Civil Aircraft Register - Soviet Union

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
Registrations containing letters are shown using Western alphabet - see conversion at end of list 
Special Register (1927-1929) 
DL-1Airco DH.9H91521 DL-126.07.27Canc 6.29
DL-2Airco DH.9H58262 DL-2 CCCP-11208.04.27
DL-3Airco DH.9F12853 DL-314.05.27Crashed 11.28
DL-4Airco DH.9F28034 DL-425.05.27Canc 6.29
DL-5Airco DH.9H57465 DL-5 CCCP-11318.06.27
DL-6Airco DH.9H57786 DL-620.07.27Crashed 6.28
DL-7Airco DH.9H58137 DL-7 CCCP-11407.03.28
DL-7Khioni Kh-5 Konek-Gorbunok7RR-DEK DL-700.04.28
DL-8Airco DH.9H93508 DL-8 CCCP-11507.03.28
DL-8Khioni Kh-5 Konek-Gorbunok8RR-DEW DL-800.04.28
DL-9Airco DH.9H5821DL-931.03.28Canc 6.29
DL-10Airco DH.9H5580DL-1031.03.28Crashed 22.6.28
DL-10Khioni Kh-5 Konek-Gorbunok10RR-DES DL-10 CCCP-10100.04.28
DL-11Airco DH.9H581711 DL-11 CCCP-11600.00.28
DL-12Khioni Kh-5 Konek-Gorbunok12RR-DEO DL-12 CCCP-10200.04.28
DL-12Junkers Ju21504DL-12 CCCP-120 CCCP-L5424.05.28
DL-13Khioni Kh-5 Konek-Gorbunok13RR-DEZ DL-13 CCCP-10300.00.28
DL-14Fokker C.IV2313DL-14 CCCP-173 CCCP-L307.06.28
DL-15Khioni Kh-5 Konek-Gorbunok15RR-DEM DL-15 CCCP-10400.04.28
DL-15Fokker C.IV2305DL-15 CCCP-174 CCCP-F2007.06.28
DL-16Avro 504K (U-1)59/339DL-16 CCCP-11015.08.28
DL-20Khioni Kh-5 Konek-Gorbunok20RR-DLB RR-DEB DL-20 CCCP-10600.05.28
DL-22Khioni Kh-5 Konek-Gorbunok22RR-DLC RR-DEC DL-2200.00.28Canc 20.12.28
DL-23Khioni Kh-5 Konek-Gorbunok23RR-MOB DL-2300.00.28Canc 20.12.28
DL-24Khioni Kh-5 Konek-Gorbunok24RR-DEP DL-24 CCCP-10700.04.28
DL-25Khioni Kh-5 Konek-Gorbunok25RR-DET DL-25 CCCP-10800.04.28
DL-26Khioni Kh-5 Konek-Gorbunok26RR-DEN DL-2600.04.28

Cyrillic to Western character conversion:

Д=D  Э=E  Ф=F  И=I  К=K  Л=L  Н=N   П=P  Р=R  С=S  Ш=Sh