Civil Aircraft Register - New Zealand

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
-Austin WhippetAU.4?-00.00.21To ZK-ACR
-Austin WhippetAU.5?-00.00.21Never flown
G-NZAAAvro 504LH2989 G-NZAANZ Flying School/Kohimarama 'K'21.12.21To NZ Govt 1.9.24
G-NZABAvro 504KH5240 G-NZABNZ Flying School/Kohimarama 'N' >NZ Aerial Transport/Hastings28.02.22Wfu c.23
G-NZACAvro 504LH2990 G-NZACNZ Flying School/Kohimarama 'L'28.02.22To NZ Govt 1.9.24
G-NZADAirco DH.9H5636 G-NZAD 5636 (NZPAF)Canterbury (NZ) Avn Co28.02.22Wfu Wigram c.27
G-NZAEAirco DH.9H5627 G-NZAE (NZPAF)Canterbury (NZ) Avn Co28.02.22Wfu
G-NZAFAvro 504KGW.5476E9432 G-NZAF E9432 (NZPAF)Canterbury (NZ) Avn Co 'High Jinks'28.02.22Wfu
G-NZAGAvro 504KH1964 G-NZAG H1964 (NZPAF)Canterbury (NZ) Avn Co28.02.22Crash landed nr Wigram 17.2.24
G-NZAHAirco DH.9D3136D3136 G-NZAH 3136 (NZPAF)Canterbury (NZ) Avn Co >MW Buckley 'Firefly'28.02.22Dbf Wigram c.30
G-NZAISupermarine Channel II1142G-NZAINZ Flying School/Kohimarama 'O'28.02.22To NZ Govt 1.9.24 Dbf Auckland c.44
G-NZAJAvro 504KH2987 G-NZAJ H2987 (NZPAF)Canterbury (NZ) Avn Co08.03.22Wfu Wigram
G-NZAKAvro 504KE4242 G-NZAK E4242 (NZPAF)Canterbury (NZ) Avn Co08.03.22Wfu Wigram
G-NZALAvro 504KH1966 G-NZAL H1966 (NZPAF)NZ Aero Transport Co/Timaru28.03.22Wfu Wigram
G-NZAMAirco DH.9D3139D3139 G-NZAM 3139 (NZPAF)NZ Aero Transport Co/Timaru28.03.22Dbf Wigram c.27
G-NZANAvro 504KE3142E3142 G-NZANNZ Aero Transport Co/Timaru28.03.22
G-NZAOAvro 504KH5241 G-NZAONZ Aero Transport Co/Timaru >Arrow Avn Co 'Blazing Arrow'28.03.22
G-NZAPAvro 504KGW.4568E9424 G-NZAPNZ Aero Transport Co/Timaru28.03.22
G-NZAQAirco DH.9H5672 G-NZAQNZ Aero Transport Co/Timaru05.04.22
G-NZARAvro 504KGW.4571E9427 G-NZARNZ Aero Transport Co/Timaru05.04.22Crashed 6.1.22?
G-NZASWalsh Flying Boat5G-NZASNZ Flying School/Kohimarama 'D'24.08.22Dbf Kohimarama 9.24
G-NZATDH.60X Moth500G-NZAT ZK-AABAir Survey & Transport Co >Hawkes Bay AC01.05.28Wfu .37 broken up 2.38
G-NZAUDH.60X Moth591G-NZAUFD.Mill/Hobsonville >KWJ.Hall/Hororata04.07.28Crashed nr Waikari 7.7.28
G-NZAVAvro 594 Avian IIIaR3/CN/174G-NZAV ZK-AACGoodwin-Chichester Avn Co/Wellington > KWJ.Hall/Hororata17.12.28
G-NZAWDH.60G Gipsy Moth866G-NZAW ZK-AAL NZ501NZPAF >Auckland AC00.00.29Hit fence New Plymouth 22.2.41
G-NZAXDH.60G Gipsy Moth867G-NZAX ZK-AAMNZPAF >Marlborough AC19.02.29Crashed Masterton 4.3.32
G-NZAYDH.60G Gipsy Moth868G-NZAY ZK-AAHNZPAF >Canterbury AC01.05.29impressed as Inst a/f and used for spares
G-NZAZDH.60G Gipsy Moth869G-NZAZ ZK-AAINZPAF >Canterbury AC01.05.29Crashed Hokitika 21.3.37
G-NZEADH.60G Gipsy Moth914(G-NZEA) ZK-AAJAir Survey & Transport Co >Marlborough AC03.05.29Stalled and spun Miramar Golf Links Wellington 20.11.32
G-NZEBDH.60G Gipsy Moth915(G-NZEB) ZK-AAKAir Survey & Transport Co >Auckland AC00.04.29Crashed Auckland 18.10.37
G-NZECDH.60G Gipsy Moth927(G-NZEC) ZK-AADAir Survey & Transport Co15.03.29Crashed Wataroa 16.2.38
G-NZEDDH.60G Gipsy Moth928(G-NZED) ZK-AAEAir Survey & Transport Co >Auckland AC09.10.28Crashed Auckland 22.12.30
G-NZEEAvro 594 Avian IIIaR3/CN/162G-NZEE ZK-AAFGoodwin-Chichester Avn Co/Wellington12.10.28
G-NZEFDH.60G Gipsy Moth929(G-NZEF) ZK-AAGAir Survey & Transport Co >Hamilton AW29.12.28Ran into ditch Cromwell 21.3.37