Civil Aircraft Register - Belgian Congo

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
OO-CAADH.85 Leopard Moth7038G-ACOS (OO-BOB) OO-CAA Robert Auguste Jeanty /Leopoldville >Aeroclub du Congo Belge24.04.34C.1Crashed Angola 4.9.55
OO-CABDesouter IID.39G-ABIG OO-CAB ZS-AHR SAAF1502Aero Club de Katanga00.12.34Sold 31.10.36
OO-CACDH.80A Puss Moth2181ZS-ACT VP-YAN OO-CAC ZS-AGZ SAAF2024Figov00.03.35Canc 14.01.36
OO-CADCaudron C.272/5 Luciole7432.56F-APEP OO-CADJean Mathot /Kutu23.03.37C.13Canc 14.08.44 Destroyed (c/n .256 per Docavia)
OO-CAEPiper J-3 Cub2750OO-CAE 00.07.39Fatal accident 12.39 Wfu 04.12.48
OO-CAFDH.85 Leopard Moth7096OO-JFC OO-CAF00.06.40C.31Canc 27.06.58 [Also reported as c/n 7092 ex OO-AVD]
OO-CAGLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1489F-ARIY OO-CAGRegie Air Afrique >SABENA27.09.40C.32Sold abroad 25.09.54
OO-CAHLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1488F-ARIV OO-CAH F-BDRVRegie Air Afrique >SABENA27.09.40Sold 12.07.47
OO-CAILockheed 18-07 Lodestar018-2013(F-ARTM) OO-CAI VP-KHA XA-... N5381N N555HSABENA03.08.41Sold 09.06.49 (N5381M in French reg)
OO-CAJLockheed 18-07 Lodestar018-2014(F-ARTN) OO-CAJ F-OAAA N9810F N323SSABENA03.08.41Sold 29.10.48
OO-CAKLockheed C-60A-LO Lodestar > Lodestar IA018-234042-32206 FK286 OO-CAKSABENA01.03.43Crashed Kenandi 14.01.45
OO-CALRearwin 8135 Cloudster887NC37748 OO-CAL 00.11.41C.36Canc
OO-CAMRearwin 8135 Cloudster888NC37749 OO-CAM 00.11.41C.37Canc 25.09.54
OO-CAOLockheed C-60A-LO Lodestar > Lodestar IA018-233942-32205 FK285 OO-CAO N2744A N44A N4004 N650WSABENA05.05.43C.42Sold 25.02.55
OO-CAPJunkers Ju52/3mge5518SE-AES G-AERX OO-CAPSABENA00.01.42Wfu 21.03.46
OO-CAQPiper J-5 Cub Cruiser5-1263OO-CAQ 9O-CAQ 9Q-CAQ00.11.42C.40Rereg .61
OO-CARLockheed C-60A-LO Lodestar > Lodestar IA018-241942-32225 FK305 OO-CAR SABENA07.06.43Crashed Mitwaba 24.12.47
OO-CASLockheed C-60A-LO Lodestar > Lodestar IA018-242042-32226 FK306 OO-CAS VP-KHBSABENA07.06.43Sold 09.06.49
OO-CATRearwin 8135 Cloudster889NC37750 OO-CAT(1)00.11.41Canc 20.02.46
OO-CAUWaco YKS-75206VP-YCD OO-CAU 00.07.43C.45Crashed 25.09.54
OO-CAVLockheed C-60A-LO Lodestar > Lodestar IA018-242142-32227 FK307 OO-CAV VP-KHE N94537 N12LSABENA04.08.43Sold 09.06.49
OO-CAWWaco YKS-7'32784'OO-CAW 00.06.44Probably YKC-5 c/n 4229 ex ZS-AFT VP-YCC Canc 17.10.46
Congo Certificates of registration were also issued to Belgian aircraft operating in the Congo 
These aircraft retained their Belgian registration. Known registrations together with their Congo CoR are: 
OO-AIU (C.2) AIV (C.3) AIX (C.4) AIZ (C.5) AIW (C.6) AIY (C.7) GUT (C.10) AGI (C.11) JAC (C.12) MCE (C.14) 
OO-JHS (C.15) AIP (C.16) AGU (C.17) AMN (C.18) JAC (C.19) OYF (C.20) AUF (C.21) ATF (C.22) AMM (C.23) 
OO-AUG (C.24) EIT (C.27) AGV (C.28) AGW (C.29?) AUK (C.30) 
DH Puss Moth OO-AMN also operated in the Congo owned by Pierre Micha of Ogandra 
For aircraft registered directly in the Congo see the main list above 
VP-YAF and F-ANJX were also based in the Belgian Congo 
OO-JAC (C.12) was destroyed at Aketi 14.1.39