Civil Aircraft Register - Romania

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate/Comments
C-RAIUDH.9C-RAIUArsenalul Aeronautic
C-RBIMJunkers F130800D-1071 C-RBIM CV-JAC YR-AAFARPA 'Rumania Santa Maria'00.00.27
C-REDODH.9C-REDOArsenalul Aeronautic
C-RENOAvia BH-25JC-RENOSNNA00.00.28Test flown as L-BENO
C-RIBIAvia BH-25JC-RIBISNNA00.00.28Test flown as L-BIBI
C-RITAAvia BH-25JC-RITASNNA00.00.28Test flown as L-BITA
C-RIZAAvia BH-25JC-RIXASNNA00.06.28Test flown as L-BIXA (L-BIZA unavailable)
C-ROICFarman F.63 bis GoliathC-ROICSNNA00.00.28
C-ROIUAvia BH-25JC-ROIUSNNA00.00.28Test flown as L-BOIU
C-ROMAAnsaldo A-300C-ROMA00.00.26
C-ROVAAvia BH-25JC-ROVASNNA00.00.28Test flown as L-BOVA
C-RUIAAvia Bk-1126C-RUIA00.08.28Test flown as L-BUIA
SNNA became LARES in 1930 
The four remaining Avia BH-25J became CV-ANA,ADI,AVA and AUP 
Other known aircraft: 
Arsenalul Aeronautic had total 6 modified DH.9 
Societatea pentru Exploatari Tehnice ('SET') modified further 4 DH.9 
Ministry of Communications operated a Potez XV, Ten DH.9C, Five Ansaldo 300 
From 1928 SNNA also operated two Farman F168Bn4