Civil Aircraft Register - Mozambique

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
CR-MAADH.60G Gipsy Moth1001C-PMAA CR-MAA ZS-AKW SAAF?Aero Clube de Mocambique 'Mocambique'00.00.29
CR-MABDH.60G Gipsy Moth1195C-PMAB CR-MAB ZS-AKNA Torre do Valle 'Gaza I'00.00.29
CR-MACDH.60X Cirrus Moth701G-UABC C-PMAC CR-MAC ZS-ABCMM Rocha 'Chai-Chai'00.00.29
CR-MADDH.80A Puss Moth2115G-ABFY ZS-ADT? CR-MADAero Colonial00.00.33
CR-MAEDH.80A Puss Moth2235CR-MAEClub Aereo de Quilimane00.06.32
CR-MAFDH.60G Gipsy Moth1218M-W128 M-CLAL EC-LAL CR-MAFA Torre do Valle 'Gaza II'00.00.32Written off 3.7.33
CR-MAGDH.80 Puss Moth2116G-ABGR CR-MAGA Torre do Valle 'Gaza III' >Aero Colonial00.00.33
CR-MAHWaco UEC3652CR-MAH ZS-ANT(1) SAAF1574Aero Colonial00.00.33[Type UIC?]
CR-MAIBritish Klemm Eagle I105CR-MAIA Torre do Valle 'Gaza IV'00.00.34