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31/01/20 Cleaned up code and minor amendments

10/05/13 Moved to new host airhistory.org.uk

22/12/10 Changes to EC-19 to EC-23

22/11/09 Minor changes

13/07/08 Sundry amendments

13/06/08 Updated Mosquito US registrations

20/12/07 Updated Portuguese production

25/04/07 Additional SAAF serials and remaining DX... serials

31/12/06 Sundry amendments

22/08/06 Amendments to African Tiger Moths

24/07/06 Various updates

24/07/06 Updates to Indian and Pakistan aircraft

19/10/05 Turkish Mosquito serials and Vampire/Venom updates

10/10/05 Misc amendments

12/07/05 Amendments to Dutch DH82 histories

17/03/05 Amendments to DH84 Dragon histories

17/01/05 Mosquito, Vampire/Venom and remaining DH production

01/09/04 Various additional histories

01/08/04 Various additional histories

01/11/03 Additional DH89 histories

01/11/03 Additional DH84 histories

01/11/03 Various additional histories

22/10/03 Various additional histories

09/10/03 Various Tiger Moth amendments

09/10/03 Additions to RAF histories

09/10/03 Various DH9 amendments

09/10/03 Various UK and Irish amendments

07/09/02 Additions to Australian VH-A.. registrations

07/09/02 Additions to DH80 Puss Moth pages

30/07/02 links page updated

30/07/02 query page updated

30/07/02 aircraft page added

28/07/02 Data uploaded