Civil Aircraft Register - South Africa

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
G-UABAVickers FB.27 VimyG-UABA'Silver Queen'00.00.20-Crashed Korosko Egypt 11.2.20
G-UAAADH.60 Moth362G-UAAA ZS-AAAMaj AM Miller /Durban & Cape Town >Port Elizabeth Light Plane Club14.04.271Rereg 1.29
G-UAABDH.60X Moth435G-UAAB ZS-AABEast London Light Plane Club22.11.272Rereg 1.29 Crashed Butterworth 15.6.31
G-UAACAvro 594 Avian IIR3/AV/122G-UAAC ZS-AACCape Town Flying Club00.08.273?Rereg 1.29
G-UAADDH.60X Moth432G-EBTJ G-UAAD ZS-AADJH Veasey /Johnnesburg > Johannesburg Light Plane Club>AC of South Africa21.10.274?Rereg 1.29
G-UAAEDH.60X Moth439G-UAAEMaj AM Miller /Durban >African Aerial Travels /Durban02.11.275Crashed Pomeroy 26.12.27
G-UAAFDH.60X Moth440G-UAAF ZS-AAFMaj AM Miller /Durban02.11.276Rereg 1.29 Crashed Greytown Potch 1.3.29
G-UAAGDH.60X Moth442G-UAAGMaj AM Miller /Durban >African Aerial Travels /Durban02.11.277Crashed Bloemfontein 7.2.28 Canc 31.10.28
G-UAAHWestland Widgeon IIIWA1693G-UAAH ZS-AAHPort Elizabeth Light Aeroplane Club28.11.278Rereg 1.29
G-UAAIDH.60X Moth479G-UAAI ZS-AAIDurban Light Plane Club02.02.289Rereg 1.29
G-UAAJKlemm L27 IIIG-UAAJ ZS-AAJ00.00.2810?Rereg 1.29
G-UAAKAvro 594 Avian IIIaR3/CN/200G-UAAK ZS-AAK00.00.2811?Rereg 1.29
G-UAALDH.60X Moth502G-UAAL ZS-AALJH Veasey /Johnnesburg >Sir A Bailey >SAAF Aero Club08.03.2812Rereg 1.29 Crashed Muldersdrift 6.12.37
G-UAAMBoulton Paul P.9P9-2G-EASJ G-UAAM ZS-AAMCol GLP Henderson >J Williamson/Wynberg Cape00.03.2813Rereg 1.29
G-UAANDH.60X Moth588G-UAANJohannesburg Light Plane Club >Scott Ronaldson /Kimberley06.07.2814Written off 30.8.28 Canc 30.9.28
G-UAAODH.60X Moth422G-EBSR G-UAAO ZS-AAOJH Veasey/Johannesburg >Johannesburg Light Plane Club00.03.2815Crashed Baragwanath 1.2.29 [BV29/ICAN give incorrect c/n 429 (G-EBTH) and BV gives CoA 1205 (G-EBTJ)]
G-UAAPDH.60X Moth608G-UAAP VP-YAA VP-NAB G-EBZNCap D Mail >RGS Chandler /Kimberley18.07.2819Crashed 10.8.28 rebuilt as VP-YAA
G-UAAPDH.60X Moth625G-UAAP ZS-AAPRGS Chandler06.05.29[shown in BV as G-UAAP but probably registered only as ZS-AAP]
G-UAAQDH.60X Moth534G-UAAQ ZS-AAQJH Veasey/Johannesburg00.03.2816Crashed Roodepoort 5.6.28 [shown in ICAN356 as ZS-AAQ but probably never re-registered]
G-UAARAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/113G-EBWP G-UAAR ZS-AARBB Melvill /Durban02.07.2818Rereg 1.29
G-UAASAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/109G-UAAS ZS-AASDurban Light AC12.07.2817Rereg 1.29
G-UAATAvro 594 Avian IIIaR3/CN/167G-UAAT ZS-AAT VP-YACJohannesburg Light Plane Club12.10.2823Rereg 1.29
G-UAAUAvro 594 Avian IIIaR3/CN/168G-UAAU ZS-AAU VP-YAG ZS-AEZJohannesburg Light Plane Club12.10.2824Rereg 1.29
G-UAAVAvro 594 Avian IVR3/CN/225G-UAAV ZS-AAV-Unconfirmed
G-UAAWDH.60X Moth607G-UAAW ZS-AAW VP-YAO ZS-AFOJH Veasey /Johannesburg >Port Elizabeth Light Aeroplane Club10.08.2821Rereg 1.29
G-UAAXDH.60X Moth587G-UAAX ZS-AAXLen Oates /Bloemfontein03.08.2820Rereg 1.29 Crashed Bloemfontein 22.4.30
G-UAAYDH.60X MothG-UAAY ZS-AAY-Unconfirmed
G-UAAZAvro 594 Avian IIIaR3/CN/159G-UAAZ ZS-AAZCapetown Flying Club12.09.2822Rereg 1.29
G-UABADH.60G Moth842G-UABA ZS-ABAMCG Meyer/Johannesburg30.12.2827Rereg 1.29 Crashed Baragwanath 27.12.30
G-UABBAvro 594 Avian IIIaR3/CN/175G-UABB ZS-ABBBB Melvill/Durban19.11.2825Rereg 1.29
G-UABCDH.60X Moth701G-UABC C-PMAC CR-MAC ZS-ABCEast London Light Plane Club 'Enid M'24.10.2826Rereg 1.29 Destroyed Queenstown .30 [Mozambique regn suspect]
G-UABDDH.60X Moth698G-UABD ZS-ABD VP-YAFJH Veasey /Johannesburg09.11.2828Rereg 1.29