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The following table lists the Maurice Farman aircraft (with Renault engines) operated by the RFC.

French manufactures issued each aircraft with a construction number, which in most cases ran sequentially commencing at 1.

In addition a further sequential 'series number' was issued, commencing at 1 for the first aircraft of each series. Similar types were considered to be one series: for example the Morane L and Morane LA were both considered to be the 'L' series.

French military aircraft also received a military serial or SFA (Service des Fabrications de l'Aviation) which was shown on the tail of the aircraft, prefixed by a letter code indicating the manufacturer, 'MF' being used for Maurice Farman.

The system caused much confusion to the RFC and as a result the available records do not allow a complete cross-reference of RFC serials to French identities.

The table includes only French-built and miscellaneous aircraft acquired after the start of the war,and excludes the large number of Farman aircraft manufactured in the UK under licence by the Aircraft Manufacturing Co. ('Airco') and machines purchased pre-war.

RFC serialc/nseriesSFAtypeeng typeng noreceivedcomment
1827Maurice Farman70Ren27.11.14
1830MF631MF S.7 Longhorn70Ren20.09.14
1839MF S.11 Shorthorn70Ren02.12.14
1840MF S.11 Shorthorn70Ren4284602.12.14
1841MF S.11 Shorthorn70Ren06.12.14
1844MF S.11 Shorthorn70Ren4281306.12.14
1846MF1049MF S.11 Shorthorn70Ren4284810.01.15
1851MF1058MF S.11 Shorthorn80Ren4296121.01.15
1852MF1035MF S.11 Shorthorn80Ren4293529.01.15
1853MF1040MF S.11 Shorthorn80Ren4294429.01.15
1854MF1039MF S.11 Shorthorn80Ren4294130.01.15
1857267MF1043MF S.11 Shorthorn80Ren4294504.02.15
1869265MF1038MF S.11 Shorthorn80Ren4294628.02.15
1893MF1850MF S.11 Shorthorn70RenWD14510.04.15
2460MF S.11 Shorthorn70Ren4244012.02.15Gift aircraft 'Madras'
2465MF S.11 Shorthorn70Ren14.05.15
2466MF S.11 Shorthorn70Ren14.05.15
2467MF S.11 Shorthorn70Ren14.05.15
2468MF S.11 Shorthorn70Ren14.05.15
2855MF S.7 Longhorn08.03.15Built from spares by 2RAS
2856MF S.7 Longhorn08.03.15Built from spares by 2RAS

serials 2940-2959 were MF S.11 Shorthorn built by Airco

serials 2960-3000 were MF S.7 Longhorn built by Airco

serials 4001-4019 were MF S.7 Longhorn built by Airco

RFC serialc/nseriesSFAtypeeng typeng noreceivedcomment
4294MF S.11 Shorthorn10.06.15From Exp Force
4297Maurice Farman70Ren4902131.08.15From France
4298Maurice Farman03.09.15From France
4726MF S.11 Shorthorn70Ren02.07.15Renumbered ex '530'
4727MF S.11 Shorthorn70Ren02.07.15Renumbered ex '305RGS'
4728MF S.11 Shorthorn70Ren21.07.15Farman
4729MF S.11 Shorthorn70Ren21.07.15Farman
4730MF S.11 Shorthorn00.00.15Farman
4731MF S.11 Shorthorn00.00.15Farman
5004596MF1897MF S.11 Shorthorn80Ren4826701.05.15
5008MF1699MF S.11 Shorthorn70Ren-07.05.15
5009MF1876MF S.11 Shorthorn80Ren4827207.05.15
5015599MF1890MF S.11 Shorthorn80Ren4815012.05.15
5018605MF1860MF S.11 Shorthorn80Ren4828423.05.15
5019642MF2207MF S.11 Shorthorn80Ren4822126.05.15
5027609MF1664MF S.11 Shorthorn80Ren4827505.06.15
5030MF1661MF S.11 Shorthorn80Ren4833221.06.15
5036MF1666MF S.11 Shorthorn80Ren4828901.07.15
5054MF S.11 Shorthorn80Ren4836517.08.15
5059MF S.11 Shorthorn80Ren4832003.09.15
5071MF S.11 Shorthorn80Ren4827120.09.15