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The Hawker Hurricane has always been in the shadow of the Spitfire. This website aims to record the remarkable contribution made by the Hurricane in all theatres of operation.

Errors and omissions in official records mean that no definitive record can be produced. However, I have carried out significant original research, principally at the National Archives and RAF Museum in order to produce as accurate a production record as possible.

I hope that this website can provide a useful resource for enthusiasts, researchers and modellers.

The production pages are work in progress and are constantly being amended and updated. I welcome your feedback.


The Production pages detail the history of every Hurricane built.

Production is listed in serial number order and identifies the mark, factory, engine, history, and fate. The data can be downloaded either as a text file, as a compressed .zip file, or browsed on-line.

There is a comparison of the different Marks and a summary of Canadian production.

A Shipping analysis lists all the ships, ports, dates and cargo for all Hurricanes shipped overseas. It includes aircraft flown off aircraft carriers to Malta and other locations.


The Squadrons page shows the allocation of aircraft by squadron or unit.

Presentation machines

The Presentation machines page lists all the known gift aircraft presented by donors from around the world who contributed funds to help purchase a Hurricane.

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