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The following table lists the Voisin aircraft (with Canton Unne engines) operated by the RFC.

French manufactures issued each aircraft with a construction number, which in most cases ran sequentially commencing at 1.

In addition a further sequential 'series number' was issued, commencing at 1 for the first aircraft of each series. Similar types were considered to be one series: for example the Morane L and Morane LA were both considered to be the 'L' series.

French military aircraft also received a military serial or SFA (Service des Fabrications de l'Aviation) which was shown on the tail of the aircraft, prefixed by a letter code indicating the manufacturer, 'V' being used for Voisin.

The system caused much confusion to the RFC and as a result the available records do not allow a complete cross-reference of RFC serials to French identities.

RFC serialc/nseriesSFAtypeeng typeng noreceivedcomment
18563069V240Voisin LA130CU43024.01.15
18583097V267Voisin LA47204.02.15
18603244V286Voisin LA130CU40710.02.15
18643237V279Voisin LA49516.02.15
18653070V241Voisin LA42516.02.15
18673263V127Voisin LA130CU51327.02.15
18683251V293Voisin LA130CU71628.02.15
1876V533Voisin LA130CU76917.03.15Mkrs 24
1877V532Voisin LA140CU76617.03.15(or V530)
1879V531Voisin LA140CU76417.03.15
18833297V338Voisin LA140CU80727.03.15
1889V450Voisin LA140CU13526.03.15
18903299V340Voisin LA140CU80506.04.15
1898V345Voisin LA140CU84616.04.15(or V545)
18993309V350Voisin LA140CU80426.04.15

4787-4836 were Voisin LA manufactured by Savages/Kings Lynn

RFC serialc/nseriesSFAtypeeng typeng noreceivedcomment
5001V559Voisin LA93128.04.15
5010V547Voisin LA140CU85210.05.15
5011V351Voisin LA82503.05.15
5013V560Voisin LA130CU93010.05.15
50143261V303Voisin LA130CU51511.05.15
5017V564Voisin LA140CU93922.05.15
5025V652Voisin LA140CU117103.06.15
5026V651Voisin LA140CU116204.06.15
5028V653Voisin LA140CU116415.06.15
5066V546Voisin LA140CU82818.09.15engine no.s also 838 and 882 also quoted
5097V565Voisin LA140CU95327.10.15
7458V562Voisin LAAt 8RAS by 08.01.16