Civil Aircraft Register - Australia

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
VH-AAADH.83 Fox MothDHA6VH-AAA (VH-BYA) VH-CAS VH-GASBush Church Aid Society /Sydney23.02.38692Rereg 28.9.49
VH-AABBritish Aircraft Swallow II461VT-AIG G-AFBB VH-AABG Elliot /Bowral NSW 'MYHB'26.11.37679Wfu 29.3.69 restored 28.10.70 dbr Clifton 30.9.73 restored 28.12.79 J Sinclair Qld - Airworthy
VH-AACDH.84 Dragon I6025G-ACGG VH-AAC A34-10 VH-AACWR Carpenter & Co Ltd /Salamaua NG18.02.38690Impressed 17.4.41 restored 29.8.44 Crashed Slate Creek NG 29.1.51
VH-AADDH.90 Dragonfly7508G-AEDT VH-AAD G-AEDT N2034 G-AEDT ZK-AYRAdastra Airways Pty25.03.38697Sold UK 2.9.63
VH-AAEDH.82A Tiger Moth3670VH-AAEAero Club of Broken Hill10.05.38702Dbf Broken Hill NSW 6.9.39
VH-AAFWaco EGC-8 Special5051VH-AAF VH-CGF(2)GBS Falkiner /Warren NSW20.09.38715Crashed Darwin NT 15.3.73 restored as VH-CGF 19.7.85
VH-AAGDH.85 Leopard Moth7118VH-UVD VH-AAG VR-RAX MVAF40AS Van Goes/Rose Bay >RT Perry /Narromine NSW19.06.36591Sold Malaysia 3.9.41
VH-AAHMiles M.2F Hawk Major124VT-AFR G-AEFS VH-AAHFW Hewson /Augathella Qld22.03.37630Crashed Leura Stn Qld 8.6.38
VH-AAIDH.82A Tiger Moth3689VH-AAI A17-21 Spencers Gulf AC /Whyalla SA08.08.38710Impressed 4.1.40
VH-AAJDH.82A Tiger Moth3690VH-AAJ A17-689 VH-AQGRoyal AC of NSW14.09.38714Impressed 19.8.40 restored as VH-AQG
VH-AAKDH.82A Tiger Moth3704(VH-AAK(1)) VH-AAR A17-678 ntu
VH-AAKDH.82A Tiger Moth3746VH-AAK(2) A17-23 VH-AAK(2) 02.10.39741Impressed 12.1.40 restored 22.3.48 Crashed Albury NSW 24.4.48
VH-AALDH.60G Gipsy MothDHA7VH-AALAero Club of Broken Hill15.08.38711Dbf Broken Hill NSW 6.9.39
VH-AAMDH.94 Moth Minor94002VH-AAM'Aspaxadrene'02.10.39740Wfu 8.12.47 restored 5.1.48 Canc 1.7.61
VH-AAODH.84 Dragon6112G-AEMK VH-AAO A34-5 VH-AAO00.06.38754Impressed 20.7.40 restored 30.7.43 Damaged Coonamble NSW 23.12.47
VH-AAPDH.82A Tiger Moth3723VH-AAP A17-67913.01.39735Impressed 22.7.40
VH-AAQDH.94 Moth Minor94001G-AFRD (VH-AAQ) ZK-AHI NZ596 ZK-ALNntu
VH-AARDH.82A Tiger Moth3704(VH-AAK(1)) VH-AAR A17-678 VH-AARNewcastle Aero Club06.10.38719Impressed 22.7.40 restored 8.7.48 Crashed Jervis Bay NSW 29.1.50
VH-AASMiles M.3A Falcon Major209G-ADZR VH-AAS AH Schutt /Footscray Vic 'The Rebel'24.07.36598Crashed Hatchers Creek NT 23.7.40
VH-AATMiles M.3A Falcon Major193G-ADHG VH-AAT A37-3 VH-AAT Royal Queensland AC07.07.37649Impressed 2.1.41 restored 12.6.46 Crashed Echuca 9.2.51 restored 20.8.59 Wfu 14.2.78
VH-AAULockheed 10A Electra1108VH-AAU ZK-ALI Guinea Airways Ltd /Adelaide 'Salamaua'15.10.37667Sold NZ 26.8.46
VH-AAVDH.87A Hornet Moth > DH.87B8019G-ADKF VH-AAV Royal Queensland AC03.08.37653Damaged Hughenden Qld 31.12.55 Canc 12.2.56
VH-AAWFairchild 24-C8E2817NC16356 VH-AAW G-AFKW BK868A Von Goes /Bellevue Hill NSW07.08.36600Sold UK 28.9.38
VH-AAXDH.83 Fox Moth4059G-ACEC VH-AAXK Parer /Wewak NG23.07.37654Destroyed by enemy action Lae NG 21.1.42
VH-AAYGrumman G-21A Goose1008VH-AAY PK-AES Papua Oil Development Co /Port Moresby NG10.01.38684Sold NEI 20.6.39
VH-AAZGrumman G-21A Goose1010(VH-AAZ(1)) PK-AKRntu
VH-AAZDH.83 Fox Moth4089G-ACRU VH-AAZ(2)RJP Parer /Wewak NG20.11.37681Crashed Black Cat Ridge NG 6.11.39
VH-ABAShort S.23 Empire Flying BoatS.876(G-AFBJ) VH-ABA G-AFBJ VH-ABA G-AFBJQantas Empire AW Ltd 'Carpentaria'14.09.38713Sold UK 11.8.42
VH-ABBShort S.23 Empire Flying BoatS.877(G-AFBK) VH-ABB G-AFBK A18-13 VH-ABBQantas Empire AW Ltd 'Coolangatta'19.04.38699Impressed 28.8.40 restored 29.7.43 Crashed Rose Bay NSW 11.10.44
VH-ABCShort S.23 Empire Flying BoatS.849G-AEUG VH-ABC A18-12Qantas Empire AW Ltd 'Coogee'26.09.38716Impressed 28.8.40
VH-ABDShort S.23 Empire Flying BoatS.850G-AEUH VH-ABD G-AEUHQantas Empire AW Ltd 'Corio'19.10.38718Sold UK 10.11.39
VH-ABEShort S.23 Empire Flying BoatS.851G-AEUI VH-ABE G-AEUIQantas Empire AW Ltd 'Coorong'07.09.38712Dbr Port Darwin 11.12.38 restored 26.12.38 Sold UK 10.11.39
VH-ABFShort S.23 Empire Flying BoatS.878(G-AFBL) VH-ABF G-AFBLQantas Empire AW Ltd 'Cooee'20.05.38705Sold UK 11.8.42
VH-ABGShort S.23 Empire Flying BoatS.838G-AETV VH-ABGQantas Empire AW Ltd 'Coriolanus'12.08.42783Wfu 23.12.47
VH-ABHLockheed 12A Junior Electra1236VH-ABH VH-DMC(2) VH-TLX VH-ASV(2) VH-ABH Broken Hill Associated Smelters /Melbourne 'Silver City' >Associated Airlines Pty15.11.37670Rereg 18.3.60 restored 6.6.77 City of Wangaratta
VH-ABILockheed 14-H Super Electra1418VH-ABIGuinea Airways Ltd /Adelaide 'Koranga'23.05.38704Crashed Katherine NT 18.1.39
VH-ABJStinson SR-9FM Reliant5727VH-ABJGuinea Airways Ltd /Adelaide25.02.38700Destroyed by enemy action Broome 3.3.42
VH-ABKDH.84 Dragon II6062G-ACMO VH-ABK A34-4 VH-ABK A34-4 VH-ABK South Queensland AW Ltd /Toowoomba 'City of Towwoomba'27.10.38722Impressed 4.7.40 restored 21.5.43 impressed 24.8.43 restored 31.8.43 Canc pre .74
VH-ABLPercival P.16A Q-SixQ.25(VH-ABL) G-AFMT X945400.02.39ntu -Reg in UK
VH-ABLRearwin 8135 CloudsterVH-ABL30.06.40770Dbf in hangar fire Wave Hill NT 21.10.58
VH-ABMDH.82A Tiger Moth3703VH-ABM A17-682 VH-ABM Royal Aero Club of WA15.09.38717Impressed 22.7.40 restored 22.1.46 Wfu 15.10.47
VH-ABNMiles M.11A Whitney Straight303G-AENH VH-ABN ZK-AXNFW Hewson /Augathella Qld21.12.37683Wfu 6.11.47 restored 20.2.48 Sold NZ 22.3.51
VH-ABODH.87A Hornet Moth > DH.87B8014G-ADKT VH-ABORoyal Aero Club of WA03.03.38695Canc 15.10.47 restored 10.7.48 Damaged St George Qld 12.1.64
VH-ABPPorterfield 35-70335VH-ABPFB Mueller /Essendon26.04.38701Crashed Hamilton Vic 5.2.42
VH-ABQDH.83 Fox Moth4024SU-ABG G-ADNF VH-ABQ16.02.39731Destroyed by enemy action Rabaul NG 1.42
VH-ABRDouglas DC-3-202A2029VH-ABR A30-3 VH-ABRAustralian National Airways Pty 'Kanana'31.10.38720Impressed 11.9.39 restored 17.5.40 Wfu 13.10.75 restored 20.9.88
VH-ABSPercival P.10 Vega Gull 2K.83VH-ABSShell Oil Co of Australia /Melbourne 'Spirit of Shell'18.02.38688Dbf Essendon in hangar fire Vic 28.2.39
VH-ABTMiles M.3D Falcon Six266G-AEAG VH-ABT A37-1 VH-ABTRH Hamblin /Ganmain NSW09.06.38706Impressed 13.11.40 restored 5.8.46 Wfu 22.8.59
VH-ABUDH.83 Fox Moth4047G-ACCT VH-ABU A41-1 VH-ABU VH-GAVJames Taxiplanes Ltd/Perth20.01.38687Impressed 16.7.41 restored 12.3.46 rereg 20.10.48
VH-ABVLockheed 10A Electra1130VH-ABV VH-MMD N4886V N19HLMacRobertson-Miller Aviation Co 'Gascoyne'21.12.38727Rereg 31.10.48 Sold US 4.5.54
VH-ABWLockheed 10A Electra1131VH-ABWMacRobertson-Miller Aviation Co 'Kimberley'21.12.38728Dbr forced landing Broome Creek WA 17.6.46
VH-ABXRearwin 9000L Sportster612D(ZK-AGR) VH-ABX12.01.39729Crashed in sea off Kingston Tas 6.6.41
VH-ABYPercival P.16A Q-SixQ.35VH-ABYDept of Civil Aviation20.07.39737Crashed Wee Jasper NSW 26.8.47
VH-ABZFairchild 24K > 24M > 24R-46A3314VH-ABZ A36-2 VH-ABZW Shrimpton /Sydney29.11.38724Impressed 12.6.41 restored 26.3.46 [reported as ex NC20637 but this was c/n 3320]
VH-ACAPercival P.10 Vega GullK.98VH-ACA A32-2 VH-ACA VH-BQAHon RG Casey /Canberra21.07.38709Impressed 15.1.40 restored 24.12.46 Crashed Hill End NSW 18.4.49
VH-ACBDouglas DC-3-232A2030VH-ACB A30-4 VH-ACB Australian National AW Pty 'Warana'01.12.38726Impressed 11.9.39 restored 4.6.40 Crashed nr Essendon Vic 19.3.43
VH-ACCMiles M.2F Hawk Major123G-ACYZ VH-ACC A37-4 CF-AUVRoyal Aero Club of SA09.12.38725Impressed 19.11.40 restored 1.2.47 Sold Canada 6.12.68
VH-ACEMiles M.3A Falcon Major202G-ADIU VH-ACE A37-6FC Higginson & Co /Archerfield Qld >Mrs EB Jones (Airwork Co) /Archerfield17.03.37627Impressed 27.5.40
VH-ACFPiper J-3C-40 Cub2204VH-ACFJulius Gardiner Pty /Sydney15.11.38723Crashed Canberra ACT 26.11.40
VH-ACGComper CLA.7 SwiftGS.32/2G-ABWH NC27K G-ABWH VH-ACGLight Aircraft Pty /Camden NSW19.07.39738Crashed Sydney 18.12.50 restored 10.12.59
VH-ACHAeronca 50C Chief > 65C Super Chief C-1618VH-ACH'Lucinda II'11.01.39730Wfu 19.12.47 restored 9.10.56 Wfu 14.5.74
VH-ACIPiper J-3C-50 Cub2584VH-ACI20.01.39732Wfu 8.12.47 Wangaratta Museum
VH-ACJAeronca 50C ChiefC-3059VH-ACJ17.05.39736Crashed Toowoomba Qld 29.11.51
VH-ACKDH.94 Moth Minor94028(G-AFPL) VH-ACK(1) VH-ADA VH-ADL(2)01.07.39742Rereg 20.10.39
VH-ACKAeronca K K-162NC18888 VH-ACK(2)Canberra AC01.12.39748Wfu 7.5.47 restored Canc 8.3.77
VH-ACLBoeing-Canada 40H-4 CB7CF-AMR (ZK-ADY) VH-ACL26.01.40749Destroyed by enemy action Wau NG 21.1.42
VH-ACMPercival P.3 Gull SixD.46G-ACUP VH-ACM VH-CCM31.07.39739Wfu 16.10.47 restored 17.12.47 rereg 4.4.49
VH-ACNBA Eagle II138G-AFAX VH-ACN G-AFAX01.03.40756Wfu 16.6.55 restored 12.8.55 Canc 16.5.74 rereg UK 10.87
VH-ACODH.94 Moth Minor94049VH-ACO16.01.40757Wfu 6.8.49 pts to VH-ACS
VH-ACPDH.82A Tiger Moth3561G-AETO VH-ACP A17-690 VH-BIM VH-SSFRoyal Aero Club of NSW03.07.40767Impressed 19.8.40 restored as VH-BIM
VH-ACQDH.94 Moth Minor94072(G-AFNX) VH-ACQ16.01.40758Wfu 28.5.47
VH-ACRDH.94 Moth Minor94067(G-AFNN) VH-ACR A21-42 VH-ACR17.01.40759Impressed 15.11.41 restored 26.4.45 Wfu 14.10.47
VH-ACSDH.94 Moth Minor94047G-AFOW VH-ACS23.01.40760Wfu 1.10.48 restored 14.3.49 Crashed Alice Springs 22.8.71 rebuilt
VH-ACTDH.82A Tiger Moth82293G-AFZC VH-ACTSpencers Gulf AC /Whyalla SA00.02.40752Crashed into Spencer Gulf SA 6.6.43
VH-ACUBeech F17D Staggerwing248NC19476 VH-ACU A39-1 VH-ACU'Russell F Roberts'07.03.39733Impressed 1.5.41 restored 1.6.46 Wfu 19.3.74
VH-ACVFairchild 24R-9 > 24MR9-416VH-ACV A36-1 VH-ACV VH-BVF Newcastle Aero Club16.10.39744Impressed 30.9.40 restored 1.6.46 crashed 4.2.51 restored as VH-BVF
VH-ACWFairchild 24R-9R9-415VH-ACW'Pegasus III'24.10.39746Wfu 21.11.63 restored 13.8.65 damaged nr Griffith NSW 14.10.71
VH-ACXStinson HW-757078VH-ACX06.11.39745Wfu 30.9.42 restored 6.11.47 crashed Ivanhoe NSW 5.9.52 restored 2019
VH-ACYAeronca 65C ChiefC-4919VH-ACY VR-WAA 23.11.39743Canc 19.12.47 restored 31.8.48 rereg 29.8.49
VH-ACZStinson HW-757139VH-ACZ30.05.40766Wfu 23.7.64 preserved
VH-ADADH.94 Moth Minor94028(G-AFPL) VH-ACK VH-ADA VH-ADL(2)20.10.39747Wfu 6.8.51 restored as VH-ADL 29.2.52
VH-ADBDH.94 Moth Minor94077VH-ADB08.02.40750Crashed Dunreath WA 20.3.40
VH-ADCDH.94 Moth Minor94073VH-ADC PK-BFC08.02.40751Sold NEI 5.3.41
VH-ADDDH.60G Gipsy Moth920G-AADJ VR-SAH VR-SEA VH-ADD A7-11113.01.40747Impressed 15.7.40
VH-ADEDH.89 Dragon Rapide6341G-AENO EI-ABP VH-ADE A33-7Guinea AW Ltd 'Morobe'27.06.40768Impressed 10.9.40
VH-ADFFairchild 24R-40407NC47053 VH-ADF A36-4Right Hon R Casey 'Boomerang'09.05.40765Gifted to RAAF 12.1.43
VH-ADGDH.90 Dragonfly7516G-AEDG VH-ADGJV Fairbairn /Derrinallum Vic >Airlines (WA) Ltd 'Murchison'12.10.37673Crashed Guildford WA 1.12.47
VH-ADHDH.82A Tiger Moth82348VH-ADH A17-68005.02.40753Impressed 22.7.40
VH-ADIDH.82A Tiger Moth82349VH-ADI A17-68307.02.40755Impressed 22.7.40
VH-ADJDH.94 Moth Minor94053G-AFOV VH-ADJ24.01.40761Damaged Kajuligan Stn 14.1.50 Canc 6.8.51
VH-ADKDH.82A Tiger Moth3688F-AQOX G-AGAP VH-ADK A17-68126.06.40772Impressed 22.7.40
VH-ADLRearwin 9000KR656DVH-ADL ZK-AHN NZ569 ZK-AKA13.05.40764Sold New Zealand 15.12.41
VH-ADMRearwin 9000KR654DVH-ADM ZK-AHM NZ568 ZK-AKF26.06.40769Sold New Zealand 15.12.41
VH-ADNDH.86A Express2313G-ACYF VR-SBD VH-ADN A31-224.06.40771Impressed 9.7.40
VH-ADODH.82A Tiger Moth82186G-AFNM (VH-ADO) A17-684 VH-BIN VH-HVY N82MKntu
VH-ADVDH.85 Leopard Moth7016G-ACKY VH-ADV VH-RSL VH-BAH(2)J Meehan /Coopers Plains Qld >Airflite Pty /Mascot >RB Pearson /Brewarrina NSW22.02.38689Canc 19.12.47 restored as VH-RSL 2.11.56 Current B McBain Vic
VH-ADWLockheed 14-WF62 Super Electra1497EI-ABV VH-ADW VH-AEWGuinea AW Ltd 'Darwin'15.04.40762Rereg 16.8.40
VH-ADXBoeing-Canada 40H-4 CB8CF-AMS ZK-ADX VH-ADXKRM Farmer /Malvern Vic18.07.38708Crashed Black Cat range NG 21.9.39
VH-ADYLockheed 14-WF62 Super Electra1498EI-ABW VH-ADYGuinea AW Ltd 'Adelaide'15.04.40763Crashed nr Burrundie NT 21.4.42
VH-AEADH.84 Dragon II6073G-ACOR VH-AEAK Parer /Wewak NG23.06.38707Damaged in enemy action Salamaua NG 21.1.42 Canc 11.3.42
VH-AHBDH.85 Leopard Moth7120VH-AHB G-AFDV W5783HF Broadbent /Sydney 'Windella'31.03.36576Sold UK 20.5.38
VH-AJMHeston Phoenix1/2VH-AJMCJ Melrose 'Billing'01.05.36584Crashed nr Melton Vic 5.7.36