Civil Aircraft Register - Australia
Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate/Comments
VH-CKSPercival D.2 Gull FourD39G-ACJV VH-CKSCharles Kingsford Smith08.12.33469Crashed landing in fog at night Yerranderie NSW 28.11.34
VH-UAADH.37105G-AUAA VH-UAAHD McGilvery /Sydney > FT O'Dea /Roseville NSW > R Wylie /Mascot22.04.2998Crashed into sea off Crowdy Head 25.3.32
VH-UABDH.50A106G-AUAB VH-UAB (A10-1) VH-UAB A10-1CAB (DoD) > OB Hall & HG Purvis & JT Pethybridge /Sydney > OB Hall & C Kingsford Smith >C Kingsford Smith 'Southern Cross Midget' > HG Purvis & JC Carpenter > Emily R Harris /Newcastle > KRM Farmer /Malvern > FT O'Dea /Port Moresby NG28.03.2999Leased RAAF 7.5.31 [also reported as A8-2] restored 11.5.32 Impressed 23.11.42
VH-UACDH.53 Humming Bird103G-AUAC VH-UACAero Club of NSW 'Icarus' > BH Goodson /Rockhampton > KG Caldwell /Mascot >J Bower /Aleipata Samoa28.03.29100Shipped Samoa 20.5.37
VH-UADDH.53 Humming Bird104G-AUAD VH-UADAero Club of NSW 'Kestrel' > VV Cerche /Essendon28.03.29101Wfu 27.12.35
VH-UAEDH.60X Moth192G-AUAE VH-UAE A7-88 VH-UAECAB (DoD) > loan Australian AC(NSW) > Tugan Aircraft Ltd > HG Purvis > GL King /Mascot >CS Richards /Sydney > Airwork Co /Archerfield Qld05.04.29127Impressed 8.7.40 restored 9.3.45 Wfu 20.08.70
VH-UAGDH.60X Moth244G-AUAG VH-UAGCAB (DoD) > loan Australian AC(Vic)28.03.29136Crashed Ballarat 21.7.34
VH-UAHDH.60X Moth245G-AUAH VH-UAHCAB (DoD) > loan Australian AC(NSW) > Tugan Aircraft Ltd >Kingsford Smith Air Services Ltd /Mascot20.09.30137Crashed into sea Ettalong Beach NSW 13.11.41
VH-UAIMiles M.2H Hawk Major155VH-UAI A37-5AC of South Australia 'Queen Adelaide'> GH Mitchell /Hindmarsh SA18.06.35530To RAAF 19.11.40 restored 14.10.46 Crashed landing Mt Eba SA 10.3.48
VH-UAJDH.60X Moth241G-AUAJ VH-UAJ A7-114AC of NSW 'Geoffrey Hughes'> Royal AC of NSW > TW Dunn /Wagga Wagga > Airflite Pty Ltd /Mascot >Airflite (Training) Pty Ltd10.07.29138Impressed 19.8.40 Reduced to components 23.12.40
VH-UAKDH.60X Moth242G-AUAK VH-UAKCAB (DoD) > loan AC of NSW > Royal AC of NSW > de Havilland Aircraft Co > JN Walshe /Port Moresby > FA Lord /Koitakinumu NG > Airflite Pty Ltd > Airflite (Training) Pty Ltd >V Burgess /Burraneer NSW20.09.30139Crashed Mascot 5.12.41 Canc 8.10.45
VH-UALDH.60X Moth246G-AUAL VH-UALCAB (DoD) > loan Australian AC(Vic) > loan Royal Victorian AC07.01.30140Crashed on Northern Golf Links nr Essendon 23.12.36
VH-UAMDH.60X Moth364G-AUAM VH-UAMCAB (DoD) > loan Australian AC(SA)28.03.29181Crashed Parafield 14.7.29
VH-UANDH.60X Moth542A7-3 VH-UANCAB (DoD) > loan Queensland AC23.08.32450Crashed after mid-air collision with VH-UAV nr Archerfield 19.6.37
VH-UAODH.60X Moth >DH.60G613A7-9 VH-UAO A7-92CAB (DoD) > loan Australian AC(WA) > Royal AC of WA19.08.32448Impressed 22.7.40 restored 26.3.46 Wfu 20.7.76
VH-UAQDH.60X Moth540A7-14 VH-UAQ A7-85CAB (DoD) > Royal Qld AC23.12.32455Impressed 8.7.40
VH-UARDH.60X Moth366G-AUAR VH-UARCAB (DoD) > loan Australian AC(SA) > Royal AC of SA > CNK Bell /Darwin31.10.29199Crashed en route Oenpelli NT 24.12.40
VH-UASDH.60X Moth367G-AUAS VH-UASCAB (DoD) > loan Australian AC(Vic)31.10.29176Collided with VH-UHP during air race over Essendon 20.7.35 pilot killed
VH-UATDH.60X Moth368G-AUAT VH-UATCAB (DoD) > loan Australian AC(Vic) > Royal Vic AC > de Havilland Aircraft Pty > Macquarie Grove Flying & Glider School Pty > RJ Handlin & KF Kelly /Sydney > W Brown & W Crome (Central FS)/Mascot > HW Crome28.03.29218Destroyed in fire 4.6.46 (or Mascot 19.2.46)
VH-UAUDH.60X Moth614A7-13 G-AUAU VH-UAUCAB (DoD) > loan Australian AC(Tas) > Tasmanian AC > JF Mason /Koroit Vic > Aviation Schools Pty/Hamilton Vic > Wallace Stillard /Deniliquin NSW > HC Mark /Deniliquin02.09.32451Crashed Barellan NSW 14.8.43 Canc 30.8.43 To Powerhouse Museum
VH-UAVDH.60X Moth369G-AUAV VH-UAVCAB (DoD) > loan Australian AC(Qld) > loan Royal Qld AC 'Snipe'21.07.30302Destroyed in collision with VH-UAN nr Archerfield 19.6.37 pilot killed
VH-UAWDH.60X Moth1071G-AUAW VH-UAWCAB (DoD) > FP Roberts (Aircraft Engineers & Supply Co) /Parafield > GH (or VH) James /Perth > Australian AC(WA) > West Australian AC24.05.29294Crashed Maylands 16.09.35 [c/n poss 1072]
VH-UAXWaco UIC3749G-ACGJ G-AUAX VH-UAXAircrafts Pty /Archerfield Qld12.10.35553Crashed nr Brisbane 3.5.41 Wfu 5.5.47
VH-UAYDH.50A137G-AUAY VH-UAYCAB(DoD) > Northern AL 'Codette' /Sydney > Reliable Air Travel Ltd /Brisbane > Stephens Aviation Ltd /Wau NG28.03.29190Crashed on takeoff Wau 21.12.41 remains destroyed by enemy action New Guinea 31.1.42
VH-UAZGAL ST.11 MonosparST11/33G-AUAZ VH-UAZCAB(DoD) > KRM Farmer /Coode Island Vic > Airlines (WA) Ltd29.10.34493Crashed on takeoff Maylands WA 16.6.44
VH-UBBDH.83 Fox Moth4090E-10 G-ACRK VH-UBBWR Carpenter & Co Ltd/Salamaua NG > Mandated Airlines Ltd /Wau NG07.10.35546Lost in NG 1.42
VH-UBGAvro 504KD.1G-AUBG VH-UBGFA Silverthorne & H O'Shanessy (Newcastle AS) 'Newcastles Own' >FA Silverthorne & M Condie (or Coudie)28.03.29147Canc 14.4.32
VH-UBIFord 5-AT-C5-AT-60NC401H G-ABHO VH-UBI A45-1Guinea Airways Ltd/Lae NG26.10.35554Impressed 6.2.42
VH-UBNDH.89A Dragon Rapide6253G-ACPO VH-UBN A33-5Rockhampton Aerial Services Ltd > Airlines of Australia Ltd17.08.36602Impressed 9.8.40 Operated by Guinea Airways Ltd Crashed Mount Kitchener 20.7.44
VH-UBVFarman Sport8G-AUBV VH-UBVShaw-Ross Engineering & Aviation Co Ltd /Port Melbourne (later Shaw Aviation Co)28.03.2913Destroyed in hangar fire Port Melbourne Vic 7.8.31
VH-UBWAirco DH.6C9374 G-AUBW VH-UBWShaw-Ross Engineering & Aviation Co Ltd /Port Melbourne (later Shaw Aviation Co)28.03.2914Destroyed in hangar fire Port Melbourne Vic 7.8.31
VH-UBYSopwith GnuWO/2976/6G-EAIL G-AUBY VH-UBYLarkin Aircraft Supply Co Ltd 'Sunbird' > KRM Farmer /Malvern Vic > Pioneer Air Services Pty/Melbourne > KRM Farmer28.03.2916Lapsed 10.41 Dbr in windstorm Essendon 19.4.46
VH-UBZAirco DH.4F2682 G-AUBZ VH-UBZMatthews Aviation Pty > Pioneer Air Services Pty/Melbourne > Mrs A McKeown /Brunswick Vic > Aerat Passenger Flying (Essendon) Pty28.03.2930 70Canc 10.11.40
VH-UCCJunkers A503517LVB-119 VH-UCC VH-MRRPT Parker /Warnambool Vic > F Betts /Belmont Vic > Schutt Aircraft Sales & Service /Cheltenham Vic > AC Mason /East Gippsland Vic > RJ Helps /Windsor NSW02.03.36572Wfu 30.6.59 restored as VH-MRR
VH-UCKSopwith PupC476C476 G-AUCK VH-UCKCD Pratt (Aircraft Manufacturing & Supply Co of Australia) > JL Roche /Murrumbeena Vic > W Stillard /Deniliquin NSW28.03.2924Wfu 4.9.45 burnt
VH-UCLAvro 504JG-AUCL VH-UCLCurator of Intestate Estates > WA Airways Ltd28.03.2958Lapsed 27.6.31
VH-UCQAvro 534 Baby534/1K-131 G-EACQ G-AUCQ VH-UCQF Fitzalan /Albury NSW > JJ Smith /Footscray Vic28.03.2928 114 126Lapsed 15.10.31 Brisbane Museum
VH-UCWMaurice Farman Shorthorn1326G-AUCW VH-UCWR.Carey t/a Melbourne AS22.11.3029 59Wfu 1.3.33 Lapsed 3.5.33
VH-UCZAvro 504KD.7G-AUCZ VH-UCZCA Butler & FH Smith> RJ Charleson /Morwell Vic28.03.2940 132Crashed nr Smeaton Vic 9.6.30
VH-UDDDH.83 Fox Moth4063G-ACGN G-AUDD VH-UDDMacRobertson Miller Aviation Co Ltd> Madang Aerial Transport Co/NG14.01.36566Destroyed by enemy action Lae/Salamaua 21.1.42
VH-UDLFarman Sport D24G-AUDL VH-UDLShaw Ross Engineering & Aviation Co > Shaw Aviation Co28.03.2949Dbf Port Melbourne 7.8.31
VH-UDNSopwith DoveWO/3004/3G-EAJI G-AUDN VH-UDNTJE Stratton /Sydney> RG Ross /South Yarra > L Gornall /Sydney > JW Haworth /Narrandera NSW (based Mascot)28.03.2951Force landed nr Goulburn 27.2.34
VH-UDVRAF BE2e61G-AUDV VH-UDVDE Donkin /Springsure Qld > NC Marconi /Bulimba Qld > AJ Driver /Bulimba > MB Vallance (Fleming Aerial Services) > J Fleming /Sydney28.03.2973 119Damaged by wind 6.2.31
VH-UDXBristol 28 Coupe Tourer6113G-AUDX VH-UDXWA Airways Ltd > FT O'Dea/Sydney > HR Clarke /Sydney28.03.2977Crashed in Qld. Canc 20.9.30
VH-UDYFord 4-AT-E4-AT-61NC9678 G-ABEF VH-UDY A45-2Holdens Air Transport Service Ltd /Salamaua NG > Guinea Airways Ltd07.10.35564Impressed 6.2.42
VH-UDZBristol 28 Coupe Tourer6115G-AUDZ VH-UDZFT O'Dea/Sydney > HR Clarke /Sydney28.03.29113Crashed nr Ceduna 6.9.30
VH-UEAAirco DH.62C7625 G-AUEA VH-UEAKA Brown /Bendigo Vic> TB Sissons /Bendigo28.03.2979Crashed Mooroopna 25.10.30
VH-UEEDesoutter IID.30EI-AAD G-ABOM VH-UEE VH-BQEL McKenzie-Johnson (Aerodrome) /Western Junction Tas > Tasmanian Aerial Services Ltd 'Miss Flinders' > Holymans AW Pty > dHA > JJ Larkin /Sydney > GP Hoskins /Townsville Qld > JR Pater /Warragul Vic > CD Pratt/Essendon11.03.32442Wfu 6.8.51 restored as VH-BQE on display Launceston Airport
VH-UEIDH.50A129G-AUEI VH-UEILarkin Aircraft Supply Co 'Lyre Bird' > Australian Aerial Services Ltd > VTL Gedye (Centralia AW Ltd)/Brighton Vic > G Bennett /Geelong Vic28.03.29110Lapsed 22.10.37 metal parts used in VH-UEM
VH-UEJDH.50A130G-AUEJ VH-UEJLarkin Aircraft Supply Co 'Sun Bird' later 'Wattle Bird'28.03.29111Force landed and Dbf Methul 9.6.32
VH-UEKDH.50A131G-AUEK VH-UEKLarkin Aircraft Supply Co 'Bell Bird' > Pacific Aerial Transport Ltd /Wau NG28.03.29117Crashed landing Wau NG 28.5.36 Canc 12.12.36
VH-UELDH.50A127G-AUEL VH-UELWA Airways Ltd> Adelaide AW Ltd > Australian National AW Pty> Mrs EA MacPherson /Perth >Miss D Hotchkiss /Ripponlea Vic28.03.29107Damaged Morwell 10.4.38 not repaired
VH-UEMDH.50A128G-AUEM VH-UEMWA Airways Ltd > HR Beeston & N Wilson /Hawthorn Vic09.12.29108Hit power lines after takeoff Coode Is 28.1.40 dbf
VH-UEOAvro 504KAAEC/4G-EAIY G-AUBE G-AUEOJHA Treacy & AJ Driver /Brisbane > GW Ebbage /Ayr Qld > B Greaves /Coolangatta Qld (not regd)28.03.29224Crashed Tweed Heads 7.2.32 (c/n also D.2)
VH-UEQANEC II3G-EBHR G-AUEQ VH-UEQAG Simpson (Air Transport Ltd) /Perth > C Fitzgerald /Goomalling WA28.03.29104Lapsed 30.9.32 (G-EBHR also quoted as becoming G-AUET)
VH-UERDH.50A116G-EBIW G-AUER VH-UERQANTAS 'Hermes' > Rockhampton AS Ltd28.03.29105Force landed in sea off Caloundra Qld 8.12.35
VH-UEVCurtiss JN-4D Jenny10074G-AUEV VH-UEVWE Rolfe /Warracknabeal Vic28.03.29124Wings collapsed during aerobatics Rainbow Vic 16.8.31 (c/n 273 per ICAN - see AUEX)
VH-UEYDH.5073G-EBFN (G-AUEX) G-AUEY VH-UEYWA Airways28.03.29130Wfu 21.9.33
VH-UEZANEC III >Larkin Lascowl1G-AUEZ VH-UEZLarkin Aircraft Supply Co 'Diamond Bird'> Australian Aerial Services Ltd28.03.29141Broken up 9.6.32
VH-UFADH.50A1G-AUFA VH-UFAQANTAS 'Iris' > Austral AS Pty> QANTAS > TH McDonald (North Qld AW Pty)28.03.29142Crashed on landing Cairns Qld 1.12.37
VH-UFEDH.50A2G-AUFE VH-UFEWA Airways Ltd >Adelaide AW Ltd> Australian National AW > J McClure & JW Fraser >J McClure /Melbourne28.03.29150Crashed Condobolin 26.8.37
VH-UFFDH.89A Dragon Rapide6270A3-1 VH-UFF A33-3 F-OAVGHolymans AW 'Memma' > Australian National AW Pty> Airlines of Australia Ltd30.12.35563Impressed 24.7.40 restored 21.11.43 Sold New Caledonia 11.4.56
VH-UFHCurtiss Ireland CometO.38G-AUFH VH-UFHLL Nall /Longueville NSW > J Stanborough & WJ Buckingham /Kogarah NSW> J Stanborough01.03.27155Lapsed 25.9.32
VH-UFJDH.60X Moth278G-AUFJ VH-UFJQANTAS > AJ Murphy /Miles Qld28.03.29151Built by QANTAS. Crashed Miles Qld 28.1.30 [possibly c/n 277/279]
VH-UFKDH.60X Moth279G-AUFK VH-UFKWA Airways Ltd/Perth > CAB(DoD) loan Australian AC(WA)28.03.29162Built by WA Airways. Forced landing nr Maylands WA 9.10.31 [possibly c/n 277/278]
VH-UFLDH.60X Moth352G-AUFL VH-UFLQANTAS 'Swift' > CAB(DoD) loan Australian AC(Qld)28.03.29157Crashed into Brisbane River Pinkenba Qld 19.8.30
VH-UFNDH.50A3G-AUFN VH-UFNWA Airways Ltd/Perth28.03.29169Wfu 7.7.33
VH-UFPAvro 504KPL.6110E3363 G-EAFP G-AUFP VH-UFPST Bishop & GE Jenkins /Caulfield Vic> L Brown /Albany WA22.04.3291Lapsed 3.4.34
VH-UFQCurtiss Ireland MeteorM.8G-AUFQ VH-UFQLL Nall /Longueville NSW28.03.29163Crashed landing Mascot 17.1.31
VH-UFRDH.60X Moth351G-AUFR VH-UFRCAB(DoD) loan Australian AC(Qld) > Skyways Australia Ltd> TH Bishop28.03.29158Dbf Archerfield 28.6.39
VH-UFSAirco DH.9H9340 G-AUFS VH-UFSMorlae Airlines Ltd/Lae NG > Pacific Aerial Transport/ Lae NG28.03.29159Lapsed 25.10.34
VH-UFTDH.60X Moth363G-AUFT VH-UFT G-ABUB X5029Hammond Aerial Transport Ltd /Sydney > NF Porter /Sydney > dHA > Jim A Mollison28.03.29161Mollison Sydney-London flight. Tfr UK 25.2.32 Used as decoy by RAF
VH-UFUDH.60X Moth275G-AUFU VH-UFU A7-89 VH-UFUGE Marni-Kerry /Sydney > Ida Donovan /Brisbane > Rockhampton AS Ltd > QANTAS > EKP Travers /Southport> TEK Parker> C Broome /Nanango Qld > Skyways Australia Pty > FC Higginson & Co /Coopers Plains Qld >Mrs EB Jones (Airwork Ltd)24.06.30160Impressed 8.7.40 restored 8.3.45 Crashed St George Qld 6.10.51
VH-UFVDH.60 Moth > DH.60G1AG-AUFV VH-UFV A7-112 VH-UFVAero Club of NSW > Royal Aero Club of NSW28.03.29165Impressd 19.8.40 Crashed nr Mascot 3.1.46 rebuilt with pts from VH-AAQ
VH-UFWDH.50A2G-AUFW VH-UFWQANTAS 'Perseus' >Rockhampton Aerial Services Ltd28.03.29168Crashed Capella Qld 19.7.36
VH-UFXFarman Sport7085G-AUFX VH-UFXIndustrial Indent Pty/Melbourne28.03.29167Crashed in undershoot Essendon 24.11.30 Dbf in hangar Port Melbourne 7.8.31
VH-UFYAvro 594B Avian IVR3/AV/126G-AUFY VH-UFYG Matheson (Jaques FS) >JHA Treacy >North Qld Marine Products Pty >MH Blackman /Archerfield >ED Hill /Wyandra Qld28.03.29186Damaged Morven Qld 10.11.39 Canc 26.8.41
VH-UFZAvro 594B Avian IVR3/AV/127G-AUFZ VH-UFZG Matheson (Jaques FS) >Aircraft Engineers & Supply Co >WH Treloar /Glenelg >M Brown /Essendon >AJ Brown >JE Price /Geelong >Wide Bay & Burnett AC /Maryborough Qld28.03.29187Canc 19.12.47 restored 24.4.98 Sold US 30.5.01 as N7083
VH-UGAAvro 594B Avian IVR3/AV/123G-AUGA VH-UGAW Meredith & E Lealand /Sydney >WJ Powell /Orange NSW >RH Hamblin /Ganmain NSW28.03.29183Dbf in hangar fire Essendon 28.2.39
VH-UGBCurtiss JN-4D Jenny2885G-AUGB VH-UGBHW Ross/Croydon NSW >R Cox/Coogee NSW >SG Masterman /Tulagi Solomon Is28.03.29171Sold Solomon Is 24.10.32 Renewal refused 1.6.34
VH-UGCStinson SR-7 Reliant9668VH-UGCGuinea AW Ltd/Lae NG08.06.36594Destroyed on ground by Japanese fighters Madang NG 21.1.42
VH-UGDDH.50AQANTAS3G-AUGD VH-UGDQANTAS 'Pegasus' >Aero Club of NSW >HR Clarke /Point Piper NSW >Burnett Air Navigation Ltd/Brisbane >LH Holden/Salamaua NG >Holdens Air Transport Services Ltd /NG28.03.29172Wfu 6.10.36
VH-UGEDH.60 Moth > DH.60X2G-AUGE VH-UGEGuinea AW Ltd/Adelaide >EJ Buck & EH Ball /Newcastle >Dr HK Houston & WO Pye /Scone NSW >Airflite Pty /Mascot02.11.29173Crashed Botany Bay NSW 19.2.40 [possibly UK c/n 408]
VH-UGFANEC III >Lasco Lascowl3G-AUGF VH-UGFLarkin Aircraft Supply Co 'Lovebird' >Australian Aerial Services Ltd /Melbourne28.03.29175Crashed and dbf Temora NSW 14.7.31
VH-UGGStinson A9122N15162 VH-UGGAirlines of Australia Ltd 'City of Lismore'16.04.36580Crashed and dbf after takeoff Archerfield Qld 28.3.37
VH-UGHDH.60X Moth354G-AUGH VH-UGHMrs DE Reis /Brisbane >QANTAS >CH Ferris /Brisbane28.03.29174Damaged on takeoff Rocklea Qld 8.4.33
VH-UGIWestland Widgeon IIIWA1681G-AUGI VH-UGIGuinea AW Ltd/Adelaide >SD Marshall /Lae NG (later Rockdale NSW)28.03.29179Lapsed 14.7.41
VH-UGJDH.60X Moth3G-AUGJ VH-UGJAustralian AC(NSW) >Aero Club of NSW >Royal Aero Club of NSW05.08.29177Destroyed landing Mascot 8.10.40 [possibly UK c/n 408]
VH-UGKAlexander Eaglerock298G-AUGK VH-UGKAir Travel Ltd/Sydney28.03.29188Crashed Greenwell Point nr Nowra NSW 7.10.35
VH-UGMDH.60X Moth453G-AUGM VH-UGMBush Church Aid Society >Airways Ltd >JL Scott /Adelaide >Victorian & Interstate AW Ltd>JF Mason /Koroit Vic >Victorian & Interstate AW Ltd28.03.29201Crashed nr Moorabbin Vic 22.11.59
VH-UGNDH.60X Moth >DH.60G411G-AUGN VH-UGNLW Burrows /Bowral NSW >AM Stevens /RAAF Richmond >Mrs A Finlay /Brisbane >Mrs ME Stark & Mrs ME Biffin (op by Matheson Aviation & Training /Brisbane)28.03.29184Crashed nr Home Hill Qld 1.5.60
VH-UGODH.60X Moth424G-AUGO VH-UGOWA Airways Ltd>CAB(DoD) loan Australian AC(WA)28.03.29178Crashed Picton Junction WA 29.11.33
VH-UGPAvro 504KG-AUGP VH-UGPLarkin Aircraft Supply Co 'Pilot Bird'28.03.29189Crashed after takeoff Coode Is 21.3.30
VH-UGQMiles M.2 Hawk212VH-UGQHU Sheperdson /Darwin28.05.36587Destroyed in Qantas hangar fire Archerfield 28.6.39
VH-UGSDH.60X Moth604G-AUGS VH-UGSLC Matulich /Kimba SA31.08.30214Wfu 3.4.36 Canc 19.12.47 restored 3.7.96 as VH-JGS
VH-UGTDH.60X Moth605G-AUGT VH-UGTGoulburn Aero Club >International AW Ltd/Cronulla NSW >BW Cowan & R Jowett & R Gower & C Stephens /South Kensington NSW28.03.29215Sold New Zealand 14.3.39 NFT
VH-UGUDH.60X Moth606G-AUGU VH-UGUMiss IJ Bishop /Adelaide08.06.33216Mid air collision with VH-UNE Parafield SA 23.6.34
VH-UGVDH.60G Gipsy Moth833G-AUGV VH-UGVFE & SH Hamilton /Glenelg SA>J Escreet & J Atherton & DH Brown /Prospect SA (McKay Expedition /Alice Springs)>Bonds AW Ltd /Adelaide >dHA >Royal Qld AC >Byrne Motor Co/Rockhampton28.03.29268Damaged in gale Rockhampton Qld 1.12.38
VH-UGWDH.60G Gipsy Moth834G-AUGW VH-UGWQANTAS >S Zlotkowski /Muttaburra Qld >QANTAS >Qantas Empire AW Ltd >Light Aeroplanes Pty/Archerfield Qld06.06.29295Crashed into Brisbane River Corinda Qld 8.12.37
VH-UGXDH.60X Moth >DH.60G425G-AUGX VH-UGX G-ACXF HM582OB Hall & DG Officer /Bellevue Hill NSW >Hart Aircraft Service Pty/Essendon >Central Australian Gold Exploration Co Ltd >Adastra AW Ltd>JNM Weir /Beecroft NSW >DL Rawnsley /Sydney28.01.30193Sold UK 31.7.34 Reduced to spares 21.7.43
VH-UGYTravel Air 2000287C3669 G-AUGY VH-UGYAirways of Australia Pty>GM Stephenson /Essendon >FW Beck /Melbourne >HD Neville /Elsternwick Vic >P Moore-MacMahon /Hurstville NSW 'Wings of Song' >JH Bowden /Kogarh NSW >TA Barrett /Orange NSW07.04.30194Wfu 21.4.44 Canc 19.12.47
VH-UGZJunkers W34 B2601D-1294 G-AUGZ VH-UGZGuinea AW Ltd /Adelaide 'Junkers No.1'28.03.29195Crashed Wau NG 6.3.30 (or 6.2.30)
VH-UHBDH.60X Moth412G-AUHB VH-UHB (VH-AGF) PK-SASAir Travel Ltd/Sydney >FK Bardsley /Sydney >AE Johnson /Yeppoon Qld >GE Byrne (Byrne Motor Co)/ Rockhampton Qld >Queensland Air University28.03.29198Crashed Rolleston Qld 7.2.31 Sold to Dutch East Indies 9.41
VH-UHCAvro 594B Avian III>IVmR3/AV/413G-AUHC VH-UHCCAB(DoD) loan Australian AC(NSW) >Aero Club of NSW >PL Welsh /Stanmore NSW >ALJ Madden /Eastwood NSW >SD Marshall /Rockdale NSW28.03.29196Canc 3.7.52
VH-UHEDH.50J4G-AUHE VH-UHEQANTAS 'Atalanta'28.03.29204Crashed nr Winston Qld 3.10.34
VH-UHGDH.60X Moth > DH.60G465G-AUHG VH-UHG A7-106 Inst.16Louis Coen Wireless Pty>H Tubbs & J Barker & WH Treloar /Bendigo >S Misson /Hawthorn >AV Campbell /Boort Vic >EA Muhleisen /Bendigo >AJ Steen /Bendigo>F Tampion /Quambatook Qld >Victorian & Interstate AW Ltd>EC Beer /Boort >Victorian & Interstate AW Ltd29.04.29202Impressed 22.7.40 Reduced to components 8.11.44
VH-UHHStinson A9126VH-UHHAirlines of Australia Ltd 'City of Brisbane'27.06.36593Crashed Lamington NP Qld 19.2.37
VH-UHJDH.60X Moth466G-AUHJ VH-UHJGuinea AW Ltd /Adelaide28.03.29205Crashed Bulolo NG 7.10.30
VH-UHKAvro 594B Avian IVmR3/CN/120G-AUHK VH-UHKAero Club of NSW >M Coucoulis /Greek Council Sydney >AHP Lewis /Coogee NSW >AL Needham /Camperdown >JC Piddington /Mascot >R Jowett & R Stephens (C Stephenson?) /Kingsford >PH Burton /Sydney >College of Civil Aviation /Mascot28.03.29213Crashed Gilgandra NSW 15.8.37 Canc 15.1.41
VH-UHLFarman Sport30-7084G-AUHL VH-UHLAirgold Ltd 'Butterfly' >LG Mitchell /Wycheproof Vic >HGG Sweeney /East St Kilda >LG Mitchell >CH Frazer /Elwood Vic >AH Wilkins /Blackwood SA >RJ Weston /North Adelaide28.03.29207Lapsed 13.9.35 Canc 19.12.47
VH-UHMFarman Sport31G-AUHM VH-UHMGN Wickner /Brisbane -loan Aero Club of NSW28.03.29208Crashed into fence on landing Dayboro Qld 29.3.30
VH-UHNDH.60G Gipsy Moth875G-AUHN VH-UHNCAB(DoD) loan Australian AC(NSW)28.03.29239Crashed Brighton-le-Sands NSW 8.8.30
VH-UHPDH.60G Gipsy Moth877G-AUHP VH-UHP A7-100CAB(DoD) loan Australian AC(Vic) >Royal Victorian AC00.02.30321Impressed 22.7.40 Crashed on takeoff Essendon 24.8.40 reduced to components
VH-UHQDH.60G Gipsy Moth878G-AUHQ VH-UHQ VH-AAQCAB(DoD) loan Australian AC(NSW) >Royal AC of NSW28.03.29246Crashed Wagga Wagga NSW 10.12.39 dbf. Rebuilt by RAC of NSW as VH-AAQ Crashed Mascot NSW 16.12.45
VH-UHRDH.60G Gipsy Moth879VH-UHR A7-99CAB(DoD) loan Australian AC(Vic) >Royal Victorian AC16.08.30396Impressed 22.7.40
VH-UHSDH.60G Gipsy Moth880G-AUHS VH-UHSCAB(DoD) loan Australian AC(Vic) 'Bronzewing' >Royal Victorian AC28.03.29271Collided with VH-UNP on ground Essendon 11.6.39 pilot killed
VH-UHTAirco DH.9G-AUHT VH-UHTHC Miller (Commercial Aviation Co)/Parafield SA >McRobertson Miller Aviation Co Ltd>Skyways Ltd /Norwood SA28.03.29209Crashed Kadina SA 15.5.37
VH-UHUWestland Widgeon IIIWA1695G-EBUB G-AUHU VH-UHUMC Kent/Sydney 'Fleetwing'28.03.29211Wfu 25.6.74 preserved Wangaratta Aviation Museum
VH-UHVAmerican Eagle A-1238NC5963 G-AUHV VH-UHVJR Palmer/Sydney27.05.29212Crashed into Sydney Harbour nr Manly 14.4.35
VH-UHWDH.61 Giant Moth330G-AUHW VH-UHWLH Holden /Sydney >Holdens Air Transport Services Ltd /Salamaua28.03.29230Hit building and burnt out Kiapit NG 2.11.34
VH-UHXAvro 594 Avian IIIaR3/CN/235G-EBXZ G-AUHX VH-UHXMrs JP Nall /Longueville NSW >VT Chapman /Jerilderie >GWM Bennett /Gellong Vic28.03.29220Wfu 2.12.48
VH-UHYAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/164G-AUHY VH-UHYCA Butler & FH Smith /Lithgow NSW >CA Butler /Cootamundra >Larkin Aircraft Supply Co >Australian Aerial Services Ltd >Butler AT Co >RC Hart /Galong NSW >JCD Whitty /Sydney >EA Lanagan /Charleville Qld28.03.29228Canc 30.4.46
VH-UHZAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/144G-AUHZ VH-UHZAircrafts Pty /Brisbane >ND Hagerty & AH Williams /Longreach >MM Castle /Bundaberg Qld >PH Burton /Sydney13.03.33219Dbf in forced landing after fir in air Byrock NSW 3.2.41
VH-UIADH.60G Gipsy Moth835G-AUIA VH-UIA A7-105KA Virtue /Lismore NSW>Victorian Flying School & Taxi Services Ltd >Holymans AW Pty >Australian National AW Pty31.10.29259Impressed 31.12.39 Collided with A7-110 Essendon 4.10.40
VH-UIBDH.60G Gipsy Moth848G-AUIB VH-UIB A7-109AC of South Australia >Royal AC of South Australia >CM Thomas /Apsley Vic >CD Pratt /Essendon00.00.30296Impressed 22.7.40 Reduced to spares 3.2.41
VH-UICDH.60G Gipsy Moth849G-AUIC VH-UIC A7-115 Inst.11Australian National AW Ltd>R Vaughan & TJ Masse /Camperdown NSW >dHA >HF Broadbent /Bondi NSW >CD Kelman /Bellata NSW >JN Jackson /Rose Bay NSW>JK McPherson /Mullaley >Mrs A Findlay /Brisbane >Airflite Pty /Mascot16.12.29247Impressed 19.08.40
VH-UIDDH.60G Gipsy Moth819G-AUID VH-UIDAT Cunningham /Tharwa ACT>Aircrafts Pty /Brisbane >Queensland AC/Archerfield28.03.29231Crashed into Moreton Bay Qld 7.7.34
VH-UIEDH.60G Gipsy Moth820G-AUIE VH-UIEWW Pike/Brisbane >NW Croucher /Townsville Qld >Queensland AC/Archerfield >Royal Queensland AC28.03.29248Collided with VH-UIQ over Rocklea Qld 8.8.37 dbf
VH-UIFDH.60G Gipsy Moth821G-AUIF VH-UIFFK Bardsley /Penhurst NSW >J Laurie /Gloucester NSW >AN Campbell /Lake Cargellio NSW>Clarence River AC/Grafton NSW >Newcastle AC >Downs Air Service & FS/Roma Qld >RR Russell /Chinchilla >TE Elford /Monto Qld28.03.29233Crashed nr Dirranbandi Qld 30.9.38 Canc 19.12.47
VH-UIGDH.60G Gipsy Moth822G-AUIG VH-UIGRA Charlton /Sydney >dHA >NM Kater /Mascot >GBS Falkiner /Warren NSW >Aerial Transport Ltd /Warren >Matheson Flying School Pty >Mrs A Finlay /Brisbane >Mathesons Aviation & Training Co Pty03.12.29234Crashed Goodna Qld 19.10.39 two killed
VH-UIHDH.60G Gipsy Moth823G-AUIH VH-UIHPG Taylor /Sydney >SW Hecker /Temora NSW >Eastern AT Ltd/Mascot28.03.29244Dbf Kelso NSW 14.9.35
VH-UIIDH.60G MothVH-UIISH Cheesewright /Petersham NSW >OTY Thomas /Hillston NSW >Victorian Flying School & Taxi Services Pty >Holyman AW Pty27.07.31433Built using pts from G-AUIS Crashed and dbf East Oakleigh Vic 16.5.36
VH-UIJDH.60G Gipsy Moth824G-AUIJ VH-UIJ A7-110CD Pratt /Geelong Vic >CD & LF Pratt >CD Pratt &COC Wills /Geelong >CD Pratt28.03.29238Impressed 22.7.40 SOC 21.1.44
VH-UIKAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/145G-AUIK VH-UIKCharter Wing Ltd/Brisbane >LW Brown /Kalgoorlie WA28.03.29221Crashed nr Kalgoorlie .37 Canc 26.8.40
VH-UILAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/146G-AUIL VH-UILEJ Stephens /Rose Bay >GM Reid /Randwick NSW >Macquarie Grove Flying & Glider School /Camden >RJ Handlin & KF Kelly /Sydney >W Brown & HW Crome (Central FS)29.03.32222Rts 4.6.46
VH-UIMDH.51A100G-EBIM G-AUIM VH-UIMAN Pentland /Sydney >AS Elkin & RF Walker /Sydney28.03.29170Overturned landing Sydney Harbour 3.2.31
VH-UINWestland Widgeon IIIWA1697G-EBUD G-AUIN VH-UING McVeigh/Sydney >RN Gilmour /Bathurst NSW28.03.29223Crashed Grenfell NSW 30.11.29
VH-UIODH.60G Gipsy Moth891G-AUIO VH-UIOGuinea AW Ltd/Adelaide (based Lae NG)28.03.29249Lapsed 21.1.37 Sold to School of Mines Adelaide as inst a/f .37
VH-UIPDH.60G Gipsy Moth892G-AUIP VH-UIPH Heavener & Co/Sydney >Downs Air Services Ltd/Toowoomba Qld28.03.29255Crashed Pittsworth Qld 8.4.32
VH-UIQDH.60G Gipsy Moth893G-AUIQ VH-UIQ A7-122dHA 'Black Hawk' >Queensland Air Navigation Ltd>KE Wedgwood /Randwick NSW >AS & TS Cameron /Brisbane>Queensland AC >Royal Queensland AC28.03.29270Impressed 9.9.40 Collided with A17-15 Parkes 25.7.41 reduced to spares
VH-UIRDH.60G Gipsy Moth894G-AUIR VH-UIR ZK-ADGQueensland Air Navigation Ltd>JWF Collins /Beaudesert Qld >HF Broadbent /Coogee NSW >RA Annabel /Rockdale NSW >Putaruru Pine & Pulp Co (NZ) Ltd/Sydney28.03.29263Sold NZ 1.8.34 Crashed Mangere 28.2.39
VH-UITSimmonds Spartan3ZK-AAP G-AUIT VH-UITR Bryce & Co Pty/Melbourne >RE Hodges /Pyramid Hill Vic>WW Newton /Irymple Vic >K Steele /Melbourne >Mrs E Steele /Essendon >EJ Connellan /Melbourne28.03.29269Crashed on takeoff Balranald NSW 7.1.39
VH-UIUAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/192G-AUIU VH-UIUAG Dunoon /Swan Hill Vic29.01.30245Dbf Swan Hill Vic 9.2.39
VH-UIVAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/193G-AUIV VH-UIVLH Holden /Sydney >Aircrafts Pty/Brisbane >Holdens AT Services Ltd/Salamaua NG28.03.29235Crashed Bulolo NG 9.33 Canc 16.3.34
VH-UIWJunkers W332575VH-UIWJS Taylor & GL Bond/Salamaua NG 'The Little Lettie' >Pacific Aerial Transport Ltd/Wau NG08.02.30357Lapsed 27.6.36 Sold Mandated Airlines for spares 1.10.36
VH-UIZRyan Monoplane92/49384938 G-AUIZ VH-UIZNSW Airways Ltd >New England AW Ltd 'City of Lismore' >Clancy Bros /Roseberry NSW >Stephens Aviation Ltd/Wau NG28.03.29226Destroyed by enemy action Wau NG 21.1.42
VH-UJAAirco DH.9H9276 G-EBXR G-AUJA VH-UJASJ Taylor /Wau NG 'The Lady Peggy' >Taylor & Ross AT Co/Lae NG28.03.29229Written off forced landing in sea Salamaua NG 2.11.29
VH-UJBDH.61 Giant Moth334G-AUJB VH-UJBQANTAS 'Apollo' >Qantas Empire AW Ltd >EJ Stephens /Wau NG >Stephens Aviation Ltd /Wau NG16.07.29283Crashed nr Mubo NG 6.5.38 [incorrectly wore G-AUJD until 22.4.29]
VH-UJCDH.61 Giant Moth333G-AUJC VH-UJCQANTAS 'Diana' >Qantas Empire AW Ltd>WR Carpenter & Co Ltd/Salamau NG 'Wings of Gold' 16.07.29284Crashed nr Salamaua NG 23.10.35
VH-UJDJunkers W34 B2604G-AUJD VH-UJDGuinea AW Ltd/Adelaide 'Junkers No.2'28.03.29232Badly damaged when u/c collapsed on landing Wampit NG 17.1.31 Canc 3.12.31
VH-UJECurtiss RobinAB.34G-AUJE VH-UJE VH-CSBSL Tyler /Sydney >CH Fischer /Hurstville NSW28.03.29241Canc 19.12.47 restored 5.5.50 Rereg as VH-CSB 22.12.54
VH-UJFAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/184G-AUJF VH-UJFSK Howard /Bundaberg Qld>J Connor & HT Tracy & F Christensen & R Steen (Mackay Aero Syndicate) /Mackay Qld28.03.29236Destroyed in hangar fire Mackay 18.5.37
VH-UJGAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/185G-AUJG VH-UJGAircrafts Pty/Brisbane >Dr GW Mason & LW Brasch /Ingham Qld >LW Brasch /Gin Gin Qld (based Ingham)28.03.29237Canc 28.12.34
VH-UJHDH.60G Gipsy Moth982G-AUJH VH-UJH A7-77 Inst.4AG Simpson /Perth >HF Baker (Baker Aviation Co)/Mt Lawley WA >Miss IS Dean-Williams /Geomalling WA >James Taxiplanes Ltd/Perth >Royal Aero Club of WA >RT Decean /Kalgoorlie >WA Goldfields AC/Kalgoorlie28.03.29265Impressed 22.12.39 Reduced to spares 11.1.45
VH-UJIDH.60G Gipsy Moth983G-AUJI VH-UJI A7-117 Inst.10FW Scholz /Goulburn NSW >International AW Ltd /Cronulla (based Mascot) >Kingsford Smith Air Service Ltd/Mascot28.03.29272Impressed 19.8.40 Reduced to spares 11.9.45
VH-UJKDH.60G Gipsy Moth984G-AUJK VH-UJKR Annabel /Rockdale NSW >ID Masters /Wellington NSW >dHA >Whyalla AC >Spencer Gulf AC /Whyalla SA28.03.29273Reduced to spares 21.8.45
VH-UJLDH.60G Gipsy Moth985G-AUJL VH-UJLDr B Bradley /Goulburn NSW >CW Lamph /Goulburn (later Western Line NSW)02.04.29274Damaged in storm Walgett NSW 20.2.31
VH-UJMDH.60G Gipsy Moth986G-AUJM VH-UJMQANTAS >JCG Hillman /Maryborough Qld >P Schmidt & G McGhie /Maryborough >Maryborough AW & School of Flying >WE Gardner /Brisbane >AW Spence /Sandgate Qld >Pacific Aerial Transport Ltd/Wau NG >Mandated AL Ltd/Wau NG07.05.29285Destroyed by enemy action New Guinea 21.1.41
VH-UJNDH.60G Gipsy Moth987G-AUJN VH-UJN A7-116 Inst.12JHF Moxon (or Moran)/Brisbane>Air Schools & Taxis Co Ltd >EF Finlay /Clifton Qld >The Downs AS Ltd/Toowoomba >WE Gardner /Brisbane >Arnhem Land Gold Development Co (NL)/Sydney >Dr C Fenton /Katherine NT >TG Kelly /Bexley NSW >Kingsford Smith AS Ltd00.12.30317Impressed 19.8.40 Reduced to spares 2.4.46
VH-UJODH.66 Hercules344G-AUJO VH-UJOWA Airways Ltd 'City of Perth' >Stephens Aerial Transport Co >Stephens Aviation Ltd/Wau NG00.00.30293Crashed between Salamaua and Wau NG 6.2.41
VH-UJPDH.66 Hercules345G-AUJP VH-UJPWA Airways Ltd 'City of Adelaide' >Stephens Aerial Transport Co >EJ Stephens/Wau NG >Stephens Aviation Ltd /Wau NG06.01.31291Destroyed in enemy action Salamaua NG 21.1.42
VH-UJQDH.66 Hercules346G-AUJQ VH-UJQ G-ABMT SAAF261WA Airways Ltd00.00.30292Sold UK 26.5.31 Scrapped .43
VH-UJRDH.66 Hercules347G-AUJR VH-UJR G-ABCPWA Airways Ltd00.00.30297Sold UK 19.6.30 Crashed nr Lake Salisbury Uganda 23.11.35(listed as G-AUJR up to end April 1930:uncertain if reregistered VH-)
VH-UJSDH.50A (Rebuild)6G-AUJS VH-UJSQANTAS >Qantas Empire AW >FT O'Dea /Salamaua NG >WO Weaber /Brisbane28.03.29242Written off Yeppon Qld 2.12.37
VH-UJTAtlantic Fokker F.XI Universal436NC8046 G-AUJT VH-UJTMacRobertson Miller Aviation Co Ltd>Catholic Mission of the Holy Ghost/ Alexishafen NG28.03.29243Crashed Alexishafen NG 6.8.39
VH-UJUDH.60G Gipsy Moth836G-AUJU VH-UJU A7-95 Inst.13EE Davies /Swan Hill Vic >Aero Club of SA Ltd/Adelaide >Royal Aero Club of SA28.03.29260Impressed 22.7.40 Converted to components 31.5.55?
VH-UJVDH.60G Gipsy Moth846G-AUJV VH-UJV A7-108 Inst.15Sun Newspapers Ltd/Sydney >Church Missionary Society /Roper River NT 'Sky Pilot' >JJ Stanborough & Mrs Mrs SF Cropley /Mascot >FA Trainer /Sydney>D McD Johnstone /Deniliquin NSW>Victorian & Interstate AW Ltd28.03.29256Overturned landing Oenpelli NT 16.4.33 Dbf during transport on lugger. Rebuilt Impressed 22.7.40 Reduced to spares 8.11.44
VH-UJWDH.60G Gipsy Moth837G-AUJW VH-UJWRJ Carter /Millicent >HC Miller >Commercial Aviation Co >Mrs DE Carter /Millicent >Bonds AW Ltd>Royal Victorian AC >RH Hamblen /Ganmain NSW >Victorian & Interstate AW Ltd >Ansett AW Ltd /Essendon >Royal Victorian AC28.03.29258Crashed Sunshine Vic 29.4.40 Impressed as spares 22.7.40
VH-UJXDH.60G Gipsy Moth838G-AUJX VH-UJX A7-76 Inst.3Commercial Aviation Co/Parafield SA >Perth AC >Aero Club of WA >Royal Aero Club of WA >FC & M Higginson /Albury NSW28.03.29257Impressed 8.1.40 Reduced to spares 11.1.45
VH-UJYAvro 594 Avian IIIaR3/CN/155G-EBYR G-AUJY VH-UJYMA Cantrill /Dubbo NSW >Adastra AW Ltd/Mascot >Mrs GV Forknall /Sydney28.03.29251Crashed Millthorpe NSW 3.6.31
VH-UJZAvro 594 Avian IVR3/CN/202G-AUJZ VH-UJZEW Percival /Sydney >Western AC Ltd/Bathurst NSW >WJ Huckey & JA Kerr/Sydney >JA Kerr28.03.29252Hit power lines Brooklyn Vic 21.2.32
VH-UKCDH.60G Gipsy Moth711VH-UKCdHA >RB Pearson /Brewarrina NSW09.05.29286Crashed nr Nyngan NSW 4.5.30
VH-UKDAvro 594 Avian IVR3/CN/201(G-AUKA) G-AUKD VH-UKDEW Percival /Sydney >HWG Penny /Sydney >Harkness & Hillier Ltd/Five Docks NSW >Riverina AC /Cootamundra >EW Islip/Albert Park Vic >CS Grice /Caulfield Vic28.03.29253Gift to RAAF 2.7.40 as inst af
VH-UKEWestland Widgeon IIIWA1777G-AUKE VH-UKEWJ Smith >N Stirling >General Aircraft Co Ltd >EF Gilford & CD Conway >JJ Stanborough >G Elliott >WH Parker >BM Herman /Geelong >CO Strong >JJ Smith & JC Morgan /Melbourne >CO Strong >RG Ouston /Box Hill>JR Pater /Warragul >W Stillard /Cobram28.03.29266Canc 12.3.47
VH-UKFDH.60G Gipsy Moth974VH-UKF A7-107Matthews Aviation Ltd /Essendon>RL Manuel /Kerang Vic >Victorian & Interstate AW Ltd /Essendon04.04.29277Impressed 22.7.40
VH-UKGDH.60G Gipsy Moth897G-AUKG VH-UKG A7-84Air Taxis Ltd/Sydney >Haultain & Chapman Joyriding Charter Flights /Western Jctn Tas >NM Chapman /Elwood Vic>S Devine /Warragul Vic >F Gannon /Mascot>BA Hull & WC Allen /Gympie Qld >CHC Swaffield /Rockhampton >Royal Queensland AC00.02.30250Impressed 8.7.40 Dbr in heavy landing Archerfield 11.6.41
VH-UKIAirco DH.9CF1287 G-EAQM G-AUKI VH-UKIR Parer & PJ McDonald ( Morlae Airways) /Salamaua NG28.03.29262Written off Port Moresby NG 13.7.29
VH-UKJDH.60G Gipsy Moth975G-AUKJ VH-UKJ A7-80 Inst.7TP Manifold /Essendon >Matthews Aviation Pty >Mrs ML Hider /Melbourne >Hart Aircraft Service Pty/Essendon >Victorian & Interstate AW Ltd>Miss EG Chellingworth /Winton Qld >Mathesons Aviation & Training School /Archerfield04.04.29276Impressed 10.1.40
VH-UKKStinson A9128VH-UKKAirlines of Australia Ltd 'City of Townsville' >Australian National AW Pty 'Binana'30.07.36599Wfu 31.1.45 to Aircraft Research Lab for fatigue testing
VH-UKLDH.60G Gipsy Moth973G-AUKL VH-UKLTaylor & Ross AT Co/Lae NG >Guinea AW Ltd /Adelaide (based Lae)04.04.29275Crashed Lae 12.5.29 restored 29.8.31 Overturned after forced landing Kaiapit NG 13.7.35
VH-UKMDH.60G Gipsy Moth1070VH-UKMLSJ Smith/Guildford WA >Wings Ltd/Perth06.04.29278Crashed Leonora WA 17.7.31 pts used to build Galway biplane
VH-UKNDH.60G Gipsy Moth972VH-UKNMatthews Aviation Pty/Essendon >Australian AC(Vic) >Royal Victorian AC/Melbourne09.04.29279Wfu 1.8.37 Canc 28.8.40
VH-UKODH.60G Gipsy Moth1069VH-UKOP Knapman/Exeter SA 'Swallow'09.04.29280Crashed Gladstone SA 27.6.29
VH-UKPWestland WidgeonWA1774VH-UKPEG Eager & Sons Ltd/Brisbane >DE Donkin /Springsure Qld >JA Marsh /Brisbane >JE Price /Geelong >A Carter /Werribee Vic15.04.29281Canc 18.3.38
VH-UKQSimmonds Spartan5VH-UKQRobert Bryce & Co/Melbourne >Taylor & Ross AT Co/Lae NG >JP Hammond >C Gatenby /Lae >HD McGilvery /Lae >AT Collins /Rabaul >NGA Mendham (Salamaua AS) >Stephens Aviation Ltd/Lae >NR Wilde /Wau NG24.04.29282Crashed between Bena Bena and Kaitantu NG 4.42
VH-UKRAvro 594 Avian IVR3/CN/205VH-UKREW Percival /Sydney >JH Bettington /Manly NSW16.05.29289Crashed Tamworth 31.5.30
VH-UKSWestland Widgeon IIIaWA1780VH-UKSAustralian AC(NSW) >Aero Club of NSW >FK Fleming / Mascot >TM Bowman /Muswellbrook >RWR Hall /Mascot >SS Evans /St George Qld >CW Widt /Wowan Qld>JL Whiteman /Kogarah NSW13.05.29288Damaged in storm after landing St George Qld 10.2.36 rebuilt Overturned during forced landing Sugarloaf Point 6.10.47
VH-UKTLasco Lascoter1VH-UKTLarkin Aircraft Supply Co >Airlines of Australia Ltd>WF Dickson /Melbourne10.05.29287Lapsed 9.9.38
VH-UKUDH.60G Gipsy Moth1065VH-UKU A7-87WF Buchanan /Narribri NSW >TH McDonald /Cairns >FZ Eager /Brisbane >CF Moore /Archerfield >WH Land /Cairns >FC Higginson & Co/Coopers Plains Qld >Mrs EB Jones (Airwork Co) /Coopers Plains22.05.29290Impressed 8.7.40 restored as VH-UFU(2)
VH-UKVDH.60G Gipsy Moth1066VH-UKV A7-79NC Trescowthick /Melbourne>Hart AS Pty /Essendon >Miss N Lyle /Toorak (based Essendon) >dHA >Miss B Hitchins /Stanmore 'Felicity' >AC of Broken Hill05.07.29301Impressed 8.1.40 restored 3.5.54 Wfu 12.6.58 preserved Moorabbin Air Museum as 'Diana'
VH-UKWJunkers F13 L2044VH-UKWEyre Peninsula AW Ltd /Adelaide >Goldfields Air Navigation Ltd/Kalgoorlie >Guinea AW Ltd/Salamaua NG 'Junkers No.6'25.06.29299Destroyed by enemy action Salamaua NG 21.1.42
VH-UKXDH.60G Gipsy Moth1073VH-UKXMatthews Aviation Pty/Essendon >JR Guthrie /Geelong Vic 'Corio'24.06.29298Crashed Baandee nr Merredin WA 5.10.29
VH-UKYDH.60G Gipsy Moth1041VH-UKY A7-93 VH-UKYWV Pendle /Renmark SA >LC Leonard /Kensington Park >VH James /Perth >Australian AC(WA) >West Australian AC >Aero Club of WA >Royal Aero Club of WA11.07.29304Impressed 22.7.40 restored 11.5.45 Crashed Barwon Heads Vic 2.1.47
VH-UKZAmsco Monoplane1VH-UKZPJ Pratt/Geelong04.07.29300Wfu 7.11.30
VH-ULADH.60G Gipsy Moth847G-AULA VH-ULAL Abrahams (Louis Coen Wireless Pty) /Melbourne >Radio Corporation Pty >H Boston (Interstate FS Pty)/Mildura Vic >Zinc Corp AC /Broken Hill NSW >Aero Club of Broken Hill28.03.29261Destroyed in hangar fire Broken Hill NSW 06.09.39
VH-ULBDH.60G Gipsy Moth996VT-AAR VH-ULB A7-98LC Murray /Melbourne >Australian AC(Vic) >Victorian AC/Essendon >Royal Victorian AC10.07.29303Impressed 22.7.40 Reduced to spares 3.2.41
VH-ULCDH.60G Gipsy Moth898G-AULC VH-ULCLouis Coen Wireless Pty/Melbourne >FL Roberts /East Malvern >CM White /Rupanyup >LM Dumaresq /Longford Tas>S Parisotto /West Kempsey NSW >Northern NSW AC/Grafton >Airwork Co /Archerfield Qld >Queensland Air University Pty28.03.29267Dbr in gale Cobar NSW 2.55
VH-ULDDH.60G Gipsy Moth1128VH-ULD A7-94British Australian & New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition >Australian AC(WA) >West Australian AC >Aero Club of WA >Royal Aero Club of WA15.04.30385Impressed 22.7.40
VH-ULEDH.60G Gipsy Moth1072VH-ULEdHA >Papuan AW/Lae NG >Pacific AT Ltd /Wau NG >Mandated AL Ltd >AT Collins /Salamaua NG >JD Hodder /Sydney >FD Hoinville /Sydney13.07.29305Canc 22.10.47
VH-ULFWestland WessexWA1898VH-ULF OO-AGDShell Co of Australia Ltd/Melbourne29.08.29319Sold Belgium 10.4.30
VH-ULGDH.50JQANTAS 7VH-ULGQANTAS 'Hippomenes' >Qantas Empire AW Ltd >EJ Stephens /Wau NG (Stephen Aerial Transport Co)03.08.29308Crashed Chimbu 10.11.37
VH-ULHDH.60X Moth >DH.60G7VH-ULHGeneral Aircraft Co Ltd/Mascot >AS Elkin & RF Walker (Eastern Australian Aviation Co)/Sydney >H Peel /Coogee NSW >GH Purvis /Marrickville >Mrs EH McDonnell >Dr GA Heydon /Mascot >Mrs EH McDonnell >Holymans AW Ltd/Tas >Australian National AL Ltd30.07.29306Rebuild of G-AUHA Hit church Malvern 9.6.37
VH-ULISimmonds Spartan4VH-ULI ZK-AAYRobert Bryce & Co/Melbourne08.08.29310Sold New Zealand 17.9.29
VH-ULJDH.60G Gipsy Moth1074VH-ULJWR Evans/Cooma NSW >Northern Rivers FS/Ballina >WR Evans >Mrs EI Brett /Yeronga >Holdens AT Services Ltd/Salamaua NG >Guinea AW Ltd03.08.29307Crashed landing Wau NG 7.9.41 Canc 26.11.42 Sold Education Dept of SA. on rebuild
VH-ULKHandley Page W.9 HampsteadW9-1G-EBLE VH-ULKEllyou Goldfields Development Corp/NG 'City of New York'05.08.29309Crashed Thomsons Folly Mt Misim enroute Salamaua-Wau NG 31.5.30
VH-ULLDH.60M Moth712VH-ULLCAB(DoD) loan Australian AC(SA)30.08.29320Crashed Modbury SA 26.11.30
VH-ULMDH.60M Moth1403VH-ULMCAB(DoD) loan Australian AC(Tas) >Tasmanian AC >Royal Victorian AC01.12.30414Wfu 21.1.77 preserved Airworld Wangaratta Vic
VH-ULNDH.60M Moth1404VH-ULNCAB(DoD) loan Australian AC(Tas) >Tasmanian AC01.12.30415Stalled into Frederick Henry Bay nr Cambridge Tas 16.7.39 Canc 21.8.45
VH-ULODH.60M Moth1405VH-ULOCAB(DoD) loan Australian AC(SA) >Royal AC of SA13.12.29345Crashed nr Kapunda SA 21.9.37 preserved Adelaide
VH-ULPDH.60M Moth1406VH-ULP A7-78 VH-ULPCAB(DoD) loan Australian AC(WA) >Royal Victorian AC21.11.29341Impressed 7.1.40 restored as DH.60G 30.3.88 Airworthy - Mal Shipton Redcliffe Qld
VH-ULQDH.60G Gipsy Moth976VH-ULQQANTAS >Australian National AW Ltd13.08.29311Hit tree on takeoff from forced landing Delungra NSW 1.11.31 wfu 14.4.32
VH-ULRDH.60G Gipsy Moth977VH-ULR A7-121QANTAS >JWH Moxon /Brisbane >CR Broome /Nanango Qld >Queensland AC >Royal Queensland AC16.08.29313Impressed 9.9.40 Reduced to spares 23.12.40
VH-ULSDornier A Libelle103AVH-ULSMandated Territory AW Ltd/Sydney>General Aircraft Co/Mascot >Port Jackson Aviation Co Ltd/Sydney14.08.29312Canc 13.5.31 Sold to Soloman Is
VH-ULTDH.60G Gipsy Moth1060VH-ULT A7-75 Inst.2AK Lawson /Narracoorte SA>W Crossthwaite /Carnarvon WA >Aero Club of WA >Royal Aero Club of WA >RT Decean /Norseman >Western Australian Goldfields AC/Kalgoorlie17.08.29314Impressed 21.12.39 Fuselage preserved Camden Museum of Aviation NSW
VH-ULUKlemm L25-1131VH-ULUMrs JL Ittershagen/West Subiaco WA22.08.29315Damaged when wingtip hit spectators Subiaco WA 25.6.32 Canc 16.1.33
VH-ULVWaco 10TA-100VH-ULVAircrafts Pty/Brisbane >LH Holden (Holdens AT Services Ltd) /Salamaua NG >JW Williams /Fly River Papua >Stephens Aviation Ltd /Wau NG >Orville Gold Dredging Co28.08.29318Destroyed by enemy action Salamaua NG 21.1.42
VH-ULWDH.60M Moth1364VH-ULWMatthews Aviation Pty/Melbourne>AA Barlow /Melbourne20.08.29316Crashed Portsea Vic 19.10.29
VH-ULXKoolhoven FK.414103G-AALI VH-ULXMrs FM Terry /Sydney >AW Gregory Aircraft Co >AJ Ritchie (Air Cars Ltd) /Croydon NSW >CE Murrell /Sydney >WT Fountain /Mudgee >WP Milligan /Sydney17.09.29325Crashed Condobolin NSW 10.11.37
VH-ULYDH.60M Moth1366VH-ULYQueensland Probate Insurance Co Ltd/Brisbane05.09.29322Crashed Nelsen Park Sydney NSW 15.3.31
VH-ULZJones Monoplane1VH-ULZDr NP Bolton/Ryde NSW 'Wonga'13.09.29323Rebuilt from G-AUCT Crashed Quakers Hill NSW 16.6.32
VH-UMADH.60G Gipsy Moth1088VH-UMAMacRobertson Miller Aviation Co >LF Pratt (Geelong FS & Commercial Aviation Co) >LH Laity /Clifton Hall Vic >Victorian FS & Taxi Services Pty25.09.29329Crashed Cowes Vic 30.12.35
VH-UMBAirco DH.9D3017D3017 A6-11 VH-UMBCAB(DoD) loan Australian AC(Vic)17.09.29324Lapsed 16.9.32
VH-UMCDH.5074G-EBFO rebuilt VH-UMCWA Airways Ltd/Perth18.09.29326Crashed Mia Mia WA 1.3.34
VH-UMDDH.60M Moth1377VH-UMDP Knapman /Exeter SA>Australian AC(Tas) >Tasmanian AC >Royal Victorian AC >AA Wright /Manangatang Vic (postwar)23.09.29328Canc 19.12.47
VH-UMFAvro 618 Ten241G-AADM VH-UMFAustralian National AW Ltd 'Southern Cloud'13.11.29337Crashed Snowy Mts NSW 21.3.31
VH-UMGAvro 618 Ten230VH-UMGAustralian National AW Ltd 'Southern Star' >Hart Aircraft Services Pty/Essendon >Australian Transcontinental AW Ltd/Parafield13.11.29338Crashed landing Mascot NSW 21.11.36 (or 21.10)
VH-UMHAvro 618 Ten229VH-UMHAustralian National AW Ltd 'Southern Sky' >New England AW Ltd 'City of Grafton'13.11.29339Crashed landing Newcastle NSW 28.11.35
VH-UMIAvro 618 Ten231VH-UMI VH-UXXAustralian National AW Ltd 'Southern Moon' >CTP Ulm08.02.30359Wfu 28.2.33 rebuilt as Avro X (mod) and rereg 16.6.33 Wfu 30.4.42
VH-UMJDH.60M Moth1372VH-UMJGuinea Airways Ltd/Adelaide25.09.29330Crashed Wau NG 26.12.32 dbf
VH-UMKAirco DH.9C1296 A6-9 (VH-UMK) VH-UMTAustralian AC(NSW) >Aero Club of NSWntu
VH-UMKDH.60X Moth9VH-UMK ZK-ADWGE Marni-Kerry/Sydney 'The Bullet'19.11.29340Sold New Zealand 5.11.34
VH-UMLAirco DH.9D3220D3220 A6-21 VH-UMLAustralian AC(Qld) 'Albatross' >Queensland AC08.10.29332Crashed Archerfield Qld 24.7.32
VH-UMMAirco DH.9D3202 A6-19 VH-UMMAC of South Australia15.01.30353Canc 5.9.33
VH-UMNDH.50A >DH.50JLASCO 1VH-UMNLarkin Aircraft Supply 'Sunbird' >Australian Aerial Services Ltd>Pacific Aerial Transport Ltd/Wau NG >Mandated AL Ltd/Wau NG20.09.29327Crashed Waipali NG 16.10.37
VH-UMODH.60M Moth1379VH-UMOM Newman /Caboolture Qld >lsd Anthonys Lagoon Pastoral Co >QANTAS >CE Barnes /Warwick >Qld Flying Services /Brisbane04.11.29335Current
VH-UMPSimmonds Spartan28VH-UMPBishop and O'Sullivan/Brisbane17.12.29346Canc 16.12.31
VH-UMQSimmonds Spartan45VH-UMQWestern Air Services /Guildford WA >Wings Ltd /Perth >JLDE Ittershagen/Perth13.11.29336Canc 16.8.34
VH-UMRDH.60M Moth1399VH-UMR ZK-ADFAA Barlow /Melbourne>KE Wedgwood /Randwick NSW >Central Australian Gold Exploration Co /Sydney >Commercial Aviation Co /Parafield SA >K Gardiner /Malvern Vic >Miss DJ Gardiner /Baradine (based Mascot)04.11.29334Sold NZ 9.5.34 Dbr 28.11.34
VH-UMSDH.60X Moth > DH.60G8VH-UMSGeneral Aircraft Co Ltd >WJ Stocks /Sydney >AHP Lewis /Coogee >R Annabel /Rockdale >NJ Bruckhauser /Camden >Mrs HM Gilbertson /Brisbane >Royal Qld Aero Club /Archerfield01.11.29333Coupe Floatplane. Crashed Mascot 7.4.31 dbf while being restored 24.5.31 rebuilt 1.33 Crashed Toowoomba Qld 20.2.36 dbf
VH-UMTAirco DH.9D3189C1296 A6-9 (VH-UMK) VH-UMTAustralian AC(NSW) >Aero Club of NSW07.10.29331Canc 17.5.31 (quotes c/n D3189 which was A6-15)
VH-UMUDH.60M Moth1376VH-UMUWR McPherson /Melbourne >JV Fairbairn /Derinallum Vic >CO Fairbairn /Skipton >V Wendt /Ballarat NSW >Hart Aircraft Service Pty >RM Edwards /Darwin27.11.29342Forced landed Mataranka NT 7.2.40 Canc 22.8.45
VH-UMVDH.60G Gipsy Moth896G-AUMV VH-UMV A7-97CN McKay /Sunshine Vic>Miss NSL Stevenson /Essendon >GK Rice-Oxley >Hart AS Pty >Victorian FS & Taxi Service Pty>Royal Victorian AC00.00.30264Impressed 22.7.40
VH-UMWAvro 594 Avian IVR3/CN/327VH-UMWMotors Ltd/Adelaide28.01.30356Crashed into sea off Semaphore SA 22.11.30
VH-UMXAvro 594 Avian IVMR3/CN/369VH-UMXKellow Falkiner Pty /Melbourne>HGG Sweeney /Melbourne >Air Transport Pty/Melbourne>JA Ezard /Erica Vic >RMD Miller /Alice Springs >EJ Connellan /Alice Springs28.11.29343Wfu 16.10.47
VH-UMYLasco Lasconder1VH-UMYLarkin Aircraft Supply Co/Melbourne19.12.29347Canc 22.5.34
VH-UMZDH.60M Moth1371VH-UMZK Wedgwood /Sydney >HR Clarke /Sydney >Queensland Aero Club05.12.29344Crashed Archerfield Qld 4.9.32 dbf
VH-UNAAvro 618 Ten388VH-UNAAustralian National AL 'Southern Sun'04.04.30369Crashed Alor Star Malaya 26.11.31
VH-UNBDH.60M Moth1408VH-UNBQANTAS >AE Johnson /Yeppoon Qld22.12.29349Crashed Ayr Qld 10.4.30 dbf
VH-UNCGenairco Moth10VH-UNCGeneral Aircraft Co >Rockhampton Aerial Services Ltd >FC Higginson & Mrs EB Jones (FC Higginson & Co) /Archerfield Qld >W Crouch /Cunnamulla >ED Hill /Wyandra20.12.29348Canc 19.12.47
VH-UNDDH.60M Moth1422VH-UND A7-102Lady DF Somers /Malvern Vic >CN McKay /Sunshine >GB Austin /Humula NSW >Holymans AW Pty >Australian National AW Pty30.12.29350Impressed 22.7.40 Rts 3.2.41
VH-UNEDH.60M Moth1398VH-UNEAC of South Australia Ltd/Parafield30.12.29351Mid air collision with VH-UGU Parafield SA 23.6.34
VH-UNFDH.60M Moth1368VH-UNFJames Loneragan (Mudgee) Ltd >HF Broadbent /Coogee >AT Cridland /Mascot >RM Ansett /Hamilton Vic >Ansett AW Pty11.01.30352Destroyed in hangar fire Essendon Vic 28.2.39
VH-UNGKlemm L25-1165VH-UNGCrude Oil Tractor Traders Ltd/Perth10.03.30364Lapsed 4.1.34 Destroyed in hangar fire .44
VH-UNHDH.71 Tiger Moth323G-EBQU VH-UNHFK Bardsley/Penhurst NSW20.01.30354Crashed Mascot NSW 17.9.30
VH-UNIDH.60M Moth1431(CH-252) VH-UNINational AW Ltd/Perth >S Kirby (Air Taxis & School of Aviation) /Perth >EL Barrett /Perth >Dr CC Fenton /Katherine >dHA >E MacArthur-Onslow (Macquarie Grove Flying & Glider School Pty) >DJ Cleary /Camden NSW24.01.30355Wfu 10.1.00 Katherine Museum [CH-251 per DH but see c/n 1437]
VH-UNJAvro 618 Ten371VH-UNJQueensland Air Navigation Ltd 'City of Brisbane' later 'Star of Townsville' >New England AW Ltd /Brisbane >Airlines of Australia Ltd /Mascot08.02.30358Wfu 19.6.40
VH-UNKAvro 619 Five370VH-UNKQueensland Air Navigation Ltd 'Star of Cairns'10.02.30360Crashed after takeoff Maryborough Qld 31.12.30
VH-UNLDH.60M Moth1418VH-UNLMatthews Aviation Pty/Essendon19.02.30361Crashed Western Junction Tas 28.2.31
VH-UNMJunkers W34 d2610VH-UNM A44-3Guinea Airways Ltd /Lae NG 'Junkers No.3'05.03.30362Impressed 10.2.42
VH-UNNDH.60M Moth1419VH-UNNEW Lyell/Clover Creek NSW27.05.30381Crashed Griffith NSW 7.1.31 dbf
VH-UNOJunkers A50 Junior3507VH-UNOHJ Berryman/Caulfield Vic 'Wendouree'05.03.30363Crashed Manly NSW 5.7.30
VH-UNPDH.60M Moth1407VH-UNPQANTAS >Queensland Air Navigation Ltd >G McCausland /Townsville >Northern FS/Essendon Vic >RJ Bartle /Archerfield >Holymans AW Pty >Australian National AW Pty17.03.30365Landed on VH-UHS Essendon 11.6.39 dbf
VH-UNQDH.60M Moth1464VH-UNQShell Co of Australia Ltd >Royal Victorian AC >TW Mitchell /Corryong Vic >Tasmanian AC03.04.30368Crashed Sale Vic 14.4.46 dbf
VH-UNRJunkers W34 d2611VH-UNRGuinea Airways Ltd 'Junkers No.4'31.03.30366Hit hill Wampiti en route Lae to Bulolo NG 22.5.31
VH-UNSBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.212VH-UNSLarkin Aircraft Supply >L Nudl /Melbourne >Australian Aerial Services Ltd /Melbourne >KRM Farmer /Malvern Vic31.03.30367Crashed Essendon Vic 30.1.37
VH-UNTGenairco Moth11VH-UNT VH-UZRGeneral Aircraft Co Ltd >KA Virtue /Lismore NSW >New England AW Ltd >TJ Appleby /Rosewood Qld >FE Biffin /Casino NSW15.04.30372Crashed Evans Head NSW 1.4.34 Canc 26.5.36 Rereg 16.10.39
VH-UNUDH.60M Moth1444VH-UNUdHA >New England Motor Co/Brisbane >RG Robinson /Lismore NSW >New England AW Ltd/Mascot >Airlines of Australia Ltd >Australian National AW Pty10.04.30371Crashed Somerton Vic 8.3.38
VH-UNVSaunders-Roe A.17 Cutty SarkA.17/2L.1 VH-UNVMatthews Aviation Ltd >Pioneer Air Service Pty /Essendon (KRM Farmer & AA Barlow) >KG Caldwell /Sydney >Qantas Empire AW Ltd05.04.30370Overturned landing Brisbane River 3.4.38
VH-UNWDH.75A Hawk Moth348G-AAFX VH-UNWdHA >Hart Aircraft Service Pty /Essendon>Tasmanian AW Pty >GH Purvis /Earlwood NSW >CO Strong /Geelong Vic >JJ Smith & JC Morgan /Footscray >CW Stewart /Melbourne >EJ Connellan /Alice Springs24.04.30373Scrapped Alice Springs 30.5.51
VH-UNXDH.60M Moth1400VH-UNXMacRobertson Miller Aviation Co /Parafield SA02.05.30374Crashed Ord River WA 7.11.34
VH-UNYGenairco Moth12VH-UNYGeneral Aircraft Co >Adastra AW Ltd /Mascot >Rabaul Airways Syndicate /Rabaul NG06.05.30375Crashed Kokopo NG 15.10.33
VH-UOADH.60M Moth1370VH-UOAAustralian AC(Vic) >Matthews Aviation Pty>AG & RE Manifold /Camperdown Vic >F Watkins /Caulfield 'Zoom' >Zinc Corp AC/Broken Hill >Broken Hill AC08.05.30377Crashed Broken Hill NSW 27.3.38 parts used to rebuild VH-AAL
VH-UOBAvro 616 Avian IVMR3/CN/414VH-UOB G-ACKEAustralian National AW Ltd19.05.30378Sold UK 18.5.32
VH-UOCBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.216VH-UOCLarkin Aircraft Supply Co Ltd >Australian Aerial Services Ltd /Melbourne19.05.30379Canc 9.6.33
VH-UODGenairco Moth14VH-UODGeneral Aircraft Co Ltd>GJ Moir/Sydney >AC of NSW >Royal AC of NSW>E MacArthur-Onslow /Camden >College of Civil Aviation /Sydney20.05.30380Wfu 1.3.67
VH-UOEAvro Avian IVM372VH-UOECTP Ulm/Sydney 'Southern Cross Pup' >JT Pethybridge & GH Purvis /Sydney >GH Purvis /Marrickville (based Mascot) >NGA Mendham (Salamaua Aerial Services) /Salamaua NG >Stephens Aviation /Wau NG24.06.30387Crashed Slate Creek 28.9.40 Destroyed by enemy action NG 21.1.42
VH-UOFGenairco Moth15VH-UOFGeneral Aircraft Co Ltd>AT Cunningham /Queanbeyan >GA Robinson /Sydney >Tugan Aircraft Ltd >HCB Blythman /Mascot >SD de Kantzow /Sydney >Julius Gardiner Pty /Sydney >Macquarie Grove Flying & Glider School Pty >E MacArthur-Onslow /Camden02.06.30382Forcelanded nr Kyaukpyu Burma enroute Sydney - England. rebuilt Dbf Camden NSW 2.4.47
VH-UOGGenairco Moth16VH-UOGGeneral Aircraft Co Ltd>SC Coleman /Bourke NSW >Dr TG Henry /Mascot >G Henry >Macquarie Grove Flying & Glider School Pty02.06.30383Wfu 24.1.64 Preserved Airworld Wangaratta Vic
VH-UOHGenairco Moth17VH-UOH VQ-FAC VH-UUI N249GGeneral Aircraft Co Ltd >Fiji Airways Ltd02.06.30384Sold Fiji 4.5.33 restored as VH-UUI 24.9.36
VH-UOIDH.60M Moth1478VH-UOIQANTAS >RMG Brand /Childers Qld >QANTAS >Dr CC Fenton /Katherine NT17.06.30386Crashed Darwin NT 9.11.36 while unregistered
VH-UOJGenairco Moth18VH-UOJ VQ-FAD VH-UUKGeneral Aircraft Co Ltd14.07.30388Lapsed 13.7.31 Sold Fiji .33 restored 25.10.35 Crashed after inflight fire Cairns Qld 12.6.37
VH-UOKDH.60M Moth1494VH-UOK A7-103dHA >TH McDonald /Cairns >QANTAS >WG Reid /Cloncurry >Rockhampton Aerial Services Ltd>FN Masters /Brisbane >AR Gersekowski /Milton Qld >Australian National AW Ltd22.07.30389Impressed 22.7.40 Crashed landing Parafield 22.1.41 rts
VH-UOLAvro 621 Tutor413VH-UOLAustralian National AW Ltd30.07.30390Canc 29.7.31
VH-UOMVickers 198 Viastra II2VH-UOMWA Airways Ltd/Perth08.10.31439Crashed Redcliffe 11.10.33
VH-UONVickers 203 Viastra 41O-6 N-1 (VH-UON) G-ABVMWA Airways Ltd/Perthntu
VH-UONDH.80A Puss Moth2001G-AATC VH-UON ZK-ADUdHA >HR Clarke /Sydney >JJ Leahy /Sydney >RG Whitehead /Mascot 'Faith in New Zealand'11.08.30391Sold NZ 14.11.34 under restoration
VH-UOOVickers 198 Viastra II1VH-UOOWA Airways/Perth18.02.31420Canc 17.2.36
VH-UOPDH.60M Moth > DH.60GDHA1VH-UOP A7-120dHA >SC Coleman /Bourke NSW >General Aircraft Co >JT Pethybridge /Mascot >Kingsford Smith AS Ltd11.08.30392c/n DHA3 on change of engine. Impressed 19.8.40 Crashed Evans Head 24.11.41
VH-UOQDH.60M Moth1483VH-UOQAdastra AW Ltd/Rose Bay >AL Needham /Mascot >JK Richardson /Toowoomba >Mrs EB Jones (Airwork Co) /Archerfield Qld14.08.30393Impressed for spares 22.7.40
VH-UORDH.60M Moth1484VH-UOR A7-113Adastra AW Ltd/Rose Bay >Airflite Pty >Airflite (Training) Pty14.08.30394Impressed 19.8.40 Rts 6.6.41
VH-UOSGenairco Moth19VH-UOSGeneral Aircraft Co Ltd >N Stirling /Brisbane10.11.30395Tfr New Caledonia 16.9.31 but not regd
VH-UOTDH.60M Moth1530VH-UOTQANTAS >TA Alexander /Barcaldine Qld (loan Qld AC) >EF Finlay /Brisbane >FO Virtue /Bangalow NSW >AH Garrow /Dalby Qld26.08.30397Crashed nr Dalby Qld 24.5.35
VH-UOUJunkers G31go3011VH-UOUGuinea AW Ltd/Lae NG 'Paul' >Bulolo Gold Dredging Co /Lae NG25.05.31429Destroyed by enemy action Bulolo NG 21.1.42
VH-UOVJunkers G31go3012VH-UOVBulolo Gold Dredging Co/Lae NG 'Peter'10.06.31430Destroyed by enemy action Bulolo NG 21.1.42
VH-UOWJunkers G31go3010VH-UOW A44-1Guinea Airways Ltd/Lae NG10.06.31431Impressed 30.1.42
VH-UOXJunkers W33/34f2702VH-UOX A44-2Guinea Airways Ltd/Lae NG 'Junkers No.5'25.03.31422Impressed 5.3.42 [c/n initially quoted as 1368]
VH-UOYDH.75A Hawk Moth706VH-UOYdHA >Aircrafts Pty/Brisbane 'The Hawk'18.09.30398Force landed Archerfield Qld 12.5.35 dbf
VH-UOZDH.60M Moth1401VH-UOZ A7-118 Inst.17dHA >Kingsford Smith AS Ltd (and Eastern Air Transport Ltd)30.09.30400Crashed into Tasman Sea off Cronulla 15.1.38 restored 1.7.38 Impressed 19.8.40 Rts 6.8.45