Civil Aircraft Register - India

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
G-IAAAHandley Page O/7HP-8G-IAAAH.P Indo Burmese Transport Ltd00.11.19Wfu 7.21
G-IAABHandley Page O/7HP-9G-IAABH.P Indo Burmese Transport Ltd00.11.19Wfu 7.21
G-IAACHandley Page O/7HP-11G-EAPA G-IAACH.P Indo Burmese Transport Ltd00.05.20Wrecked in gale Meerut 2.3.21 (see note)
G-IAAAAirco DH.9 SeaplaneH9129 G-IAAA(2) VT-AAPunknown >The Air Survey Co Ltd /Rangoon00.00.211 24(Reported as possibly G-IAAP before VT-AAP but unlikely)
G-IAABAirco DH.9D3180 G-IAAB(2)unknown >FO JJC Cocks/60Sqdn RAF Lahore00.00.212 25Lost between Kania and Constantinople 26.05.27
G-IAACHandley Page O/10HP-34F308 G-EASX G-IAAC(2)His Highness Sir Waghjee Bahadur (Thakur Sahib of Morvi)/Morvi23.02.213Canc .28
G-IAADAvro 504KH2471G-IAADEdward Villiers /Dum Dum15.01.214
G-IAAEAirco DH.9D1247G-IAAEH.P Indo Burmese Transport Ltd17.01.215
G-IAAFAvro 504K35A/22C/C140G-IAAFWilfred Ridour Wills /Ennore and Madras14.03.216Wrecked in accident (c/n quoted is corruption of order no. which puts the serial in the range E3404-3903)
G-IAAGAirco DH.9G-IAAGRaja Mohamed Mumtaz Ali Khan7Canc .28
G-IAAMAvro 534D Baby5049G-EAYM G-IAAME Villiers13
G-IAAPAvro 504KG-IAAPBF Wates16
G-IAAQAirco DH.9E611 G-IAAQ VT-AAQAir Survey Co Ltd17Rereg 12.28
G-IAASAirco DH.9 SeaplaneD5686 G-IAAS VT-AASunknown >The Air Survey Co Ltd /Rangoon04.06.2519 22Rereg 4.29
G-IAATJunkers T19530G-IAAT VT-AAVR.Ry S.A.A. Anna Chettiyer/Kanadu Kathan20.04.2520Rereg .28 [Ex D-389 in some sources]
G-IAAUAirco DH.9G-IAAUFlt Lt J Oliver and FO Brooks
G-IAAWWestland Widgeon IIIWA1694G-EBRP G-IAAW VT-AAMB Leate & Capt HW Vetch (Bengal Air Transport Co)/Dum Dum23.02.2828Rereg .28 [CoR 26 in ICAN306 but 28 in ICAN360: possibly both]
G-IAAXAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/110G-IAAX VT-AANB Leate & Capt HW Vetch (Bengal Air Transport Co)/Dum Dum23.02.2829Rereg .28
G-IAAYAirco DH.9G-IAAY VT-AAOEdgar A Alton- Ford Motor Co/Bombay09.01.2830Rereg .28
CoR 1 was registered 31.1.20 and aircraft wrecked in hurricane (Invalid regn G-FAA quoted) 
4 of the gaps above are filled by DH.9 regd to Assam Government (ex Imperial Gift). 3 were given to individuals and 1 crashed 
3 aircraft were regd to G McKenzie in the 1st half of 1922. He acquired 5 Imperial Gift DH.9 and also 2 Avro 504 ex HPIBT 
The DH.9 were later transferred to Capt Murphy (Eastern Aerial Transport Co) 
An aircraft reported as G-IAAB 'HP-11' owned by G McKenzie was wrecked in the Simultala Hills on 20.3.22 
Col Villiers also owned a Sopwith Pup (which was for sale in early .23) 
Bharatpur Aviation Academy operated 2 Avro 504 (including F8824) and a DH.9 (D585) 
The HP O/7 G-IAAC wore the markings HP-11 and is quoted as 'HP-11' in Indian records. It is thus possible the aircraft never wore G-IAAC 
This aircraft is reported as being in the ownership of The Thakur Saheb of Morvi rather than HPIBT of which he was main shareholder 
Two HP O/7 (c/n HP-10 G-EAQZ and HP-12 G-EAPB) were sent to India in June 1920 for HPIBT. There is no record of their registration in India 
Two HP O/10 (c/n HP-35 G-EASY and c/n HP-36 G-EASZ) were shipped to India in April 1921 for HPIBT but were never erected due to the liquidation of the company on 6.7.21 
HPIBT also operated one DH.9 and 3 Avro 504K. One of each crashed and the remaining 2 Avro were taken over by G McKenzie as above 
India received an Imperial Gift of 40 Avro 504K and 60 DH.9 in 1920