Civil Aircraft Register - Greece

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
SX-AAADH.60G III Moth Major5081SX-AAARoyal AC of Greece >Ste Zotos /Athens16.08.345Destroyed Habbaniya Iraq .41
SX-AABMiles M.2 Hawk40SX-AABN.P.Eustratiou >Athens Municipality07.09.347Presumed destroyed by Lufwaffe 4.41
SX-AACCaudron C.282/8 Phalene6782.48F-AMLQ SX-AACRoyal AC of Greece25.08.346Presumed destroyed by Lufwaffe 4.41
SX-AADMiles M.2 Hawk Major127SX-AADL Kyriacou/Athens26.01.358Spun in and destroyed Athens Dekelia 25.2.36
SX-AAEDH.60G MothSX-AAE10.10.4017To British Air Ministry 19.4.41
SX-AAFRaab Katzenstein RK IIc Pelikan710.83D-1518 SX-AAF(1)SA de Fabrication et d'Exploitation d'Avions Raab/Le Piree04.03.369
SX-AAGRaab Katzenstein Kl Ic Schwalbe II712.73D-1442 SX-AAGSA de Fabrication et d'Exploitation d'Avions Raab/Le Piree03.04.3610Sold abroad 17.6.37
SX-AAHHeston Phoenix1/1G-ADAD SX-AAHE.Xydis /Athens29.10.3611Destroyed on ground by Germans Athens/Menidi 4.41
SX-AAIDH.87B Hornet Moth8159SX-AAISte Zotos /Athens03.11.3815Sold abroad 19.4.41
SX-AAKDH.82 Tiger Moth3721SX-AAK27.09.3816
SX-AALRaab Katzenstein Kl Ic Schwalbe IISX-AALnot registered. Photographic evidence of marking
SX-ACAJunkers G24 he962SX-ACASt.Hellenique de Communicat.Aeriennes02.11.311Captured by Germans 27.4.41
SX-ACBJunkers G24 he963SX-ACBSt.Hellenique de Communicat.Aeriennes02.11.312Captured by Germans 27.4.41
SX-ACDJunkers G24 he964SX-ACDSt.Hellenique de Communicat.Aeriennes02.11.313Captured by Germans 27.4.41
SX-ACEJunkers G24 he965SX-ACESt.Hellenique de Communicat.Aeriennes02.11.314Captured by Germans 27.4.41
SX-ACFJunkers Ju52/3m5984SX-ACF VM980St.Hellenique de Communicat.Aeriennes17.09.3812Captured by Germans 27.4.41 Captured by Allies .45 Canc 11.3.46
SX-ACHJunkers Ju52/3m6004SX-ACHSt.Hellenique de Communicat.Aeriennes17.09.3813To Greek State 2.11.40
SX-ACIJunkers Ju52/3m6025SX-ACISt.Hellenique de Communicat.Aeriennes17.09.3814To Greek State 2.11.40