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Times are shown in the format hh:mm

Dates are shown in the format dd.mm.yy and also in Army format YYMMDD to enable sorting as a text field.

Caution should be exercised if converting dates to a spreadsheet format as dd.mm.14 may be interpreted as dd/mm/2014 and not dd/mm/1914

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Note that references to 'Raf' refer to the Royal Aircraft Factory and not Royal Air Force, and 'plane' refers to an aircraft wing and not an aeroplane.

Where two names are given the first named is the pilot and second the observer or aerial gunner. If only one name is given it should be assumed to be the pilot unless appended by (obs) for observer or (AG) for aerial gunner.


2Lt2nd Lieutenant
1AMAir Mechanic 1st class
2AMAir Mechanic 2nd class
AGAerial Gunner
BrigGenBrigadier General
EOEquipment Officer
FltCdtFlight Cadet
FltCdrFlight Commander (Navy)
FltLtFlight Lieutenant (Navy)
FltSgtFlight Sergeant
FltSubtLtFlight Sub Lieutenant (Navy)
FOFlying Officer
FOOFlying Officer Observer
GLGun Layer (Navy)
SOStaff Officer
SubLtSub Lieutenant (Navy)

'T' in front of a rank indicates Temporary. 'A' means Acting and 'P' Probationary.


AAPAircraft Acceptance Park/Army Aircraft Park
AD/APAircraft Depot/Aircraft Park. Later known as ASD
(AD is sometimes also used as an abbreviation for aerodrome but not as such in these files)
AFCAustralian Flying Corps
AIAir Issues (section of Aircraft Depot)
AIDAircraft Inspection Department
AMRAerial Musketry Range
ASDAircraft Storage Depot
Later divided into Issues Section (IS/AI), Reception Park (Rec Pk), Repair Park (Rep Pk), Salvage Section (SS)
CFSCentral Flying School
ELPEmergency Landing Party
FISFlying Instructors School
FltFlight (originally 4 aircraft)
FSFighting School
HDHome Defence
HEHome Establishment (i.e. United Kingdom)
IFIndependent Force
ISIssues Section (of Aircraft Depot)
KBSKite Balloon Section
LILight Infantry
NAPNaval Acceptance Park (originally AD Dunkirk, later 4ASD)
NSqNaval Squadron
NTSNight Training Squadron
RafRoyal Aircraft Factory
RAFRoyal Air Force
RASReserve Aeroplane Squadron (later Reserve Squadron)
Rec PkReception Park (Aircraft Storage Depot)
Rep PkRepair Park (Aircraft Storage Depot)
RSReserve Squadron (later Training Squadron)
SASouth Africa
SDFSpecial Duty Flight
SqSquadron (initially 12 aircraft, later 18 or more)
SRSpecial Reserve
SSSalvage Section
TDSTraining Depot Station
TFTerritorial Force
TSTraining Squadron (later merged into TDS)
USAUS Squadron
USASUnited States Air Service
XAD/XAP'X' Aircraft Depot/Park (Egypt and Palestine respectively)

Aircraft related

AAAnti aircraft
BBOCBrought back on charge (after being struck off)
dbfDestroyed by fire
EAEnemy aircraft/Enemy action
EAAEnemy anti-aircraft
e/fengine failure
f/lforce landing
HAHostile aircraft
NFTNo further trace
NWRNot worth repairing
PSOCPresumed struck off charge
rtpreduced to produce/parts
SOCStruck off charge
TOCTaken on charge

Personnel related

AGAerial Gunner
DoIDied of Injuries
DoWDied of Wounds
KiAKilled in Action
NSONot Struck off strength
SoSStruck off strength


ALGAdvanced Landing Ground
EFExpeditionary Force
FFFirst flew
FHFlying hours (shown in the format FHhh:mm)
OPOffensive patrol
COP = Close/Central/Counter Offensive patrol
DOP = Distant Offensive patrol
HOP = High Offensive patrol
LOP = Long/Low Offensive patrol
NOP = Northern Offensive patrol
SOP = Southern/Special Offensive patrol
TNAThe National Archives
SFAService des Fabrications de l'Aviation (French serial)
COWCoventry Ordnance Works

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