA Armstrong. u/c damaged landing 29-4-45 Cat LX SubLt HC Vane. Tested Katukurunda 9-45 to 10-45 Trincomalee 1946
NN357Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 30-5-44 807Sq 6-44 879Sq hook bounced locked up hit barrier 'HMS Attacker' 24-8-44 SubLt RJ Sturges [?-listed as NF357] 759Sq Yeovilton 10-44 to 11-44
NN358Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 30-5-44
NN359Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 14-6-44 ATA Sherburn to Arbroath 5-7-44 879Sq 1-45 to 4-45 728Sq Hal Far swung landing 12-1-46 SubLt J Williams
NN360Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 18-6-44 807Sq 2-45 809Sq 'HMS Stalker' 12-44 ACI course at Katukurunda dogfight with Harvard unable to recover from inverted spin abandoned Cat ZZ 7-4-45 SubLt DF Mant safe
NN361Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 14-6-44 RNARY Coimbatore 879Sq 'HMS Attacker' 7-45 to 9-45 757Sq Tambaram 10-45 to 11-45
NN362Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 18-6-44 RNARY Coimbatore 799Sq Lee-on-Solent 3-46 to 5-47 engine failure during aerobatics f/l 23-11-46 Lt WPA Goodman. To Aeronavale
NN363Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 21-6-44 33MU 22-6-44 Donibrisde to Renfrew 23-6-44 1PATP Southport 8-44 RNARY Coimbatore 757Sq Tambaram 'T35' 894Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' 3-45 A6M dived in sea smoking Sakishima Islands 1730 4-5-45 CPO IB Bird (887 Sqn) Abandoned due to lack of fuel Cat ZZ 24-7-45 SubLt JM Sturrock safe
NN364Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 18-6-44
NN365Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 24-6-44 879Sq 1-45 Missed wire into barrier 'HMS Attacker' 12-7-45 SubLt L Livemore 757Sq Tambaram 10-45 4FW Dekhelia Egypt
NN366Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 19-6-44 RAE 8-44 879Sq 'HMS Attacker' 1-8-45 807Sq 'HMS Hunter' heavy landing port u/c collapsed Cat HX 2-5-45 Lt EM Barker. Stbd brake failed landing prop damaged Cat LX 26-5-45 SubLt GJ Jinks. To Trincomalee RNAMY Clappenburg 7-45
NN367Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 18-6-44 RNARY Coimbatore 757Sq Tambaram retracted u/c too soon on takeoff 22-10-45 SubLt WS Campbell
NN379Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 19-6-44 RNARY Coimbatore 809Sq bounced and floated into barrier embarking 'HMS Stalker' 1-8-45 SubLt D McDonald. Trincomalee 8-45 WO
NN380Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 23-6-44 VAHP Wts and CoG 27-6-44
NN381Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 26-6-44 807Sq 'HMS Hunter' 6-44 4FW Dekhelia Egypt Pecked Dekheila 20-12-44 SubLt AF Slaney. Caught leader's slipstream descending through heavy rain at 500ft flew into sea Rangoon Cat ZZ 2-5-45 SubLt CdeG Vyner+
NN382Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 24-6-44 879Sq 12-44 to 2-45 807Sq 4-45 Caught late wire into barrier 'HMS Hunter' Cat HX 4-6-45 SubLt TI Ingle. Trincomalee 7-45 4FW Dekhelia Egypt
NN383Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 29-6-44 807Sq 9-44 to 12-44 809Sq 1-45 761Sq Henstridge pushed port oleo through wing one wheel landing 22-1-45
NN384Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 28-6-44 39MU 29-6-44 ATA Ratcliffe 8-7-44 Tested Donibristle 14/16-10-44 879Sq 1-45 to 2-45 807Sq 'HMS Hunter' 4-45 Heavy landing damaged u/c 4-6-45 Lt FC Neve. Bounced heavily through barrier overturned on forward lift 16-7-45 SubLt GJ Jinks. Trincomalee 7-45 WO
NN385Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 30-6-44 33MU 1-7-44 A Flt RAE 15-7-44 (jettisoning overload tanks) Donibristle 21-77-44 809Sq 12-44 to 1-45 879Sq 4-45 Landed with drift missed barrier into sea 'HMS Attacker' Cat ZZ 12-5-45 SubLt RJ Watson safe
NN386Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 30-6-44 39MU 30-6-44 885Sq 8-44 To 709Sq 'K1' 11-44 to 9-45 794Sq Eglinton (named Bertha II with reverse swastika) Landing nose dipped pecked 22-5-46 Cdr RSJ Wadman
NN387Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 30-6-44 39MU 30-6-44 Kirkbride 11-7-44 807Sq 6-44 At Gibraltar lost u/c damaged rolled over to bale out but spin from 4000ft nr Terpsichore Cat Z 9-10-44 SubLt JA Litler+
NN388Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 25-7-44 33MU 26-7-44 879Sq 12-44 to 3-45 807Sq 3-45 to 7-45 4FW Dekhelia Egypt
NN389Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 6-7-44 807Sq 'HMS Hunter' 6-44 to 11-44 Floated over wires into barrier Cat Y 9-10-44 SubLt ACB Ford
NN390Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 7-7-44 809Sq 'HMS Stalker' 'SL' Do24 destroyed Volos Harbour Greece shared MB133 MB269 NN134 and NF607 17-10-44 SubLt DE James 879Sq 5-45 to 7-45 807Sq 6-45 Caught wire hook pulled out struck barrier 'HMS Hunter' 10-7-45 SubLt TI McCartney
NN391Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 22-7-44 Donisbristle store engine caught fire f/l Cat S 11-10-44 L/C WC Halford 899Sq Long Kesh 12-44 to 2-45 RNARY Coimbatore Tested Bankstown 6-6-45 To Aeronavale
NN392Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 19-7-44 33MU 20-7-44 Tested Donibristle 13/14-10-44 887Sq 3-45
NN393Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 22-7-44 Tested Donibristle 14-10-44 807Sq 'D5A' 1-45 to 3-45
NN394Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 22-7-44 899Sq 'HMS Khedive' 9-44 879Sq 1-45
NN395Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 27-7-44 33MU 28-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore 807Sq 'HMS Hunter' brake overheated into ditch Katukurunda 17-4-45 SubLt G Bray. Caught No.8 wire into barrier damaged port wing Cat LX 26-6-45 SubLt F Logie (RNZN) tailwheel came off 28-7-45 SubLt HR Leith (RNZN)
NN396Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 28-7-44 1PATP Southport 10-44 RNARY Coimbatore 879Sq 'HMS Attacker' 5-45 u/c would not lower wheels up landing 4-8-45 SubLt JE Smith. Trincomalee 8-45 To Aeronavale
NN397Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 27-7-44 39MU 28-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore 879Sq 6-45 Trying to go round again hit edge of deck into sea 'HMS Attacker' Cat ZZ 12-7-45 SubLt HC Vane safe
NN398Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 29-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore 807Sq 'HMS Hunter' tail struck round-down on nose Cat ZZ 16-5-45 L/C EJ Clark. Trincomalee 21-5-45 WO
NN399Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 31-7-44 880Sq 5-45 to 6-45 Bankstown to 706Sq Nowra 31-10-45 Swung landing cross-wind u/c collapsed 9-11-45 SubLt GR Rodd. Left 1-46
NN400Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 31-7-44 Cunliffe-Owen 31-7-44 39MU 1-8-44 76MU 23-8-44 By sea to RNARY Coimbatore store 16-1-45 894Sq opl flight from 'HMS Indefatigable' collided with NN146 in sea Cat ZZ 27-3-45 SubLt SC Yarde+
NN401Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 29-7-44 807Sq bounced stalled stbd oleo damaged 'HMS Hunter' Cat LY 11-4-45 SubLt F Logie (RNZN) 879Sq caught wire and struck barriers prop damaged 'HMS Attacker' 11-7-45 SubLt MDS McClelland. Trincomalee 7-45
NN402Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 29-7-44 39MU 29-7-44 15MU 20-8-44 Tested RNARY Coimbatore 13-5-45 SF Trincomalee Deck Landing Trials heavy landing 21-7-45 SubLt AJ Walker
NN403Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 29-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore 807Sq 6-45 to 7-45 No.3 wire parted crashed into stbd walkway 'HMS Hunter' 25-6-45 SubLt GJ Jinks. To Trincomalee WO
NN404Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 29-7-44
NN405Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 29-7-44 RNARY Coimbatore 894Sq 5-45 to 6-45
NN406Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 29-7-44 33MU 1-8-44 RNARY Coimbatore 887Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' missed all wires into barrier Cat ZZ 6-4-45 Lt E Kverndal safe. Jettisoned
NN407Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 15-8-44 807Sq 'HMS Hunter' 5-45 to 6-45
NN408Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 5-8-44 RNARY Coimbatore u/c collapsed landing 7-2-45 Lt I De Villers. Tested RNARY Coimbatore 28/29-4-45 879Sq 5-45 Caught No.8 wire into barrier 'HMS Attacker' 12-7-45 SubLt WJ Cody
NN409Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 18-8-44 VAHP Wd and CoG 21-8-44 39MU to 72MU 21-9-44 1PATP Southport 10-44 Tested RNARY Coimbatore 18/22-4-45 809Sq Trincomalee wing bombardment and strafing exercise collided with NF590 rejoining formation 18ml NNW airfield exploded Cat ZZ 30-7-45 SubLt KJ Davis+
NN410Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 15-8-44 RNARY Coimbatore 880Sq 6-45
NN411Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 16-8-44 718Sq Henstridge 1-45 to 5-45 761Sq Henstridge 4-45 Spun in during air combat practice Margaret Marsh nr Marnhull nr Sherborne Cat ZZ 23-6-45 SubLt GE McLeod (RNZN)+
NN412Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 16-8-44 RNARY Coimbatore 807Sq 'HMS Hunter' burst tyre swung onto soft ground prop damaged 17-4-45 SubLt WC Witlam. Caught late wire into barrier 9-9-45 Mid JF Makins 794Sq Eglinton 12-46 Stbd wingtip hit island 'HMS Implacable' 17-3-47 Lt AM Blakemere
NN413Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 12-8-44 1PATP Southport 10-44 807Sq 'HMS Hunter' caught No.9 wire into barrier 23-4-45 SubLt JH Brewer. Embarking from Trincomalee engine fire abandoned Cat ZZ 4-8-45 L/C EJ Clark safe
NN414Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 18-8-44 1PATP Southport 10-44 757Sq Puttalam/Tambaram 5-45 to 8-45 Prop hit ground on takeoff 18-5-45 SubLt L Mail (RNZN) Coded '102' once
NN415Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 23-8-44 FS Coimbatore swung off runway Cat Y 23-1-45 SubLt JL Apted
NN416Seafire IIICOAM55Cunliffe-Owen 19-8-44 RNDA 21-8-44 39MU 23-8-44 76MU 7-9-44 Packed 16-9-44 RNAS Cochin 8-11-44 RNARY Coimbatore 16-2-45 RNARY Katukurunda 8-4-45 809Sq HMS 'HMS Stalker' 'T' 17-4-45 pushed overboard by PP944 when NF434 crash-landed on flt deck 1-5-45
NN417Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 18-8-44 1PATP Southport 10-44 RNARY Coimbatore to Cochin 11-4-45 879Sq burst tyre after landing overturned 12-6-45 SubLt L Livemore
NN418Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 19-8-44 RNARY Coimbatore 757Sq Puttalam caught fire starting up Cat ZZ 10-5-45 Lt AC Palmer (RM)
NN431Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 22-8-44
NN432Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 24-8-44 1PATP Southport 10-44 Tested RNARY Coimbatore 26-5-45 757Sq Puttalam wheels up landing Code 5 9-6-45 SubLt R Keeley
NN433Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 19-8-44 76MU on dismantling found damaged at Mkrs 14-9-44 (ros by Westland) 1PATP Southport 10-44 RNARY Coimbatore to Cochin 2-4-45 Tested Bankstown 27-6-45 880Sq 7-45
NN434Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 24-8-44 39MU 25-8-44 1PATP Southport 10-44 809Sq 3-45 to 4-45 Tested RNARY Coimbatore 6-4-45 757Sq Tambaram 10-45
NN435Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 25-8-44 76MU 9-9-44 RNARY Coimbatore 706Sq 7-45
NN436Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 24-8-44 1PATP Southport 10-44 880Sq 4-45 RNARY Coimbatore 757Sq Puttalam engine failure on takeoff ran off runway into jungle 8-6-45 SubLt FA Brash (SANF)
NN437Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 26-8-44 RNARY Coimbatore 879Sq 'HMS Attacker' 5-45 Heavy landing stbd tyre burst bent stbd oleo leg 11-7-45 SubLt IH Gladders. Bomb carrier dislodged on landing damaged fuselage 19-7-45 SubLt GH Wilson (RNZN). Trincomalee 7-45
NN438Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 28-8-44 1PATP Southport 10-44 RNARY Coimbatore
NN439Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 29-8-44 33MU 30-8-44 801Sq 2-45 to 4-45 880Sq 4-45 '155' on Gosport dump 1946
NN440Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 29-8-44 1PATP Southport 10-44 RNARY Coimbatore 879Sq 'HMS Attacker' 5-45 Broke hook on round-down into barrier 10-8-45 SubLt FW Greenwood. To Trincomalee WO
NN441Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 2-9-44 809Sq 2-45 Tail oleo smashed when jerked to standstill 'HMS Stalker' 15-3-45 SubLt DF Mant. Tested RNARY Coimbatore 10-4-45 RNAMY Clappenburg Bay 7-45 Trincomalee 7-45
NN442Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 31-8-44 33MU 1-9-44 Sherburn 31-10-44 807Sq 'HMS Hunter' lost port wingtip in flight under negative-G 27-3-45 Lt EM Barker 879Sq 'HMS Attacker' 6-45 to 9-45 At Katukurunda DB exercise in bad weather out of fuel f/l dry lake Hanbantota 5-6-45 SubLt JR Little. Tested Nutts Corner 12-1-46 (803Sq pilot)
NN443Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 2-9-44 39MU 8-9-44 809Sq 6-45 Engine cutting precautionary landing in field 5-7-45 SubLt D Holmes. Tested Cochin 13-7-45 to 3-8-45
NN444Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 31-8-44 761Sq Henstridge 2-45 to 9-45 Taxied into by NN506 while stationary 13-4-45 SubLt GF Cooke. Tail oleo broke 27-5-45 SubLt BJ Jones
NN445Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 11-9-44 801Sq 2-45 880Sq 4-45 879Sq 'HMS Attacker' 6-45 to 7-45
NN446Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 13-9-44 1PATP Southport 10-44 RNARY Coimbatore 880Sq 4-45 to 5-45 Floated caught tail on barrier 'HMS Implacable' 23-4-45 SubLt LG Simpson
NN447Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 8-9-44 899Sq 8-44 to 5-45 894Sq Op Meridian II 2 Ki21 dest 1 shared with ship 29-1-45 SubLt KE Ward. Fast landing bounced into barrier 'HMS Indefatigable' 26-3-45 SubLt RC Kay safe
NN448Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 16-9-44 Donisbristle store port wingtip hit rudder of stationary NN462 Cat LQ 17-1-45 SubLt WAJ Brown 761Sq Henstridge 5-45 to 10-45 Heavy landing port tyre burst 24-5-45 SubLt HW Claughton (RNZN) Overshot into rough ground 3-6-45 SubLt BJ Jones 767Sq Easthaven/Milltown 6-46 Into barrier Theseus 3-10-46 SubLt NL MacGregor
NN449Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 12-9-44 Tested Donibristle 28-1-45 879Sq 1-45 809Sq 1-45 Tyre burst swung of runway nosed over Cat ZZ 1-3-45 Lt HE Kelly (RCN)
NN450Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 18-9-44 39MU 19-9-44 879Sq 1-45 4FW Dekhelia Egypt At Dekheila hit ground on low level TacR exploded 4ml W of Damanhur Cat ZZ 12-2-45 SubLt DV Cross+
NN451Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 12-9-44 39MU 9-44 15MU 25-9-44 1PATP Southport 10-44 879Sq 'HMS Attacker' 12-44 to 9-45 Caught wire prop clipped deck 12-7-45 SubLt GH Wilson (RNZN) RNARY Coimbatore
NN452Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 16-9-44 894Sq 12-44 887Sq port oleo collapsed landing 'HMS Indefatigable' Cat X 1-4-45 Lt MP Sutton
NN453Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 16-9-44 33MU 18-9-44 879Sq 'HMS Attacker' 3-45 At Katukurunda DB exercise in bad weather out of fuel f/l dry lake Hanbantota 5-6-45 SubLt WJ Cody. Unable to release bomb told to land at emergency strip landed in field in error 14-6-45 SubLt J Morley
NN454Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 14-9-44 33MU 16-9-44 899Sq 6-44 to 5-45 AHU Donibristle to Lee-on-Solent 6-11-44 894Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' shot down by fire from 'HMS Illustrious' in enemy attack on fleet Cat ZZ 6-4-45 SubLt NV Heppenstall+
NN455Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 20-9-44 807Sq 1-45 to 5-45 Bounced on to No.7 wire into barriers 'HMS Hunter' Cat LQ 26-2-45 SubLt WC Whitlam 879Sq Nutts Corner 8-45 to 12-45
NN456Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 20-9-44 Tested Donibristle 27-1-45 880Sq 3-45 Run into by NN624 'HMS Implacable' 12-4-45 Trincomalee 7-45 To Aeronavale as 54S.24 (Arromanches)
NN457Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 21-9-44 RNARY Coimbatore 807Sq 'HMS Hunter' bounced into barrier 21-4-45 Lt EJ Clark. To Trincomalee WO 879Sq 6-45 [prefix?J
NN458Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 23-9-44 880Sq 2-45 Landed u/c retracted Jervis Bay Cat HX 14-5-45 Lt N Goodfellow
NN459Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 19-9-44 894Sq taxied into lorry 12-12-44 SubLt PG Adams
NN460Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 20-9-44 39MU 21-9-44 894Sq 'HMS Indefatigable' 'H6X' into barrier Cat HT 6-1-45 SubLt IHS Morgan
NN461Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 25-9-44 33MU 25-9-44 809Sq from 1-3-45 to 7-45
NN462Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 27-9-44 ATA Thame to Donisbristle store 2-12-44 Hit NN148 during dummy attack at 3500ft on bomber during fighter affiliation exercise 17-1-45 761Sq Henstridge 2-45 Stbd tyre burst on takeoff nosed up on grass 13-3-45 SubLt H Phillips. Collided with NN254 in dummy attacks on bomber target during fighter affiliation exercises abandoned and crashed Marnhull Dorset Cat ZZ 28-4-45 SubLt GF Cooke safe
NN463Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 25-9-44 718Sq Henstridge 'G4J' 4-45 to 5-45 761Sq Henstridge taxied into Seafire NN578 31-7-45 Lt C St.George (RNZN) Worthy Down store 29-1-46
NN464Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 30-9-44 718Sq Henstridge 4-45 803Sq Arbroath from 15-6-45 Taxying wing hit tail of NF508 27-6-45 SubLt RG Tate. Mid-air collision with SR749 31-8-45 SubLt JL Anderson safe [also reported as Tested RNARY Coimbatore 16-3-45 prefix?-unlikely]
NN465Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 29-9-44 33MU 30-9-44 Tested Donibristle 26-1-45 801Sq 2-45 to 3-45 880Sq 6-45 to 7-45
NN466Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 28-9-44 Tested Donibristle 19-12-44 to 3-1-45 and 28-2-45
NN467Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 28-9-44 39MU 29-9-44 Kirkbride 27-10-44 807Sq 3-45 Tested Katukurunda then to Trincomalee 3-9-45 To Aeronavale
NN468Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 30-9-44 718Sq Lee-on-Solent landed with drift in poor visibility stbd u/c collapsed Cat LX 4-45 L/C WFC Garthwaite 748Sq St.Merryn 10-45 to 12-45 767Sq Easthaven/Milltown 5-46 Port u/c collapsed after landing 11-6-46 Lt JG Wright (RCN). Tail oleo broke on round-down 'HMS Vengeance' 15-5-47 Lt JR Williams
NN469Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 28-9-44 Farnborough (visitor) to/from Heath Row 6-11-44 to 11-45
NN470Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 30-9-44 761Sq Henstridge stalled landing port wing struck runway 7-8-45 SubLt AR Graham 794Sq Eglinton hit NN244 taxying 28-3-46
NN471Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 30-9-44 AHU Donibristle to Lee-on-Solent 18-11-44 809Sq 3-45 to 7-45
NN472Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 4-10-44 809Sq bounced caught No.8 wire into barrier 'HMS Stalker' 17-3-45 SubLt K Herring. Trincomalee 7-45 WO
NN473Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 29-9-44 39MU 30-9-44 807Sq 'HMS Hunter' 3-45 to 11-45 Ki43 damaged Sumatra 16-5-45 Lt JEM Thornhill
NN474Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 30-9-44 879Sq 1-45 to 4-45 Hook locked up hit barrier 'HMS Attacker' 8-1-45 SubLt JE Wilmshurst-Smith 4FW Dekhelia Egypt
NN475Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 30-9-44 761Sq Henstridge 2-45 to 10-45 Damaged u/c landed on one wheel 6-9-45 SubLt DH Wyatt
NN476Seafire IIICOAM55RNDA 6-10-44 880Sq 3-45 Hit round-down broke back Impacable 23-4-45 SubLt DR Crabtree. Engine removed then jettisoned