Aircraft Manufacturers by country

Manufacturer Model Year Mil/Civ Role Qty Notes
AbrahamAbraham 'Iris' I 1930CTourism
Abraham AS-2 'Iris' II 1931CTourism 1F-ALHH
AbrialAbrial 'Vautour' 1925CGlider 1
Abrial A-5 'Rapace' 1928CGlider 1
Air CouzinetAir Couzinet 10 1937CTransport postal 1F-AQCD
AlbertAlbert TE-11926 CTourism F-AIVA '14'
Albert A-101929 CTransport1
Albert A-201929 CTransport postal1
Albert A-601930 CTrainer1 F-AJFY
Albert A-611931 CTrainer1
Albert A-621932 CTrainer1 '1'
Albert 1401933 CRacer '1'
AlbessardAlbessard 'Triavion' 1926CExperimental 1F-AIKE
Alliet-LariviereAlliet-lariviere AL-06 1946CTourism 2
Alliet-Lariviere 'Allar' 4 1938CTourism 1
AmiotAmiot 201921 CTourism1
Amiot 221922 CTrainer3
Amiot 231922 CTransport civil1
Amiot 241922 CTrainer1
Amiot 1101928 MFighter1
Amiot 110S1931 MSeaplane recce2 Aeronautique Maritime Francaise
Amiot 110S modifie1935 MSeaplane recce2 modified 110S
Amiot 120 Bn21926 MHeavy bomber1
Amiot 122 Bp31928 MMedium bomber80 Aeronautique Militaire Francaise
Amiot 1231928 CAttack1
Amiot 123 Bp31931 MMedium bomber1
Amiot 124 Bp31931 MMedium bomber1
Amiot 125 Bp31931 MMedium bomber1
Amiot 1301931 MReconnaissance1
Amiot 140M1931 MHeavy bomber1
Amiot 1421935 MHeavy bomber1
Amiot 1431934 MHeavy bomber138 Armee de l'Air
Amiot 1441936 MHeavy bomber1
Amiot 150M1937 MSeaplane bomber1
Amiot 3401937 MMedium bomber1
Amiot 3511939 MMedium bomber
Amiot 3541940 MMedium bomber
Amiot 3561940 MMedium bomber1 F-BAGP
Amiot 3701937 CAttack1 F-AREU
ANF Les MureauxA.N.F. 'Express Les Mureaux' 1921CTransport 1Vimy Commercial No.42
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 'Express-Marin' 1924MFighter 1
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 3 1927MFighter 1
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 4 1928MFighter 1
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 110 1931MReconnaissance 2
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 111 1931MReconnaissance 1
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 112 R2 1931MReconnaissance 2incl 110 remotored
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 112 GR 1933MReconnaissance 1
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 113 R2 1933MReconnaissance 49Armee de l'Air
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 114 CN2 1933MNight fighter 2
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 115 R2B2 1935MReconnaissance 119Armee de l'Air
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 117 R2B2 1933MReconnaissance 115Armee de l'Air
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 119 1935CRecord 1modified 113
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 120 1931MReconnaissance 1
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 121 1932MReconnaissance 1
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 131 1930MObservation ?
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 140-T 1932CTransport 1
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 160-T 1932CTourism 1
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 170 1932MFighter 1
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 180 1935MFighter 1
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 190 1936MFighter 1
A.N.F. Les Mureaux 200 1936MReconnaissance 1
ArsenalArsenal VG-33 1939MFighter 7
Arsenal VG-341940 MFighter1
Arsenal VG-351940 MFighter1
Arsenal VG-361940 MFighter1
Arsenal VG-391940 MFighter1
Arsenal VB-101945 MFighter5
Arsenal VG-701948 CExperimental1
Arsenal VG-901949 MFighter2
Arsenal O-1011947 CExperimental
Arsenal 41111949 CGlider-performance
AtalanteAtalante GB-10 1938CTourism 4
AviaAvia X-A1930 CGlider-trainer
Avia XI-A1930 CGlider-trainer
Avia XV-A1930 CGlider-trainer
Avia XX-A1935 CGlider-trainer
Avia 30E1935 CGlider-trainer
Avia 32E1932 CGlider-performance
Avia 40P1935 CGlider-performance
Avia 41P1932 CGlider-performance
Avia 501934 CMotor glider
AvimetaAvimeta 881926 MFighter1
Avimeta 921928 CTourism
Avimeta 92-2301928 CTourism
Avimeta 1211928 MBomber BCR1
BassouBassou FB 31 'Rubis' 1936CTourism 2
BechereauBechereau SAB 1 1918MFighter 5
Bellanger-DenhautBellanger-Denhaut BD-22 1922MSeaplane recce 6
BernardBernard V-41934 CRecord1
Bernard 11923 MFighter1
Bernard AB-11918 MMedium bomber1
Bernard 121924 MFighter1
Bernard 141924 MFighter1
Bernard 151926 MFighter1
Bernard 18T1927 CTransport civil1
Bernard 190T1928 CTransport civil8 built by CIDNA
Bernard 191T1928 CTransport civil1
Bernard 191GR1928 CAttack3
Bernard 192T1929 CTransport civil1
Bernard 193T1929 CTransport civil1
Bernard 201929 MFighter1
Bernard HV-401931 CSeaplane trainer1
Bernard HV-411929 MSeaplane racer1
Bernard HV-421929 CSeaplane trainer3 Schneider Cup 1931
Bernard H-521933 MSeaplane Fighter1
Bernard S-721930 CRacer1 F-AJTH
Bernard S-731930 CRacer1 remotered S-72
Bernard 74 011931 MFighter1
Bernard 74 021931 MFighter1
Bernard 751932 MFighter1 remotored 74 01
Bernard 80 GR1930 CRecord1
Bernard 81 GR1931 CRecord1 modified 80GR
Bernard 821933 MLight bomber2
Bernard 84 GR1934 CRacer1 modified 81GR
Bernard H-1101935 MSeaplane Fighter1
Bernard HV-1201930 MSeaplane racer2 Schneider Cup 1929
Bernard 1601931 CTransport civil1
Bernard 200T1932 CTourism1
Bernard 201T1933 CTourism4
Bernard 205T1933 CTourism1
Bernard 207T1933 CTourism2 ex 201
Bernard 2601932 MFighter1
Bernard SIMBBernard SIMB V-2 1924CRacer 1
Bernard SIMB V-11924 CRacer1
BessonBesson H-31921 CSeaplane tourism1
Besson H-61921 CSeaplane postal transport 1
Besson MB-111922 CSeaplane transport1
Besson MB-121921 CSeaplane trainer1
Besson MB-261925 MSeaplane observation 1
Besson MB-351926 MSeaplane observation 2Marine Francaise 'S-4'
Besson MB-361930 CSeaplane transport1
Besson MB-411932 MSeaplane observation 1
Besson MB-4111935 MSeaplane observation 2Marine Francaise
BlanchardBlanchard Brd-1 1922MSeaplane recce 24Marine Francaise
Blanchard BB-11924 MSeaplane racer1 Schneider Cup
BleriotBleriot VII1907 CExperimental
Bleriot VIIIbis1908 CExperimental
Bleriot VIIIter1908 CExperimental
Bleriot XI1909 CExperimental
Bleriot XI-011909 CExperimental
Bleriot XI Gnome1909 MObservation
Bleriot XI bis1909 CSport
Bleriot XI-21910 MObservation
Bleriot XI-2 Bis1910 CSchool
Bleriot XI-31912 MObservation
Bleriot XI BG1914 MObservation
Bleriot XII1909 CTourism
Bleriot XXI1911 MObservation
Bleriot XXIII1911 CRacer
Bleriot XXIV1911 CTransport civil
Bleriot XXV1911 MObservation
Bleriot XXVII1911 CRacer
Bleriot XXXIII1912 CTourism
Bleriot XXXVI1912 MObservation
Bleriot XXXVI Bis1914 MObservation
Bleriot XXXIX1913 MObservation
Bleriot XLIII1914 MObservation
Bleriot Bl-671916 MHeavy bomber
Bleriot Bl-731919 MHeavy bomber1
Bleriot Bl-741918 MHeavy bomber1
Bleriot Bl-751919 CTransport civil1
Bleriot Bl-1021922 CTourism ANEC-1 commercialised
Bleriot Bl-1051924 CTransport civil1
Bleriot Bl-1061924 CTransport civil1
Bleriot Bl-110 'Joseph Le Brix' 1930CRecord 1
Bleriot Bl-111/11928 CTransport civil1
Bleriot Bl-111/21929 CTransport civil1
Bleriot Bl-111/31930 CTransport civil1 modified 111/2
Bleriot Bl-111/41930 CTransport civil1 modified 111/1
Bleriot Bl-111/51932 CTransport civil1
Bleriot Bl-111/51932 CTransport civil1 remotored 11/5
Bleriot Bl-111/61934 CTransport civil1 remotorised 111/5
Bleriot Bl-1151923 CTransport civil4
Bleriot Bl-115 Bis1924 CTransport civil2
Bleriot Bl-1171924 MHeavy bomber1
Bleriot Bl-1181925 CAmphibian-trainer1
Bleriot Bl-1251931 CTransport civil1
Bleriot Bl-127/11926 MHeavy bomber1
Bleriot Bl-127/21927 MHeavy bomber42 Aeronautique Militaire Francaise
Bleriot Bl-127/31928 MHeavy bomber1
Bleriot Bl-127/41929 MHeavy bomber1
Bleriot Bl-1351924 CTransport civil1 modified 115
Bleriot Bl-137 M01930 MBomber BCR1
Bleriot Bl-137 M11931 MBomber BCR1
Bleriot Bl-1551925 CTransport civil2 Air Union
Bleriot Bl-1651926 CTransport civil2 Air Union
Bleriot Bl-1751928 CTransport civil1 modified 165
Bleriot Bl-195/21929 CTransport postal1
Bleriot Bl-195/31929 CSeaplane postal transport 1modified 195/3
Bleriot Bl-195/41929 CSeaplane postal transport 1modified 195/3
Bleriot Bl-2901931 CAmphibian-tourism1
Bleriot Bl-51901933 CSeaplane postal transport 1Air France
BlochBloch MB-601930 CTransport postal1
Bloch MB-611931 CTransport postal1
Bloch MB-811932 MTransport ambulance21 Armee de l'Air
Bloch MB-1201932 CColonial police
Bloch MB-1301934 MBomber BCR1
Bloch MB-1311936 MMedium bomber144 Armee de l'Air
Bloch MB-1341939 MMedium bomber1
Bloch MB-1351939 MMedium bomber1
Bloch MB-1501937 MFighter1
Bloch MB-1511938 MFighter140 Armee de l'Air
Bloch MB-1521938 MFighter488 Armee de l'Air
Bloch MB-1551939 MFighter12
Bloch MB-1571942 MFighter1 Luftwaffe PG+IG or +16
Bloch MB-1601937 CTransport3
Bloch MB-1611939 CTransport civil1
Bloch MB-1621940 MHeavy bomber1
Bloch MB-1701936 MReconnaissance2
Bloch MB-1741939 MReconnaissance50
Bloch MB-1751939 MLight bomber56
Bloch MB-2001933 MMedium bomber200 Armee de l'Air
Bloch MB-2011934 MMedium bomber2
Bloch MB-2021934 MMedium bomber1
Bloch MB-2101934 MMedium bomber259 Armee de l'Air
Bloch MB-210H1936 MSeaplane bomber1
Bloch MB-2111935 MMedium bomber1
Bloch MB-2201936 CTransport civil17
Bloch MB-2211945 CTransport civil5 remotored MB-220 Air France
Bloch MB-300 'Pacifique' 1935CTransport civil 1
Bloch MB-4801939 MSeaplane recce2
Bloch MB-5001938 CTrainer1
Bloch MB-7001940 MFighter1
BodianskyBodiansky 20 1931CTourism 1
Boncourt-Aunis-JacobBoncourt-Aunis-Jacob IV 1918MFighter 2
BorelBorel monoplan type militaire 1911MReconnaissance
Borel Bo-111911 MReconnaissance
Borel Aeroyacht type Denhaut II 1913MSeaplane racer
Borel C-21919 MFighter1
Bourgois-SenemaudBourgois-Senemaud AT 35 1928CTourism 1
Bourgois-Senemaud AT 40 1929CTourism 2plus AT35 remotored
Bourgois-Senemaud BT 1930CTourism 1
BreguetBreguet LE1918 MFighter1
Breguet 'Calcutta'1930 MSeaplane recce4
Breguet-Dorand 'Giroplane' 1933CHelicopter-experimental 1
Breguet G-111 'Gyroplane' 1951MHelicopter-transport
Breguet III1912 MObservation
Breguet V1915 MFighter
Breguet BUC1915 MProtection
Breguet XI 'Corsaire' 1916MHeavy bomber
Breguet Bre 14 A21917 MReconnaissance
Breguet Bre 14 B21917 MMedium bomber
Breguet Bre 14T1919 CTransport civil
Breguet Bre 161918 MMedium bomber200~ Aeronautique Militaire Francaise
Breguet Bre 171918 MFighter
Breguet Bre 19 A21922 MReconnaissance
Breguet Bre 19 B21922 MLight bomber
Breguet Bre 19 TR 'Bidon' 1927CAttack 1
Breguet Bre 19 TR 'Bidon' 1927CAttack 3
Breguet Bre 19 TR 'Bidon' 1927CAttack 1
Breguet Bre 19 TF 'Super Bidon' 1928CRecord 1
Breguet Bre 20 'Leviathan' 1922CTransport civil 1F-ESBH
Breguet Bre 22 'Leviathan' 1923CTransport civil 1F-ESBI
Breguet Bre 2301993 MReconnaissance1
Breguet Bre 26T1926 CTransport civil2
Breguet Bre 26T n°02 1927CTransport civil 1remotored 26T
Breguet Bre 270 A21929 MObservation153 140 for Armee de l'Air 3 Venezuela
Breguet Bre 2721932 MObservation2 modified Bre270
Breguet Bre 2731932 MObservation13 1 was mod Bre270 9 to Venezuela
Breguet Bre 2731933 MObservation10 10 China
Breguet Bre 2741933 MReconnaissance1
Breguet Bre 27 S1933 CAttack1 modified Bre330
Breguet Bre 280T1928 CTransport civil9 Air Union
Breguet Bre 284T1929 CTransport civil8
Breguet Bre 3301931 MReconnaissance2
Breguet Bre 330 n°1 Bis 1932CAttack 1modified Bre330 No.1 F-AKEZ
Breguet Bre 391T1931 CTransport civil1
Breguet Bre 393T1934 CTransport civil6 Air France
Breguet Bre 4101931 MBomber BCR1
Breguet Bre 4111932 MBomber BCR1
Breguet Bre 4131933 MBomber BCR4
Breguet Bre 4141933 MBomber BCR1
Breguet Bre 4601935 MBomber BCR1
Breguet Br 462 'Vultur' 1936MMedium bomber
Breguet Br 470T 'Fulgur' 1936CTransport civil 1
Breguet Br 4821947 MHeavy bomber1
Breguet Br 500 'Colmar' 1945CTransport civil
Breguet Br 521 'Bizerte' 1933MSeaplane recce 30Aeronautique Maritime Francaise
Breguet Br 530 'Saigon' 1933CSeaplane transport
Breguet Br 6101934 MSeaplane observation 1
Breguet Br 6701935 CTransport civil1
Breguet Br 6901938 MFighter1
Breguet Br 6911939 MLight bomber
Breguet Br 6931940 MLight bomber234 Armee de l'Air
Breguet Br 6951940 MLight bomber
Breguet Br 6941940 MReconnaissance1
Breguet Br 7301938 MSeaplane recce2
Breguet Br 7311947 CSeaplane transport2
Breguet Br 761 'Deux-Ponts' 1949CTransport civil 1
Breguet Br 763 'Provence' 1951CTransport civil
Breguet Br 765 'Sahara' 1958MTransport militaire
Breguet Br 790 'Nautilus' 1939MSeaplane recce 1
Breguet Br 891R1949 CTransport
Breguet Br 892S 'Mercure' 1949CTransport civil
Breguet Br 9001949 CGlider-performance
Breguet Br 9011954 CGlider-open
Breguet Br 9021957 CGlider-trainer
Breguet Br 904 'Nymphale' 1956CGlider-trainer
Breguet Br 905 'Fauvette' 1958CGlider-trainer
Breguet Br 906 'Choucas' 1959CGlider-trainer
Breguet Br 9401958 CExperimental
Breguet Br 9411961 CTransport
Breguet Br 941S1967 MTransport militaire
Breguet Br 960-01 'Vulture' 1951MGround attack
Breguet Br 960-02 'Vulture' 1952MGround attack
Breguet Br 1001 'Taon' 1957MFighter bomber
Breguet Br 1050 'Alize' 1956MAnti submarine
Breguet Br 11001957 MFighter
Breguet Br 1150 'Atlantic' 1961MMaritime patrol
Buscaylet-BechereauBuscaylet-Bechereau C.1 1924MFighter 1
CAMSC.A.M.S. 30E1923 MSeaplane trainer29 22 Aeronautique Maritime 7 Yugoslavia
C.A.M.S. 311922 MSeaplane Fighter2
C.A.M.S. 31P1923 CSeaplane postal transport 1
C.A.M.S. 32R1923 MSeaplane recce1
C.A.M.S. 33B1924 MSeaplane recce32 24 Aeronautique Naval 6 Yugoslavia
C.A.M.S. 33T1923 CSeaplane transport1
C.A.M.S. 361922 MSeaplane racer2 Schneider Cup 1922
C.A.M.S. 371926 MSeaplane observation 1
C.A.M.S. 37 A1926 MAmphibian-observation 110
C.A.M.S. 37 A-31926 MAmphibian-observation 1
C.A.M.S. 37 A-6 LIA 1926MAmphibian-liaison 25Aeronautique Naval
C.A.M.S. 37 A-91926 MAmphibian-liaison4 Aeronautique Naval
C.A.M.S. 37 GR1926 MAmphibian-attack1
C.A.M.S. 37/21926 MSeaplane observation 45Aeronautique Naval
C.A.M.S. 37/101926 CSeaplane postal transport 2Compagnie Generale Transatlantique
C.A.M.S. 37/111932 MSeaplane trainer
C.A.M.S. 37/121932 CSeaplane transport1
C.A.M.S. 37/131932 CSeaplane ambulance1
C.A.M.S. 381923 MSeaplane racer1 Schneider Cup 1923
C.A.M.S. 46ET1926 MSeaplane trainer Aeronautique Maritime
C.A.M.S. 501926 MSeaplane bomber
C.A.M.S. 51C1926 CSeaplane transport1
C.A.M.S. 51 R31927 MSeaplane recce1 Aviation Maritime
C.A.M.S. 521930 MSeaplane bomber1
C.A.M.S. 531928 CSeaplane transport16 9 Aeropostale F-AISV
C.A.M.S. 53/11928 CSeaplane transport10
C.A.M.S. 53/21928 CSeaplane transport5 remotored CAMS53
C.A.M.S. 53R1929 CSeaplane transport1
C.A.M.S. 54 GR1928 MSeaplane attack1
C.A.M.S. 54 GR 'La Fregate' 1928MSeaplane long range
C.A.M.S. 55/11930 MSeaplane maritime patrol 43Aeronautique Maritime
C.A.M.S. 55/21931 MSeaplane maritime patrol 29Aeronautique Navale
C.A.M.S. 55/31932 MSeaplane maritime patrol 1
C.A.M.S. 55/61933 MSeaplane maritime patrol 1
C.A.M.S. 55/101934 MSeaplane maritime patrol 32Aeronautique Navale
C.A.M.S. 55/111933 MSeaplane maritime patrol 1F-ALRZ?
C.A.M.S. 561928 CSeaplane transport3 remotored CAMS53 Aeropostale F-AIOX F-ALCG F-ALCH
C.A.M.S. 58/01933 CSeaplane transport1 F-ALKV
C.A.M.S. 58/21931 CSeaplane transport1 F-ALVT
C.A.M.S. 58/31933 CSeaplane transport2 Air France F-ALCJ F-ALCK
C.A.M.S. 801931 MSeaplane observation 2F-AMDZ F-AMTC
C.A.M.S. 80-021931 MSeaplane observation 1modified CAMS80
C.A.M.S. 901932 MSeaplane observation 1F-AMDY
C.A.M.S. 1201935 MSeaplane observation 1
C.A.M.S. 1101934 MSeaplane maritime patrol 1
CPAC.P.A. 11926 MHeavy bomber1
CarmierCarmier Dupouy T.10 1924CSport 1F-ESEF > F-BBBG
Carmier-AmouxCarmier-Arnoux 'Simplex' 1922CRacer 1German Cup 1922
CastelCastel 'Yanapour' II 1929CGlider-trainer 1
Castel 'Casoar'1937 CGlider-trainer1
Castel C-241936 CGlider-trainer1
Castel C-24S1936 CGlider-trainer1
Castel C-2421941 CGlider-trainer
Castel C-25S1942 CGlider-trainer
Castel C-301S1945 CGlider-trainer
Castel C-31P1942 CGlider-trainer
Castel C-310P1947 CGlider-trainer
Castel C-311P1950 CGlider-trainer
Castel C-321936 CGlider-performance1
Castel C-34 'Condor' 1933CGlider-performance 2
Castel C-361937 CGlider-performance3
CaudronCaudron L1913 MAmphibian-observation
Caudron F1913 CSport
Caudron G1913 MObservation
Caudron G.21913 MObservation
Caudron G.31914 MReconnaissance
Caudron G.41915 MHeavy bomber
Caudron G.61916 MReconnaissance
Caudron O1914 CSport
Caudron R1915 MSeaplane maritime patrol
Caudron R.41915 MReconnaissance
Caudron R.111917 MProtection
Caudron C.221917 MHeavy bomber
Caudron C.231918 MHeavy bomber
Caudron C.251919 CTransport civil
Caudron C.271922 CSchool
Caudron C.331919 CTransport civil
Caudron C.371920 CTransport civil
Caudron C.391921 CTransport civil1
Caudron C.431920 CTransport civil1
Caudron C.591921 MTrainer1800 Aeronautique Militaire + export
Caudron C.601921 CTrainer CA-?
Caudron C.611921 CTransport civil12 6 Franco-Roumaine
Caudron C.61bis1924 CTransport civil1 mod C61
Caudron C.651922 CSeaplane tourism1
Caudron C.661922 CSeaplane tourism1
Caudron C.671922 CTourism1
Caudron C.681922 CTourism
Caudron C.741922 CTransport civil1
Caudron C.811923 CTransport civil5 Franco-Roumaine
Caudron C.1011925 MReconnaissance
Caudron C.1031925 MReconnaissance
Caudron C.1041925 MReconnaissance
Caudron C.1071925 MReconnaissance
Caudron C.1091925 CSchool14
Caudron C.1101928 CSchool
Caudron C.1171929 CTourism
Caudron C.1251925 CTourism
Caudron C.1271924 CTourism
Caudron C.128/21930 CTourism
Caudron C.1401928 MLiaison1
Caudron C.1611927 CTourism
Caudron C.1681927 CTourism
Caudron C.1801930 CTransport1
Caudron C.1831923 CTransport civil1
Caudron C.1921929 CTourism1
Caudron C.1931929 CTourism
Caudron C.2201929 CTourism
Caudron C.2211929 CTourism
Caudron C.2301930 CTourism15
Caudron C.2321931 CTourism50
Caudron C.2401931 CTourism1
Caudron C.2511931 CTrainer1
Caudron C.270 'Luciole' 1930CTourism 82
Caudron C.272 'Luciole' 1931CTourism 52
Caudron C.272/2 'Luciole' 1933CTourism 22
Caudron C.272/3 'Luciole' 1933CTourism 15
Caudron C.272/4 'Luciole' 1933CTourism 21
Caudron C.272/5 'Luciole' 1935CTourism 80
Caudron C.275 'Luciole' 1936CTourism 433300 for Aviation Populaire
Caudron C.282/8 'Phalene' 1933CTourism 89modified C282/2
Caudron C.286/2 'Phalene' 1933CTourism 10
Caudron C.286/5 'Super-Phalene' 1932CTourism
Caudron C.286/6 'Super-Phalene' 1932CTourism
Caudron C.344 'Phalene Junior' 1933CTourism 1
Caudron C.3621933 CRacer2 German Cup 1933 '6'
Caudron C.3661933 CRacer1 German Cup 1933
Caudron C.400 'Phalene' 1934CTourism 4040 Armee de l'Air 29 Aviation Populaire
Caudron C.410 'Phalene' 1934CTourism 11
Caudron C.430 'Rafale' 1934CSport 2
Caudron C.430/1 'Rafale' 1935CRacer 1mod C430
Caudron C.441 'Goeland' 1935CTransport civil 4
Caudron C.445 'Goeland' 1936CTransport civil 114
Caudron C.445M 'Goeland' 1936MTransport militaire 404Armee de l'Air
Caudron C.448 'Goeland' 1935CTransport civil 7
Caudron C.449/11940 CTransport295
Caudron C.4501934 CRacer1 German Cup 1934 '13'
Caudron C.4601934 CRacer3 German Cup 1934 '6'
Caudron C.4611934 CRacer2 German Cup 1936
Caudron C.480 'Fregate' 1935CTourism 27
Caudron C.4901935 CTrainer7
Caudron C.4911935 CTrainer6
Caudron C.510 'Pelican' 1934CTourism 62
Caudron C.530 'Rafale' 1934CSport 7
Caudron C.5611936 CRacer1 German Cup 1936
Caudron C.570 'Kangourou' 1935MTransport militaire 1
Caudron C.5801934 CTrainer2
Caudron C.600 'Aiglon' 1935CTourism 178
Caudron C.601 'Aiglon' 1935CTourism 18
Caudron C.630 'Simoun' 1935CTourism 20Air Bleu
Caudron C.635 'Simoun' 1935CTourism 46
Caudron C.640 'Typhon' 1935CTransport postal 7
Caudron C.660 'Rafale' 1935CSport 4
Caudron C.6701937 MLight bomber1
Caudron C.6801936 CSport1
Caudron C.6841936 CSport1 mod 680 F-ANAM
Caudron C.685 'Super Rafale' 1936CSport 1mod 684
Caudron C.6901936 CTrainer
Caudron C.7101936 MFighter3
Caudron C.7121936 CRecord1
Caudron C.7131937 MFighter
Caudron C.7141938 MFighter56 Armee de l'Air
Caudron C.7201936 CTrainer1
Caudron CR-7601940 MFighter1
Caudron CR-7701939 MFighter1
Caudron C.8001947 CGlider-trainer
Caudron C.8701940 CTrainer2
Caudron C.8801940 MObservation1
CharpentierCharpentier C-1 1935CExperimental 1
Courtois-Suffit LescopCourtois-Suffit Lescop CSL-1 1918MFighter
CouzinetCouzinet 10 'Arc en ciel' 1928CAttack 1 
Couzinet 211931 CTransport postal1 F-AMBI
Couzinet 221932 CTransport1 mod 21 F-AMBI
Couzinet 27 'Arc en ciel' 1928CAttack 1
Couzinet 301930 CTourism1 F-ALIG
Couzinet 30 n°11931 CTourism1
Couzinet 33 'Biarritz' 1931CTransport postal 1F-ALMV
Couzinet 33 'Biarritz' n°2 1932CTransport postal 1
Couzinet 401932 CTransport postal1
Couzinet 70 'Arc en Ciel' III 1932CTransport postal 1F-AMBV
Couzinet 801932 CTrainer1 mod 30
Couzinet 1001933 CTourism1
Couzinet 1011934 CTourism1 F-AMTJ
Couzinet 1031933 CTourism1
DaspectDaspect III1937 CTourism1
De MarcayDe Marçay 2 1918MFighter 1
De Marçay 41923 MFighter1
De Marçay T-21920 CTourism1
De MongeLumiere De Monge 1921CRacer 1German Cup 1921
De Monge 7/31925 CExperimental1
De Monge 7/51925 CExperimental1
De Monge M-1011927 MFighter1
De Monge 1201931 MReconnaissance2
De PischofDe Pischof 'Estafette' 1922CTourism 1
De VizcayaDe Vizcaya PV-102 1931CTourism 1
DelanneDelanne II1928 CTourism1
Delanne 10C-21941 MFighter1
Delanne DL-20T1938 CExperimental2
Delanne 30 P21937 CGlider-performance
Delanne 60 E11938 CGlider-trainer
DescampsDescamps 27 1919MFighter 1
DewoitineDewoitine P-2 1922CGlider 1
Dewoitine P-31923 CGlider
Dewoitine P-41923 CGlider2
Dewoitine D-11922 MFighter234
Dewoitine D-71923 CSport F-ESEP
Dewoitine D-81923 MFighter1
Dewoitine D-91924 MFighter165 plus 150 by Ansalso
Dewoitine D-121924 MFighter1 'N 01'
Dewoitine D-141924 CTransport civil
Dewoitine D-151924 MFighter1
Dewoitine D-191926 MFighter3 to Switzerland
Dewoitine D-19 n°01 1925MFighter 1
Dewoitine D-19 n°02 1925MFighter 1
Dewoitine D-211925 MFighter
Dewoitine D-251926 MFighter5 4 for Argentina
Dewoitine D-261929 CTrainer10 built in Switzerland
Dewoitine D-26-11931 CTrainer2 built in Switzerland + 1 D-26 remotored
Dewoitine D-271928 MFighter
Dewoitine D-27-III1929 MFighter65 for Switzerland
Dewoitine D-27-IIIR 1929MFighter 15remotored D27-III
Dewoitine D-281928 CTransport civil2
Dewoitine D-301931 CTransport civil F-AKDU
Dewoitine D-311932 CTransport civil1 F-AKFE
Dewoitine D-33 'Trait d'union' 1930CRecord 2
Dewoitine D-332 'Emeraude' 1933CTransport civil 1
Dewoitine D-3331935 CTransport civil3 Air France
Dewoitine D-3381936 CTransport civil31 Air France
Dewoitine D-3421938 CTransport civil1 F-ARIZ
Dewoitine D-351930 CTransport civil
Dewoitine D-371931 MFighter1 built by Liore et Olivier
Dewoitine D-3711934 MFighter29 Armee de l'Air
Dewoitine HD-4121931 MSeaplane racer1
Dewoitine D-4801932 CTrainer
Dewoitine D-4811932 CTrainer F-AKFG
Dewoitine D.5001932 MFighter97 Armee de l'Air
Dewoitine D-5011933 MFighter143
Dewoitine D.5031935 MFighter1
Dewoitine D-5101935 MFighter120 Armee de l'Air and China
Dewoitine D-5131935 MFighter1
Dewoitine D-5201938 MFighter907 Armee de l'Air
Dewoitine D-520DC1945 CTrainer
Dewoitine D-5211940 MFighter1 remotored D520
Dewoitine D-5301931 MFighter2
Dewoitine D-5311931 MFighter3
Dewoitine D-5321931 MFighter1
Dewoitine D-5351932 MFighter1
Dewoitine D-5501939 CRecord
Dewoitine D-5601932 MFighter1 ex D-500 fuselage cv to D570
Dewoitine D.5701933 MFighter
Dewoitine D-6201936 CTransport civil1
Dewoitine D-7201939 MReconnaissance1
Dewoitine HD-7301940 MSeaplane observation 2
Dewoitine HD-7311941 MSeaplane observation 1
Dewoitine D-7501940 MTorpedo1
Dewoitine D-7701939 MLight bomber1
Dewoitine HD-7801940 MSeaplane Fighter1
Dewoitine D-4301932 CColonial police1
Donnet-DenhautDonnet-Denhaut DD-2 1916MSeaplane recce
Donnet-Denhaut DD-2 1916MSeaplane recce
Donnet-Denhaut DD-8 1917MSeaplane recce
Donnet-Denhaut DD-9 1918MSeaplane recce 100
Donnet-Denhaut DD-10 1918MSeaplane recce 30
Dyle et BacalanDyle et Bacalan DB-10 1926MHeavy bomber 1
Dyle et Bacalan DB-20 1928MBomber BCR 1
Dyle et Bacalan DB-30 1928MReconnaissance
Dyle et Bacalan DB-70 1929CTransport 1
FBAF.B.A. A1913 MSeaplane observation
F.B.A. A1913 MSeaplane observation
F.B.A. B1915 MSeaplane observation
F.B.A. C1915 MSeaplane recce
F.B.A. H1917 MSeaplane recce
F.B.A. H1917 MFighter
F.B.A. S1918 MSeaplane recce
F.B.A. 10 HM1922 MAmphibian-recce2
F.B.A. 11 HE 21923 MSeaplane trainer1
F.B.A. 13 HE 21923 MSeaplane trainer1
F.B.A. 14 HE 21923 MSeaplane trainer20 Marine Francaise
F.B.A. 16 HE 21923 MSeaplane trainer1
F.B.A. 17 HE 21923 MSeaplane trainer300+ Marine Francaise
F.B.A. 17 HL 11926 MSeaplane liasion1
F.B.A. 17 HL 21928 MSeaplane liasion10
F.B.A. 17 HMT 21924 MAmphibian-liaison37 21 for Marine Francaise
F.B.A. 17 HMT 41935 MAmphibian-liaison2
F.B.A. 17 HT 41927 MSeaplane liasion35
F.B.A. 171 HE 21931 MSeaplane trainer1
F.B.A. 172 HE 21931 MSeaplane trainer5
F.B.A. 172 HMT 21931 MAmphibian-liaison1
F.B.A. 172 HT 41932 MSeaplane liasion1
F.B.A. 191924 MAmphibian-recce9
F.B.A. 19 HMT 31924 MAmphibian-liaison1
F.B.A. 21/11925 CAmphibian-transport3
F.B.A. 21/21925 CAmphibian-transport2 remotored FBA 21/1
F.B.A. 21/31925 CSeaplane transport1 remotored FBA 21/1
F.B.A. 21/41925 CSeaplane transport1
F.B.A. 2701929 MSeaplane trainer1 Marine Francaise
F.B.A. 2711930 CAmphibian-trainer2
F.B.A. 2901931 CAmphibian-transport1
F.B.A. 2911931 CAmphibian-transport1
F.B.A. 2931933 MAmphibian-liaison6 Marine Francaise
F.B.A. 2941933 MAmphibian-liaison2 Marine Francaise
F.B.A. 3101930 CSeaplane tourism6
F.B.A. 310/11931 CAmphibian-tourism3
Henry FarmanHenry Farman HF C 1910CTourism
Henry Farman III1909 CSport
Henry Farman III1909 CExperimental
Henry Farman HF-2/2 1910CExperimental
Maurice Farman Coupe Michelin 1910CSport
Henry Farman HF-61911 MObservation
Maurice Farman MF-6 1911CTourism
Henry Farman HF-71911 MObservation
Maurice Farman MF-7 1913MReconnaissance
Maurice Farman MF-8 1913CSeaplane tourism
Maurice Farman MF-9 1913CSeaplane tourism
Henry Farman HF.101911 MObservation
Maurice Farman HF.10-1 bis 1911MObservation
Maurice Farman MF.11 1914MObservation
Henry Farman HF.141912 CTourism
Maurice Farman MF.16 1913MReconnaissance
Henry Farman HF.161912 MObservation
Henry Farman HF.191913 MSeaplane racer
Henry Farman HF.201914 MReconnaissance
Henry Farman HF.211913 MObservation
Henry Farman HF.221913 MObservation
Henry Farman HF.231913 MObservation
Henry Farman HF.241913 MObservation
Henry Farman HF.251913 CTourism
Henry Farman HF.271915 MReconnaissance
Farman F-30 A1916 MFighter
Farman HF-301915 MReconnaissance
Farman F-30 B1917 MFighter
Farman F-30 B AR21918 MFighter
Henry Farman HF-311918 MFighter
Henry Farman HF-331915 MFighter
Henry Farman HF-361916 MFighter
Farman F-40 bis1916 MReconnaissance
Farman F-40 ter1916 MReconnaissance
Farman F-40 type 46 1915MObservation
Farman F-2 401918 MReconnaissance
Farman F-1 401916 MReconnaissance
Farman F-1 40 bis type 70 1916MSeaplane trainer
Farman F-1 40 ter type 61 1916MReconnaissance
Farman F-401915 MObservation
Farman F-1 40 bis type 60 1916MReconnaissance
Farman F-411915 MReconnaissance
Farman F-41 bis1916 MReconnaissance
Farman F-41 H1917 MSeaplane recce
Farman F-1 41 type 70 1916MReconnaissance
Farman F-1 41 bis type 70 1916MReconnaissance
Farman F-431916 MReconnaissance
Farman F-451916 MReconnaissance
Farman F-1 461918 CTrainer
Farman F-461918 CTrainer
Farman F-471917 MReconnaissance
Farman F-481917 MReconnaissance
Farman F-491917 MReconnaissance
Farman F-501918 MHeavy bomber
Farman F-511922 MSeaplane recce1
Farman Blanchard1921 MTorpedo1
Farman F-60 'Goliath' 1919CTransport 60
Farman F-61 'Goliath' 1922CTransport civil 2
Farman F-621924 CRecord1
Farman F-62 Bn51920 MHeavy bomber3
Farman F-631925 MHeavy bomber42 Aeronautique Militaire Francaise
Farman F-63 bis 'Goliath' 1928CTransport civil 1
Farman F-63 bis 'Goliath' 1928CTransport civil 10
Farman F-63 ter 'Goliath' 1929CTransport civil 3
Farman F-65 'David' 1919CSport 30
Farman 'Sport'1924 CSport1
Farman F-681926 MHeavy bomber32 Poland
Farman F-701921 CTransport civil20
Farman F-711924 CTrainer10
Farman F-721921 CTransport civil1
Farman F-731926 CTransport civil4
Farman F-741930 CTrainer8
Farman F-751930 CTrainer4 F-71 remotored
Farman F-761934 CTrainer
Farman F-801921 CTrainer9
Farman F-811924 CTrainer1
Farman F-851923 CTrainer2
Farman F-901922 CTransport civil1
Farman F-911926 CTransport civil1 remotored F-90
Farman 'Moustique'1919 CSport1
Farman HF-206 'Moustique' I 1920CSport 1mod Moustique
Farman 'Aviette'1923 CTourism4
Farman Bn-41921 MHeavy bomber1
Farman F-1101921 MObservation51 Aeronautique Militaire Francaise
Farman F-1151927 MReconnaissance1
Farman F-3 Bis1925 CTransport civil1
Farman F-3X 'Jabiru' 1923CTransport civil 3
Farman F-4S1923 CTransport civil1
Farman F-1201924 MLight bomber2
Farman F-120 'Jabiru' 1923CTransport civil 4
Farman F-121 'Jabiru' 1924CTransport civil 9plus 1 F-120 mod F-AHAF
Farman F-1221925 CTransport civil1
Farman F-1231926 MMedium bomber1
Farman F-1241926 MMedium bomber1
Farman F-1301925 MHeavy bomber1
Farman F-130 T1922 CTransport civil1
Farman F-140 'Super Goliath' 1924MHeavy bomber 3
Farman F-141 'Super Goliath' 1928MHeavy bomber 6
Farman F-1501926 MHeavy bomber1
Farman F-150 bis1926 MHeavy bomber1
Farman F-1601924 MReconnaissance1
Farman F-1601928 MHeavy bomber1
Farman F-161 'Goliath' 1928CTransport civil 1
Farman F-1611930 MHeavy bomber1
Farman F-162 'Goliath' 1928CTransport civil 1
Farman F-163 'Goliath' 1928CTransport civil 1
Farman F-1651927 MSeaplane torpedo41 Aeronautique Maritime
Farman F-1671928 MSeaplane torpedo1
Farman F-1681928 MSeaplane bomber200
Farman F-1691929 CTransport civil1
Farman F-1701925 CTransport civil13
Farman F-170 bis1927 CTransport civil4
Farman F-1711926 CAttack1
Farman F-180 'Oiseau bleu' 1927CTransport civil 1'FARMAN'
Farman F-180T1927 CTransport civil3
Farman F-1901928 CTransport civil57
Farman F-1911930 CAttack1 Portugal
Farman F-1921930 CTransport civil22
Farman F-192/11935 CTransport civil2
Farman F-1931935 CTransport civil22
Farman F-193/11935 CTransport civil1
Farman F-1941935 CTransport civil4
Farman F-1951930 MReconnaissance6 Venezuela
Farman F-1961932 CColonial police1
Farman F-1971929 CTransport civil9
Farman F-1981930 CTransport civil2
Farman F-1991930 CTransport civil6
Farman F-2001923 CTourism1
Farman F-2001930 CTourism20
Farman F-2011930 CTourism3
Farman F-2021930 CTourism15
Farman F-2031930 CTourism1
Farman F-2041931 CTourism8
Farman F-2051932 CTourism2
Farman F-2061932 CTourism1 mod F-202
Farman F-2091931 CTourism1 +1 F-65 mod
Farman F-21 'Moustique' II 1924CSport 2
Farman F-2111931 MMedium bomber1 To F-212
Farman F-2121932 MMedium bomber1 mod F211
Farman F-2201932 MHeavy bomber1
Farman F-220B1934 CTransport postal1 mod F-220 Air France
Farman F-220-01936 CTransport postal4 Air France
Farman F-2211933 MHeavy bomber11 Armee de l'Air
Farman F-2221935 MHeavy bomber1
Farman F-22201937 CTransport postal1 Air France
Farman F-222/11936 MHeavy bomber12 Armee de l'Air
Farman F-222/21937 MHeavy bomber24 Armee de l'Air
Farman F-22311937 CTransport postal1
Farman F-2241937 MTransport militaire6 Air France-
Farman F-2301930 CTourism11
Farman F-230 bis1930 CSeaplane tourism1 mod F-230
Farman F-2311930 CTourism47
Farman F-231 bis1931 CSeaplane tourism1 mod F-231
Farman F-2321931 CTourism4
Farman F-2331931 CTourism1
Farman F-2341931 CTourism16
Farman F-2351931 CTourism1
Farman F-2361931 CTourism4
Farman F-2381931 CTourism1
Farman F-2391931 CTourism1
Farman F-2501931 CTransport civil1
Farman F-2681932 MSeaplane torpedo1 remotored F-168
Farman F-2691929 CSeaplane transport1 mod F-169
Farman F-2701932 MSeaplane bomber1
Farman F-2711934 MSeaplane bomber1 mod F-270
Farman F-2801931 CTransport postal1
Farman F-2811932 CTransport postal1 remotored F-280
Farman F-2821933 CTransport postal1
Farman F-2901931 CTransport civil5
Farman F-2911931 CTransport civil4
Farman F-291/11934 CTransport civil3
Farman F-2931932 CTransport civil1
Farman F-3001929 CTransport civil1
Farman F-3011930 CTransport civil6 Lignes Farman
Farman F-3021930 CRecord1 F-AJPP
Farman F-3031930 CTransport civil6
Farman F-3041931 CTransport civil1
Farman F-3051931 CTransport civil2
Farman F-3061931 CTransport civil4
Farman F-3101931 CSeaplane transport civil 1
Farman F-3501931 CTourism6 +4 F-231 mod
Farman F-3511932 CTourism2 +1 F-231 mod
Farman F-3521932 CTourism2 +1 F-234 mod
Farman F-352 H1932 CSeaplane tourism1 mod F-234
Farman F-352/31935 CTourism1
Farman F-3531933 CTourism1
Farman F-3541931 CTourism1
Farman F-3551931 CTourism1
Farman F-3561933 CTourism1
Farman F-3571933 CTourism1 F-AMGU
Farman F-3581933 CTourism1
Farman F-3591933 CTourism1
Farman F-3601932 CTourism1
Farman F-3611932 CTourism2 mod F-236
Farman F-3681932 MSeaplane torpedo1 remotored F-168
Farman F-3701933 CRacer1
Farman F-3801933 CRacer1 German Cup 1933 '7'
Farman F-3901932 CTransport6
Farman F-3911933 CTransport4
Farman F-3921932 CTransport4
Farman F-3931934 CTransport11
Farman F-4001933 CTourism4
Farman F-4011933 CTourism3
Farman F-4021933 CTourism68
Farman F-4031934 CTourism25
Farman F-4041934 CTourism7
Farman F-4051936 CTourism6
Farman F-4061937 CTourism1
Farman F-4201934 MBomber BCR2
Farman F-4301934 CTransport civil1
Farman F-4311935 CTransport civil3
Farman F-4321936 CTransport civil2 2 F-431 mod
Farman F-450 'Moustique' 1935CSport 5
Farman F-451 'Moustique' 1936CSport 46
Farman F-455 'Moustique' III 1935CTourism 1
Farman F-480 'Alize' 1936CTrainer 12
Farman F-500 'Monitor' I 1952CTrainer 1
Farman F-510 'Monitor' II 1955CTrainer 1
Farman F-520 'Monitor' III 1953CTrainer 1remotored F-500
Farman F-521 'Monitor' III 1954CTrainer 1
Farman F-10001932 CRecord1 F-AKFK
Farman F-10011935 CExperimental1
Farman F-10021936 CExperimental1
Farman F-10101932 CExperimental1
Farman F-10201933 CExperimental1
FauvelFauvel AV-21930 CExperimental
Fauvel AV-31933 CGlider-experimental1
Fauvel AV-171946 CGlider-experimental1
Fauvel AV-221959 CGlider-trainer
Fauvel AV-2211965 CMotor glider
Fauvel AV-2221992 CMotor glider
Fauvel AV-361951 CGlider-trainer
Fauvel AV-3611960 CGlider-trainer
Fauvel AV-451960 CMotor glider
Fauvel AV-4511978 CMotor glider
Fauvel AV-601963 CTourism
Fauvel AV-611965 CTourism
GerinGerin 'Varivol' 1936CExperimental 1
Gourdou LeseurreGourdou Leseurre GL.a 1917MFighter
Gourdou Leseurre GL.21 1920MFighter 2120 Aeronautique Militaire 1 Finland
Gourdou Leseurre GL.22 1923CTrainer 20 Marine 18 Finland 15 Czech 15 Estonia 3 Marche Civil
Gourdou Leseurre GL.23 1925MFighter 9
Gourdou Leseurre GL B6 1934CStunt 1
Gourdou Leseurre GL B7 1937CStunt 1
Gourdou Leseurre GL.30 1920CRacer
Gourdou Leseurre GL.31 1922MFighter 1
Gourdou Leseurre LGL.32 1925MFighter 475380 Aro Militaire 15 Av Maritime 50 Romania
Gourdou Leseurre GL-33 1925MFighter 1
Gourdou Leseurre GL-341 1927MFighter 2
Gourdou Leseurre GL-351 1927MFighter 1
Gourdou Leseurre GL-40 1922MFighter 1
Gourdou Leseurre GL-430 1931MDive bomber 1
Gourdou Leseurre GL-432 1936MDive bomber 4Aeronavale
Gourdou Leseurre GL-450 1932MFighter 1
Gourdou Leseurre GL-482 1933MFighter 1
Gourdou Leseurre GL-50 1921MFighter 1
Gourdou Leseurre GL-51 1921MFighter 1
Gourdou Leseurre GL-521 1937MDive bomber 2
Gourdou Leseurre GL-633 1938MDive bomber 1
Gourdou Leseurre GL-810 HY 1930MSeaplane observation 24Aeronavale
Gourdou Leseurre GL-811 HY 1932MSeaplane observation 20Aeronavale
Gourdou Leseurre GL-812 HY 1933MSeaplane observation 29Aeronavale
Gourdou Leseurre GL-813 HY 1934MSeaplane observation 13Aeronavale
Gourdou Leseurre GL-820 HY 1935MSeaplane observation 1
Gourdou Leseurre GL-821 HY 1936MSeaplane torpedo 1
Gourdou Leseurre GL-821 HY 02 1937MSeaplane observation 1
Gourdou Leseurre GL-831 HY 1931MSeaplane observation 1
Gourdou Leseurre GL-832 HY 1934MSeaplane observation 22Marine Francaise
Greisch-ThuetGreisch-Thuet 1937CTourism 1
GuilleminGuillemin JG.43 1936CTransport ambulance
HanriotHanriot HD-1 1917MFighter
Hanriot HD-21917 MSeaplane Fighter
Hanriot HD-31918 MFighter
Hanriot HD-51918 MFighter
Hanriot HD-61918 MFighter
Hanriot HD-71918 MFighter
Hanriot HD-91918 MFighter
Hanriot HD-121921 MFighter1
Hanriot HD-141920 CTrainer2000
Hanriot HD-14S1920 CTransport ambulance
Hanriot HD-1411928 CTrainer10
Hanriot HD-151922 MFighter4
Hanriot HD-171923 MSeaplane trainer
Hanriot HD-181921 CColonial police1
Hanriot HD-191922 CTrainer20
Hanriot HD-201923 MFighter1
Hanriot HD-221921 CRacer
Hanriot HD-241922 CColonial police
Hanriot H-25T1926 CTransport civil1
Hanriot H-261923 MFighter1
Hanriot HD-271922 MFighter1
Hanriot HD-281928 CTrainer301 300 by Samolot Poland
Hanriot H-311925 MFighter1
Hanriot H-131-21933 CRacer1
Hanriot HD-321924 CTrainer
Hanriot HD-3201926 CTrainer1
Hanriot HD-3211928 CTrainer20 8 HD32 mod 8 H141 mod
Hanriot H-331926 MFighter1
Hanriot H-341924 CTrainer1
Hanriot H-34 ter1924 CTrainer1
Hanriot H-34 bis1924 CTrainer1
Hanriot H-351926 CTrainer13
Hanriot H-361925 CTrainer51
Hanriot H-381926 MSeaplane recce1
Hanriot HD-40S1925 CTransport ambulance14
Hanriot H-4101928 CTrainer5
Hanriot HD-41H1925 MSeaplane trainer12
Hanriot H-4111930 CTrainer2
Hanriot LH-4121930 CTrainer7 3 were remotored H410
Hanriot H-431927 MLiaison1
Hanriot H-4311928 CTrainer1 F-ALDC
Hanriot LH-4311930 MTrainer50 Aeronautique Militaire Francaise
Hanriot LH-4321933 MTrainer2 Armee
Hanriot LH-4331930 MTrainer26 Aeronautique Militaire Francaise
Hanriot LH-4371932 CTransport ambulance2
Hanriot H-4361934 MTrainer50 Armee de l'Air
Hanriot H-437 ter1934 CTransport ambulance1 remotored H-437
Hanriot H-4381933 MObservation12 for Peru AF
Hanriot H-4391933 CTrainer14 13 H-431 remotored
Hanriot H-46 'Styx' 1928MLiaison 1
Hanriot H-4611928 MLiaison1
Hanriot H-4621928 MLiaison1
Hanriot H-4631929 CTransport ambulance1
Hanriot H-4641929 MLiaison1
Hanriot H-4651929 CTransport ambulance1
Hanriot H-1101932 MFighter1
Hanriot H-1151934 MFighter
Hanriot H-1311933 CRacer1
Hanriot H-161933 CTrainer1
Hanriot H-1611933 MTrainer42 Armee de l'Air
Hanriot H-1701934 MObservation1
Hanriot H-1711935 CTourism1
Hanriot H-172N1935 CTrainer7
Hanriot H-172B1935 CTrainer1
Hanriot H-1731935 CStunt1
Hanriot H-1741935 CTrainer1
Hanriot H-1751936 MLiaison6 Aeronautique Maritime
Hanriot H-180M1935 MObservation1
Hanriot H-180T1934 CTourism1
Hanriot H-1811935 CTransport ambulance1
Hanriot H-1821935 CTrainer346
Hanriot H-1831936 CStunt1
Hanriot H-1841938 CTrainer1
Hanriot H-1851937 MLiaison5 Aeronautique Maritime
Hanriot H-190M1935 MObservation1
Hanriot H-1911935 CTourism1
Hanriot H-192B1935 CTrainer1
Hanriot H-192N1935 CTrainer9
Hanriot H-1951937 MLiaison1
Hanriot H-2201937 MFighter2 became SNCAC NC-600
Hanriot H-2301937 CTrainer1
Hanriot H-2311937 CTrainer2
Hanriot H-2321938 CTrainer2 became SNCAC NC232.2
Kellner-BechereauKellner-Bechereau E-5 1937CTourism
Kellner-Bechereau 28VD 1933CRacer 1
Kellner-Bechereau E-60 1940CTrainer 1
Kellner-Bechereau 23 1932CTourism 1F-AKGH
Kellner-Bechereau E-1 1936CExperimental 1
Kellner-Bechereau ED-5 1937CExperimental 1
Kellner-Bechereau E-4 1937CTourism 1
Lacroix TrussantLacroix Trussant LT-51 1939CTourism 1
LatecoereLatecoere 3 1919CTransport postal 1
Latecoere 51924 CTransport civil1
Latecoere 61924 MProtection1
Latecoere 81922 CTransport civil1
Latecoere 131922 CTransport civil1
Latecoere 141924 CTransport civil1
Latecoere 151924 CTransport civil10
Latecoere 15 H1924 CSeaplane transport1 mod L15
Latecoere 161923 CTransport civil1
Latecoere 171925 CTransport civil7 mod L14
Latecoere 17-3-J1927 CTransport civil6 mod L17-1J
Latecoere 191926 MMedium bomber2
Latecoere 201926 CTransport ambulance1
Latecoere 211926 CSeaplane transport1
Latecoere 21 bis1927 CSeaplane transport5
Latecoere 21 ter1927 CSeaplane transport1
Latecoere 221927 CTransport postal1
Latecoere 231927 CSeaplane transport1
Latecoere 241927 CSeaplane postal transport 1
Latecoere 25-2R1926 CTransport civil
Latecoere 26-2R1927 CTransport postal34
Latecoere 26-31928 CTransport postal2
Latecoere 28.01929 CTransport civil16 Aeropostale
Latecoere 28.11929 CTransport civil29 Aeropostale
Latecoere 28.21930 CTransport postal1
Latecoere 28.31930 CSeaplane postal transport 5
Latecoere 28.3-I1930 CSeaplane transport1
Latecoere 28.4-I1932 CTransport civil1
Latecoere 28.51930 CSeaplane postal transport 1
Latecoere 28.61931 CTransport civil3 Aviacion National Venezuela
Latecoere 28.81930 CRecord1
Latecoere 2901931 MSeaplane torpedo32 Aeronatique Maritime
Latecoere 2931933 MSeaplane torpedo1
Latecoere 2941934 MSeaplane torpedo1 TI II'
Latecoere 2961934 MSeaplane torpedo1
Latecoere 298A1936 MSeaplane torpedo30
Latecoere 298B1938 MSeaplane torpedo42 Aeronautique Navale
Latecoere 298D1939 MSeaplane torpedo75~ Aeronautique Navale
Latecoere 298E1940 MSeaplane recce1 mod 298D
Latecoere 2991939 MReconnaissance2
Latecoere 3001931 CSeaplane postal transport 1F-AKGF
Latecoere 3011935 CSeaplane postal transport 3Air France
Latecoere 3021936 MSeaplane recce3 Aeronautique Navale
Latecoere 321927 CSeaplane transport8 France-Algerie line
Latecoere 32-31927 CSeaplane transport5 remotored L23 France-Algerie line
Latecoere 34.01930 CSeaplane transport1
Latecoere 351931 CTransport civil1
Latecoere 38.01930 CSeaplane postal transport 2
Latecoere 38.11934 MSeaplane recce3 Aeronautique Navale
Latecoere 4-011919 CTransport1
Latecoere 4-021921 CTransport1
Latecoere 4401931 MSeaplane bomber2
Latecoere 49.01931 MReconnaissance1
Latecoere 49.11932 MReconnaissance1
Latecoere 50.01932 CSeaplane postal transport 1
Latecoere 5011932 CSeaplane transport1
Latecoere 5211935 CSeaplane transport1 Air France
Latecoere 5221939 CSeaplane transport1 Air France
Latecoere 5231938 MSeaplane recce3 Marine Francaise
Latecoere 55.01933 MSeaplane bomber1
Latecoere 5701939 MMedium bomber1
Latecoere 5821935 MSeaplane recce1 Aeronautique Maritime
Latecoere 6111939 MSeaplane recce1 Marine Francaise
Latecoere 6311942 CSeaplane transport11
LathamLatham 451927 MSeaplane bomber1
Latham 2301928 MSeaplane recce1
Latham 431924 MSeaplane bomber2
Latham 431924 MSeaplane bomber18 Aeronautique Navale
Latham E-51925 MSeaplane maritime patrol 1
Latham HB-51921 MSeaplane bomber10 Aeronautique Navale
Latham Trimoteur1919 MSeaplane bomber4 Aeronautique Navale
Latham C-11923 MSeaplane bomber1
Latham L-11923 MSeaplane racer1 Schneider Cup 1923
Latham L-21923 MSeaplane racer1 Schneider Cup 1923
Latham 471928 MSeaplane recce13 Aeronautique Navale
Latham 47P1929 CSeaplane postal transport 2
LeopoldoffLeopoldoff L-3 1933CTourism 31
Leopoldoff L-7 'Colibri' 1952CTourism 1remotored L3
LevasseurLevasseur PL 1 TO3 1921CTourism 1F-ESEP
Levasseur PL 2 AT 1 1921MTorpedo 1
Levasseur PL 2 AT 2 1922MTorpedo 1
Levasseur PL 21923 MTorpedo9 Aeronautique Navale
Levasseur PL 3 AM31924 MReconnaissance1
Levasseur PL 4 A3 R3b 1926MReconnaissance 1
Levasseur PL 41926 MReconnaissance40 Aeronautique Navale
Levasseur PL 5 C2B1926 MFighter3
Levasseur PL 5 AMBC2 1926MFighter 1
Levasseur PL 51926 MFighter20 Aeronautique Navale
Levasseur PL 61926 MFighter1
Levasseur PL 71926 MTorpedo1
Levasseur PL 7 18m1928 MTorpedo9 Aeronautique Navale
Levasseur PL 7 17m25 1928MTorpedo 1
Levasseur PL 7 16m50 1929MTorpedo 40Aeronautique Navale mod PL7 18m
Levasseur PL 8 'Oiseau Blanc' 1927CAttack
Levasseur PL 81928 CTransport postal1
Levasseur PL 91928 MTrainer6 Aeronautique Navale
Levasseur PL 101929 MReconnaissance30 Aeronautique Navale
Levasseur PL 1011933 MReconnaissance30 Aeronautique Navale
Levasseur PL 111931 MSeaplane observation 1
Levasseur PL 121930 MSeaplane observation 1
Levasseur PL 141929 MSeaplane torpedo30 Aeronautique Navale
Levasseur PL 151932 MSeaplane torpedo17 Aeronautique Navale
Levasseur PL 1541934 MTorpedo1 mod PL15
Levasseur PL 1071937 MTorpedo2
Levasseur PL 1081939 MTorpedo1
Levasseur PL 2001935 MSeaplane observation 1
Levasseur PL 2011935 MSeaplane observation 1
Levasseur PL 4001939 MObservation1
Leyat-JacqueminLeyat-Jacquemin 1934 1934CSport
Liore et OlivierLiore et Olivier LeO-5 1919MGround attack 1
Liore et Olivier LeO-7/2 1922MProtection 20Aeronautique Militaire
Liore et Olivier LeO-7/3 1922MMedium bomber 18Aeronautique Navale
Liore et Olivier LeO-8 1923MNight fighter 1
Liore et Olivier LeO-9 1923MFighter 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-10 1923MSeaplane recce 1
Liore et Olivier LeO-11 1923MReconnaissance
Liore et Olivier LeO-12 1924MHeavy bomber 4
Liore et Olivier LeO-121 1925CTransport 1
Liore et Olivier LeO-122 1925MHeavy bomber 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-13 1922CSeaplane transport 23some Air Union
Liore et Olivier LeO H-13 A 1922CAmphibian-transport 3
Liore et Olivier LeO H-13 bis 1924MSeaplane recce 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-133 1925CAmphibian-transport 4
Liore et Olivier LeO H-134 1925CAmphibian-transport 2
Liore et Olivier LeO H-135 1926MAmphibian-surveillance 7Poland
Liore et Olivier LeO H-136 1926MSeaplane trainer 12Aeronautique Navale
Liore et Olivier LeO H-15 1926CSeaplane transport 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-180 1928MSeaplane trainer 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-181 1929CSeaplane tourism 6H180 mod
Liore et Olivier LeO H-190T 1926CAmphibian-transport 5
Liore et Olivier LeO H-191 1926CAmphibian-trainer 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-192 1927CAmphibian-transport 2
Liore et Olivier LeO H-193 1927CAmphibian-transport 5
Liore et Olivier LeO H-193HS 1926MAmphibian-surveillance 1H193S remotored
Liore et Olivier LeO H-193S 1926MAmphibian-surveillance 15Aeronautique Maritime
Liore et Olivier LeO H-194 1926CSeaplane transport 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-196 1926CAmphibian-transport 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-197S 1926CAmphibian-ambulance 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-198 1928CAmphibian-postal transport 9
Liore et Olivier LeO H-198/2 1929CAmphibian-transport 3
Liore et Olivier LeO H-199/1 1931CSeaplane transport 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-199/2 1931CSeaplane transport 1
Liore et Olivier LeO-20 1926MHeavy bomber 324Aeronautique Militaire
Liore et Olivier LeO-203 1930MHeavy bomber 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-204 1930MSeaplane bomber 1
Liore et Olivier LeO-206 1932MHeavy bomber 37Aeronautique Militaire
Liore et Olivier LeO-207 1932MHeavy bomber 3Aeronautique Militaire
Liore et Olivier LeO-208 1934MHeavy bomber 1
Liore et Olivier LeO-21 1926CTransport civil 2Air Union
Liore et Olivier LeO-211 1930CTransport civil 1
Liore et Olivier LeO-212 1927CTransport civil 2Air Union
Liore et Olivier LeO-213 1928CTransport civil 12
Liore et Olivier LeO-214 1934MTransport militaire 9Armee de l'Air
Liore et Olivier LeO H-22 1931CAmphibian-postal transport 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-221 1931CAmphibian-trainer 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-23 1930MSeaplane observation 2
Liore et Olivier LeO H-23/2 1932MSeaplane recce 4
Liore et Olivier LeO H-24 1929CSeaplane transport 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-242 1933CSeaplane transport 2
Liore et Olivier LeO H-242/1 1935CSeaplane transport 12Air France
Liore et Olivier LeO H-246 1937CSeaplane transport 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-246/1 1939CSeaplane transport 6Air France-4 to Luftwaffe
Liore et Olivier LeO-25 1928MHeavy bomber 2
Liore et Olivier LeO-252 1929MHeavy bomber 1LeO25 remotored
Liore et Olivier LeO-253 1931MHeavy bomber 3Brazil
Liore et Olivier LeO H-254 1932MSeaplane torpedo 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-255 1933MSeaplane torpedo 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-256 1932MSeaplane torpedo 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-257 1933MSeaplane torpedo 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-257 bis 1936MSeaplane torpedo 59Aeronautique Navale + Armee de l'Air
Liore et Olivier LeO-258 1931MHeavy bomber 26
Liore et Olivier LeO H-259 1935MSeaplane torpedo 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-27 1934CSeaplane postal transport 1
Liore et Olivier LeO-300 1933MHeavy bomber 1
Liore et Olivier LeO-301 1934MHeavy bomber 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-43 1934MSeaplane observation 2120 for Marine Francaise
Liore et Olivier LeO-451 1939MMedium bomber 602Armee de l'Air
Liore et Olivier LeO H-46 1936MSeaplane bomber 1
Liore et Olivier LeO H-47 1936CSeaplane transport 1Air France
Liore et Olivier LeO H-470 1937MSeaplane patrol 5
Liore et Olivier LeO-48 1941CExperimental 1
Liore et Olivier LeO C-30 1935MAutogiro-liaison 59Armee de l'Air + Marine
Liore et Olivier LeO C-30S 1936MAutogiro-liaison 1F-AOLL
Liore et Olivier LeO C-301 1938MAutogiro-liaison 7
Liore et Olivier LeO C-302 1939MAutogiro-liaison 2
Liore et Olivier LeO C-34 1937MAutogiro-liaison
LoireLoire 111935 CTransport postal2
Loire 431932 MFighter1
Loire 451933 MFighter1
Loire 461934 MFighter61 Armee de l'Air
Loire 501931 MAmphibian-liaison1
Loire 5011935 MAmphibian-liaison6 Marine Francaise
Loire 601932 MSeaplane liasion1
Loire 701933 MSeaplane recce8 Marine Francaise
Loire 102 'Bretagne' 1936CSeaplane postal transport 1
Loire 1301934 MSeaplane recce125 Armee de l'Air
Loire 2101937 MSeaplane Fighter21 Aeronautique Navale
Loire 2501935 MFighter1
Loire 3001932 MReconnaissance1 F-AKGB
Loire 3011932 MReconnaissance1 mod 300 F-AKGB
Loire NieuportLoire Nieuport LN-10 1939MSeaplane recce 1
Loire Nieuport LN-40 1938MDive bomber 1'FW-0117'
Loire Nieuport LN-401 1939MDive bomber 42Aeronautique Navale
Loire Nieuport LN-402 1939MDive bomber 1
Loire Nieuport LN-411 1939MDive bomber 40Aeronautique Navale + Armee de l'Air
Loire Nieuport LN-42 1945MDive bomber 1
Lorraine HanriotLorraine Hanriot LH-10 1930CTrainer 2
Lorraine Hanriot LH-11 1931CTrainer 2
Lorraine Hanriot LH-12 1931CTrainer 1
Lorraine Hanriot LH-13 1933CTrainer 5
Lorraine Hanriot LH-21S 1929CTransport ambulance 2
Lorraine Hanriot LH-30 1931CTrainer 2
Lorraine Hanriot LH-41 1931CRacer 1
Lorraine Hanriot LH-41/2 1931CRacer 1
Lorraine Hanriot LH-42 1932CRecord 1
Lorraine Hanriot LH-61 1931CTrainer 1
Lorraine Hanriot LH-60 1931CTrainer 1
Lorraine Hanriot LH-70 1932CColonial police 1
Lorraine Hanriot LH-130 1932CTrainer 1remotored H131
Maillet NennigMaillet Nennig MN-A 1933CTourism 1
MakhonineMakhonine Mak-10 1931CExperimental 1
Makhonine Mak-1231947 CExperimental1
MauboussinMauboussin M-120/32 'Corsaire' 1932CTourism 3
Mauboussin M-120/34 'Corsaire' 1934CTourism 10
Mauboussin M-121P 'Corsaire Major' 1935CTourism 4
Mauboussin M-122 'Corsaire Major' 1935CTourism 1
Mauboussin M-40 'Hemiptere' 1936CTourism 1
Mauboussin M-123 'Corsaire' 1937CTrainer 60
Mauboussin M-1241946 CTourism1
Mauboussin M-1251946 CTourism5
Mauboussin M-1261946 CTourism1
Mauboussin M-1271946 CTourism2
Mauboussin M-1281946 CTourism1
Mauboussin M-1291939 CTrainer23
Mauboussin M-2001939 CTrainer1
Mauboussin M-2011939 CTrainer1
Mauboussin M-2021941 CTrainer1
Mauboussin M-3001948 CTrainer2
MignetMignet HM 81928 CSport
Mignet HM-14 'Pou du ciel' 1934CSport
Morane-SaulnierMorane-Saulnier A 1910CSport
Morane-Saulnier B1911 CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier G1913 MSeaplane racer
Morane-Saulnier I1916 MFighter
Morane-Saulnier L1913 MReconnaissance
Morane-Saulnier N1914 MReconnaissance
Morane-Saulnier P1914 MReconnaissance
Morane-Saulnier T1914 MProtection
Morane-Saulnier V1916 MFighter
Morane-Saulnier AC1916 MFighter
Morane-Saulnier AF1917 MFighter
Morane-Saulnier AI1917 MFighter
Morane-Saulnier AN1918 MFighter
Morane-Saulnier ANL 1919MFighter 1
Morane-Saulnier AR1915 CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier BB1915 MReconnaissance
Morane-Saulnier MoS-30 1918CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MoS-43 1923MTrainer 79Aeronautique Militaire
Morane-Saulnier MoS-50 1924CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MoS-53 1926CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MoS-121 1927MFighter 2
Morane-Saulnier MS-129 1925CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MoS-130 1926CTrainer 146
Morane-Saulnier MS-130 Coupe Michelin 1929CRacer 1Michelin Cup 1929
Morane-Saulnier MoS-132 1926MTrainer 5Aviation Maritime
Morane-Saulnier MoS-138 1927MTrainer 178Aeronautique Militaire + Maritime + Greece + Denmark
Morane-Saulnier MoS-139 1927CTrainer ?F-AIJH
Morane-Saulnier MoS-147 1928CTrainer 109
Morane-Saulnier MoS-148 1928CTrainer 1
Morane-Saulnier MoS-149 1928MTrainer 5640 for Aero.Navale
Morane-Saulnier MoS-152 1929MLiaison
Morane-Saulnier MS-180 1928CStunt 1
Morane-Saulnier MS-181 1928CStunt
Morane-Saulnier MS-185 1928CStunt
Morane-Saulnier MS-200 1929MTrainer 1Aero.Maritime
Morane-Saulnier MS-221 1928MFighter 2
Morane-Saulnier MS-222 1929MFighter 2
Morane-Saulnier MS-223 1930MFighter 2
Morane-Saulnier MS-224 1931MFighter 1
Morane-Saulnier MS-225 1933MFighter 7269 Armee de l'Air 3 China
Morane-Saulnier MS-226 1934MFighter 3Marine Francaise
Morane-Saulnier MS-227 1933MFighter 1
Morane-Saulnier MS-230 1929MTrainer 1100+Aero.Militaire
Morane-Saulnier MS-231 1930CTrainer 6
Morane-Saulnier MS-232 1930CExperimental 1
Morane-Saulnier MS-233 1930CTrainer 2216 under licence in Portugal
Morane-Saulnier MS-234 1931CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MS-234/2 1931CRacer 1mod MS130 F-AJTP
Morane-Saulnier MS-234 n°2 1933CStunt 1mod MS234/2 F-AJTP
Morane-Saulnier MS-235 1930CTrainer 1F-AJMF
Morane-Saulnier MS-236 1932CTrainer 19built in Belgium
Morane-Saulnier MS-275 1933MFighter 1
Morane-Saulnier MS-315 1932MTrainer 350Armee de l'Air
Morane-Saulnier MS-325 1933MFighter 1
Morane-Saulnier MS-340 1933CTrainer 1F-AMOP
Morane-Saulnier MS-341 1934CTrainer 1
Morane-Saulnier MS-341/2 1934CTrainer 4
Morane-Saulnier MS-341/3 1934MTrainer 1512 for Armee de l'Air
Morane-Saulnier MS-342 1934CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MS-342/2 1934CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MS-343 1934CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MS-343/2 1934CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MS-345 1935CTrainer 1
Morane-Saulnier MS-350 1936CStunt 1
Morane-Saulnier MS-406 1938MFighter 1080Armee de l'Air
Morane-Saulnier MS-430 1937CTrainer 1
Morane-Saulnier MS-435 1939CTrainer 1
Morane-Saulnier MS-450 1939MFighter 3
Morane-Saulnier MS-472 'Vanneau' 1945CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MS-474 'Vanneau' 1947CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MS-475 'Vanneau' 1947CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MS-477 'Vanneau' 1951CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MS-479 1952CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MS-500 'Criquet' 1944MLiaison
Morane-Saulnier MS-502 1944MLiaison
Morane-Saulnier MS-505 1948MObservation
Morane-Saulnier MS-560 1945CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MS-563 1949CTourism
Morane-Saulnier MS-570 1945CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MS-571 1947CTourism
Morane-Saulnier MS-700 N°1 1948CTourism
Morane-Saulnier MS-700 N°2 1948CTourism
Morane-Saulnier MS-703 'Petrel' 1950CTransport civil
Morane-Saulnier MS-730 'Alcyon' 1949CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MS-731 'Alcyon' 1949CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MS-733 'Alcyon' 1951CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MS-735 'Alcyon' 1951CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MS-755 'Fleuret' 1953CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MS-760 'Paris' I 1954MLiaison
Morane-Saulnier MS-760B 'Paris' II 1960CTrainer
Morane-Saulnier MS-880 'Rallye' 1959CTourism
Morane-Saulnier MS-880B 'Rallye' 1961CTourism
Morane-Saulnier MS-885 'Super Rallye' 1961CTourism
Morane-Saulnier MS-1500 1958MGround attack
Nicolas-ClaudeNicolas-Claude NC-2 'Aquilon' 1937CTourism 1
NieuportNieuport IVM 1911MObservation
Nieuport Nie-101915 MReconnaissance
Nieuport Nie-11 'Bebe' 1915MFighter
Nieuport Nie-121915 MObservation
Nieuport Nie-141916 MReconnaissance
Nieuport Nie-161916 MFighter
Nieuport Nie-171916 MFighter
Nieuport Nie-17bis1917 MFighter
Nieuport Nie-801916 CTrainer
Nieuport Nie-811917 CTrainer
Nieuport Nie-821916 CTrainer
Nieuport Nie-831917 CTrainer
Nieuport Nie-211917 CTrainer
Nieuport Nie-231916 MFighter
Nieuport Nie-241917 MFighter
Nieuport Nie-271917 MFighter
Nieuport Nie-281917 MFighter
Nieuport NiD-291919 MFighter1250~ inc Spain Belgium Japan Italy Sewden Argentina
Nieuport Nie-291918 MFighter2
Nieuport NiD-29 ET1 1923CTrainer 3
Nieuport NiD-29Bis1922 MFighter1
Nieuport Nie-29 V1919 CRacer3 German Cup 1919
Nieuport NiD-29VBis 1920CRacer 1mod Nie29V
Nieuport Nie-29SHV1919 MSeaplane racer4 Schneider Cup 1919 and 1921
Nieuport 'Sesquiplan' 1921CRacer 2German Cup 1921
Nieuport 'Sesquiplan' 1923CRacer 1
Nieuport NiD-30T11920 CTransport civil7 CGT line
Nieuport NiD-30T21921 CTransport civil1
Nieuport Nie-31RH1919 MFighter1
Nieuport NiD-32RH1919 MFighter10 Marine Francaise
Nieuport NiD-33HS1922 CTrainer7 5 for Japan
Nieuport NiD-33SAL1921 CTrainer1
Nieuport NiD-371923 MFighter1
Nieuport NiD-381923 CTourism4
Nieuport NiD-3901924 CTransport civil6 Compagnie Aerienne Française
Nieuport NiD-3911927 CTransport civil20 Compagnie Aerienne Française 2 NiD390 cv
Nieuport NiD-391/21931 CTransport civil7 Compagnie Aerienne Française
Nieuport NiD-391/31931 CTransport civil1 mod 391/2
Nieuport NiD-3931931 CTransport civil1 remotored 391
Nieuport NiD-401923 MFighter1
Nieuport NiD-40R1923 CRecord1
Nieuport NiD-40RH1924 CSeaplane record1 mod 40R
Nieuport NiD-421924 MFighter1
Nieuport NiD-421925 MFighter27 Aeronautique Militaire
Nieuport NiD-42 C21924 MFighter1
Nieuport NiD-42S1924 CRacer2 Beaumont Cup 1924
Nieuport NiD-431925 MFighter1
Nieuport NiD-441926 MFighter1
Nieuport NiD-4501930 MSeaplane racer2 Schneider Cup 1929
Nieuport NiD-461926 MFighter1
Nieuport NiD-481926 MFighter1
Nieuport NiD-4811931 MFighter1 mod 48Bis
Nieuport NiD-48Bis1927 MFighter1
Nieuport NiD-521927 MFighter126 125 in Spain for Aeronautica Militar
Nieuport NiD-5401931 CTransport civil1
Nieuport NiD-5801931 MReconnaissance2
Nieuport NiD-5901932 CColonial police2
Nieuport NiD-621928 MFighter322 Aeronautique Militaire + Aviation Maritime
Nieuport NiD-6211930 CTrainer3
Nieuport NiD-6221930 MFighter314 Aeronautique Militaire + Aviation Maritime
Nieuport NiD-6231931 CRecord1 mod 622
Nieuport NiD-6241931 CExperimental1 mod 622
Nieuport NiD-6261930 MFighter12 Peru
Nieuport NiD-6281932 MFighter2
Nieuport NiD-6291932 MFighter50 Aeronautque Militaire
Nieuport NiD-6401928 CTransport civil1 F-AIXI
Nieuport NiD-6411929 CTransport civil13 remotored 640
Nieuport NiD-6421930 CTransport civil1 remotored 640
Nieuport NiD-6501931 MSeaplane racer2 ex 450
Nieuport NiD-6901933 CColonial police2
Nieuport NiD-721928 MFighter8 4 Brasil 3 Belgium
Nieuport NiD-721929 MFighter1 mod 62
Nieuport NiD-7401930 CTransport postal2
Nieuport NiD-821930 MFighter1
Nieuport NiD-821931 MFighter1 mod 82
Nieuport NiD-9411934 CTourism1
Nieuport NiD-9421934 CTourism1 remotored 941
Nieuport NiD-1211932 MFighter1
Nieuport NiD-1221932 MFighter1
Nieuport NiD-1231934 MSeaplane Fighter7 Peru
Nieuport NiD-1241933 MFighter1
Nieuport NiD-1251934 MFighter2
Nieuport Ni-1401935 MDive bomber2
Nieuport Ni-1601935 MFighter1
Nieuport Ni-1611936 MFighter4
Peyret-MauboussinPeyret-Mauboussin PM X 1928CTourism 1
Peyret-Mauboussin PMH X Bis 1930CSeaplane tourism 1mod PM X
Peyret-Mauboussin PM XI 1931CTourism 2
Peyret-Mauboussin PM 110 1932CTourism 1remotored XI
Peyret-Mauboussin PM 111 1932CTourism 1remotored 110
Peyret-Mauboussin PM XII 1931CTourism
Peyret-NesslerAvionette Peyret-Nessler 1927CSport
PotezPotez VII1920 CTransport civil
Potez VIIIA1920 CTourism
Potez VIII1920 CTourism1
Potez VIIIH1922 CSeaplane tourism1 F-ESCA
Potez VIIIR1921 CTourism
Potez IX1921 CTransport civil20 Compagnie Franco-Roumanie
Potez XA1922 CTransport civil1
Potez XB1922 CTransport1
Potez XI1922 MFighter1
Potez XII1922 MReconnaissance1
Potez XV1921 MReconnaissance545 135 under licence in Poland
Potez XV HO21924 MSeaplane observation 1
Potez XVII1923 MReconnaissance6 Bulgaria
Potez XVIII1922 CTransport civil1
Potez XIX1925 MHeavy bomber1
Potez XXII1923 CTransport civil1
Potez 231923 MFighter1
Potez 251926 MReconnaissance built under licence in Portugal and Yugoslavia
Potez 25 TOE1928 MReconnaissance2050
Potez 261924 MFighter1
Potez 271924 MReconnaissance330 175 in Poland 155 by PWS
Potez 28/21926 CRecord1
Potez 28M1927 CRecord1
Potez 29-21929 MTransport123 120 for Aero.Militaire
Potez 29-41929 CTransport civil15
Potez 29-61929 CTransport civil15
Potez 29-81930 CTransport civil1
Potez 29-111930 CRecord1
Potez 311929 MNight fighter1
Potez 331928 MObservation63
Potez 34 Farman1928 CRecord1
Potez 34 Hispano1929 CRecord1
Potez 351928 MMedium bomber1
Potez 36/31927 CTourism7
Potez 36/51929 CTourism5
Potez 36/131931 CTourism96
Potez 36/141927 CTourism103
Potez 3901930 MObservation100 Aero.Militaire
Potez 3911930 MObservation144 Aero.Militaire
Potez 39/1bis1931 MSeaplane observation 1
Potez 39/21932 MObservation1
Potez 39/2bis1933 MSeaplane observation 1
Potez 39/31933 MObservation1
Potez 4301932 CTourism25
Potez 4311933 CTourism60
Potez 4321933 CTourism3
Potez 4341933 CTourism9
Potez 4351933 CTourism11
Potez 4371934 CTourism9
Potez 4381934 MTrainer40 Armee de l'Air
Potez 4521934 MSeaplane observation 17Marine Francaise
Potez 4531935 MSeaplane Fighter1
Potez 501932 MObservation
Potez 531933 CRacer2
Potez 5401933 MReconnaissance185 180 Armee de l'Air 5 Spain
Potez 5411934 MMedium bomber1
Potez 5421935 MReconnaissance74 66 Armee de l'Air 7 Spain
Potez 5431935 MMedium bomber10 Aeronautica Regala Romana
Potez 5601934 CTransport civil F-AOCB
Potez 56E1936 MReconnaissance1
Potez 5661937 MObservation3
Potez 5671937 MTarget tug22 Aero.Navale
Potez 5681937 CTrainer26
Potez 5801934 CTourism80
Potez 5851935 MLiaison108 99 Armee de l'Air
Potez 601934 CTrainer
Potez 6201935 CTransport civil13 11 Air France
Potez 6211935 CTransport civil10 plus 3 620 remotor Air France
Potez 6301936 MFighter87 Armee de l'Air
Potez 6311937 MFighter214 Armee de l'Air + Aero.Navale
Potez 6331938 MLight bomber115 China Romania Greece
Potez 63-111939 MObservation900+ Armee de l'Air
Potez 6501935 MTransport militaire15 Armee de l'Air
Potez 6611937 CTransport civil1
Potez 6621938 MTransport militaire1 Armee de l'Air F-ARAY
Potez 6701939 MFighter1
Potez 6711940 MFighter1
Potez 751955 MGround attack1 F-MAFY
Potez 2201939 MReconnaissance2
Potez 2301940 MFighter1
Potez 4001930 CTransport1
Potez 8401961 CTransport civil3
Potez 8411964 CTransport civil2
Potez 8421966 CTransport civil2
Potez CM-173 'Super Magister' 1964CTrainer 1
Potez 941964 CTrainer
Potez-CAMSPotez-C.A.M.S. 160 1938CSeaplane experimental 1
Potez-C.A.M.S. 1611942 CSeaplane transport1
Potez-C.A.M.S. 1411938 MSeaplane patrol1
RenaudeauRenaudeau 'Avia Sport' 1939CTourism 1
Richard-PenhoetRichard-Penhoet 2 1926CSeaplane transport 1
RomanoRomano R-31924 CSeaplane experimental 1
Romano R-41927 MSeaplane recce1
Romano R-51932 MSeaplane recce1
Romano R-61932 CTransport civil1
Romano R-151933 CAmphibian-tourism1
Romano R-161933 CColonial police1
Romano R-801935 CTrainer2
Romano R-821937 MTrainer180 Armee de l'Air + Aero.Navale
Romano R-901935 MSeaplane Fighter1
Romano R-901935 MSeaplane Fighter1 remotored R90
Romano R-901937 MSeaplane Fighter1 remotored R90
Romano R-921936 MFighter1
Romano R-1101938 MFighter1
Romano R-1201938 MMedium bomber1
RousselRoussel R-30 1939MFighter 1
SAS.A. 103 'Emouchet' 1938CGlider-trainer
S.A. 104 'Emouchet' 1946CGlider-trainer
SABS.A.B. DB-801930 CTransport postal1
S.A.B. DB-811930 CTransport postal1
S.A.B. AB-201932 MHeavy bomber1
S.A.B. AB-211933 MHeavy bomber1
S.A.B. AB-221934 CExperimental1 mod AB20
S.A.B. AB-801934 MBomber BCR1
SCAS.C.A. SFR-101931 CTourism1
SEAS.E.A. IV1918 MFighter117 Aero.Militaire
SECATS.E.C.A.T. S.5 1947CTourism
S.E.C.A.T. S.4 'Mouette' 1938CTourism
SETCAS.E.T.C.A. LLP 'Petrel' 1937CTourism 1
SFCAS.F.C.A. Maillet 20 1935CTourism 2
S.F.C.A. Maillet 21 1935CTourism 1
S.F.C.A. Maillet-Lignel 20 1935CTourism 1
S.F.C.A. 'Taupin'1936 CTourism48
S.F.C.A. Lignel 201937 CRacer2
S.F.C.A. Maillet 201 1937MTrainer 31Armee de l'Air
S.F.C.A. 'Taupin' 5/2 1937CTourism 4
S.F.C.A. Lignel 20S 1937CRacer 1second L20 remotored
S.F.C.A. Lignel 101938 CTrainer1
S.F.C.A. Lignel 161 1938CTrainer 1
S.F.C.A. Lignel 311939 CRacer1
S.F.C.A. Lignel 161942 CTrainer1
S.F.C.A. Lignel 441946 CTourism1
S.F.C.A. Lignel 46 'Coach' 1947CTourism 1
SNCACS.N.C.A.C. NC-130 1939CExperimental 1
S.N.C.A.C. NC-1501939 MMedium bomber1
S.N.C.A.C. NC-2231938 MHeavy bomber1
S.N.C.A.C. NC-22301938 CTransport postal1 F-AOJM
S.N.C.A.C. NC-22331938 MHeavy bomber15 Armee de l'Air
S.N.C.A.C. NC-22341939 CTransport postal3 Air France
S.N.C.A.C. NC-232.2 1938CTrainer 5522 Finland
S.N.C.A.C. NC-4101939 MSeaplane recce1
S.N.C.A.C. NC-4201942 MSeaplane observation 1
S.N.C.A.C. NC-4331938 CTransport civil1
S.N.C.A.C. NC-4701937 MSeaplane trainer34 Aero.Maritime
S.N.C.A.C. NC-4711939 MSeaplane trainer2
S.N.C.A.C. NC-5101938 MReconnaissance1
S.N.C.A.C. NC-510M1939 MReconnaissance1 mod 510
S.N.C.A.C. NC-5301939 MObservation2
S.N.C.A.C. NC-6001940 MFighter1 2nd Hanriot H-220 mod
S.N.C.A.C. NC-701 'Martinet' 1946MTransport 240Armee de l'Air + AeroNavale
S.N.C.A.C. NC-702 'Martinet' 1946MTransport militaire
S.N.C.A.C. NC-830 'Chardonneret' 1946CTourism
S.N.C.A.C. NC-840 'Chardonneret' 1947CTourism
S.N.C.A.C. NC-8501947 CTourism
S.N.C.A.C. NC-8511947 CTourism
S.N.C.A.C. NC-8531948 CTourism
S.N.C.A.C. NC-853S1948 CTourism
S.N.C.A.C. NC-8541949 CTourism
S.N.C.A.C. NC-8551949 CTourism
S.N.C.A.C. NC-8561948 CTourism
S.N.C.A.C. NC-8591949 CTourism
S.N.C.A.C. NC-8601948 CTourism
S.N.C.A.C. NC-10701947 MTorpedo
S.N.C.A.C. NC-10711948 CExperimental
S.N.C.A.C. NC-10801949 MFighter
S.N.C.A.C. NC-2001 'Abeille' 1949CHelicopter-experimental
S.N.C.A.C. NC-211 'Cormoran' 1948MTransport militaire
S.N.C.A.C. NC-3021 'Belphegor' 1946CExperimental
SNCAOS.N.C.A.O. CAO-30 1938MSeaplane trainer 2
S.N.C.A.O. CAO-2001939 MFighter1
S.N.C.A.O. CAO-6001940 MObservation1
S.N.C.A.O. CAO-7001940 MHeavy bomber
SNCASES.N.C.A.S.E. SE-100 1939MFighter 1
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-1010 1948MReconnaissance
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-1210 1948CSeaplane experimental
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-161 'Languedoc' 1945CTransport civil
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-200 1942CSeaplane transport
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-2010 'Armagnac' 1949CTransport civil
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-2100 1945CTourism
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-210 'Caravelle' 1955CTransport civil
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-212 'Durandal' 1956MFighter
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-2300 1945CTourism
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-2310 1945CTourism
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-2410 'Grognard' 1950MFighter bomber
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-2415 'Grognard' 1951MFighter bomber
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-3000 1948CHelicopter-transport
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-3101 1948CHelicopter-experimental
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-3110 1950CHelicopter-experimental
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-3120 'Alouette' 1951MHelicopter-liaison
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-3130 'Alouette' II 1955CHelicopter-light
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-400 1939MSeaplane recce 1
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-5000 'Baroudeur' 1953MFighter bomber
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-5003 'Baroudeur' 1955MFighter bomber
S.N.C.A.S.E. 'Vampire' Mk 53 1951MFighter bomber
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-532 'Mistral' 1951MFighter bomber
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-535 'Mistral' 1952MFighter bomber
S.N.C.A.S.E. 'Aquilon' 20 1952MDay night fighter
S.N.C.A.S.E. 'Aquilon' 202 1952MDay night fighter
S.N.C.A.S.E. 'Aquilon' 203 1952MDay night fighter
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-700 1945MAutogiro-liaison
S.N.C.A.S.E. SE-700A 1946MAutogiro-liaison
SPCAS.P.C.A. 'Meteore' 63 1925CSeaplane transport 3
S.P.C.A. 101928 MSeaplane patrol1
S.P.C.A. 201928 MSeaplane torpedo2
S.P.C.A. 301931 MMedium bomber2
S.P.C.A. 40T1929 CTransport postal2
S.P.C.A. 41T1931 CTransport postal1
S.P.C.A. 2181932 CTransport postal2 mod 40T
S.P.C.A. 601932 CSeaplane transport1
S.P.C.A. 801932 CColonial police1
S.P.C.A. 811932 CColonial police1
S.P.C.A. 821934 CTransport1 mod 81
SRAPS.R.A.P. T-71927 CTransport civil1
SalmsonSalmson SAL-2 1917MObservation
Salmson SAL-31918 MFighter
Salmson SAL-41918 MObservation
Salmson SAL-51917 MObservation
Salmson SAL-71918 MObservation
Salmson D-1 'Phrygane' 1933CTourism 1
Salmson D-2 'Phrygane' 1934CTourism 23
Salmson D-3 'Phryganet' 1936CTrainer 1
Salmson D-4 'Phrygane Major' 1935CTourism 1
Salmson D-6 'Cricri' 1936CTourism 329Aviation Populaire
Salmson D-6-3 'Cricri' 1948CTrainer
Salmson D-7 'Cricri Major' 1949CTourism
Salmson D-21 'Phrygane' 1949CTourism
Salmson D-211 'Super Phrygane' 1951CTourism
Salmson D-57 'Phryganet' 1950CTourism
Salmson-BechereauSalmson-Bechereau SB-3 1924CRacer 1
Salmson-Bechereau SB-3bis 1924CRacer 1mod SB3 Beaumont Cup 1924
Salmson-Bechereau SB-3ter 1924CRacer 1mod SB3 Beaumont Cup 1924
Salmson-Bechereau SB-2 1923CTrainer 1
Salmson-Bechereau SB-5 1925MFighter 1
Salmson-Bechereau SB-6 1925MFighter 1
Salmson-Bechereau SB-7 1925MFighter 1
Salmson-Bechereau SB-4 1923CTourism 1
SchneiderSchneider Sch-10M 1925MBomber BCR 1
Schneider 'Henri-Paul' 1922MHeavy bomber 1
SEMASEMA 121935 CTrainer1 mod 10
SEMA 101934 CTrainer1
SPADSPAD S-A11915 MFighter
SPAD S-A21915 MFighter
SPAD S-A41916 MFighter
SPAD S-G21916 MFighter
SPAD S-VII1916 MFighter
SPAD S-XI1917 MReconnaissance
SPAD S-XII1917 MFighter
SPAD S-XIII1917 MFighter
SPAD S-XIV1917 MSeaplane Fighter
SPAD S-XV/21917 MFighter
SPAD S-XV/51919 CSport2
SPAD S-XVI1917 MReconnaissance
SPAD S-XVII1917 MFighter
SPAD S-XX1918 MFighter
SPAD S-20bis-51920 CRacer2 Gordon Bennett Cup 1922
SPAD S-20bis-61920 CRecord1
SPAD S-XXI1918 MFighter1
SPAD S-XXII1919 MFighter1
SPAD S-XXIV1918 MFighter1
SPAD S-251921 CRecord1
SPAD S-261919 MSeaplane racer1 Schneider Cup 1919
SPAD S-26 bis1919 CSeaplane record1 mod S26
SPAD S-271919 CTransport civil10 Air Union
SPAD S-281919 CRecord2
SPAD S-291920 CTourism5 2 cv S52
SPAD S-301920 CSport1
SPAD S-311920 MSeaplane racer1 Schneider Cup 1920
SPAD S-321920 CRecord1
SPAD S-331920 CTransport civil41 20 Franco Roumaine 15 Compagnie des Messageries
SPAD S-34-21920 MTrainer150 119 Aero.Militaire
SPAD S-34-Bis1920 CTourism6 3 Marine Francaise
SPAD S-361923 MReconnaissance1
SPAD S-371920 CTransport civil1
SPAD S-381920 MFighter1
SPAD S-391921 MReconnaissance2
SPAD S-401922 MObservation
SPAD S-411922 MFighter1
SPAD S-421921 CTrainer10
SPAD S-461921 CTransport civil40 38 Franco Roumanie
SPAD S-501921 CTransport civil5 3 mod S33
SPAD S-511924 MFighter1
SPAD S-51-21925 MFighter51 50 Poland
SPAD S-54-11922 CTrainer25
SPAD S-56/11923 CTransport civil1
SPAD S-56/21925 CTransport civil1
SPAD S-56/31926 CTransport civil8
SPAD S-56/41928 CTransport civil8 plus 2 56/3 mod
SPAD S-56/51928 CTransport civil5 mod 56/3
SPAD S-56/61929 CTransport civil2
SPAD S-581922 CRacer1 German Cup 1922 '3'
SPAD S-601926 MFighter3 abandoned
SPAD S-61/21924 MFighter351 100 Romania 250 Poland 30 under licence
SPAD S-61/11923 MFighter1
SPAD S-61bis1927 CSport1 mod 61/2
SPAD S-61/31925 MFighter1
SPAD S-61/41925 MFighter1
SPAD S-61/51925 MFighter2
SPAD S-61/61925 CRacer2
SPAD S-61/71926 CRecord1
SPAD S-61/81926 MFighter1 remotor 61/5
SPAD S-61/91920 CRacer1 2nd 61/6 mod
SPAD S-61Ses1926 MFighter1
SPAD S-621923 CTrainer1
SPAD S-641923 CTrainer1
SPAD S-701927 MFighter1 mod 2nd S60
SPAD S-711923 MFighter1
SPAD S-721923 CTrainer1
SPAD S-811923 MFighter82 80 Aero.Naut
SPAD S-821926 MSign tug1
SPAD S-861922 CTransport civil1 mod S46
SPAD S-911927 MFighter1
SPAD S-91/21930 MFighter1
SPAD S-91/31930 CStunt1
SPAD S-91/41930 MFighter1 mod S91
SPAD S-91/51930 CStunt1 mod 91/3
SPAD S-91/61931 MFighter1 mod 91/4
SPAD S-91/71931 MFighter1
SPAD S-91/81932 MFighter1 mod 91/7
SPAD S-91/91931 MFighter1 mod 91/8
SPAD S-921928 CTrainer15
SPAD S-92-21930 CTrainer15 8 S92 cv
SPAD S-1161928 CTransport civil1 mod S66
SPAD S-1261929 CTransport civil1 mod S86
SPAD S-5101934 MFighter61 Armee de l'Air
SPAD S-5401930 CTrainer2
SPAD S-7101937 MFighter1
TampierTampier 'Avion automobile' 1921CExperimental 1
TellierTellier 200 ch Hispano-Suiza 1916MSeaplane patrol
Tellier 19091909 CTourism
Tellier 200 ch canon 1917MSeaplane patrol
Tellier 350 ch Sunbeam 1918MSeaplane patrol
Tellier 500 ch Hispano-Suiza 1918MSeaplane patrol
Tellier 1100 ch Lorraine 1919MSeaplane patrol 1
VilliersVilliers 21925 MFighter30 Aero.Navale
Villiers 41925 MSeaplane recce
Villiers 51926 MNight fighter1
Villiers 81926 MFighter1
Villiers 241926 MNight fighter1
Villiers 261930 MSeaplane recce1
WeymannWeymann WEL-10 1929MReconnaissance 1
Weymann WEL-501930 CTourism1
Weymann WEL-521930 CTourism1
Weymann CTW-661933 CColonial police1
Weymann WEL-801931 MReconnaissance2
Weymann CTW-1001933 MReconnaissance1
Weymann CTW-1301932 CTourism1
Weymann CTW-1311932 CTourism1 mod CTW130
Weymann CTW-2001932 CAutogiro-tourism1
Weymann CTW-2011931 CAutogiro-tourism1
Weymann CTW-2101931 CAutogiro-tourism1
Weymann CTW-2311933 CTourism1 mod CTW131
WibaultWibault 11918 MFighter1
Wibault 21921 MHeavy bomber1
Wibault 31923 MFighter1
Wibault 71924 MFighter40
Wibault 721928 MFighter69 Aero.Militaire
Wibault 731927 MFighter7 Paraquay
Wibault 741930 MFighter24 Aero.Maritime
Wibault 8 'Simoun'1926 MFighter1
Wibault 91926 MFighter1
Wibault 101926 MFighter1
Wibault 12 'Sirocco' 1926MFighter 1
Wibault 121 'Sirocco' 1926MReconnaissance 1
Wibault 1221928 MFighter1
Wibault 1231927 MReconnaissance1 mod W10
Wibault 1241929 MObservation1
Wibault 1251930 MReconnaissance1
Wibault 130 'Trombe' 1928MFighter 1
Wibault 170 'Tornade' 1928MFighter 2
Wibault 2101929 MFighter1
Wibault 2201930 MReconnaissance2
Wibault 2401933 CSeaplane transport1
Wibault 2601930 MReconnaissance2
Wibault 280T1930 CTransport civil1
Wibault 281T1930 CTransport civil1 remotored 280T
Wibault 282T1931 CTransport civil8 remotor 281T
Wibault 283T1934 CTransport civil10 Air France
Wibault 3131932 MFighter1
Wibault 360T51931 CTransport civil1
Wibault 3621933 CTransport civil2
Wibault 3651933 CTransport civil1
Wibault 3661934 CTransport civil1
Wibault 3671934 CTransport civil1 mod 365
Wibault 3681937 CRecord1