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Thomas John Cardell Martyn is described as having a distinguished and decorated military record followed by a successful business career, notably as the founder of Newsweek magazine.

His Wikipedia entry described him as an 'ace' who lost a leg during WW1.

According to his memoirs, bographies, his official military record, public records and other publications:

  • Joined the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force on 3 March 1915[1].
  •   Date of birth given as 3 Jan 1894, Greenhays, Manchester.

      Occupation given as banker.

  • Sailed for the UK 1 July 1915 on board SS 'Grampian'[2].
  •   part of the 4rd Pioneer Battalion.

      shown as Cpl. 430304 TJC Martyn, 102nd Regiment.

  • Commissioned in the London Regiment as 2nd Lt 11 November 1915[3].
TJC Martyn

So far, so good. However, a closer look reveals more than a few inconsistencies. These become more numerous the more one digs.

My research illustrates some of the difficulties faced by historians and genealogists.

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