Civil Aircraft Register - Angola

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
Initially used A as last letter. Changed to L as prefix 
All aircraft from AAA to NAA were reregistered as LAA to LAN 
CR-LAAPiper J-3C-65 Cub2655CR-LAA00.00.35
CR-LABDH.60G III Moth Major5006OO-GUY(1) OO-GUT CR-BAA CR-LABAeroclube de Angola 'Angola'24.04.37
CR-LACCessna C-37 Airmaster367NC18048 CR-CAA CR-LAC00.00.37
CR-LADTaylor J-2 Cub974CR-DAA CR-LADAeroclube de Angola00.09.37Written off Luanda 20.5.50
CR-LAETaylor J-2 Cub996CR-EAA CR-LAEAeroclube de Angola00.00.37Written off
CR-LAFTaylor J-2 Cub984CR-FAA CR-LAF00.00.37
CR-LAGDH.60G III Moth Major5026G-ACHH CR-GAA CR-LAG00.02.38Crashed
CR-LAHDH.80 Puss Moth2040G-ABCX CR-HAA CR-LAHDr A Videira 'Talvez' >Adelino Amaral00.00.38
CR-LAIDH.85 Leopard Moth7048G-ACLO CR-IAA CR-LAIAeroclube de Angola00.00.38Accident Luanda
CR-LAJTaylor J-2 Cub1167CR-JAA CR-LAJAeroclube de Angola00.06.38Wfu
CR-LAKTaylor J-2 Cub1178CR-KAA CR-LAKAeroclube de Angola00.06.38Wfu
CR-LALPiper J-3C-65 Cub2655CR-LAA CR-LALAeroclube de Angola >AC do Huambo00.00.38
CR-LAMPiper J-3C-50 Cub2690CR-MAA CR-LAMAeroclube de Angola >AC de Benguela00.00.38
CR-LANPiper J-3C-50 Cub2711CR-NAA CR-LANAeroclube de Angola00.00.39Written off Mocamedes 11.2.49
CR-LAOMonocoupe 90AA-789NC19439 CR-LAO00.00.40
CR-LAPPiper J-3C-50 Cub3240CR-LAP00.00.39
CR-LAQPiper J-3C-65 Cub3308CR-LAQRA Martins >Aeroclube do Huambo00.00.39
CR-LARPiper J-3C-100 Cub3470CR-LARAeroclube do Moxico >AC de Angola00.00.39
CR-LASKlemm L.31A-14536D-2505 D-IBEN ZS-AIJ CR-LAS00.03.38
CR-LATDH.89A Rapide6453CR-LAT F-OAVZDivisao do Transportes00.08.39
CR-LAUDH.89A Rapide6452CR-LAUDivisao do Transportes00.08.39
CR-LAVDH.89A Rapide6451CR-LAVPortuguese Air Services00.08.39
CR-LAXDH.89A Rapide6454CR-LAXDivisao do Transportes00.00.40
CR-LAYPiper J-3C-65 Cub6482CR-LAYAeroclube de Angola00.00.41
CR-LAZPiper J-3C-65 Cub6483CR-LAZAeroclube de Angola00.00.41
CR-LBAPiper J-5A Cub CruiserS-701CR-LBAAeroclube de Mocamedes00.00.41
CR-LBBStinson SR-9C Reliant5303NC17185 CR-LBBDivisao do Transportes00.00.44
CR-LBCStinson SR-9C Reliant5304NC17183 CR-LBCDivisao do Transportes00.00.44
CR-LBDCaudron C.510 Pelican7664.56F-AQMF OO-ATF CR-LBD22.10.45
CR-LBEDH.94 Moth Minor94025CS-ABS CR-LBEAeroclube de Benguela00.00.45