Civil Aircraft Register - Mexico

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
M-SCAELincoln StandardM-SCAECia Mexicana de Aviacion00.00.21
M-SCAILincoln StandardM-SCAICia Mexicana de Aviacion
M-SCAKLincoln StandardM-SCAKCia Mexicana de Aviacion
M-SCALFord 4-AT TrimotorM-SCALCia Mexicana de Aviacion00.00.28
M-SCAMFord 4-AT TrimotorM-SCAMCia Mexicana de Aviacion00.00.28
M-SCANFord 5-AT-B Trimotor5-AT-12NC9661 M-SCAN X-ABCB XA-BCB XA-BCOCia Mexicana de Aviacion 'Mexico'00.02.29Crashed Amameca 26.3.36 [Also reported as c/n AT-40]
M-SCAOFord 4-AT TrimotorM-SCAOCia Mexicana de Aviacion00.00.28
M-SCOALincoln StandardM-SCOACia Mexicana de Aviacion
M-SCOCLincoln StandardM-SCOCCia Mexicana de Aviacion
M-SCODLincoln StandardM-SCODCia Mexicana de Aviacion
M-SCOEFairchild FC-29M-SCOE X-ABCL NC998Cia Mexicana de Aviacion00.08.27To Pan American AW/Cia Mexicana 23.1.29
M-SCOHFairchild FC-241M-SCOH X-ABCN NC3899Cia Mexicana de Aviacion00.12.27To Pan American AW/Cia Mexicana 23.1.29
M-SCOIFairchild FC-2M-SCOICia Mexicana de Aviacion
M-SCOLLincoln StandardM-SCOLCia Mexicana de Aviacion
M-SCOMRyan B-1 BroughamM-SCOMExcelsior Newspaper 'Mexico Excelsior'00.05.28Crashed Mt. Holly NJ 12.7.28
M-SCOQLincoln StandardM-SCOQCia Mexicana de Aviacion
M-SCORFairchild FC-2M-SCORCia Mexicana de Aviacion
M-SCOSFairchild FC-2M-SCOSCia Mexicana de Aviacion
M-SCOTTravel AirM-SCOTCia Mexicana de Aviacion00.00.28
M-SCOVTravel AirM-SCOVCia Mexicana de Aviacion00.00.28
M-SCOWTravel AirM-SCOWCia Mexicana de Aviacion00.00.28
M-SCOXTravel AirM-SCOXCia Mexicana de Aviacion00.00.28
M-SCOYFairchild FC-230M-SCOY X-ABCM NC3432Cia Mexicana de Aviacion 'Cuidad de Veracruz'00.10.27To Pan American AW/Cia Mexicana 23.1.29
M-SCOZFairchild FC-2143M-SCOZ X-ABCO NC6803Cia Mexicana de Aviacion 'Cuidad de Merida'00.05.28To Pan American AW/Cia Mexicana 23.1.29