Civil Aircraft Register - Burma

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
XY-AAADH.60G Moth1915?G-ACAM VT-AFJ? XY-AAATo Burmese Volunteer AF .41 Destroyed during Japanese occupation
XY-AABDH.82A Tiger Moth82874XY-AAB Z-01?D G India Stores Dept05.03.40To Burmese Volunteer AF .41
XY-AACDH.82A Tiger Moth82875XY-AAC Z-04?D G India Stores Dept05.03.40To Burmese Volunteer AF .41
XY-AADDH.60G Moth1923?VT-AFG? XY-AADTo Burmese Volunteer AF .41 Destroyed in air raid .42
XY-AAEAeronca 11AC ChiefC4699VT-ALN XY-AAE Z-20 Z200300.00.40To Burmese Volunteer AF .41 SOC 30.11.43
XY-AAFCurtiss-Reid Rambler1044VT-ACY XY-AAF00.00.39Destroyed in air-raid .42
XY-AAFVultee V-1A9NC13771 XY-AAF(1)CAMCO00.00.39
XY-AAGCurtiss-Reid Rambler1043VT-ACX XY-AAG00.00.39Destroyed 42-45
XY-AAHStinson 105 Reliant7572XY-AAH VT-ARD MA960Sold 1.43
XY-AAILockheed 12A1201NX16052 NC16052 XY-AAI HX79300.10.41SOC 30.11.43
XY-AAICurtiss AT-32A Condor42NC12390 NX12390 XY-AAI(1)CAMCO00.00.39Destroyed by bombing 26.10.40
XY-AAJStinson 105 Reliant7571XY-AAJ VT-CAQSold 3.46
FAA files reportedly show the above Vultee NC13771 becoming XY-AAI and Condor NC12390 becoming XY-AAF