• Royal Flying Corps •

• Impressed machines •

The following table lists the aeroplanes purchased from private owners and Flying Clubs in August 1914:

482Morane G80Gn-Mr EtchesHungerford520MW
485M Farman S.770Ren42488Grahame-WhiteHendon900CFS
486Henry Farman80LR-Grahame-WhiteHendon1000CFS
489Avro 50480Gn2774Dr ChristieHarrogate720CFS
491Avro 50050Gn1056Mr J Laurence HallShoreham600CFS
604Sopwith Tabloid80Gn3103SopwithBrooklands900RNASTo RNAS as 169
608Bleriot XI50Gn2206Bleriot CoBrooklands650MWRe-serialled 605
616Bleriot Parasol80Gn2608Bleriot CoBrooklands1200MW
619Bleriot XI80Gn-B C HucksBournemouth-RAS
621Bleriot XI50Gn-B C HucksScarborough-MW
623Morane H80Gn3758Grahame-WhiteHendon750-Impressed but rejected
626Bleriot XI80Gn-Madame SalmetHendon700MWDaily Mail machine
627Morane H80Gn3726Grahame-WhiteHendon7506Sq
629Morane G80Gn3727Grahame-WhiteHendon7507Sq
630Bleriot XI50Gn-B C HucksMartock-6SqSingle seat looper
634Bristol TB.880Cl-P D CreaghBrooklands1000Impressed but rejected

The following machines are not shown on the impressment schedules but were later treated as such:

639Vickers Boxkite--Vickers-1Sq
640Bristol Boxkite50Gn-Bristol SchoolBrooklands2001Sqc/n 202
641Bristol Boxkite50Gn-Bristol SchoolBrooklands2001Sqc/n 203
642Vickers Boxkite--Vickers-1Sq
657Bristol Boxkite50Gn-Bristol SchoolBrooklands3501Sqc/n 226
718Bristol Boxkite50Gn-Bristol SchoolBrooklands3502RASc/n 347
-Bristol Pusher--Bristol SchoolBrooklands100-c/n 199

The following machines were impressed by the Navy:

879Sopwith Bat Boat225Sun-Sopwith HambleCircuit of Britain #3
880Sopwith Adm. Type 880100Gn-Sopwith HambleCircuit of Britain #1
881Avro 510 Seaplane150Sun-A.V. Roe2500Circuit of Britain #7
882Curtiss Bat Boat120AD-White and ThompsonCircuit of Britain #6
883Curtiss H.4 'Small America'100Cur-White and ThompsonCircuit of Britain #9
884Wight 'Navyplane'160Gn-
886Henry Farman Seaplane80Gn2430Eastbourne Avn Co1200B.26
887Henry Farman Seaplane80Gn1444Eastbourne Flying Sch900B.35
888Maurice Farman120Sun-Sunbeam Motor Co1000
889Avro 504 Seaplane80Gn3430Daily Mail900Crashed Shoreham on delivery
890ABW Albatros B.II100Merc-
891DFW B.2100Merc-Beardmore
892Handley Page Type G100Anz-
893Wight Pusher Seaplane200CU-
894Wight Pusher Seaplane200CU-
895Wight Pusher Seaplane200CU-
896Sopwith Adm. 880 Folder100Gn-Greek Govt
897Sopwith Pusher Seaplane100Gn-Greek Govt
898Sopwith Pusher Seaplane100Gn-Greek Govt
899Sopwith Pusher Seaplane100Gn-Greek Govt
900Sopwith Pusher Seaplane100Gn-Greek Govt
901Sopwith Pusher Seaplane100Gn-Greek Govt
902Bleriot Parasol Seaplane90LR-Lord Ed Grosvenor1400
903Bleriot Parasol70Gn-Miss Trehawke DaviesPresent
904Short S.38 School70Gn-Sir Francis McCleanNo.14
905Short Nile Seaplane140Gn-Sir Francis McCleanNo.16 (160Gn?)
906Sopwith 3-Seater80Gn-
907Bleriot Parasol90LR-Bleriot Co1400(80Gn?)
908Bleriot XI80LR-Purchased from France
918Flanders B.270Gn-Gaskell Blackburn
939Avro 50050Gn-Mr Lan Davis
940Henry Farman80Gn-
941Morane-Saulnier G80LR-Lord Carbery