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The following table lists the Caudron aircraft (the first two with Anzani engines and later machines with Gnome) operated by the RFC.

French manufactures issued each aircraft with a construction number, which in most cases ran sequentially commencing at 1.

In addition a further sequential 'series number' was issued, commencing at 1 for the first aircraft of each series. Similar types were considered to be one series: for example the Morane L and Morane LA were both considered to be the 'L' series.

French military aircraft also received a military serial or SFA (Service des Fabrications de l'Aviation) which was shown on the tail of the aircraft, prefixed by a letter code indicating the manufacturer, 'C' being used for Caudron.

The system caused much confusion to the RFC and as a result the available records do not allow a complete cross-reference of RFC serials to French identities.

The position in regard to Caudron is particularly confusing. The RFC serial was only allotted when the aircraft arrived at the Aircraft Park, and a number of Caudron aircraft crashed on their delivery flight. Many aircraft were sent directly to the UK and flew in the UK with their French identities, although some subsequently received an RFC serial. To further complicate matters, some aircraft were sent to the UK after operating in France with an RFC serial, but were re-serialled in the UK.

RFC serialc/nseriesSFAtypeeng typeng noreceivedcomment
308Caudron G.II45Anz07.04.13
311Caudron G.II45Anz07.04.13
1884C562Caudron G.III80Gn182027.03.15
1885C455Caudron G.III80Gn446727.03.15
1886C583Caudron G.III80Gn371931.03.15
1887C570Caudron G.III80Gn362301.04.15Renumbered 4299
1891C362Caudron G.I (type 905)80Gn282810.04.15Also quoted as C417 (09.03.15)
1895C406Caudron G.III80Gn439512.04.15
1900C424Caudron G.III80Gn379514.04.15Renumbered 5268
2863Caudron G.III80Gn00.04.15Probably C472 (C109 also shown)
4226Caudron G.III80Gn00.04.15Probably C901 (eng 4456) or C908 (3670)
4254Caudron G.III80Gn00.04.15Probably C901 (eng 4456) or C908 (3670)
4293C567Caudron G.III80Gn309729.04.15
4299C570Caudron G.III80Gn27.05.15ex 1887
4733C910Caudron G.III80Gn00.06.15
4734C902Caudron G.III80Gn445809.07.15Possibly C544
4837C577Caudron G.III80Gn272129.04.15
5003C574Caudron G.III80Gn389329.04.15Renumbered 5267
5016C409Caudron G.III80Gn446514.05.15dual control
5020C925Caudron G.III80Gn309825.05.15
5024C524Caudron G.III80Gn217301.06.15
5031C595Caudron G.III80Gn506522.06.15
5032C453Caudron G.III80Gn447224.06.15dual control
5035C918Caudron G.III80Gn321021.06.15
5037C592Caudron G.III80Gn506404.07.15
5038C594Caudron G.III80Gn506704.07.15
5040C544Caudron G.III80Gn445810.07.15Probably C544 or C902
5042C907Caudron G.III80Gn450818.07.15Eng possibly 3670 (see C908)
5043C922Caudron G.III80Gn283818.07.15
5049C566Caudron G.III80Gn444109.08.15
5050C927Caudron G.III80Gn188009.08.15
5053C597Caudron G.III80Gn506316.08.15eng also in C595
5062C612Caudron G.III80Gn160126.08.15
5063C616Caudron G.III80LR159026.08.15
5251Caudron G.III80Gn08.07.15
5252Caudron G.III80Gn04.08.15
5253Caudron G.III80Gn383704.08.15
5254Caudron G.III80Gn04.08.15
5255Caudron G.III80Gn04.08.15
5256Caudron G.III80Gn04.08.15
5257Caudron G.III80Gn00.08.15
5258Caudron G.III80Gn331919.08.15
5259C916Caudron G.III80Gn06.07.15
5260Caudron G.III80Gn06.07.15
5261Caudron G.III80Gn247724.08.15
5262Caudron G.III80Gn321203.09.15
5263Caudron G.III80Gn17.09.15
5264Caudron G.III80Gn20.09.15
5265Caudron G.III80Gn03.07.15
5266Caudron G.III80Gn03.07.15
5267Caudron G.III80Gn02.07.15Renumbered ex 5003
5268Caudron G.III80Gn08.07.15Renumbered ex 1900
5269C926Caudron G.III80Gn275313.07.15
5270C571Caudron G.III80Gn437824.07.15
5613C921Caudron G.III80Gn15.10.15
5615C599Caudron G.III80Gn-29.10.15
5913C544Caudron G.III80Gn224209.07.15
5914C473Caudron G.III80Gn290812.10.15
5915C598Caudron G.III80Gn338429.10.15C599 per allot (see 5615)
7312Caudron G.III80Gn28.12.15
7313Caudron G.III80Gn
7314Caudron G.III80Gn
7315Caudron G.III80Gn28.04.16to Egypt
7316Caudron G.III80Gn
7317Caudron G.III80Gn
7318Caudron G.III80Gn
7319Caudron G.III80Gn28.04.16to Egypt
7320Caudron G.III80Gn28.04.16to Egypt
7741Caudron G.III80Gn28.04.16to Egypt
7742Caudron G.III80Gn28.04.16to Egypt
7743Caudron G.III80Gn28.04.16to Egypt
7761G500Caudron G.IVpossibly G91 or G92-see note below

Serials A1892-1901 were Caudron G.III with 70hp Renault engines built by British Caudron

Serials A2123-2124 were Caudron G.III built by British Caudron

Serials A2993-3005 were Caudron G.III built by British Caudron

Serials A3024-3048 were Caudron G.III built by British Caudron

Serial B8822 was a Caudron R.11 with SFA C4962

Serial B8823 was a Caudron R.11 with SFA C4964

Serials C5276-5300 were Caudron G.III with 100Anz built by Caudron in France

Serials F9551-9565 were Caudron G.III with SFA including C6259-C6266 and C6574-6578

Serials H8265-8288 were Caudron G.III with SFA C6553-6680

The following aircraft were supplied to the RFC but the RFC serial is not known:

RFC serialc/nseriesSFAtypeeng typeng noreceivedcomment
C415Caudron G.III263520.04.15Originally allotted 1899-Wrecked
C472Caudron G.III2758/60821.04.15Wrecked en route England
C533Caudron G.III
C561Caudron G.III
C573Caudron G.III
C903Caudron G.III
C904Caudron G.III
C905Caudron G.III
C906Caudron G.III
C912Caudron G.III
C913Caudron G.III
C915Caudron G.III
C919Caudron G.IIIpresume a/c SOC 4.10.15
C920Caudron G.III
C923Caudron G.III
C924Caudron G.III
C931Caudron G.III
C929Caudron G.IIIcrashed on delivery 17.5.15
G92Caudron G.IV twin-29.02.16
G91Caudron G.IV twinClerget532/53409.01.16c/n 796?