Civil Aircraft Register - United States

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
The United States did not formally register aircraft until 1927. In January 1927 temporary numbers were issued to existing aircraft 
These are shown without prefix. Later in 1927 permanent registrations began to be issued (with NC26: 1 to 25 were reserved by the Dept of Commerce) 
The US used a NC / C / R / NR / NS / X / NX prefix depending upon the licence status.  
The first column uses a global NC prefix for sorting purposes. The history column shows the actual prefixes worn where known. 
Registrations ending with a letter suffix (E K M N V W W Z) appear at the end of the list (following NC40000) 
NC1DH.4B1NS1Dept of Commerce00.00.27
NC1Ford 5-AT-D5-AT-101NS1 NC15551Dept of Commerce13.05.31Rereg .35
NC1Northrop Alpha 2NS1Dept of Commerce00.00.30
NC1Lockheed 12A Junior Electra1204NS17 NC17 NS1 NC1 NC1K N1K N71KDept of CommerceSold Walt Disney for prop .87
NC1Baker McMillen Cadet glider121NC1George E Kemnitzer /OH16.07.37Canc 1.9.39
NC2DH.4M1NS2Dept of Commerce00.00.27
NC2Stearman 4-C > 4-E4001NS2Dept of Commerce00.00.30
NC2Beech C17R80NS1 NS2 NC2 NC2166 42-97431Dept of Commerce02.10.36Wfu 31.7.46
NC2Stinson SR8775NC2
NC3Buhl CA-3A8NC3Aeronautics Branch /DCCanc 28.8.39 [FAA has CA-5]
NC3Douglas O-38B97131-0411 NC3Civil Aeronautics Authority /DC00.00.31Canc 15.11.39
NC3Verville 104C10NS3Dept of Commerce
NC3Waco UEC3684NC3[See NS38]
NC3Stinson SR8776NC3
NC3Bellanca D Skyrocket638NS3 NC18616
NC4Douglas O-38B99331-0433 NC4Civil Aeronautics Authority /DCWritten off 9.6.40
NC4Buhl CA-3ANC4
NC4Buhl CA-3C > CA-3CWNC4
NC4Monocoupe 1106W14NC4
NC5Kaiser F5F-504NC5Civil Aeronautics Authority /DCCanc 17.2.40
NC5Stinson SB-1 Detroiter60NS5Dept of Commerce
NC5Travel Air B-40001262NS5Dept of Commerce
NC5Bellanca CH-300 > PM-300159NC5
NC5Stearman-Hammond Y-1303NC5
NC5Bellanca Syrocket F805NC5Canc 30.10.45
NC6Travel Air BW184NC6
NC6Stinson SR8776NS6
NC7Fairchild FC-22C32 NS7
NC7Fairchild 71620NC7
NC7Travel Air B-40001365NC7
NC7Stinson SR-5E9209-ANS7
NC8Fairchild FC-2 > 5110NS8Bureau of Standards
NC8Waco AGC-85078NC8Civil Aeronautics Authority /DC
NC8Bellanca CH-300 > CH-300W147NC8
NC9Ryan STA355NC9Civil Aeronautics Authority /DC00.00.40
NC9Stinson SR-5E > SR-5A9212-ANS9 NC5045Dept of Commerce00.00.34
NC9Laird Commercial154NC9
NC9Travel Air B-40001326NC9
NC10Laird LC-B155NC10Aeronautical Branch /DCAccident Minneapolis MN 7.6.26 Canc 25.2.31
NC10Stinson SR-5E9213-ANS10Dept of Commerce
NC10Monocoupe 1256K03NS10 NC3771
NC11Boeing 247D1953NR257Y NC13369 NS11 NC11 N11Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC27.09.41Canc 25.1.55
NC11DH.4B422NS11Dept of CommerceCanc
NC11Verville 104C > 104A8NS11Dept of Commerce
NC11Waco UEC3685NS11 NC18631
NC12DH.4BNS12Dept of Commerce
NC12Stinson SR-5A9214-ANS12 NC14342Dept of Commerce00.00.34
NC12Travel Air B-40001260NC12Accident Dunsmuir CA 22.1.28
NC12Stearman 4-E4001NC12
NC13DH.4B379NS13Dept of Commerce
NC13Stinson SM-8A > SM-8B Special4091NS13Dept of Commerce00.00.30Canc 1.4.35
NC13Waterman W-4 Arrowplane1NS13Dept of Commerce00.00.35Canc 15.10.37
NC13Boeing F4B-41757BuA9241 NX13 NC13 NR9329?Dept of Commerce00.00.40NASM Washington
NC14Douglas DC-3A-348 > C-52D4080NC14 (42-6505) NC14 N14 N560RCivil Aeronautics Authority /DC
NC14Boeing F4B-41767BuA9251 NX14 NR9846Dept of Commerce >Jesse Bristow00.00.40
NC14Travel Air 4000 > BW227NC14 NC18634Dept of CommerceDestroyed 20.10.32
NC14Monocoupe 1106W48NC14
NC15Harlow PJC-26NC15 N3947BCivil Aeronautics Authority /DC >EAA Aviation Foundation00.00.40
NC15Ryan B-1 Brougham48NS15Dept of CommerceCanc 29.9.29
NC15Ireland P-2 Privateer69NS15Dept of Commerce00.00.30
NC15Stinson SR-5A9215-ANS15Dept of Commerce21.05.34Canc 1.12.37
NC16Travel Air B-40001261NS16Dept of Commerce[also NC13909]
NC16Waco UKC3856NS16 N16967Dept of Commerce
NC17Waco AVN-85115NC17Civil Aeronautics Authority /DC
NC17Waco UKC3857NS17Dept of Commerce
NC17Lockheed 12A Junior Electra1204NS17 NC17 NS1 NC1 NC1K N1K N71KDept of CommerceSold Walt Disney for prop .87
NC17Stearman C-3B153NC17
NC18Stearman C-3B > 157A157NS18Dept of Commerce
NC18Waco UKC3858NS18 NC18976Dept of Commerce >Howard Morf /NVCanc 17.5.48
NC18Boeing 247 > 247D1722NC13340 NS18 N18EDept of Commerce
NC19Fairchild 24G2922NC19Bureau of Air Commerce
NC19Waco UKC3859NS19 NC1319Dept of Commerce
NC19Pitcairn PA-6NC19
NC20Fairchild 24G2923NC20Bureau of Air Commerce
NC20Waco UKC3860NS20 NC18620 1320Dept of Commerce
NC20Pitcairn PA-6NC20
NC21Fairchild 24G2924NC21Civil Aeronautics Authority /DC00.00.37Canc 12.3.47
NC21Boeing 1001142NS21Dept of Commerce00.06.29Destroyed 10.3.31
NC21Kinner Playboy R-5112NS21 NC18621Dept of Commerce00.00.34
NC21Monocoupe 1256K04NS21 NC13914
NC22Fairchild 24G2925NC22Bureau of Air Commerce
NC22Mono Monocoach 2755029NS22Dept of Commerce
NC22Kinner Playboy R-5113NS22 NC18622Dept of Commerce00.00.34
NC22Stearman C-3B233NC22
NC23Fairchild 24G2926NC23Bureau of Air Commerce
NC23Kinner Playboy R-5114NS23 NC18623Dept of Commerce00.00.34
NC23Stearman C-3B > 237A237NC23
NC24Fairchild 24G2927NC24Bureau of Air Commerce
NC24Waco ATO > CTOA-119NS24Dept of Commerce
NC24Kinner Playboy R-5115NS24 NC18624Dept of Commerce00.00.34
NC25Fairchild 24G2928NC25Civil Aeronautics Authority /DCCanc 23.11.39
NC25Waco ATO > CTOA-118NS25Dept of Commerce
NC25Kinner Playboy R-5116NS25 NC18625Dept of Commerce00.00.34
NC26Stinson SM-8B4206NS26Bureau of Air Commerce /DC00.00.30Canc 3.6.34
NC26Bellanca CH-400623NC26Standard Oil Company of New York Inc /NYCanc 27.6.33 [FAA as Skyrocket D]
NC26Standard J-1C26Wendell Pavey /OH00.08.27Curtiss?
NC26Waco 9178NC26
NC26Pitcairn PCA-2B-8NC26 NC2624
NC26Bellanca F-1 Skyrocket > F-2802NC26
NC27Fairchild 24G2929NC27Bureau of Air Commerce
NC27Stinson SM-8B4204NS27Dept of Commerce00.00.30
NC27Curtiss Carrier Pigeon1C27National Air Transport /IL00.05.27ex US Mail 602. c/n NAT1 per BV28. Canc 1.2.29
NC27Curtiss JN-4C2727NC27
NC28Fairchild 24G2930NC28Bureau of Air Commerce
NC28Stinson SM-8B4210NS28Dept of Commerce00.00.30
NC28Curtiss Carrier Pigeon2C28National Air Transport /IL00.05.27[c/n NAT3 per BV28]
NC28Boeing C (OX-5)NC28
NC29Fairchild 24G2931NC29Civil Aeronautics Authority /DCCanc 9.3.39
NC29Monocoupe 1106W00NS29Dept of Commerce
NC29Aircraft balloonADC-1subNC29Detroit Ballon Club /MI03.06.27Canc 11.7.34
NC29Curtiss Carrier Pigeon3C29National Air Transport /IL >HL Soard /IL00.05.27Canc 15.10.30
NC30Fairchild 24G2932NC30Bureau of Air Commerce
NC30Monocoupe 1106W01NS30Dept of Commerce
NC30Curtiss Carrier Pigeon4C30 NR9344National Air Transport /IL00.05.27
NC30Farman LizzetteNC30
NC31Harlow PJC-22NC31 N31PJDept of Commerce >JP Harris /OK
NC31Fairchild 24C-8C2605NS31 NC18617Dept of Commerce00.00.34
NC31Waco RNF3473NS31Dept of Commerce
NC31Curtiss Carrier Pigeon5C31National Air Transport /IL00.05.27
NC32Fairchild 24G2933NC32Bureau of Air Commerce
NC32Fairchild FC-22C32 NS7Curtiss Flying Service of New England/CT00.08.27Canc 28.10.29 [c/n 3 per FAA]
NC32Bellanca CH-300149NS32Dept of Commerce
NC32Aeromarine EO flying boatG-1NC32
NC33Mono Monocoach 2755030NS33Dept of Commerce00.00.31Canc 15.3.32
NC33Fairchild 24C-8C2606NS33 NC18633Dept of Commerce00.00.34
NC33Curtiss Carrier Pigeon7C33 NC18633National Air Transport /IL00.05.27Accident Ottawa KS 4.7.28
NC33Standard J-11234subC33
NC34Waco 9207C34Dairs and Felix AW/Battle Creek00.08.27
NC34Fairchild 24C-8C2607NS34 NC18632Dept of Commerce00.00.34
NC34Curtiss JN-4D582NC34
NC34Bird CK4025NS34
NC34Doyle O-2A-12NC34
NC35Fairchild 24C-8C2608NS35 NC18635Dept of Commerce00.00.34
NC35Curtiss Carrier Pigeon9C35 NR35YNational Air Transport /IL00.05.27[c/n also K-5015-9]
NC35Sperry MessengerNC35
NC35Bird CK4026NS35
NC36Fairchild 24G2934NC36Bureau of Air Commerce
NC36Fleet 9505NS36 NC13920Dept of Commerce
NC36Fairchild 24C-8C2609NS36 NC18636Dept of Commerce00.00.34Canc 6.2.35 [Unclear whether reregistered]
NC36Stinson SB-180NC2379 NS36Dodgeson Motor Co/Detroit00.08.27
NC37Fleet 9506NS37 NC13921Dept of Commerce
NC37Fairchild 24C-8C2610NS37 NC18637Dept of Commerce00.00.34
NC37Curtiss Carrier Pigeon11NC37National Air Transport /IL[c/n also K-5015-11]
NC38Fairchild 24G2935NC38Bureau of Air Commerce
NC38Bellanca CH-300156NS38Dept of Commerce
NC38Alexander Eaglerock Long-Wing136C38Dominion FS/Richmond VA00.08.27
NC38Curtiss JN-4D574NC38Floyd Bowman
NC38Waco UEC3684NS38 NC18613
NC39Swallow845C39AR Frampton /IL00.08.27Canc 4.1.33
NC39Monocoupe D-145D-106NS39Bureau of Air CommerceCanc 19.3.38
NC39Fairchild 24G2936NC39Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC15.05.41Canc 29.7.46
NC39Curtiss Fledgling J-1 SpecialB-22NC39
NC40Stinson R-28512NS40Bureau of Air CommerceCanc 1.3.36
NC40Aerial Service Mercury15C40National Air Transport /IL00.05.27
NC41Fairchild 24G2937NC41Bureau of Air Commerce
NC41Monocoupe D-145D-109NS41Dept of Commerce15.07.35Canc 15.7.36
NC41Buhl CA-159NC41Dept of CommerceCanc 25.11.33
NC41Dayton-Wright TW-328C41Harry C Fry jr /PA00.08.27Canc 20.8.27
NC42Curtiss JN-4C5010C42Basil Gordon Gibson /MD00.08.27
NC42Fairchild 24G2938NC42Civil Aeronautics Authority /DCCanc 23.11.39
NC42Monocoupe 1106W53NC42
NC43Fairchild 24G2939NC43Bureau of Air Commerce
NC43Monocoupe D-145D-110NS43 NC13939Dept of Commerce
NC43Fleet 2245NS43 NC13922Dept of Commerce
NC43Curtiss JN-4CXXsubC43Ireland Air Inc/Long Is00.04.27
NC43Santa AnaNC43
NC44Fairchild 24G2940NC44Bureau of Air Commerce
NC44Fairchild 24C-8A2503NS44 NC18644Dept of Commerce
NC44Ireland CometM-3C44Ireland Aircraft Inc /NY00.04.27
NC44Pitcairn PCA-2B-25NC44
NC45Fairchild 24G2941NC45Bureau of Air Commerce
NC45Monocoupe D-145D-111NS45Bureau of Air Commerce /DCCanc 1.8.36
NC45Curtiss JN-4D3138NC45C Smith and MR Griffis /OHCanc 14.1.35
NC45Travel Air 2000133C45Campbell-Deschepper Aero Co/Moline >Fred E Machesney /IL00.05.27Canc 19.8.28
NC45Fleet 2248NS45 NC13923Dept of Commerce
NC46Standard-Sikorsky J-12693C46August Graf /CT00.08.27Canc 20.8.28 [Lincoln J-1 per BV28]
NC46Fairchild 24G2944NC46Bureau of Air Commerce
NC46Monocoupe D-145D-112NS46Bureau of Air Commerce /DCCanc 16.1.36
NC46Fleet 2247NS46 NC13924Dept of Commerce
NC46Waco 9179NC46
NC47Fairchild 24G2942NC47Bureau of Air Commerce
NC47Monocoupe D-145D-113NS47Bureau of Air Commerce /DC21.04.37Canc 12.4.38
NC47Fleet 2253NS47 NC13925Dept of Commerce
NC47Waco 9330subC4700.05.27
NC48Fairchild 24G2943NC48Bureau of Air Commerce
NC48Monocoupe D-145D-114NS48 NC13940Dept of Commerce
NC48Standard J-148C48
NC48Waco 9300C4800.04.27
NC48Fleet PT-6 Special158NC48
NC49Monocoupe D-145D-115NC49Bureau of Air Commerce20.08.36Canc 12.4.38
NC49Waco YKS-74692NC49Bureau of Air Commerce[Also listed as ZKS]
NC49Travel Air S-2000109C49WB Howell/Flowell >Clemenceau Arpt Inc /AZ00.08.27Canc 15.9.31
NC49Curtiss JN-4D421 > 44267NC49
NC49Fleet PT-6A Special32330-0382 NS49 NC13932
NC50Waco YKS-74693NC50Bureau of Air Commerce
NC50Monocoupe D-145D-116NC50Bureau of Air Commerce /DC03.11.37Canc 12.4.38
NC50Penfield50NC50John Penfield /CA20.04.27Canc 29.5.29
NC50Swallow Super Swallow238C50RG Jackson /KS >LR Keith /KS00.08.27Canc 21.12.32
NC50Fleet PT-6A Special32530-0384 NS50 NC13927
NC51Travel Air 4000 >BW146C51Boston Airport Corp/Mars00.04.27
NC51Monocoupe D-125D-117NC51Bureau of Air CommerceCanc 12.4.38 [c/n D-145?]
NC51Fleet PT-6A Special32630-0385 NS51 NC13933Dept of Commerce
NC51Curtiss JN-4C6150NC51Northwestern Aircraft CoCanc 15.4.38
NC52Waco YKS-74694NC52Bureau of Air Commerce
NC52Fokker Universal405NC52Colonial ATAccident Willington CT 3.9.27 [ex N-AABA?]
NC52Waco 9369C52Knapp FS /MI00.08.27[Duplicate c/n with [C127] -agrees BV28]
NC52Curtiss JN-4C > JN-4DNC52Canc 26.3.30
NC52Standard J-12NC52
NC52Bellanca CH-300164NC52
NC52Monocoupe D-145D-118NC52Canc 12.4.38
NC53Monocoupe D-145D-119NS53 NC13941Dept of Commerce
NC53Curtiss JN-4DM-1760NC53Fred R Lamb /OHCanc 30.11.27
NC53Waco 9390C53FS Knapp /MI >LB Derrick /NY00.08.27Canc 1.3.39
NC53Fokker F.VIIa-3m703NC53Pan American AW 'General Machado'00.09.27Ditched Gulf of Mexico 15.8.28 [this c/n also NX206?]
NC54Harlow PJC-23NC54 N54KCCAA >Heritage Aircraft LLC00.00.40
NC54Fokker Universal401C54Colonial AT/NY00.05.27[c/n 2 per BV28]
NC54Monocoupe D-145D-120NS54Dept of Commerce
NC54Curtiss JN-4DNC54
NC55Monocoupe D-145D-121NS55Bureau of Air Commerce /OK00.00.35
NC55Fokker C-2 tri-motor704NC55Colonial AT 'Chicago' >Pan American Airways Inc /NY00.00.27Accident Teterboro NJ 18.6.27 Accident St Petersburg FL 15.8.28
NC55Standard J-11C55EV West /WI11.06.29Canc 6.9.29
NC55Howard DGA-12NC55
NC56Curtiss JN-4D3C56Curtiss Flying Service/Long Is00.04.27
NC56Monocoupe D-145D-122NS56Dept of Commerce
NC56Curtiss F (Hisso)NC56
NC57Waco 9299 > 175LC57Knapp FS /MI >MW Lossing /MI00.08.27Canc 24.1.47
NC57Lincoln-Portland Standard150subNC57
NC58Curtiss JN-4D5 > 493NC58Curtiss Flying Service IncCanc 21.7.27
NC58Curtiss Wright 15-D Sedan15D-2212NC58Dept of CommerceCanc 24.10.36
NC59Waco AGC-85070NC59Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC
NC59Curtiss Oriole > Ireland C-26C59Curtiss Flying Service/Long Is >R W Brown /NY00.04.27Canc 28.5.28
NC59Bellanca E Pacemaker205NS59[c/n clashes with NS5Y]
NC60Waco AGC-85071NC60Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC
NC60Douglas O-2BS265NC60J Dalzell Mckee /PA20.04.27Canc 11.6.27
NC60Fairchild 22C-7A1050NC60
NC60Stinson SM-8A4252NC60
NC61Curtiss JN-4DNC61Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC
NC61Waco AGC-85072NC61Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC
NC61Curtiss Oriole8C61Curtiss Flying Service/Long Is00.04.27
NC61Stinson SM-8A4253NC61
NC62Waco AGC-85073NC62Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC
NC62Curtiss JN-4D47497NC62
NC62Curtiss OrioleNC62
NC62Stinson SR-5E9340-ANS62 NC15562
NC63Curtiss (Keleher) Lark10NC63Curtiss Flying Service Inc /NYCanc 14.4.27
NC63Stinson SR-5A9342-ANS63Dept of CommerceCanc 1.1.37
NC63Standard J-1C63John W Cable /IACanc 28.12.28
NC64Standard J-1C64Lawrence M Persons /ILCanc 30.4.30
NC64Stinson SR-5E > SR-5A9343-ANS64
NC65Curtiss JN-4D2560NC65Geo F Bischof /TXCanc 10.6.27
NC65Alexander Eaglerock Combo-Wing197C65Pioneer Flyers/Idaho >Northern Minnesota FS /MN00.08.27Canc 11.4.32
NC65Fahlin PlymocoupeSF-2NC65
NC66Beech B17L26NS66 NC66 NC30098Dept of Commerce01.03.35Canc 24.6.40 Used to rebuild cn 20
NC66Curtiss JN-4D6000C66HS Laird /IL00.08.27
NC66Waco 9274NC66 NC3983
NC67Weick W-11NX213Y NS67 X67Bureau of Air CommerceCanc 15.7.36
NC67Waco GXE767C67Chas W Maris /MI00.08.27[Waco 10 no c/n per BV28]
NC67Standard J-122763C67
NC67Timm Collegiate (Anzani)NC67
NC67Harlow PJC-27NC67 N65296CAA >MC Malkin /WA
NC68Beech A17FS11(NR12569) NS68Bureau of Air Commerce /DC21.09.34Dismantled 15.8.36
NC68Curtiss JN-4D33967NC68David B Read /WI20.04.27Canc 20.10.27
NC68Waco 9241C68Mayer Air Corp/PA00.08.27
NC69Curtiss Wright 19L1NS69Bureau of Air Commerce14.02.36Canc 1.12.36
NC69Standard J-1C69CP Mayer/PA01.03.27Canc 20.12.27
NC69Curtiss JN-4D4072NC69
NC70Heath Super Standard (OX-5)C70Chas L Miksch /IL00.08.27
NC70Pitcairn AC-35J-91NC70Civil Aeronautics Admin /DCCanc 15.3.41
NC70Standard J-1C70
NC71Lincoln LS-51NC71JS Sagmiller /NDCanc 29.4.30
NC71Farman SportX-1C71Ludington Exhibition Co /PA00.04.27built .23
NC71Curtiss Wright 15-D Sedan15D-2209NC71
NC72Farman Sport15C72Ludington Exhibition Co /PA >NASM00.04.27built .23
NC72Arrow Sport F1NS72
NC72Stinson S Junior8023NS72
NC73Stearman-Hammond Y-1302X15770 NC73Bureau of Air CommerceCanc 1.3.38
NC73Curtiss MF5553C73Frank Mills/PA00.08.27NAF MF Seaplane per BV28
NC73Waco 9NC73
NC74Stinson SR-8B9803NS74Bureau of Air Commerce00.00.36
NC74Waco 9285C1074 C74 NC6804Potomac FS /WA00.08.27
NC74Curtiss JN-4D7623NC74Roy Scheihing /ARCanc 11.2.33
NC75Stinson SR-8B9805NS75Bureau of Air Commerce00.00.36
NC75Waco 9278C75Ludington Exhibition Co /PA00.04.27
NC75Curtiss JN-4C5263NC75
NC76Stinson SR-8B9807NS76Bureau of Air Commerce00.00.36
NC76Northwestern balloon4subNC76Merrill Balloon Co /MICanc 13.1.36
NC77Stinson SR-8B9809NS77Bureau of Air Commerce00.00.36
NC77Northwestern balloon5NC77Merrill Balloon CoCanc 27.2.30
NC77Advance AmphibianC77New England Aircraft Co /CT00.08.27[per BV28]
NC77Waco 9270NC77
NC78Stinson SR-8B9812NS78Civil Aeronautics Authority /DC
NC78Pitcairn PA-311NC78
NC78Stinson SB-1NWA-1NC78
NC79Stinson SR-8B9813NS79Bureau of Air Commerce29.07.38Canc 17.7.39
NC79Sikorsky S-38C214-3NC79George J Daufkirch /NY08.09.39Canc 27.4.40
NC79Stinson SB-1NWA-2NC79
NC80Stinson SR-8B9814NS80Bureau of Air Commerce00.00.36
NC80Curtiss JN-4D3595NC80D H Davies/AtlantaCanc 29.4.30
NC80Stinson SB-1NWA-3NC80
NC81Stinson SR-8B9815NS81Bureau of Air Commerce00.00.36
NC81Ryan M-1C81Pacific Air Transport/San Francisco00.08.27Ryan M-2C per BV28
NC81Curtiss JN-4DNC81WH Fortington /ILCanc 17.3.30
NC81Curtiss Robin50NC81
NC82Curtiss JN-4C1NC82AK DearingCanc 18.3.30
NC82Curtiss JN-4D3281C82AW Moseley/PA04.02.27Canc 26.6.28
NC82Harlow PJC-28NC82Civil Aeronautics Authority /DC02.11.40Wrecked Vermont .43 Canc 3.4.47
NC82Stinson SR-8B9816NS82Civil Aeronautics Authority /DC15.09.37Canc 16.2.40
NC83Fokker Skeeter800NC83Atlantic Aircraft Corp /NJ00.00.26Canc 5.1.33
NC83Stinson SR-9E5405NS83Bureau of Air Commerce
NC83Thomas-Morse S4C673C83RT Quimby /IL00.05.27
NC84Stinson SR-9E5406NS84Bureau of Air Commerce
NC84Swallow29NC84GE Tabraham /MI21.03.27Canc 29.4.30
NC84Waco 9244C84John W Pattison/Cincinnati00.08.27
NC85Stinson SR-9E5408NS85Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC08.04.41Canc 3.3.48
NC85Fairchild KR-31115C85Kreider-Reisner Corp /MD00.08.27[Probably error for NC85Y]
NC86Stinson SR-9E5451NS86Bureau of Air Commerce
NC86Curtiss JN-4D4077NC86Gilman Thompson /SDCanc 18.6.29
NC86Waco 9WO26C86H E Burdett /VA00.08.27
NC86Taylor E-2121NC86
NC87Stinson SR-9E5452NS87Bureau of Air Commerce
NC87Huff-Daland DusterDA-3NC87Dept of Agriculture
NC87Junkers F13663D-288 C87 CF-AMXMetal Aircraft Express Corp/NY00.04.27amphibian (also NC1087)
NC87Taylor E-247NC87
NC87Waco 71591NC87
NC88Stinson SR-9E5453NS88Bureau of Air Commerce
NC88Swallow838C88Richard E Peck/IL00.08.27
NC88Pitcairn PA-33K-90NC88
NC88Travel Air 3000154NC88
NC89DH.4M1DA-4NS89Dept of Agriculture
NC89Travel Air BW>4000187C89Phillips Petroleum /OK00.08.27
NC89Stinson SR-9FM5723NC89
NC90Ryan M-2C21C90Knapp FS /MI >PA Strohl /OH00.08.27Canc 19.11.37
NC90Curtiss JN-6H SEI-488NC90US Dept of Agriculture /LA22.03.27Canc
NC90Funk B2NX90 NC900000.00.39
NC91Beech E17B219NC91 N91HDept of Commerce03.04.38Current
NC91Standard J-1DY-2C91
NC92Fairchild 24W-9W9-106NC92Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC
NC92Curtiss Oriole12C92Curtiss Flying Service/Long Is00.05.27
NC92Curtiss JN-4D3990439904 NC92
NC93Fairchild 24W-9W9-107NC93Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC
NC93DH.9AC93Curtiss Flying Service/Long Is00.04.27Fisher DH12 remodelled per BV28
NC93Dycer SportNC93
NC94Fairchild 24W-9W9-108NC94Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC
NC94Standard J-1DY-3C94K Yamashiro /CA00.00.27Canc 5.6.29
NC94Pitcairn PA-5C94Pitcairn Aviation Corp/PA00.08.27
NC95Fairchild 24W-9W9-109NC95Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC
NC95Waco GXE769C95Potomac FS /WA00.08.27[Waco 10 per BV28]
NC95Standard J-1DY-4C95
NC95Aeronca C-2NA-253NC95
NC95Dycer SportNC95
NC96Fairchild 24W-9W9-110NC96Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC
NC96Curtiss BiplaneM-6235NC96CR and NR Post /CACanc 17.3.30
NC96Standard J-1C96RT Flying Service /VA00.08.27Canc 22.10.27
NC97Fairchild 24W-9W9-111NC97Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC
NC97Thomas-Morse S4C2C97Thomas Morse Co/NY00.04.27Canc 24.10.33
NC97Curtiss JN-4DNC97
NC97Grumman G-21B1088NX97Exported Portugal
NC98Fairchild 24W-9W9-112NC98Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC
NC98Swallow19HsubNC98NM Nicola Jr and LA Jones /CA
NC98Thomas-Morse S4C1C98Thomas Morse Co/NY >FC Koehnlein /NY00.04.27Canc 1.12.31 [S6 Scout per BV28 and FAA]
NC98Grumman G-21B1089NX98Exported Portugal
NC99Fairchild 24W-9W9-113NC99Civil Aeronautics Admin /DCFloatplane
NC99Curtiss JN-4D606NC99Jerry Dececca /NYCanc 15.3.30
NC99Waco 9362C99R T Flying Services /VA00.08.27Canc 2.8.28
NC99Grumman G-21B1090NX99Exported Portugal
NC100Douglas M-4654NR100Boeing AT[BV33 but c/n is Douglas O-32 mil-poss c/n PO654]
NC100Fairchild 24W-9W9-114NC100Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC
NC100Waco 9NC100Murray Hall /ARCanc
NC100Travel Air 2000150NC100SS Jostis jr /OHCanc 8.2.33 (Sikorsky UN-4 wing 9/27)
NC100Grumman G-21B1091NX100Exported Portugal
NC101Fairchild 24W-9W9-115NC101Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC
NC101Travel Air 2000132C101EL Burke/NY >W Miller jr /FL00.03.27Canc 10.8.36 [Model B per BV28]
NC101Thomas-Morse S6 Scout38687NC101
NC101Grumman G-21B1092NX101Exported Portugal
NC102Harlow PJC-24NC102 N102ECivil Aeronautics Admin /DC >RH Brazil /ALDestroyed 16.7.51
NC102Curtiss JN-4D171NC102Clifford M Young /PACanc 11.1.33
NC102Huff-Daland Petrel 533C102Fairchild Flying Corp/NY00.04.27
NC102Grumman G-21B1093NX102Exported Portugal
NC103Waco AGC-85077NC103Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC
NC103Fairchild FC-1A1C103Fairchild Airplane Mfg Corp/Long Is14.02.27Canc 22.5.30 [MC-1A per BV28]
NC103Grumman G-21B1094NX103Exported Portugal
NC104Waco AGC-85074NC104Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC
NC104Waco 929C104 C1104Fairchild Flying Corp/Long Is00.04.27Canc 10.9.34
NC104Standard J-1T5444C104Glenn Owen /MICanc 9.5.27
NC104Grumman G-21B1095NX104Exported Portugal
NC105Laird Commercial (OX-5)143C105R H Candlish/IL00.08.27
NC105Curtiss JN-4C6049NC105
NC105Grumman G-21B1096NX105Exported Portugal
NC106Nicholas-Beazley (OX-5)NC106Marshall Flying School /MO00.04.27
NC106Waco 9NC106
NC106Grumman G-21B1097NX106Exported Portugal
NC107Standard J-1500C107Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Co /MO >J Lowrey00.05.27Canc 23.3.29
NC107Waco 9NC107
NC107Grumman G-21B1098NX107Exported Portugal
NC108Standard J-144424C108[might be JN-4D]
NC108Grumman G-21B1099NX108Exported Portugal
NC109Standard J-13972NC109Henry Claud Young /MOCanc 13.7.27
NC109Curtiss JN-4D > JN-4CC109Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Co /MO >Bailey Shobe & Conklin /MI00.04.27Canc 20.4.30
NC110Standard J-1840NC110Dearden /MA28.03.28Canc 14.12.28
NC110Laird Commercial (Wright J4)149C110Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Co /MO >DA Fuss00.08.27
NC110Curtiss JN-4C1441NC110
NC111Curtiss JN-4D444NC111Edward T Faulkner /NY21.02.36Canc 15.3.37
NC111Ireland Meteor1C111Herbert C Doyle /NJ00.05.27Crashed Curtiss Field NY 25.5.28
NC112Waco 9C11200.08.27BV28
NC112Curtiss JN-4D100NC112
NC113Curtiss JN-4C117C113Advance Air Corp /OH >GC Barrett /IA30.04.27Destroyed 4.4.30
NC113Cessna C-145484NC113Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC17.11.43Canc 29.1.51
NC114Curtiss JN-4CM-5198NC114Cam S Wilmeth /OK20.04.27Canc 2.5.30
NC114Cessna C-145485NC114Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC30.09.41Canc 30.11.44
NC114DH.4BTR-4subC114Robertson Air Co/MO >LH Atkinson /IN00.04.27Canc 2.10.28
NC114Beech E17B411NC11400.00.40
NC115Swallow822C115Aviation Service & Transport Inc /IL23.11.28Canc 6.4.29
NC115Thomas-Morse S4C43344334 NC115R C Stroop /GA17.09.30Canc 25.5.38
NC116Waco 9358C116Clifford T Ball/PA00.08.27
NC117Swallow Super-Swallow13ANC117Geo L Bennett /MO >GA Rix and PH Collins /IA00.08.27Canc 11.2.33
NC117Standard J-11151subC117
NC118Standard J-1AKH-1928subC118Canc 25.3.29
NC119Curtiss JN-4D3588NC119
NC120Lincoln-Standard LS-5NC120Chicago Aero Service00.08.27
NC120Interstate S-1A122NC120Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC08.10.41Canc 17.1.46
NC120Curtiss JN-4CC-683NC120
NC121Curtiss JN-4C2684NC121Chicago Flying Club /IL00.08.27Canc 30.11.28
NC121Curtiss JN-4D5365NC121
NC122Curtiss JN-4C1078subNC122Ira M Cooper /MD >HHL Otis /CA27.04.27Canc 22.5.30
NC122Standard J-1C122
NC123Buhl Airster1C123Stout Air Services/Detroit >PE Dameron /TN00.03.27Destroyed 24.6.34
NC124Curtiss MF-2 Seagull1NC124Paul Strasburg FS /Detroit00.08.27Canc 27.2.31
NC124Standard J-199subC124
NC125Standard J-12271222712 C125Harvey Sieb /MI26.04.27Canc 4.4.29
NC125DH.4B110C125Robertson Aircraft Corp /MO08.04.27Canc 27.10.27
NC126DH.4BC126Robertson Aircraft Corp /MO00.04.27Canc 7.3.28
NC126Curtiss JN-4D38393839 NC126
NC126Ryan SWC-145211NC126
NC127Waco 9369C127 C2885John T Byrne /MICanc 30.4.30 [duplicate c/n with C52 verified)]
NC127DH.4B114C127Robertson Aircraft Corp /MO00.04.27
NC128Standard J-1I-849C128MB Collins and N Boyd /MICanc 30.4.30
NC128DH.4B337C128Robertson Aircraft Corp /MO >BC Merton and N Boyd /MI16.05.27Canc 16.12.27 [c/n 113 BV28]
NC129Bellanca 14-91019NS129Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC
NC129Curtiss Oriole (Hisso)TR-3subC129Robertson Aircraft Corp /MO00.04.27
NC129Lincoln-Standard LS-5NC129
NC129Curtiss Oriole (Curtiss K-6)101NC129Canc 21.12.29
NC130Bellanca 14-91029NS130Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC
NC130Waco 9275C130Reynolds AW /NY >C Hunstock /CA16.05.27Canc 2.4.30
NC130Curtiss Oriole1subNC130
NC131Standard J-1102C131George I Steinke /CA16.05.27Canc 26.3.30
NC132Standard J-1TR-1subC132Robertson Aircraft Corp /MO00.04.27Wright J-1
NC132Standard J-1892subC132Tom Ralph /KS25.02.29Canc 20.5.30 [c/n 862 per FAA]
NC133Cessna T-501016NC133Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC14.02.41Canc 7.12.42
NC133Standard J-1200subC133James H Arterburn /MO19.04.32Canc 1.4.35
NC134Standard J-1102C134Robertson Aircraft Corp /MO >H Hayden /MI00.04.27Canc 13.2.33 [Wright J-1 c/n 2]
NC134Curtiss JN-4DB59290NC134
NC135Curtiss JN-4D51265126 NC135Canc 18.9.29
NC136Thomas-Morse (LeRhone)NC136
NC137Standard J-1X-14C137Curtiss Flying Service/Long Is00.04.27
NC137Thomas-Morse S4C660NC137
NC138Standard J-115subC138Curtiss Flying Service/Long Is00.04.27
NC138Curtiss JN-4DNC138
NC139Standard J-117C139Curtiss Flying Service/Long Is00.05.27
NC139Waco 9218NC139
NC140Standard J-119C140Curtiss Flying Service/Long Is00.04.27
NC140Laird Sport S102subNC140
NC141Curtiss Seagull AmphibianC141Curtiss Flying Service/Long Is00.04.27
NC141Curtiss JN-4D1535NC141
NC142Swallow814NC142Vinson W Scott /CADestroyed 14.3.30 [c/n 812 per FAA]
NC142Thomas-Morse S4CNC142
NC143Detroit balloonADC-2subNC143
NC144Aeromarine 39-B224NC144
NC145Standard J-11457subC145
NC146Standard J-1260subC146American Airways Inc
NC147Curtiss JN-4DNC147
NC148Curtiss JN-4CNC148
NC149Fokker B-3C900NC149
NC150Douglas M-2244C150 NC2275Western Air Express /LA (fn 1)00.08.27
NC151Douglas M-2245C151 NC2269Western Air Express /LA (fn 2)00.08.27[c/n WA1]
NC151American Eagle (OX-5)NC151
NC152Waco UPF-75530(NC30133) NC152Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC00.00.39
NC152Travel Air 2000169C152Walter J Carr /MI00.08.27
NC152Thomas-Morse S4C637NC152
NC153Waco UPF-75572NC153Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC00.00.39
NC153Curtiss JN-4D35263526 NC153
NC154Waco UPF-75573NC154Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC00.00.39
NC154Curtiss JN-4D31493149 NC154
NC155Waco UPF-75574NC155Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC00.00.39
NC155Travel Air 2000>S-20006008subNC155
NC156Waco UPF-75575NC156Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC00.00.39
NC156Avro 504KNC156Michael Jordan /NY09.05.27Canc 14.3.30
NC157Waco UPF-75576NC157Civil Aeronautics Admin /DC00.00.39
NC157Curtiss JN-4CNC157