Civil Aircraft Register - Great Britain : Lighter than air

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
G-FAAAShort Spherical Free BalloonG-FAAAC.G.Spencer & Sons 'Muriel'00.00.20LA.2Canc 1.30
G-FAABSpencer Spherical Free BalloonG-FAABC.G.Spencer & Sons 'Owl'00.00.20LA.3Canc 1.30
G-FAACSpencer Spherical Free BalloonG-FAACC.G.Spencer & Sons 'City of Highbury'00.00.20LA.4Canc 1.30
G-FAADSpencer Spherical Free BalloonG-FAADC.G.Spencer & Sons 'Miramar'00.00.20LA.5Canc 1.30
G-FAAEAirships Spherical Free BalloonSB.7G-FAAER.F.Dagnall00.00.20LA.6
G-FAAFBeardmore Rigid Airship R.36R.36G-FAAFAir Council00.00.20LA.7Wfu 8.21 scrapped .26
G-FAAGArmstrong Whitworth Rigid Airship R.33R.33G-FAAGAir Council00.01.21LA.8Wfu .28
G-FAAHShort Spherical Free BalloonG-FAAHMrs V.Dunville/Co.Down 'Banshee III'00.08.21LA.9Canc 9.24
G-FAAIShort Spherical Free BalloonG-FAAIC.G.Spencer & Sons >E.Allen 'Margaret'00.00.21LA.10
G-FAAJShort Spherical Free BalloonG-FAAJG Brower 'Bee' >Airship Club00.00.22LA.11 >LA.19
G-FAAKSpencer Moored Kite BalloonG-FAAKC.G.Spencer & Sons 'The Empire'00.08.24LA.12Canc 4.25
G-FAALGoodyear Moored Kite Balloon Type RG-FAALC.G.Spencer & Sons00.02.25LA.13
G-FAAMSpencer Spherical Free BalloonG-FAAMC.G.Spencer & Sons 'Miramar I'00.05.25LA.14
G-FAANShort Spherical Free BalloonG-FAANC.G.Spencer & Sons 'The Wanderer'00.07.25LA.15Canc 1.30
G-FAAOSpencer Spherical Free BalloonG-FAAOHenry Spencer 'Florence'00.07.25LA.16
G-FAAPShort Spherical Free BalloonG-FAAPC.G.Spencer & Sons00.00.24LA.17
G-FAAQNBRC Free BalloonG-FAAQC.G.Spencer & Sons 'Duchess of York'00.00.25LA.18Canc 1.30
G-FAARNBRC Spherical Free BalloonG-FAARC.G.Spencer & Sons 'Cecil'00.00.25LA.20 >LA.26
G-FAASSpencer Spherical Free BalloonG-FAASHenry Spencer00.06.26LA.21Canc .38
G-FAATCommercial Airships Semi-Rigid Airship KSR1G-FAATM.A.Klauck00.00.26LA.22Not completed
G-FAAUSpencer Spherical Free BalloonG-FAAUHenry Spencer00.03.27LA.23Canc .38
G-FAAVAirship Guarantee Rigid Airship R100R100G-FAAVAir Council00.00.26LA.24Scrapped 12.31
G-FAAWRoyal Airship Works Rigid Airship R101R101G-FAAWAir Council00.00.26LA.25Crashed nr Beauvais France 5.10.30
G-FAAXAirship Development Non-Rigid Airship AD1G-FAAXAirship Development Company00.00.27LA.27Dismantled 18.6.21
Note that CoR LA.1 was not used