Civil Aircraft Register - Bolivia

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
Initially carried names 
El OrienteJunkers F13769D-? 'El Oriente'Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'El Oriente'00.00.25Crashed Cochabamba 26.8.29 (or Oriente?)
OrienteJunkers F13710D-321 R-ACTC 'Oriente'Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Oriente'31.12.26
BeniJunkers F13D-? 'Beni'Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Beni'Crashed 1.26
Beni IIJunkers F13711D-322 'Beni II'Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Beni II'00.00.25
Beni IIIJunkers F13788D-? 'Hammerkopf' R-ACTB R-ACTW 'Beni III'Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Beni III'00.00.26
ChacoJunkers F13D-? 'Chaco'Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Chaco'
ChargasJunkers F13D-? 'Chargas'Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Chargas'00.00.26
IllimaniJunkers F13D-? 'Illimani'Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Illimani'00.00.26
MamoreJunkers F13634D-218 R-ACTA R-ACTV 'Mamore'Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Mamore'00.05.26
VanguardiaJunkers W342607'Vanguardia'Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Vanguardia'00.03.29Crashed 12.4.39
TunaiJunkers W34 ci2608D-OGIF 'Tunai'Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Tunai'00.00.30ATG built. Possibly to HC-SAA PP-CBO
Cruz del SurFord 5-AT-D113NC9654 'Cruz del Sur'Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Cruz del Sur'00.09.32Crashed shortly after delivery (Also reported as c/n 100 is ex NC433H of PANAGRA which crashed Lima 25.12.35)
ChorolqueJunkers Ju52/3mce4018'Chorolque'Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Chorolque'00.12.32Crashed nr Cochabamba 17.01.36 (reported as CB-32 but this was DC-3)
AcreJunkers A50 Junior'Acre'Lloyd Aero Boliviano00.00.33
PirayJunkers A50 Junior'Piray'Lloyd Aero Boliviano00.00.33
WarnesJunkers A50 Junior'Warnes'Lloyd Aero Boliviano00.00.33
Nicolas SuarezSikorsky S-38B414-15NC24V 'Nicolas Suarez'Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Nicolas Suarez'00.00.33
MarihuiSikorsky S-38B'Marihui'Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Marihui'00.00.33
CB-17Junkers Ju52/1m > 3m4008CB-17Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Juan del Valle'00.05.32Crashed Rincon del Tigre 3.11.40
CB-18Junkers Ju52/3mce4009CB-18Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Huanuni'00.01.33Crashed Bolivia 15.12.37
CB-19Junkers W332756CB-19Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Muruata'00.00.33Crashed 3.4.39
CB-20Junkers W33CB-20Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Sajama'00.00.33Crashed Cuibaja Bolivia 13.3.37
CB-21Junkers Ju52/3m4061CB-21 LV-AANLloyd Aero Boliviano 'Bolivar'00.00.32Sold Argentina .43
CB-22Junkers Ju52/3m5623CB-22 PP-SPJLloyd Aero Boliviano 'Illampu' 00.00.32Sold VASP .44
CB-23Junkers Ju86 B0/Z7860013CB-23Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Illimani'00.00.37
CB-24Grumman G-21A Goose1015?CB-24Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Moxos'00.07.38Canc
CB-25Lockheed 18-10 Lodestar2088NC39402 CB-25Lloyd Aero Boliviano00.09.41Canc
CB-26Lockheed 18-10 Lodestar2098NC39403 CB-26Lloyd Aero Boliviano00.09.41Crashed Sucre Bolivia .9.49
CB-27Lockheed 18-10 Lodestar2169CB-27Lloyd Aero BolivianoCanc
CB-28Lockheed 18-10 Lodestar2217CB-28Lloyd Aero BolivianoCanc
CB-Junkers Ju86 Z7860234Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Mariscal Sta Cruz'00.00.37
CB-Junkers Ju86 Z7860237Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'General Perez'00.00.37
CB-Junkers Ju86 Z7860240Lloyd Aero Boliviano 'Mariscal Sucre'00.00.37
CB-BIM-?Sikorsky S-38B414-1NC303N CB-BIMBol-Inca Mining Corp00.00.35
CB-BIM-?Sikorsky S-38B114-11NC9138 CB-Bol-Inca Mining Corp00.00.35
CB-BIM-?Sikorsky S-38B114-10NC9151 CB-Bol-Inca Mining Corp00.04.40
CB-BIM-1Piper J-5A Cub Cruiser5-553CB-BIM-1Bol-Inca Mining Corp00.07.41
CB-CAMFord 5-AT-B5-AT-17N9639 OA-AAA CB-CAMCia Aramayo de Mines17.04.39
CB-CAMFord 5-AT-C5-AT-77NC417H CB-CAMCia Aramayo de Mines25.01.40
CB-CAM-2Ford 5-AT-C5-AT-80NC420H C-108 CB-CAM-2Cia Aramayo de Mines00.00.41Crashed Bolivia 26.09.41
CB-CAM-3BellancaCB-CAM-3Cia Aramayo de Mines00.07.40
CB-1 to CB-16 were issued retrospectively in about 1939/40 
Cia Aramayo de Mines also used Ford 5-AT-C ex NC417H and Fairchild 71A ex NC952V