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The following table lists the Bleriot aircraft (with Gnome engines) operated by the RFC.

French manufactures issued each aircraft with a construction number, which in most cases ran sequentially commencing at 1.

In addition a further sequential 'series number' was issued, commencing at 1 for the first aircraft of each series. Similar types were considered to be one series: for example the Morane L and Morane LA were both considered to be the 'L' series.

French military aircraft also received a military serial or SFA (Service des Fabrications de l'Aviation) which was shown on the tail of the aircraft, prefixed by a letter code indicating the manufacturer, 'Bl' being used for Bleriot.

The system caused much confusion to the RFC and as a result the available records do not allow a complete cross-reference of RFC serials to French identities.

RFC serialc/nseriesSFAtypeeng typeng noreceivedcomment
219Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn24.04.13
221Bleriot XI-270Gn00.09.12Mil Tr 4. crashed 31.10.13
251Bleriot XXI Monoplane70Gn00.08.11
260Bleriot XI-280Gn03.11.132nd use of serial
271Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn03.11.132nd use of serial
292Bleriot XI bis80Gn08.09.13
293Bleriot XI bis50Gn26.08.13
296Bleriot XI bis80Gn03.11.13
297Bleriot XI bis50Gn00.03.14
298Bleriot XI bis50Gn00.03.14
323Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn11.02.14SOC 03.02.15
374Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn22.04.14damaged 30.06.14 SOC 26.09.14
375Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn21.04.14damaged 30.06.14 SOC 26.09.14
388Bleriot XI bis-00.06.14Destroyed in accident 22.10.14
389Bleriot XI bis-16.06.14Wrecked and burnt 27.08.14
473Bleriot XI bis80Gn344204.08.14Impressed
570Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn224407.02.15Caught fire in air 16.11.15
571Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn217927.02.15SOC 28.11.15
572Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn366104.05.15
573Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn233115.05.15SOC 16.09.15
574Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn132712.05.15SOC 03.12.15
575Bleriot Parasol80Gn15.12.14SOC 06.01.15
576Bleriot Parasol80Gn10.01.15SOC 01.06.15
577Bleriot Parasol80Gn31.01.15SOC 15.03.15
578Bleriot Parasol80Gn450007.02.15SOC 15.04.15
579Bleriot Parasol80Gn430017.02.15SOC 21.03.15
580Bleriot Parasol80Gn02.03.15SOC 04.04.15
581Bleriot Parasol80Gn27.02.15SOC 30.04.15
582Bleriot Parasol80Gn06.03.15
583Bleriot Parasol80Gn13.03.15SOC 11.04.16
584Bleriot Parasol80Gn20.03.15
585Bleriot Parasol80Gn05.04.15
586Bleriot Parasol80Gn15.04.15
605Bleriot50Gn220612.08.14ex 608. Possibly became 635
606Bleriot03.08.14Wrecked 26.08.14
608Bleriot50Gn220612.08.14Impressed. renumbered 605
616Bleriot Parasol80Gn10.08.14Impressed
619Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn12.08.14Impressed
621Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn251012.08.14Impressed
626Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn12.08.14Impressed. SOC 11.05.15
630Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn138610.08.14Impressed. SOC 26.07.15
647Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn392824.08.14
662Bleriot XI Monoplane--12.09.14
671Bleriot Penguin28AnzWD2907.09.14SOC 23.10.15
672Bleriot Penguin45Anz144407.09.14
673Bleriot Penguin50Gn07.09.14
681Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn259526.09.14Condemned 26.12.14
694Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn309208.10.14SOC 15.11.14
706Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn31.10.14SOC 20.01.16
711Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn07.11.14To store 05.02.16
714Bleriot XI Monoplane-00.11.14SOC 04.10.15
721Bleriot XI Monoplane-00.11.14SOC 06.05.15
723Bleriot XI Monoplane-10.11.14SOC 10.02.15
726Bleriot XI Monoplane-00.11.14
732Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn27.11.14
1808Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn06.09.14SOC 29.06.15
1809Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn06.09.14Wrecked 09.09.14
1810Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn09.09.14SOC 25.10.14
1811Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn10.09.14Destroyed 10.06.15
1812Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn10.09.14Wrecked 20.09.14
1815Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn13.09.14
1816Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn21.09.14Wrecked 20.12.14
1819Bl976Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn416129.09.14SOC 07.07.15
1820Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn29.09.14Wrecked 19.10.14
1825Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn03.11.14
1828Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn30.11.14SOC 05.04.15
1831Bl1017Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn25.10.14
1832Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn22.10.14SOC 04.04.15
1833Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn21.10.14SOC 24.02.15
1834Bl1031Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn417012.10.14SOC 31.08.15
1836Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn421628.10.14SOC 22.11.14
1837Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn31.10.14SOC 08.12.14
1838Bl1042Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn31.10.14SOC 15.03.15
1842Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn19.12.14SOC 02.01.15
1847Bl1081Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn429817.01.15SOC 15.03.15
1850Bl1059Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn437620.01.15SOC 08.03.15
2338Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn27.09.15SOC 14.12.15
2852Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn08.03.15SOC 07.08.15
2853Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn08.03.15SOC 22.08.15
2854Bleriot XI-280Gn28.09.14Gift from New Zealand. Wrecked 01.05.15
2861Bleriot Parasol80Gn02.04.15
2862Bleriot Parasol80Gn15.04.15
2869Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn21.04.15ex EF
4296Bleriot Monoplane23.06.15ex EF
4650Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn07.05.15SOC 14.11.15
4651Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn25.05.15
4652Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn08.06.15To No.1 SoI 07.10.16
4653Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn00.06.15To store 05.02.16
4654Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn9916.06.15To store 05.02.16
4655Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn25.05.15Wrecked 13.07.15
4656Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn58526.05.15SOC 04.10.15
4657Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn00.06.15SOC 11.07.15
4658Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn08.06.15
4659Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn67011.08.15Wrecked 02.09.15
4660Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn225510.08.15To store 05.02.16
4661Bleriot XI Monoplane50Gn112409.08.15
5604Bleriot Monoplane80Gn482513.08.15SOC 02.12.15
5605Bleriot Monoplane80Gn472913.08.15
7645Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn00.00.16History not known
7646Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn00.00.16History not known
7647Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn00.00.16History not known
7648Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn00.00.16History not known
7649Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn00.00.16History not known
7650Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn00.00.16History not known
7651Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn00.00.16History not known
7652Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn389200.00.1619Sq before 16.07.16
7653Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn353200.00.1619Sq before 16.07.16
7654Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn00.00.16History not known
7655Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn00.00.16History not known
7656Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn00.00.16History not known
7657Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn00.00.16History not known
7658Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn00.00.16History not known
7659Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn00.00.16History not known
7660Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn00.00.16History not known
7661Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn00.00.16History not known
7662Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn00.00.16History not known
7663Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn00.00.16History not known
7664Bleriot XI Monoplane80Gn00.00.16History not known