Civil Aircraft Register - Tanganyika

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
VR-TAAAvro 616 Avian IVM438G-AAUN VR-TAAThe Governor/ Dar-es-Salaam00.04.321[c/n given as 433 in ICAN-this was RCAF a/c]
VR-TABAvro 621 Tutor461G-ABAP VR-TABThe Governor/ Dar-es-Salaam00.04.323
VR-TACAvro 621 Tutor462G-ABAR VR-TACThe Governor /Dar-es-Salaam00.04.322
VR-TADAvro 616 Avian IVM486G-ABIC VR-TADThe Governor/ Dar-es-Salaam 'Tanganyika'00.04.324
VR-TAEAvro 621 Tutor487G-ABHA VR-TAEThe Governor/ Dar-es-Salaam00.04.325
VR-TAFComper SwiftS31/2G-ABMY VR-TAFThe Governor/ Dar-es-Salaam00.04.326Sold Kenya 31.5.35
VR-TAGAvro 594 Avian IIA173G-AABZ VR-TAGThe Governor/ Dar-es-Salaam00.04.327
VR-TAHDH.60M Moth1555G-ABCZ VP-KAO VR-TAHTanganyika Airways Ltd/Arusha10.05.328
VR-TAI DH.80A Puss Moth2076G-AAZU VR-TAI VP-KAYPeter Malcolm Earl of Lovelace00.02.33Sold Kenya 21.6.33
VR-TAJSimmonds Spartan62G-ABRB VR-TAJOscar Garden c/o Vacuum Oil Co of SA Ltd/Dar-es-Salaam00.10.3210[Shown as DH.60G Moth c/n 1877 and 1887 in ICAN: This was G-ABRD]