Civil Aircraft Register - Portuguese Mozambique

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate/Comments
CR-AAADH.87B Hornet Moth8099CR-AAA C9-AAADETA Mocambique 'Vila Cabral'00.00.37Wfu .75
CR-AABDH.90 Dragonfly7526CR-AAB ZS-CTR G-AEDU N190DH G-AEDUDETA Mocambique 'Beira'14.10.36Sold South Africa 9.61
CR-AACDH.87B Hornet Moth8104CR-AACArmando Torre do Valle 'Gaza V'>DETA Mocambique 'Lourenco Marques'00.00.37Wfu .61 Museo Do Ar Sintra .73
CR-AADDH.89A Rapide6361CR-AADDETA Mocambique 'Vila Coutinho'09.06.37Wfu .60
CR-AAEDH.89A Rapide6362CR-AAEDETA Mocambique 'Inhambane'09.06.37Wfu .60
CR-AAFDH.82A Tiger Moth3683CR-AAFEstado Maior do Exercito da Colonia / Aeroclube de Mocambique00.00.37Written off .38
CR-AAGDH.82A Tiger Moth3606CR-AAGAeroclube de Mocambique > Aeroclube da BeiraWritten off Marromeu 28.05.48
CR-AAHTaylor J-2 Cub995CR-AAHManual Ferreira >Club Aer. DesportivoWritten off 27.07.40
CR-AAIDH.60G Gipsy Moth1854G-ABMA CR-AAIAeroclube de Mocambique00.10.37Crashed 16.7.44
CR-AAJJunkers Ju52/3m5962CR-AAJDETA Mocambique 'Lourenco Marques'00.00.38Crashed 12.2.50
CR-AAKJunkers Ju52/3m5967CR-AAKDETA Mocambique 'Quelimane'00.07.38Wfu .57
CR-AALJunkers Ju52/3m5973CR-AALDETA Mocambique 'Nampula'00.07.38Wfu .57
CR-AAMDH.89A Rapide6397CR-AAMDept of Railways Portuguese East Africa /DETA 'Vila Joao Belo'12.04.38
CR-AANDH.89A Rapide6398CR-AANDept of Railways Portuguese East Africa /DETA 'Porto Amelia'12.04.38
CR-AAODH.80A Puss Moth2152ZS-ACP CR-AAOF de Seves /Quelimane>AC de Mocambique19.07.38Crashed 6.8.43
CR-AAPZlin XII255CR-AAPAeroclube de Tete00.00.39Written off Furancungo 25.12.39
CR-AAQTaylor J-2 Cub794ZS-AHT CR-AAQAeroclube da Beira00.00.39Written off Inhambane 2.39
CR-AARDH.82A Tiger Moth3768(ZS-APE) CR-AARAeroclube de Mocambique00.00.39Written off Mavalane 29.1.48
CR-AASAvro 638 Club Cadet650G-ACGY CR-AASAeroclube de Mocambique00.00.39Wfu 15.2.51
CR-AATDH.89A Rapide6439CR-AATDept of Railways Portuguese East Africa /DETA 'Mocambique'25.04.39
CR-AAUDH.89A Rapide6440CR-AAUDept of Railways Portuguese East Africa /DETA 'Sofala'04.05.39
CR-AAVLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1507CR-AAVDETA 'Zambese'03.06.40Crashed Quelimane 23.2.44
CR-AAXLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1508CR-AAXDETA 'Limpopo'02.06.40Wfu .52 [Crashed Inhambane 14.11.41]
CR-AAZLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1511CR-AAZDETA 'Rovuma'02.06.40Wfu .54
CR-ABAAeronca C-3A.603G-AEAC ZS-AGX CR-ABA ZS-AGXJM Pires do Valle00.00.40Wfu 24.6.44 [c/n also reported as 1109]
CR-ABBTaylorcraft BL-121355VP-YCG CR-ABBAeroclube da Beira 'Buzi'00.00.40Canc .68
CR-ABCZlin XII25/47ZS-APB CR-ABCAeroclube de Mocambique00.00.41Canc 8.4.52 [c/n 241?]
CR-ABDPiper J-3C-65 Cub5448CR-ABDAlvares da Silva >AC do Lumbo >AC de Mocambique00.00.41Written off Matola 29.1.50
CR-ABETaylorcraft BL-122813CR-ABEAeroclube da Beira00.00.42Written off Beira 11.10.42
CR-ABFTaylorcraft BL-122863CR-ABFAeroclube da Beira00.00.44Written off 3.1.60
DETA=Divisao Exploracao dos Transportes Aereos