Civil Aircraft Register - Ethiopia

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
1Potez 25.A2Govt of Ethiopia18.08.29Crashed nr Jan Meda .34
2Potez 25.A2Govt of Ethiopia22.09.29Bombed and dbr Akaki 04.04.36
3Potez 25.A2Govt of Ethiopia22.09.29
4Potez 25.A2Govt of Ethiopia00.00.30
5Potez 25.A2Govt of Ethiopia00.00.30Captured by Italians 05.36
6Potez 25.A2Govt of Ethiopia00.00.30
Junkers W33 c2539Govt of Ethiopia05.09.29to Sudan 03.05.36
Fiat AS-1Govt of Ethiopia00.00.29Crashed Jijiga 07.30 remains captured by Italians 05.36
DH.60M Moth1443F-AJKTGovt of Ethiopia27.03.30Captured by Italians 05.36
Farman F.192.12Govt of Ethiopia00.00.30Bombed and dbr Akaki 04.04.36
Farman F.1927179.6Govt of Ethiopia02.11.30Gift from France. Crashed Woll-Woll 13.02.32
Breda 15Govt of Ethiopia02.11.30Gift from Italy. Captured by Italians 05.36 but abandoned
Fokker F.VIIb-3m5225CH-192Govt of Ethiopia23.02.34Dbf 120km SW Addis Ababa 05.36
Fokker F.VIIaGovt of Ethiopia00.06.35'Aba Kagnew' Used by Red Cross. Bombed and dbf Korem 17.03.36
Fokker F.VIIaGovt of Ethiopia00.06.35'Aba Dagnew' Bombed and dbf Korem 17.03.36
Beech B17L24NC14405Govt of Ethiopia00.11.35Destroyed by Italians Akaki .36
Ethiopia IGovt of Ethiopia00.12.35'Tsahai' Captured by Italians 05.36 Now in Vigni de Valle Museum nr Rome
Heinkel HD217SE-ACYGovt of Ethiopia00.12.35
DH.84 Dragon I6052G-ACKDGovt of Ethiopia21.01.36Crashed on takeoff Akaki 23.03.36
Fokker F.VIIa4984H-NADN PH-ADN G-AEHE PH-EHE Ethiopia PH-EHEGovt of Ethiopia00.06.36