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The following table lists the Henry Farman aircraft (with Gnome engines) operated by the RFC.

French manufactures issued each aircraft with a construction number, which in most cases ran sequentially commencing at 1.

In addition a further sequential 'series number' was issued, commencing at 1 for the first aircraft of each series. Similar types were considered to be one series: for example the Morane L and Morane LA were both considered to be the 'L' series.

French military aircraft also received a military serial or SFA (Service des Fabrications de l'Aviation) which was shown on the tail of the aircraft, prefixed by a letter code indicating the manufacturer, 'F' being used for Farman.

The system caused much confusion to the RFC and as a result the available records do not allow a complete cross-reference of RFC serials to French identities.

The table includes only early aircraft, and excludes the majority of Farman aircraft manufactured in the UK under licence by the Aircraft Manufacturing Co. ('Airco') and Grahame-White.

RFC serialc/nseriesSFAtypeeng typeng noreceivedcomment
208Henry Farman (2)70Gn17.07.12to CFS as 412
209Henry Farman (1)70Gn09.07.12to CFS as 420
244Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.13
268Henry Farman F.2080Gn18.03.13
274Henry Farman F.2080Gn519231.03.13
275Henry Farman F.2080Gn05.04.13
276Henry Farman type80Gn07.04.13Grahame-White built
277Henry Farman type80Gn10.04.13
284Henry Farman type80Gn14.04.13
286Henry Farman F.2080Gn15.04.13
294Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.13
295Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.13
330Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.14
339Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.14
340Henry Farman F.2080Gn02.05.14
341Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.14
346Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.14
350Henry Farman F.2080Gn321300.00.13
351Henry Farman F.2080Gn18.04.13
352Henry Farman F.2080Gn24.04.13
353Henry Farman F.2080Gn25.04.13
363Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.14
364Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.14
367Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.14
393Henry Farman F.2080Gn31.07.14
412Henry Farman80Gn04.10.12renumbered ex 208
420Henry Farman80Gn04.10.12renumbered ex 209
434Henry Farman type80Gn24.04.13Grahame-Wight built
435Henry Farman type80Gn00.00.13
440Henry Farman F.2080Gn235500.00.13
444Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.13
445Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.13
455Henry Farman F.2080Gn294531.10.13
456Henry Farman F.2080Gn22500.00.13
461Henry Farman F.2080Gn333314.02.14
462Henry Farman F.2080Gn333300.00.14
467Henry Farman F.2080Gn
502Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.15Airco built
503Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.15Airco built
504Henry Farman F.2080Gn15.01.15Airco built
505Henry Farman F.2080Gn26.01.15Airco built
506Henry Farman F.2080Gn17.02.15Airco built
507Henry Farman F.2080Gn25.02.15Airco built
508Henry Farman F.2080Gn05.03.15Airco built
509Henry Farman F.2080Gn06.03.15Airco built
510Henry Farman F.2080Gn12.03.15Airco built
511Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.04.15Airco built
512Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.04.15Airco built
513Henry Farman F.2080Gn17.05.15Airco built
558Henry Farman F.2080Gn331821.04.15Airco built
559Henry Farman F.2080Gn20.04.15Airco built
560Henry Farman F.2080Gn338204.05.15Airco built
561Henry Farman F.2080Gn04.05.15Airco built
562Henry Farman F.2080Gn04.05.15Airco built
563Henry Farman F.2080Gn15.05.15Airco built
564Henry Farman F.2080Gn08.06.15Airco built
565Henry Farman F.2080Gn26.06.15Airco built
566Henry Farman F.2080Gn26.06.15Airco built
567Henry Farman F.2080Gn01.07.15Airco built
568Henry Farman F.2080Gn01.07.15Airco built
569Henry Farman F.2080Gn16.08.15Airco built
653Henry Farman F.2080Gn309127.08.14Airco built
669Henry Farman F.2080Gn393709.09.14Airco built
680Henry Farman F.2080Gn402123.09.14Airco built
685Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.10.14Airco built
689Henry Farman F.2080Gn12.10.14Airco built
699Henry Farman F.2080Gn2084600.00.14Airco built
708Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.14Airco built
719Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.14Airco built
720Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.14Airco built
728Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.14Airco built
738Henry Farman F.2080Gn00.00.14Airco built
1801Henry Farman F.2080Gn172718.08.14
1802Henry Farman F.2080Gn30.08.14
1803Henry Farman F.2080Gn30.08.14
1804Henry Farman F.2080Gn30.08.14
1805Henry Farman F.2080Gn01.09.14
1806Henry Farman F.2780Gn01.09.14
1813Henry Farman F.2080Gn12.09.14
1814Henry Farman F.2080Gn12.09.14
1817Henry Farman F.2080Gn23.09.14
1818Henry Farman F.2080Gn23.09.14
1821Henry Farman F.2080Gn30.09.14
1822Henry Farman F.2080Gn02.10.14
1823Henry Farman F.2080Gn02.10.14
1824Henry Farman F.2080Gn01.11.14
1826Henry Farman F.2080Gn05.11.14
1835Henry Farman F.2080Gn405013.10.14

serials 7746-7749 were Henry Farman F.27 with 80Gn built by Farman in France and sent to Airco for engines

serials 7752-7755 were Henry Farman F.27 with 80Gn built by Farman in France and sent to Airco for engines

Subsequently a large quantity of machines were built in the UK by Airco and Grahame-White