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The data on this site is principally derived from the material held in The National Archives ('TNA') at Kew, London. It is reproduced under the Open Government Licence. Images are published with the consent of the TNA Image Library and may not be reproduced without the consent of the TNA Image Library and payment of the appropriate fee.

The original documents contain a significant number of errors. I have made every effort to correct these and annotate the nature of the correction. However it is inevitable that many errors remain. Consequently the information on the website is given without liability and without any explicit or implicit guarantee for the quality, accuracy or completeness thereof.

I would be very grateful for any help in improving this site, either by identifying and resolving errors, or by providing additional primary information.

In particular I keen to obtain copies of pilot log books, diaries and photographs, particularly if they help identify aircraft, locations and dates.

Very little data relating to Training, Home Defence and non-Western Front theatres of war has survived and any help in filling these gaps would be extremely useful.

All references in the data files in the format xx/img_xxxx are images of documents, predominantly from the National Archives. I am happy to supply copies of these documents at no charge upon request.


Please email me if you can help improve the site or you have any questions.

Andrew Pentland

Yorkshire, England

Orginal publication date: 23 Nov 2013